Why is YouTube recommending this video to EVERYONE...

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Recently my video "100 Questions" has been going viral on NOburn, I don't know why NOburn is recommending this video to everyone, but they are. So, we're going to nip that in the bud and react to it in today's video.
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James Marriott
James Marriott - 7 måneder siden
Sign petitions, donate and educate yourselves: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-0KC83vYfVQ-2freQveH43PWxuab2uWDEGolzrNoIks/preview?pru=AAABcod_c7g%2A5rNQ6ITOabUly2LZbfCDkg
lana rose
lana rose - 7 måneder siden
Your voice in the old video sounds like Eustace from the Voyage of the Dawn Treador
Coolkid 5521
Coolkid 5521 - 7 måneder siden
@YoFlowz another channel promoter
Mr Pickles
Mr Pickles - 7 måneder siden
James Marriott there did it again 😂
Nathan Mulvenna
Nathan Mulvenna - 7 måneder siden
Couldn't have said it better myself, I too agree docs.google.com/d/...
Luki - 7 måneder siden
Henry Smith
Henry Smith - 5 timer siden
That voice
SparkSparkle - 9 timer siden
Sonic oan the Chronic
Sonic oan the Chronic - 2 dager siden
He could of joined my chemical back then
Alicia Mae
Alicia Mae - 2 dager siden
young James was attractive tho
Rob Carpenter
Rob Carpenter - 13 dager siden
Why do you sound more posh then vs now
hanna dennis
hanna dennis - 22 dager siden
I went to a Coldplay concert as well. I stand by young James’ answer
Devils Deck Of Cards
Devils Deck Of Cards - 29 dager siden
James replacing his mouth and eyes with UwU is my sleep paralysis demon.
Lynette Riddle
Lynette Riddle - Måned siden
I too like to use words that not a lot of people use. I liked to read and still do and I liked to expand my vocabulary to show it off because I guess I thought I was fucking amazing if I used words that other people didn't know. I still like to use the word asinine because it FANCY haha
God I am lame
Chaos Chris
Chaos Chris - Måned siden
Thank you James, Very Cool!
bad bish
bad bish - Måned siden
He was so wholesome what happened
Josh Nunn
Josh Nunn - Måned siden
James be sounding like Prince William in his old vids. 😂
Allison Helgers
Allison Helgers - 2 måneder siden
Wtf is wrong with James' hair in this video?
Maeve - 2 måneder siden
My parents turn off the internet too and I can't have my phone in my room after 10
Leonardo Da Pinchy
Leonardo Da Pinchy - 2 måneder siden
Oh god, I thought I just saw the UNUS ANNUS timer on the screen at 0:13 everywhere I go I see his face
Skepless - 2 måneder siden
GreenVana Mansön
GreenVana Mansön - 2 måneder siden
Jared Dines: pleb
Jess Kaijaks
Jess Kaijaks - 2 måneder siden
I got recommended the creepy twins lizard people video
DarkRubberDucky - 2 måneder siden
Your baby self looks like a female. A very cute girl.
Krazy WitaK
Krazy WitaK - 2 måneder siden
Alexis Odell
Alexis Odell - 2 måneder siden
The amount of times he said he did not smoke weed was hilarious😂
Like bro.

We can tell... Lol😂😂
Noah Rihtman
Noah Rihtman - 2 måneder siden
Your videos make my day and give me a good laugh. This is one of the few YouTube channels that is genuinely funny.
gettem’ barbiee
gettem’ barbiee - 3 måneder siden
you’ve aged like a fine wine 🍇
Unchained Galaxy
Unchained Galaxy - 3 måneder siden
I only put "slow" in the search bar and the first search was "slow down James marriott" ayeee lol
Ben Havasy
Ben Havasy - 3 måneder siden
you were cooler 8 years ago
RyanMG08 The Welsh Commentary YouTuber
This Will Happen To Me When I'm In My Early 20's

I'm Currently 12
Cal Kestis
Cal Kestis - 3 måneder siden
Twd is still mah fave show
ben goodwin
ben goodwin - 3 måneder siden
Imagine being recommended a video about his video being recommended
chloelol - 3 måneder siden
For some reason everyone is getting recommended casket vs coffin
ryujin's green wig
ryujin's green wig - 3 måneder siden
Ok but why is young James' smile pReCiOuS
pastel grindy
pastel grindy - 3 måneder siden
as someone in a big city, listening to sirens rn, can confirm
Rhiannon Blase
Rhiannon Blase - 3 måneder siden
"why thank you Jeeves" James is Bertie confirmed
sagemodeJay - 3 måneder siden
He said that happy wheels was the peak and I felt that. Tobuscus doing his Skyrim play through and also happy wheels. Life was so much better than it is now
Putin - 3 måneder siden
Tbh the coldplay concerts are amazing. I've been to 2 and the greatest experience ever
Aleena Nadesan
Aleena Nadesan - 3 måneder siden
Got to be honest, you were really cute when you were 16 (dw, I'm allowed to say that I'm younger than 16)😅😅😅
Randomish Fish
Randomish Fish - 3 måneder siden
he looked like spifey, dunno why
Stubbay - 3 måneder siden
arson rat
arson rat - 3 måneder siden
me still waiting for him to release a new song.
deanie rider
deanie rider - 3 måneder siden
i wemt to that concert too 😆
TPWK - 3 måneder siden
james looked so cute as ´´teen´´ -
Grachi_X - 4 måneder siden
we found jack whitehall long lost fuckin prefect brother
Cassie Jones
Cassie Jones - 4 måneder siden
I am a grammar school
It’s Brooky
It’s Brooky - 4 måneder siden
Puberty hit you like an asteroid
Mikayla - 4 måneder siden
young james sounds like Ciel Phantomhive 😂
the lonely potato
the lonely potato - 4 måneder siden
Deal with it 👓
Viktrryy - 4 måneder siden
He scrans the poor
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi - 4 måneder siden
kpop stans: *whoops*-
disappointment lol
disappointment lol - 4 måneder siden
hello internet but make it hetero
Piku - 4 måneder siden
I got this video on my recommended this and I was rly confused
Lena H.
Lena H. - 4 måneder siden
would have had a huge crush on young James
Valeria Escamilla
Valeria Escamilla - 5 måneder siden
I knew it! I knew Coldplay is worth seeing live!
Sian K.
Sian K. - 5 måneder siden
All things considered, I might've had a crush on younger James if he existed now. Mainly because I'm a lesbian.
Callum Arthur
Callum Arthur - 5 måneder siden
i’m just chuffed he has the jimmy page tele
femto-kun - 5 måneder siden
nuuu dnt shoutout pewdiepie hes racist pls know better :( i’m sure you know certain things maybe u don’t care but i hope that’s not tha case 😔
Ambar Shostakovich
Ambar Shostakovich - 5 måneder siden
He looked a little like Effy from skins
Amanda Saylor
Amanda Saylor - 5 måneder siden
Redo amnesia!!! Would love to see some gameplay!
I would’ve had a crush on you back then lol
8-Bit Boba
8-Bit Boba - 5 måneder siden
I got recommended that 2 months ago but I didn’t realized it was James, wtf-
ooga - 5 måneder siden
RCBC RCBC - 5 måneder siden
Can this be classed as copyrighting 🤯JK
Tania Alemide
Tania Alemide - 5 måneder siden
aww u were so cute
Harriet Thompson
Harriet Thompson - 5 måneder siden
Not gonna lie... nice telecaster and is that a fender precision bass I see?
LongDogMan - 5 måneder siden
matthew hawkins
matthew hawkins - 5 måneder siden
Wait is this the trilingual guy I don’t think he mentioned it
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Lol I never got recommend to this
DSL - 5 måneder siden
I don't understand why he feels the need to shout out someone with 100 times more subscribers
Captain Capsicle
Captain Capsicle - 5 måneder siden
He looks like zackery smith
Allyxovert - 5 måneder siden
James really called Will a square like that...
White Kitsune
White Kitsune - 5 måneder siden
You looked like Justin beiber
CrabNugget - 5 måneder siden
mad respect for james ripping on his past self with no mercy
Percy Potts
Percy Potts - 5 måneder siden
I want a video of even posher James
bunnyboy - 5 måneder siden
this is like hello internet. 2.0
Abby Wolffe
Abby Wolffe - 5 måneder siden
I haven't seen this video before but Jesus Christ James you sound like if Harry Potter lived in Buckingham palace
OG Kubz scouter
OG Kubz scouter - 5 måneder siden
Am I the only one that hasn’t had this recomended?
down with peaches
down with peaches - 5 måneder siden
As someone who has been to a coldplay concert where they did that wristband thing.... call me basic but that shit was magical
Imallexx Makes 50k a month
Imallexx Makes 50k a month - 5 måneder siden
You was really posh then
Donavan Murray
Donavan Murray - 5 måneder siden
I was wondering why I got this 7 years old video as new content
Kate K
Kate K - 6 måneder siden
Younger James looks like young Lucas Till (but a more boyish version)
Kate K
Kate K - 6 måneder siden
Wait- young James looks like an actor...but I can’t remember who it was
UltiA2 - 6 måneder siden
I just wanted to say "It's" because i forgot how to write it for 3 seconds
DeWdRoPs - 6 måneder siden
watching this after watching the actual video -puts so much into perspective
insouled alexandra
insouled alexandra - 6 måneder siden
Why am I actually young james I look like him I've got the voice an everything
fraise_the_milkbread - 6 måneder siden
I wish young James still existed 😳🤚
Mahek t
Mahek t - 6 måneder siden

Read my name
Mollie lol
Mollie lol - 5 måneder siden
ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ʙɪʀᴛʜᴀʏ ɴɪᴄʜᴏʟᴀs
Why did james look like a pre-t ftm 13 year old
Bumblebee - 6 måneder siden
He looks like mongraal
Jochy - 6 måneder siden
Ohohohoho i already watched this

And this gon be juicy
Charis Cox
Charis Cox - 6 måneder siden
bruh at
least I don't sound as posh as James
If i'm being honest
If i'm being honest - 6 måneder siden
FuriousJohn :3
FuriousJohn :3 - 6 måneder siden
Me- **unsubs to se what will happen**
James- welp he wants to die, I said I’ll find you. **shows up at my house with shotgun**
Me- what the- **gets head blown off**
Trashleigh - 6 måneder siden
ayy grammar school squad lmao
swaggerbuckleire - 6 måneder siden
why am i?slightly?attracted to james's younger self?
Lalalala - 6 måneder siden
Maxo. - 6 måneder siden
Mirin Rio
Mirin Rio - 6 måneder siden
Young james voice reminds me of ciel phantomhive and he kinda resembles him
kenzish - 6 måneder siden
child james is a lesbian
Queen Bree
Queen Bree - 6 måneder siden
Why he kinda look cute tho👁️👅👁️
Zlata - 6 måneder siden
It wasn’t recommended for me tho
Jesus Waifu
Jesus Waifu - 6 måneder siden
Man he didn’t say trilingual
Zoe - 6 måneder siden
2:49 the majority of Game of Thrones wasn't bad though, it was mainly just the last seasons where the writers no longer had a book to go off.
Amar ! قمر
Amar ! قمر - 6 måneder siden
Awww, you were soo cute!!! what happened?