Trisha Paytas' TikTok is really strange...

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Today I provide more evidence as to why Trisha Paytas is perhaps the strangest NOburnr of them all. Following up from my video "Trisha Paytas is really strange", I take a look at her TikTok. I regret it.
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James Marriott
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Runtime: 10:41


Azaria Burris
Azaria Burris - 7 timer siden
Me and my dad quite often watch starwars. Thanks Trish that won’t be happening again. 😫😖🤮
Spoonymanynoops - 12 timer siden
"Look at my non-existent BAPS"
That made me laugh so much lol
Boohoo Cracker
Boohoo Cracker - 23 timer siden
Trisha makes me feel perfect 🌈🌈🌷⭐ perfectly ill 🍄🌈🌷
_tainted_rain- - Dag siden
7:18 for anyone that wanted to watch James spending like someone hit the breaks on a rusty bike
Sad Minotaur
Sad Minotaur - 2 dager siden
💫✨Algorithm Buster wooo✨💫
Harley Kay
Harley Kay - 4 dager siden
Yeah no Trista is banned from Hufflepuff as well.. she can sleep in the dungeon, thanks.
Bama Rose
Bama Rose - 5 dager siden
Trisha inspired me to become ✨depressed✨
cloky - 6 dager siden
She's probably not even sober.
Edit: ever
Merry Corona
Merry Corona - 7 dager siden
I don't think anyone was threatened by you
Red Sprain
Red Sprain - 7 dager siden
Trisha is actually such an amazing person, she inspired me to stab out my eyes and slit my throat open.
currin weasley
currin weasley - 7 dager siden
she somehow made gryffindors look???? bad???? for a second????
Goose - 7 dager siden
I think I missed that Harry Potter movie....
Your local non-binary
Your local non-binary - 7 dager siden
James: **laughs** no💕
Kainan Busby
Kainan Busby - 8 dager siden
She inspires me to ʚĭɞ 𓆝𓆟𓆜 eat a window 𓆝𓆟𓆜 ʚĭɞ
oN O A Ho
oN O A Ho - 9 dager siden
Pls in hufflwpuff nooo
Nina B
Nina B - 10 dager siden
I AM PERSONALLY OFFENDED!!!! HUFFLEPUFFS ARE JUST AS GOOD AS ANY OTHER HOUSE! Please try to understand that us hufflepuffs are actually an important part of Hogwarts
M N - 10 dager siden
The test calling me a ravenclaw at first then a hufflepuff about a year later but my friends being adament I'm a slytherin:
As a person of the hufflepuff house from the test. We do not want trisha we pass her to the slytherins
Hay Thi Win Aung
Hay Thi Win Aung - 10 dager siden
As a person of the slytherin house we don’t want her either. We pass her to the ravenclaws
101Paradise101 - 10 dager siden
"After the three dudes" James really said "I don't fuck with maths" cus ain't cats got like 9 lives so...if 2 plus 2 is 4 AND FIVE PLUS FIVE IS TEN!! WTF IS THIS? "9-2"
Ferdousi Khanam
Ferdousi Khanam - 11 dager siden
Hi 👋
Sakusa_ Kiyoomi
Sakusa_ Kiyoomi - 12 dager siden
9:19 I am very *✨traumatized✨*
Get rid of it.
meredith lange
meredith lange - 13 dager siden
"If she's princess lea then I wanna see jaba the hut" that one killed me
Ava Dyer
Ava Dyer - 13 dager siden
I saw the Dear Evan Hansen shirt and was like "oh sh-" and then she started singing, and now I no longer want to be in the musical theater realm. I will become a popular girl now
And take you ✨hOoOwwMmNnnnMm✨
Ella Erickson
Ella Erickson - 13 dager siden
Ah yes the classic case of Trisha extorting the LGBTQ+ committee and sexualizing children with a ✨hint✨ of disrespect for people with disorders
maggie - 14 dager siden
i miss the fairy comments 😔🤌
Kirseu 64
Kirseu 64 - 14 dager siden
James's "chad dickhead" voice sounds a lot like Damien's (the guy that used to be EmKay)
aly - 14 dager siden
don’t forget the time when she became emo
Trees.Grow. On.Pineapples
Trees.Grow. On.Pineapples - 15 dager siden
Lucy - 15 dager siden
I love this comment section
ruby my guy
ruby my guy - 16 dager siden
Aww she's so happy❤️❤️✨✨💐🌟🌟🌟 now stop🥺
Micheal Persicko
Micheal Persicko - 16 dager siden
0:38 He ran into the knife, he ran into the knife 10 times
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ಠ_ಠ
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ಠ_ಠ - 16 dager siden
trish picks a random letter of the lgbtq+ acronym and claims it. then when she moves on, puts down and shits on it.
motiondoom - 17 dager siden
itd be a shame if i fell on that knife multiple times yeah such a shame
SKYFALLS 247 - 17 dager siden
1:18 how dare him, he will perish in bussy
stuti malhotra
stuti malhotra - 17 dager siden
i subscribed to your channel, put that knife away!!!
Mi-hee Neu
Mi-hee Neu - 17 dager siden
Dude you look like the turd I craped out yesterday
Btw there was corn In it💖💕💘💞💓💕💘💕💘💕💕💞
ME IS ME THE ME SHE ME - 17 dager siden
🥰😌✨Trisha likes fish♥️👄♥️she looks like one too✨😌🥰
Aditi M R
Aditi M R - 18 dager siden
where. are. the. songs. tf
Laura Guthoff
Laura Guthoff - 18 dager siden
Do you have to slut shame her so damn much in this? There’s literally sooo much other stuff she’s done you can make fun of her for, slut shaming is just so 2012.
A raging disappointment
A raging disappointment - 19 dager siden
Aim for the moon,✨🧚‍♀️💓and never come back👑🥺✌️
chonk cat gaming
chonk cat gaming - 20 dager siden
I can tell he's drunk cause on tf2 I was playing with randoms and one guy was drunker than demo man at a all you can drink pub
Random Man
Random Man - 21 dag siden
i had to look at you the whole time of how wierd and stupid she looks
Kuroo Tetsurō
Kuroo Tetsurō - 21 dag siden
Trisha helps me dream🧸🎀🎊And want to never wake up🎀🎊🧸🥳
[Sato] - 21 dag siden
Eghhsgdys I want to 🧚‍♀️s h o o t🧚‍♀️ myself everytime I see her👁👄👁
globglogabgalab Glibbleglashglab
So I went to goggle and looked up Trisha Paytas leaked and clicked on it and I am forever scarred
twitches - 22 dager siden
* Sighs in Trans man *
Charlotte Bechtold
Charlotte Bechtold - 23 dager siden
the.lost.frost is all over ticktock i am begin to think she is ✨jEsUs ✨
Oahu Draws!
Oahu Draws! - 23 dager siden
I’m ✨ *Terrified* ✨
rosiesathetics - 24 dager siden
people can be really mean on tik tok . but im very uncomfurtable bc im a trans girl 0-0
kitchen sink
kitchen sink - 24 dager siden
As a hufflepuff, I speak for the entire house when I say, we disown her and pass her on to ✨america✨
Thatblondebtch - 25 dager siden
✨🧚‍♀️💞𝐧𝐨𝐛𝐨𝐝𝐲 𝐢𝐬 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭🧚‍♀️💫🌟𝐓𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐚 𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭🌟☁️🌸
Golden- lynx-Arts
Golden- lynx-Arts - 25 dager siden
Luke Briwn
Luke Briwn - 26 dager siden
James but Scottish,well if scotish pepper pig is something to go off
Madishii - 26 dager siden
If Trisha Patras was a song.
Erni Mulianie
Erni Mulianie - 26 dager siden
Did he just say we arent good enough commenters. Ugh.
Amelia Lesniak
Amelia Lesniak - 28 dager siden
She is engaged now. Guess with who.
❁French•Fleur❁ - 28 dager siden
Wow look at Trisha go! Id struggle to cancel myself but Trisha has no problem!
Loli Bear
Loli Bear - 28 dager siden
Trisha: exists
Simps who are over Belle Delphine: it's free real estate
People in the background questioning they're sanity: *insert pepe the frog doing the REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*
Greeccy Pizza
Greeccy Pizza - 28 dager siden
As a hufflepuff just no❤️
a - 29 dager siden
Ruth Hume
Ruth Hume - 29 dager siden
Ok... *Cries in hufflepuff*
Kleidi Ymeri
Kleidi Ymeri - 29 dager siden
She cosplayed as poison ivy but she’s just poison
oof - 29 dager siden
Sad Cat
Sad Cat - Måned siden
Trisha is gonna kill the turtles with her
✨❤️Tik toks❤️✨
some one
some one - Måned siden
Idk y but is James wearing a hellsing ultimate t shirt
Molly Hagan
Molly Hagan - Måned siden
“Wasn’t Emma Watson like 10 in that voice clip?” Lmaooo oh Trisha
Sillylittleslytherin - Måned siden
She did not just try to steal Harry Potter from us-
Sis has reached a new low
StephenD MTB
StephenD MTB - Måned siden
hiiis mumseless unkld i do like your ear wax
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly - Måned siden
I thought he was going to say willne
N M - Måned siden
courtney Koch
courtney Koch - Måned siden
Please do the music -.-
Hamilton Lover
Hamilton Lover - Måned siden
7:00 poor chris🤣🤣
just a random person
just a random person - Måned siden
Now the comments are filled with ✨💕✨emojis 💕✨💕
Ana Ribeiro
Ana Ribeiro - Måned siden
I'm very 🧜‍♀️💕👑traumatized👑💕🧜‍♀️
NathanTDG The Diamond Gamer
0:19 WillNE
Jordan Voss
Jordan Voss - Måned siden
Don't put Trisha in hufflepuff
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya - Måned siden
I think I can speak for the slytherins and we definitely don’t want her either-
the monster under your bed
lily whittingham
lily whittingham - Måned siden
thanks for comparing me to trish the bish
dangerdoodle - Måned siden
Trish is a ✨fish✨
Sunshine to Midnight
Sunshine to Midnight - Måned siden
The one of Hermine gave me 💖🌟🌈✨T U R A M A✨🌈🌟💖
Also emo kids don't got voodoo dolls, your thinking of goths and witches 😂
Shōto Todoroki
Shōto Todoroki - Måned siden
Idk why but I kinda fell offended on the emo girl one(s)
um chile
um chile - Måned siden
She really had to ruin my chemical romance for me smh
billy bob
billy bob - Måned siden
I can confirm noone in hufflepuff would be caught dead near her
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya - Måned siden
And I think I can speak for the slytherins and we definitely don’t want her either-
y x x n q i
y x x n q i - Måned siden
Trisha makes me wanna ✨💞die💞✨
Chaos Chris
Chaos Chris - Måned siden
Thank you James, Very Cool!
•Whovian •
•Whovian • - Måned siden
This inspired me to 😍 💋 💫 Kill myself 💓 💫 👑
Pigeons Bones
Pigeons Bones - Måned siden
Trisha 🌈✨scares me✨🌈
Muntaha khawar._.
Muntaha khawar._. - Måned siden
Trisha you go girl❤🤩🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️💅 _and never come back_ 🧚‍♂️💅🧚‍♀️👇❤🤪
Meirdowell - Måned siden
*Angry trans noises.*
Danielle Scoblete
Danielle Scoblete - Måned siden
🧚✨💕reading all the fairy comments 5 months later like 👁👄👁🧚✨💕
craked lighys
craked lighys - Måned siden
i am ✨uncomfortable by her✨
HAILEY HATZ - Måned siden
Trisha inspired me to 🌈⚡️✨🌸🌷🌹❄️J u m p o f f o f a b r I d g e🌈⚡️✨💜🌹❄️🌸🌷💞💖💕
Bom Is Queen
Bom Is Queen - Måned siden
If I saw Trish in an oversized shirt at Walmart,I wouldn’t at all be surprised if she wasn’t wearing anything under it🤷🏻‍♀️🤮
Beantastic Girl
Beantastic Girl - Måned siden
Trisha has 💕✨🌸💝💞 scarred me for life 🧚‍♂️👏💞💝💕❤️🌸
Asta staria
Asta staria - Måned siden
James is trilingual
Hannah Loiacano
Hannah Loiacano - Måned siden
Oblivious - Måned siden
As a hufflepuff, I can confirm that we (Me at least) don’t want Trisha.
Hannah Loiacano
Hannah Loiacano - Måned siden
We really really dont.
Diabetic Shaggy
Diabetic Shaggy - Måned siden
Air no reach lung
Vera Kitten
Vera Kitten - Måned siden
*sad hufflepuff noises* please don’t stick her with us QwQ
Trippy Ludkin
Trippy Ludkin - Måned siden
oh this was before Shane got cancelled huh
Alien Cultist
Alien Cultist - Måned siden