Trisha Paytas called out EVERYONE...

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In a new TikTok trend, Trisha Paytas has called out EVERYONE. She's done at least 20 TikToks in this format, calling out celebrities like Ellen, Tyra Banks, Steve O and many many more. Thank you Trisha for paying my rent once again.
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James Marriott
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Hà Phương Nguyễn
Hà Phương Nguyễn - 3 timer siden
I'm very sorry, but your thumbnail hurts my eyes to look at
August Pitatties
August Pitatties - Dag siden
I cant stand trisha but a lot of the claims are scary if they did actually treat her that way. Definitely believe the Ellen one after all the other rumors abt her
Mehhh - 2 dager siden
For my negative comment i have NO friends
Ethan Spagnola
Ethan Spagnola - 3 dager siden
That stuff about ellen was true she is wried I dont think it like a god slave thing its like a mental problem im but I'm not sure tho
suki suki
suki suki - 3 dager siden
james marriott has pretty eyes :)
Tale Isaksen
Tale Isaksen - 5 dager siden
im so tired of youtubers telling me what to comment!
Danielle Van Den Bergh
Danielle Van Den Bergh - 8 dager siden
Lol the Ellen thing not looking in her eyes is real
i waz here
i waz here - 8 dager siden
For my negative comment: I am like so passive-aggressive and a huge attention seeker. I'm probably also really manipulative. 🙄✋
Creepy_Crafting - 8 dager siden
I mean I don’t want to say I don’t believe her, but why does it feel like some of these negative ones are exaggerated. She does have a history for lying so it’s hard to blindly believe all she says
Cinnamon Cart
Cinnamon Cart - 8 dager siden
you smell like colesaw
Pixel Johnson
Pixel Johnson - 11 dager siden
For my negative comment I'm a shitbag
rattymctatty _
rattymctatty _ - 11 dager siden
I hate myself :)
R B - 12 dager siden
I was trying to think if I have any "celebrity" beef and then I remembered that Greg Paul ( Jake and Logan Paul's dad) has me blocked because my friend Jordi (jordifoxxx) made a documentary about him and I messaged him on insta to ask if it was true
Lechuga Lauren
Lechuga Lauren - 13 dager siden
I HATE this women lol
Evie Athill
Evie Athill - 13 dager siden
In conclusion, Trisha = ✨🗑✨
Rimma Morozova
Rimma Morozova - 13 dager siden
I thought u had freckles they where pimples
Jam - 16 dager siden
you look like an overcooked Pringle, James.

(don't cancel me pls im just listening to james)
Tehemochild 2003
Tehemochild 2003 - 17 dager siden
I understand why no one wants to touch her though 😂
Pp Man
Pp Man - 17 dager siden
HA Trisha actually quit TickTock because apparently the “haters” one🥶
Lillian Roy
Lillian Roy - 18 dager siden
U smell
heather b
heather b - 19 dager siden
when Trisha thinks because someone doesn’t look at her/are interested in her that means they’re a misogynist lmao
Au Revoir
Au Revoir - 20 dager siden
How dare she calls me out
flowwithrow - 20 dager siden
in the nathan part trisha was a “prize” for the nobody it was a weird concept
Midari Ikshima
Midari Ikshima - 20 dager siden
🔥✨🌈💃💅🎵Trish inspired me to fly high.. ✨🔥💃💅☄️🌈❤️and fall back down✨💅🔥❤️💃☄️💅🥺🌟
Anushka Das
Anushka Das - 20 dager siden
James what did ya do. Ya asked to follow you on instagram and like a good little kid I stopped watching the video and went to follow you on the other app and after 2 hours of scrolling later I’m here, finally remembering what I was actually doing.
// Karma \\
// Karma \\ - 21 dag siden
Bruh I only heard of her after the DissociaDID thing because I had watched them for a while and I just avoided her after that
FINLEY ASHMAN - 21 dag siden
trisha shouldnt really suprised that people are distgfustedd to her bc she sexualises her self in every way and mostly OF
Katie Hambrick
Katie Hambrick - 21 dag siden
Well the thing about America’s got talent with Trisha is that her performance legitimately made her seem like a crazy I’m guessing Nick Canon may have actually thought she was unstable....
Average Tsunami1
Average Tsunami1 - 23 dager siden
i highly doubt most of the trash talk she did on those celebrities were true, it’s not like she hasn’t lied or started random shit with people before...
Gab _
Gab _ - 25 dager siden
Trisha is just a Karen😂
keira westphal
keira westphal - 26 dager siden
I love this channel to much UwU
Chloe Parker
Chloe Parker - 26 dager siden
Stop giving people like Trisha and Nick the time and effort they Don’t deserve it
comment bot : 15
comment bot : 15 - 26 dager siden
Spot the lie
1)James makes good videos
2)Memeulous is 4'11
3)I'm not a real comment bot
Kill Me
Kill Me - 28 dager siden
My negative James Comment (trademarked):
He looks like he smells like ketchup- 🧍🏻‍♀️
Yilb - Måned siden
wait- what is james is TRO-
Shreya Sharma
Shreya Sharma - Måned siden
I mean the touching thing isn't wierd.......I have the same thing even with my bff like for eg when she wants to hug sometimes I run sometimes I push her away while laughing or sometimes we both wanna hug jst depends......idk maybe Ellen didn't wanna?
Alyssa Kline
Alyssa Kline - Måned siden
can trisha just be canceled please? like, RIGHT NOW
Summer Whelden
Summer Whelden - Måned siden
Negative comment: I will never pass as a guy
Clapn - Måned siden
Ah trisha patas she “had“ everything like alters and was LGBTQ ah those were the days
Meirah D
Meirah D - Måned siden
am i the only one that just recently found out that their favorite youtubers like/know cavetown and that makes me incredibly happy
rose payton
rose payton - Måned siden
im bored and will always be bored no matter whats happening.
blue green
blue green - Måned siden
every time we look james in the eyes he cums lasers. james loves bang, he just wont admit it
BubbleTea - Måned siden
typing this at 2:40, I hate being touched. It is just how I grew up, my sister didn't like it so I copied her and now I can't stand it. if your a stranger please don't touch me. If I know you its ok, but random-out-of-no-where touches freak me out no matter who you are.
Maria Olivia Gabionza
Maria Olivia Gabionza - Måned siden
Idk why but i think im in love
Autobot Cliffjumper
Autobot Cliffjumper - Måned siden
" Don't look her in the eyes " is she autistic, no I'm serious
Lynette Riddle
Lynette Riddle - Måned siden
Something bad about myself? Hmm that would make a laundry list bc well... I don't like myself.
notmilkyyt - Måned siden
Is trisha peatys puting a gun to james head
Chaos Chris
Chaos Chris - Måned siden
Thank you James, Very Cool!
Operation Bababooey
Operation Bababooey - Måned siden
Crazy sod
Andrew Ham
Andrew Ham - Måned siden
That miniladd joke Jesus
IDoStuff Sometimes
IDoStuff Sometimes - Måned siden
I’m fucking stupid
Now give me likes
A J - Måned siden
But Cavetown tho.
Sheldon Ancheta ah puck
Sheldon Ancheta ah puck - Måned siden
Spencer Benjamin
Spencer Benjamin - Måned siden
Steve-O was probably either high or focused on the 100 other things going on especially in the jackass series so he probably wasn’t focused on looking trisha in the eye lmao
Hannah Loiacano
Hannah Loiacano - Måned siden
My parents hate me and they left me, my grandma dosen't accept me and depression is horrible.
Jeff Henlem
Jeff Henlem - Måned siden
U look like James marriot
Frederik Mejndor
Frederik Mejndor - Måned siden
i fucking hate my height dude bababooey bruh bruh bruh bruh audio jungle
Bruhian - Måned siden
How the fuck am i living in a world where james marriot and cavetown interact holy shit
samsfinest - Måned siden
something awful about yourself or me
Master Helper
Master Helper - Måned siden
Ok something bad or negative
borgor phrœg
borgor phrœg - Måned siden
is it just me who is annoyed by her face
gheed alkhater
gheed alkhater - Måned siden
you posted this on my birthday :)
gheed alkhater
gheed alkhater - Måned siden
nvm I read it as the 15th.. :(
Lord Memeius
Lord Memeius - Måned siden
James is trilingual now give me likes to fill the empty void in my soul people call happiness
D6Dusk - Måned siden
She hasn't done that to me B)
little rat
little rat - Måned siden
Robin said the truth but like aren’t we all weird?
Kayden Cleveland
Kayden Cleveland - Måned siden
I'm suicidal
Victoria Randhawa
Victoria Randhawa - Måned siden
For the mean comment... I'm a shit head
Marianne - Måned siden
And who is the common denominator with all this beef? Oh yeah, that’s you Trisha?
JaNuS_sAnDeRs YeEt
JaNuS_sAnDeRs YeEt - Måned siden
I look dumb
Kenzie Moon
Kenzie Moon - Måned siden
So mad she wants to trash talk Steve-O, I met the dude on my 15th birthday at a show in my town 3 years ago (that was the luckiest I’ve ever been) Steve-o put on an awesome show and promised everyone who bought a ticket to the show a picture on their phone and he signed whatever you wanted him to! Every single person. I was second to last in line so it took a while but he was genuine and gave me a hug, took my phone and took a picture of us! And signed my ticket. Dude does charity work, and protests seaworld! He’s so awesome.
Matthew Lares
Matthew Lares - Måned siden
im a twat nonce
CJ The1
CJ The1 - Måned siden
My voice can be really deep at times and really high at other times, so it looks like I fake my voice
Punchmeat - Måned siden
Steve-o is a nice dude it's probably just her.
D. Beste
D. Beste - Måned siden
Trisha: "Ellen De Geeneriiishhh"
PizzaFace - Måned siden
Jimbo: *calls Robbie a twat*
Me a diehard cavetown fan: 👁👄👁
alfie hopper
alfie hopper - Måned siden
I know James said to be mean but I genuinely think he makes good content
myaaa - Måned siden
any person can dance to a song with the n word but once you say it your canceled period .
•buggies• t̑̈g̑̈ȃ̈ȋ̈
James looks like a 5 year old in a 39 year olds body
milorrito - Måned siden
Just because you did well in school doesn't mean you.
Isaac_G29 - Måned siden
James Marriott looks like a unicorn got shit and stomped on in this video he also looks like he got shaved by his ex girlfriend #10milviews
SushiXseagull - Måned siden
Don’t dis my mans Robbie
Megan Trainer
Megan Trainer - Måned siden
Hi im magen and i am fat and i have no self confidence 😊
Everything wrong with it
Everything wrong with it - Måned siden
you look like the Walmart version of Jack black if he was a drug dealer
Insurgentsite - Måned siden
Trish is Trash t-shirt
Gold Napkin
Gold Napkin - Måned siden
I'm trying to figure out if James acts like he's the best to hide his self hate (like me) or if he has an actual god complex (like me) and I honestly don't know. What I do know is that he hasn't mentioned that he's trilingual in a couple videos in a row, which is quite concerning
I'm a chaotic bastard
I'm a chaotic bastard - Måned siden
You've been banned from Assassin's Creed Origins Discussions.
Reason: we
Lena plays Uke
Lena plays Uke - Måned siden
“Comment something horrible about yourself”:
I’m an anxiety filled depressed kid who has to watch you to even laugh
Lena plays Uke
Lena plays Uke - Måned siden
Realized he meant for him, nothing he’s just sweet and funny
The blossom girls
The blossom girls - Måned siden
you cant cancle trisha at this point mainly because she will just do a video on the floor in her kitcehena nd say shes transgender and that she discrimnated against. she will probily get some popular person to say shes like on drugs or something. she as well will just never apoligise. and how are people cancerrling chalrie damelio but not trisha like the internet it fucked
I'm Mr Crow
I'm Mr Crow - Måned siden
The joke about Robbie actually made me laugh
Vibes Chief
Vibes Chief - Måned siden
trisha gae hahahahahahahaha hahaha aha
Anthony bhola
Anthony bhola - Måned siden
James your videos Are great😃!
Noriaki Kakyoin
Noriaki Kakyoin - Måned siden
you're mank
Jalen - Måned siden
Jalen - Måned siden
tyson ritter is actually a really nice guy :)
Medul! - Måned siden
no matter how much therapy i get i will forever be depressed buuut ik how to make a really good milkshake
ItzKayla - Måned siden
I wouldn't wanna touch her either
Space Dinosaur
Space Dinosaur - Måned siden
please i just saw someone in her comments say “TRISH4PRESIDENT” i’m gonna cry is this what society has come to
crippled genes '_ '
crippled genes '_ ' - Måned siden
One thing bad about me: i liked my own comment
Hayden Arant
Hayden Arant - Måned siden
I'm a big fish and I have an IQ of 6
Holly - Måned siden
You smell