Zoe Laverne is problematic...

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Today I take a look at some classic problematic Zoe Laverne tea videos. We also talk about her crying over the fact that Charli D'Amelio was about to overtake her in followers, because that's hilarious.
Little bit more context for what I say later on in the video. If she wants to maintain a relationship with Zeren, that to me is an issue (and since uploading I've seen that the video creator had provided evidence of that). With that being said, this video is just a bit of light-hearted fun, so take my comments as such.
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James Marriott
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Akyanos - 2 dager siden
Zoe who?
Zoe Saye
Zoe Saye - 3 dager siden
I honestly had enough
gemma higgins
gemma higgins - 2 dager siden
Of what
Courtney Womack
Courtney Womack - 3 dager siden
was this video made before she GROOMED a 13 year old boy ? bc I feel like james would be slamming her more if he heard that 😭
• Myles •
• Myles • - 4 dager siden
i couldn't tell if that person was male or female so i went back, and i saw they had a beard but i am still confused.
tatothepenguin - 5 dager siden
" I'm not here for your sound effects! I'm here for the goss! I'm here for the completely irrelevant facts!" I rewound this at least 20 times because the flawless delivery LMFAO!
abdirahman egal
abdirahman egal - 5 dager siden
is it just me or do i hate the word problematic
Mara - 5 dager siden
The thing is, although she doesnt deserve all the fame she has charli actually seems like a nice person. And on the other hand... we have zoe fucking laverne.
melody smith
melody smith - 5 dager siden
you have been passed by s2w-
_.em_ _
_.em_ _ - 6 dager siden
i swear it looked like zoe had a photo of herself on her shirt when she was crying about charli
Dan the Stan man
Dan the Stan man - 9 dager siden
James please make a video about cantaloupe melon
Sunset Skye
Sunset Skye - 11 dager siden
I heard of this girl once in 2019 and then forgot she existed
Nina B
Nina B - 11 dager siden
Keela Roo
Keela Roo - 12 dager siden
Funny chinese dancing app 😂😂
Larray fp Larray
Larray fp Larray - 13 dager siden
she should be gratefull
rivoli carvalho
rivoli carvalho - 15 dager siden
05:03 who is that?
Rice Juice
Rice Juice - 15 dager siden
Bone marrow for life 😫🙌💕
Jin Hit Entertainment
Jin Hit Entertainment - 15 dager siden
is the same girl who now got exposed for kissing a 13 year ol
Michaela Giles
Michaela Giles - 16 dager siden
and she now made out with a minor ✌🏻
Michaela Giles
Michaela Giles - 16 dager siden
‘sorry if you can’t hear that there are water marks all over the page’ that doesn’t add up
•_• s a v i o u r •_•
I literally didn’t know she was a thing until people started making videos about her
Star Wars Siths
Star Wars Siths - 17 dager siden
And then after this it turned out she groomed a 13 year old so i defiantly agree she should be cancelled. She is a disgusting person and should be in prison.
Paanda Yoddha
Paanda Yoddha - 18 dager siden
Isn’t this the one who was called a pedophile for something or..? I don’t know “TikTok stars”
grumpiesttitan79 - 19 dager siden
At least Charlie D'amelio isn't a pedophile
Cassandra TM
Cassandra TM - 21 dag siden
6:41 aw ❣️ he called us cute 😍... 🔪
Sian Jones
Sian Jones - 24 dager siden
Did y’all see the video of her crying on live saying she wanted to strangle her boyfriend to death? 💀 the bitch is crazy
Yuki Cross
Yuki Cross - 26 dager siden
Zoe will NEVER be better than Charli. I don't like Charli too much purely cause her content isn't my style... but Charli isn't a groomer, a pedophile, or racist. Also reminder that Zoe is OLDER than Charli. She's an adult.... Charli is a teenager. Soooo... Yeah. She is way better than Zoe in everyway. *peace out*
Skye Lilly Mcgreevy-Smith
Skye Lilly Mcgreevy-Smith - 26 dager siden
The fact the fandom name Maryland's is right there and he ignored it....
hadley johnson
hadley johnson - 27 dager siden
is it concerning that I can quote the whole zone crying video?
BrickSimon2007 - 27 dager siden
5:24, James, why the fuck are you recording at 2 in the morning
xB3llax - 29 dager siden
Zoe Lagroomer
Samantha McDaniel
Samantha McDaniel - Måned siden
I've never ever heard of her tell a few months ago
iiPinkGirlii - Måned siden
I mEaN sHe iS tHe qUeEn oF tIk tOk

Who an I kidding she sucks.
chase Meloncars
chase Meloncars - Måned siden
falafel apple
falafel apple - Måned siden
I swear if charli passed pewdiepue in going to jump of mount kilimanjaro
Zaara - 25 dager siden
lmao but she did she just passed 100m on tiktok
Shelby Hill
Shelby Hill - Måned siden
Things Zoe Laverne cries about
-being passed in followers
-backlash from her child-kissing habits
grumpiesttitan79 - 19 dager siden
Zaara - 25 dager siden
best thing ive seen all day😂😂
Hillbillygamer - Måned siden
Did this show up in anyone else’s recommended December 2020 😂
Baby Senpai
Baby Senpai - Måned siden
Ur my fav youtuber
Ghost Tom
Ghost Tom - Måned siden
Thank you
Dan Langman
Dan Langman - Måned siden
Chaos Chris
Chaos Chris - Måned siden
Thank you James, Very Cool!
Fayth Osborn
Fayth Osborn - Måned siden
This aged well/
Jasmine Tait
Jasmine Tait - Måned siden
her wearing her own merch whilst crying about being passed in followers is the most narcissistic thing ive ever seen lmao
_sxnny_ - Måned siden
this has aged like fine wine
charlie griffiths
charlie griffiths - Måned siden
First never heard of rhis chick second let’s get this to 2 mill likes Bois
GD EmeraldGold
GD EmeraldGold - Måned siden
James Marriott is strange, like literally I'm eating and then he makes a 'turd' joke
Me: You uncultured swine, have you ever been in the West? Here, you will be frowned upon if you make a poo joke, you think you're so posh.

**I'm talking about West London**
*DISCLAIMER:* this is a joke, 9Yr olds, please don't get angry.
Eclairia Monarch
Eclairia Monarch - Måned siden
Might wanna do a follow up on this dummy
Margaret Clark
Margaret Clark - Måned siden
if you look up 'zoe laverne net worth' a picture of dixie damelio comes up soooo
ViperEye1 - Måned siden
im 4 months late. and
D'Ameilo: 103M followers
Laverne: 17M followers

Zoe is probably dead inside by now
Zaara - 25 dager siden
Mercury Babbitt
Mercury Babbitt - Måned siden
You might want to revisit this topic-
She recently groomed a 13 year old
Blue Jay
Blue Jay - Måned siden
How is this like "celeb tiktoker" crying about.. Charlie getting more followers?? Like be more upset on the lack of views and reach POC tiktokers get- Oh b UT right she's racist and has self entitlement
nadeto - Måned siden
the fact that a spanish add ran before your video, really shows that you are trilingual
Friday G
Friday G - Måned siden
James: nobody talks about cantaloupe melon
Eboys podcast: I fOuNd A nEw RoCk MeLoN
Mia Penn
Mia Penn - Måned siden
you should talk about what’s happening with zoe rn...
DEZIC0RE - Måned siden
Aged extremely well
Collective_Reasoning - Måned siden
I’m so glad to be a Bone Marriott
Sparx - Måned siden
her last name sounds like a plant.
Aurora Gibson-Schulz
Aurora Gibson-Schulz - Måned siden
Lol guess what she did now😌
Aimee Dunlop
Aimee Dunlop - Måned siden
zoe lavernie is now an actual predator and has KISSED a 13 year old which she has admitted she is disgusting
So Epic
So Epic - Måned siden
I’ve never seen James wear the golf wang hat
Lemon Lord
Lemon Lord - Måned siden
Hey isn't this the same girl that groomed a 13 y/o? Yeah... I'm not surprised
wasta pasta
wasta pasta - Måned siden
well this video aged perfectly.
night knuckle
night knuckle - Måned siden
I legit didn't know who Zoe was until she touched a 15 year old
night knuckle
night knuckle - Måned siden
@Kayli Kookoo EVEN WORSE
Kayli Kookoo
Kayli Kookoo - Måned siden
Hes 13
Морган Гуинн
Морган Гуинн - 2 måneder siden
Who is Zoe? What does she do? How did she even get famous?
Revile Paragon 2
Revile Paragon 2 - 2 måneder siden
Is this the chick who groomed a 13 year old?
FITIM DOMI - 17 dager siden
Yes yes she is...
liên sho
liên sho - 2 måneder siden
i mean charli is less problematic
Dominic Delaney
Dominic Delaney - 2 måneder siden
hey Zoe Laverne.....

*Charlie Damilio is gonna pass you in followers on Tik Tok*
Zaara - 25 dager siden
already did 😂
Angelina lol
Angelina lol - 2 måneder siden
Zoe just got exposed for grooming a child right after James made this- And Charli Damelio got cancelled for wanting Dino nuggets and Dixie got cancelled for eating a snail and throwing up-
Nachelle Henderson
Nachelle Henderson - Måned siden
Wait...... what?!😶
Grace Metcalf
Grace Metcalf - 2 måneder siden
imagine what he'd say now after that video of her with the 13 year old
Benjamin Tyldum
Benjamin Tyldum - 2 måneder siden
Why can James Marriott never go over his sub count right now
Paprika - 2 måneder siden
Bc they make money lol
Anzelika Miseviciute
Anzelika Miseviciute - 2 måneder siden
I fucking love cantaloupe melonnnnnnnn
Aleiyah - 2 måneder siden
Zoe lavern crying about charli passing her in followers is the same thing as shane dawson crying because he cant get another cat
Yeah its bad for both people the world and the cats
Brittany pritchard
Brittany pritchard - 2 måneder siden
Is James bald?
KP Miller
KP Miller - 2 måneder siden
This aged horribly...
Mehret Lumb
Mehret Lumb - 2 måneder siden
well it got a lot worse after this ...
yolojimin - 2 måneder siden
Now she's even worse
Matthias-Kun - 2 måneder siden
well..... this aged well
Madame Anna
Madame Anna - 2 måneder siden
The way she cries makes me feel uncomfortable
Lavender&Cambridge - 2 måneder siden
I really love James' "roll out of bed and turn on the camera" hair do.
FailedArtKid - 2 måneder siden
This video has aged interestingly
Ella Smith
Ella Smith - 2 måneder siden
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂she cant be serious
Khushboo Thapa
Khushboo Thapa - 2 måneder siden
No idea about anyone in this video
Grace Du Toit
Grace Du Toit - 2 måneder siden
Something i never knew i needed was James saying"Im here for the goss"
ROARtheRAPPER - 2 måneder siden
Having seen this second in your series commenting on her questionable behavior, I immediately get where she's coming from. She thinks she's Zoe FUCKiNG Laverne, so of course she should be able to kiss anyone she wants too! X(
Maddie Marshall
Maddie Marshall - 2 måneder siden
This aged like fine wine
nadia - 2 måneder siden
please do an update of her recent... predicament
High_on_hope_tara - 2 måneder siden
Wait I just checked on when this was posted and it was three months before I left this comment LOL a lot can change in several months ha ha Wait you didn’t mention anything about her and that 13-year-old boy hooking up. Unless I didn’t hear you say it
Blasé Entertainment
Blasé Entertainment - 2 måneder siden
Geez this video did not age well.
Simp Ini
Simp Ini - 2 måneder siden
6:12 the clapping 😂😭❤️ he rlly said periodt 👏👏
Phiromon Gaye
Phiromon Gaye - 2 måneder siden
She makes me smad
katie dunbar
katie dunbar - 2 måneder siden
The bald James actually jump scared me
the new boyfriend jared
the new boyfriend jared - 2 måneder siden
Chile a ways stan the shit stain star 🙂
Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij
Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij - 2 måneder siden
chiaki nanami
chiaki nanami - 2 måneder siden
Turns out she groomed a 13 year old, people are still following her and still supporting her-
momfoundthe poopsock!
momfoundthe poopsock! - 2 måneder siden
and now she’s outed for messing with a 13 year old
Delyth Telford
Delyth Telford - 2 måneder siden
And it only got WoRsE 🙄😥
leighaxx - 2 måneder siden
this aged extremely well
Bumbling Platypus
Bumbling Platypus - 2 måneder siden
Anyone here after ReadyToGlare did a video on Zoe being an actual literal nonce who dated a 13 year old when she's 19 nearly 20?
Vicente Facuse
Vicente Facuse - 2 måneder siden
Real sus putting this video in my recommended right now
Melissa Taylor
Melissa Taylor - 2 måneder siden
Wait is this the 19 year old adult woman who “caught feelings” for a 13 year old child?? Jeez we should’ve listened to James 3 months ago.
blah blah ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
blah blah ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - 2 måneder siden
Who’s here after the grooming drama?