Trisha Paytas is really strange...

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James Marriott
Cynic Snacks (
Runtime: 11:36


Eboys - 9 måneder siden
subscribe to us :)
Arriana Maud
Arriana Maud - 29 dager siden
Rk PlayZ
Rk PlayZ - Måned siden
I have subd long time ago
Damein _Xox
Damein _Xox - Måned siden
N o
R H - 3 måneder siden
Benjamin Fowles
Benjamin Fowles - 3 måneder siden
blah - 13 timer siden
4:44 me being irish and has no clue what he is saying-
Frida Stephenson
Frida Stephenson - Dag siden
fucking hilarious reminding me of jack Whitehall
Boohoo Cracker
Boohoo Cracker - Dag siden
🍄👀 Drugs 💉🍄👀
Rose Keijzer
Rose Keijzer - 2 dager siden
They engaged😌
Miramaya Larasati
Miramaya Larasati - 3 dager siden
james : *big hugs*
me : :)
james : god that prolly made you all uncomfortable
me : no, shutup :)
4-1-1 - 3 dager siden
Nin is too nice, I want to punch Trisha for saying that :( Nin, you are great, please keep spreading awareness
Potato Yasss
Potato Yasss - 4 dager siden
Yes ✨big guns shoots big bullets fast✨💅🏻
Sparky - 6 dager siden
Sophia Young
Sophia Young - 7 dager siden
Trisha literally said all Jews are naturally ugly and literally called herself Jewish
ellese wilson
ellese wilson - 7 dager siden
it got me going wen he said suck it up like a desperate little hoover lool
mollies life
mollies life - 7 dager siden
People who hugged him back
Sydni Wright
Sydni Wright - 7 dager siden
"2020 has been an anticlimax of sorts"
me in 2021 now: oh poor past james, not yet.
Kayleigh O'Shea
Kayleigh O'Shea - 7 dager siden
bought a laptop purely to install honey with james' code lol. o o p s
Charlene Simpson
Charlene Simpson - 8 dager siden
when you realise James talked seriously about mental heath and all of that stuff in a video that was posted about a week after one of his young fans committed suicide :(
Jelly J
Jelly J - 8 dager siden
That 4.7% Canadian is me.
Ars0nn - 8 dager siden
4:30 GeorgeNotFound?
not impatient
not impatient - 13 dager siden
Shes a ksi wanna be with her hair
Ella Erickson
Ella Erickson - 14 dager siden
If I’m not mistaken, DissociativeDID attempted suicide, broke off her engagement, and even got another alter because of all the drama she got pulled into. There’s dark humor and then there’s bullying and being a bad person. Calling someone with a mental illness crazy is extremely wrong and disrespectful, and while I personally don’t have any mental illnesses, I hope Trisha gets what she deserves and I hope Nin and all her other alters are well
Courtney O’connell
Courtney O’connell - 14 dager siden
Practice makes perfect 😙😙😙😚😙😙😚😙 that’s why Trisha has siblings 😍😍🥰😍🥰😋
Dma Zroua
Dma Zroua - 15 dager siden
hockey_regi - 15 dager siden
gogy glasses pog?
Son Gayku
Son Gayku - 16 dager siden
7:18 that's not even the tune of the song
Son Gayku
Son Gayku - 16 dager siden
7:18 that's not even the tune of the song
Shaked Gazit
Shaked Gazit - 16 dager siden
as a Jew that speaks Hebrew, this is the dumbest thing ever!
Asia Jackson
Asia Jackson - 16 dager siden
I mean beardless James isn’t as bad as he thinks it is
Adia Massengale
Adia Massengale - 16 dager siden
Her boyfriend or whatever freaking proposed to her not long ago, I mean congrats for getting engaged I guess, but like he does know what he is getting himself into correct? Man, come on, really? I-❤️
frog folk
frog folk - 16 dager siden
Yk James, I'm also trilingual :) I know English, Lithuanian and French
Sleepy noodle
Sleepy noodle - 16 dager siden
Your glasses are very ✨SwAg✨
Kaiser Wilhelm
Kaiser Wilhelm - 18 dager siden
Last I checked Vikings and other Germanic tribes also wore dreads. - A message from His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Kaiser Wilhelm der Groß.
Luna Spence
Luna Spence - 18 dager siden
I subscribed to spill because I love watching the petty beauty guru drama
Libby Edwards
Libby Edwards - 19 dager siden
your glasses give me kurt cobain vibes :):):)
You: Hello you guys, I hope your having a great day
Me: Da fuq
Lily Starkey
Lily Starkey - 19 dager siden
who else is apart of the 4.5%? or just me and my multiple accounts
Abi Cunningham Idk now go away
I found honeys catchphrase! It is you're basically passing on FREE moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Nomi B
Nomi B - 21 dag siden
Her video at 2:44 that says "passover mukbang" might just make me convert to christianity
Hali Abi Name
Hali Abi Name - 21 dag siden
Face filler ad on this James lolz
Rosslyn Clarke
Rosslyn Clarke - 23 dager siden
Hey - 23 dager siden
My mental health is really going downhill right now. Its to the point im self harming everyday, watching you helps me alot. Im so glad that you are on youtube, i hope you carry on to make amazing content. Im starting to hope everyday is my last and i have attempted twice i hope it gets better soon. Love you James if it will be the end soon just know you made it all worth it :)
Crazymine Mario 64 Speedruner
I think James lives in 1.25x
FruitloopXD - 25 dager siden
What gender r u?
Me. Y
James. Italian i mean trilingl
Gacha.Zeniah - 26 dager siden
Those glasses tho 😎 🟢🧑‍🦯🇬🇧
•moxie• - 27 dager siden
Beardless James looks adorable, petition for beardless James to come back:
•Teddy Bear•
•Teddy Bear• - 28 dager siden
your glasses are cool.
Oompashreka The dumbass
Oompashreka The dumbass - 28 dager siden
You know quarantine hit me hard when I actually went in for a hug-
good morning
good morning - 29 dager siden
When you said "shaved" I literally imagined you shaving your head and not your beard that's how essential your beard is bruh
Mocha Moj
Mocha Moj - 29 dager siden
Don’t worry James I hugged back man
Jeiku Ultimate ganer
Jeiku Ultimate ganer - 29 dager siden
We mericans aren’t guns exspanations make more sense we arnt stupid I really want to make a war Britten joke followed by the song America fuck yah which is a good esplanation of Britten in every war and what America does in war
sleepy smart boy
sleepy smart boy - Måned siden
I just found out you're 23 and I ... hate it
rhian ogrady
rhian ogrady - Måned siden
btw you made this on my birthday
Clara Smith
Clara Smith - Måned siden
Your glasses are cool
Carys Mcgachen
Carys Mcgachen - Måned siden
i absolutely love nin and the alters they are soooooo amazing and are so brave for talking about DID and proving people like trish that they dont know a thing about it and should overall just keep quiet
Ghosty X
Ghosty X - Måned siden
I will gladly hug you James 10:53
Nattie Tusell
Nattie Tusell - Måned siden
Being American I appreciate the fact that he made it so Americans too can understand his content
Lynette Riddle
Lynette Riddle - Måned siden
Also wait wut... just like 5 slices?? Bruh I can probably eat all of or at least most of that pizza. Wow look at me comment on every fucking video... no I do not have a life
Lynette Riddle
Lynette Riddle - Måned siden
C'mon, James. It might just be me but ik you've played guitar longer than me. I got a bass bc I could afford it after hoarding my money also bc I like the bass. It's fairly simple especially since you do not have chords. I was in band as a kid bc I'm a nerd so I knew music already but I never learned how to play it on the guitar so I use chords on my acoustic and tabs sheets on my bass.
I unexpectedly got a guitar and got guitar lessons from this dude who worked at the book store and happened to be there and be the one to help us. It was so convenient that it was odd if that makes a lick of sense. It eventually ended once I got the hang of it with the basic chords and he progressed more into college and more time-consuming job. So I never really learned the how to play regular sheet music on the guitar. Wow 2 paragraphs that neither James nor anyone else will read lmao.
Shikha - Måned siden
4:23 rare footage of georgenotfound removing his mask
Sans the animator
Sans the animator - Måned siden
i will just say i know or thanks :)
Ren Whittall
Ren Whittall - Måned siden
oh boy this video hits diffrent now Trisha is trying and failing to once again be jewish on tiktok
Mordork - Måned siden
The hug... I ran to my phone with a such a big smile. I love your videos man, such a good comfortable feeling. It’s like I’m hanging out just shooting the shit
Bedecick Cucumberbatch
Bedecick Cucumberbatch - Måned siden
oh my God that trisha educational thing is the equivalent of an American teaching a dog how to speak English
DarkRubberDucky - Måned siden
James mentions beardless James and how horrifying he is, shows a picture of literally the most Handsome James imaginable. Someone put a settee near me so I might swoon upon it.
bug strider
bug strider - Måned siden
and some people still support her like uh lets just social distance 40000km away from each other
Fishtickboii - Måned siden
Those kids in germany be like; :/
The supreme Overlord Of Ice
Thank you for translating your video from British to American
Bri-ashley231 - Måned siden
I binge watch your videos alot😆I never get tired of you😅
ophir peleg morris
ophir peleg morris - Måned siden
as an israely i want to kill myself
Alm0nd- D0ll
Alm0nd- D0ll - Måned siden
Are culture is really McDonald’s and guns
froggymadii - Måned siden
Basiclly. Yes ik he was joking.
Pantaloon - Måned siden
I'm 6 can I still have a hug??
Anais Botez
Anais Botez - Måned siden
James you have to make a video about the dog fucker withney wiscousin PLS
JeSsE - Måned siden
꧁ꕥ Hakura • Ume ꕥ꧂
I love how he was like: “gotta relate to the Americans! gun shoot big bullet”
Me: ah yes, big bullet go big boom in schools
Yabesra Ewnetu
Yabesra Ewnetu - Måned siden
If anyone is physic it would be james
Mena Pretholt
Mena Pretholt - Måned siden
america sucks i wish i lived in canada
Just drawing Things
Just drawing Things - 2 måneder siden
You do know there’s more Trisha pastas drama now
DJ Slinky
DJ Slinky - 2 måneder siden
I wish I could give 2 likes
Delilah Fabray
Delilah Fabray - 2 måneder siden
Dumb - 2 måneder siden
I like the Kurt cobain glasses
TurboLight - 2 måneder siden
8:20 that mu- *silverfish noises*
Elise Joy
Elise Joy - 2 måneder siden
Those are some cool glasses james
skylar - 2 måneder siden
that was some lovely bass playing
SumSum Forever
SumSum Forever - 2 måneder siden
Julianna Wiezorek
Julianna Wiezorek - 2 måneder siden
im american and i appreciate the gon domb down. thankyou
Abigail Watkins
Abigail Watkins - 2 måneder siden
6:26 elicited a very pained "noooooo" from me - I am not fond of the mormon/LDS church-corporation-leadership.
Operator Don
Operator Don - 2 måneder siden
Those people that don’t realize the gun bit was a joke
froggymadii - Måned siden
Ikr. To many people are like wow our culture is just bang go boo. Like it was a jokw
the walternet
the walternet - 2 måneder siden
I know Hebrew an it's the alephbet not the alphabet
Angel Rice bun
Angel Rice bun - 2 måneder siden
I'm surprised that Trisha hasn't made a video named 'I identify as a vegan' maybe she thinks it's a type of gender? ✨✨
arianna johnson
arianna johnson - 2 måneder siden
✨Big gun shoot big bullet fassssssssst✨
Sketches and hedgies
Sketches and hedgies - 2 måneder siden
Am I going insane or does James look like Jack Black
Lemon Dropplet
Lemon Dropplet - 2 måneder siden
Big gun go fast?
Nataly Gomez
Nataly Gomez - 2 måneder siden
I thought you were 31
James Reader
James Reader - 2 måneder siden
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn - 2 måneder siden
DID is literally a disorder that stems from severe trauma. As a severe trauma survivor myself this made me so unbelievably furious. I want to give that girl a hug (the DID YTber)
I ate some pizza
I ate some pizza - 2 måneder siden
Ahhhh all these stupid google ads
Tamirez Natividade
Tamirez Natividade - 2 måneder siden
I know 3 languages hmu
zara - 2 måneder siden
all the dislikes are the americans who got offended by the gun joke
froggymadii - Måned siden
Ikr. I'm American and I thought it was funny.
Krazy WitaK
Krazy WitaK - 2 måneder siden
Belinda Paul
Belinda Paul - 2 måneder siden
Nice shout-out re the mental health stuff. My mum has NPD and my brother's schizophrenic so it's always awesome to find a platform that isn't into exploiting shit like that.
clare mee
clare mee - 2 måneder siden
He does know that the stuff being poured on the pancakes isn't honey, it's maple syrup, doesn't he?
clare mee
clare mee - 2 måneder siden
@zara I'm half English you get maple syrup in Lidi, tesco, the co-op
zara - 2 måneder siden
we dont really use maple syrup in england lmao rip
Superfluous Greg
Superfluous Greg - 2 måneder siden
We love you father james