This YouTuber spies on his little sister...

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Today we look at King Bamy, the King of the weird and creepy side of NOburn. From fake pregnant to pretending to be roadman pranks, please never make me react to this channel ever again.
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James Marriott
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I do not exist
I do not exist - 12 timer siden
Wilbur Soot must be crying.
BasicallyAstro - 12 timer siden
1:35 Hey I've seen this one before!
Koshi Wheeler
Koshi Wheeler - 12 timer siden
are we just collectively ignoring the Wilbur comment
Alicia Fleming
Alicia Fleming - 13 timer siden
Why does he look like willne at some angles.
Is it his evil cousin
Ava Mc Keon
Ava Mc Keon - 16 timer siden
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
ʕ •́؈•̀ ₎
Pop Balloon
Pop Balloon - Dag siden
If the guy wants to call a girl an oompa looma he should go to any British high school, at least half of them are bloody orange.
ZipZapZoop - 2 dager siden
King Bamy: *Points at right shoulder*
Moses Hochstetler
Moses Hochstetler - 2 dager siden
Sweet home Alabama but in london
the pointless вампир
the pointless вампир - 2 dager siden
James flexing is phone on my poor self
me T^T
Wackster Waffles
Wackster Waffles - 2 dager siden
7:17 James’ inner Gordon Ramsay is coming out
Nana McPee
Nana McPee - 2 dager siden
Video: Hiding from my sister
Language: English
His sister: Lazy
Hotel: Trivago
blah - 3 dager siden
Here in Ireland im waiting for it to snow
*Puppies Gacha*
*Puppies Gacha* - 3 dager siden
Ok tho James' personality is just like the cool funny older sibling's friend.
Ira Didoshak
Ira Didoshak - 4 dager siden
So i have brother and every time i do my makeup i hear 'why is it so scary?'. My makeup isn't bad and brother probably thinks that this 'joke' is hilarious even if i didn't ask his opinion. Kinda tired of this shit
//sorry for my English if something is wrong in this comment
Pancake - 4 dager siden
I’m British 😊
Pancake - 4 dager siden
I can’t sleep tho, it’s sorta sad
Nina - 4 dager siden
My brother actually does care about my makeup he will say it looks good if he thinks so :)
LAM GAMING - 4 dager siden
ur face
Rebeca - 5 dager siden
Did you know James js trilingual?
TIY-EE - 7 dager siden
Maaaaan why do more people like this keep appearing? and how is this ok youtube?!
Parzival - 9 dager siden
I clicked assuming he was doing a video on morgz
Savannah Kizis
Savannah Kizis - 9 dager siden
Sweet home Alabama
Lechuga Lauren
Lechuga Lauren - 13 dager siden
The fact that I used to watch these two-
Lex Elston
Lex Elston - 14 dager siden
My head hurts
Xeoney - 17 dager siden
If you do anything these two siblings do, you probably need a nice, long week at therapy.
Dacky - 17 dager siden
4:56 does he say "Smash Like My Brudda, I'ma be hiding in my sister's room, I'm spying on this little girl right now. Am I the only one who heard that?
Nina Marie
Nina Marie - 18 dager siden
As a parent, i agree.
Kira Veritas
Kira Veritas - 18 dager siden
I like the pared down outro 👍
Purple Raider
Purple Raider - 19 dager siden
Does Bamy think he's a member of TGF?
Vicktoria Veela
Vicktoria Veela - 20 dager siden
I don't have to prank my brother for him to call me ugly
kai hawkins
kai hawkins - 20 dager siden
at the beginning of quarantine, i binged like all of your videos. they're still getting me through covid
Hannah Coyne
Hannah Coyne - 20 dager siden
AvocadoOlive - 21 dag siden
Morgz #2
Melina Ticas Flores
Melina Ticas Flores - 21 dag siden
Wilbur soot watching THIS: wut-
nini and keta tv დარასელია
Has anyone noticed that after every god damn cut, Jamses hair changes in the begining
Stick Bug
Stick Bug - 24 dager siden
Pretty gay ngl
cereal - 24 dager siden
Is no one gonna talk about the Wilbur slander or-
silent dragon
silent dragon - 24 dager siden
yo ive a younger sister, and the most ive done was check her phone dis dude gon stay the whole night in ner room, like what if she goes to shower and or changes her clothes , will he see that then, that dudes video is weird
Brooklyn Tsang
Brooklyn Tsang - 27 dager siden
I thought james was talking about tommyinnit 😂 talking to all the minecraft youtuber’s little sisters
Mina bunny
Mina bunny - 27 dager siden
I think they live in Alabama?
SCARECROW - 28 dager siden
Devin Jimenez
Devin Jimenez - 28 dager siden
un popular opinion, James looks like mongral
Haseebi08 - 28 dager siden
@James Marriott i haven't sub i live in Canada so find me
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming - 29 dager siden
Btw 999 is the uk police number
Hanazuki Clover
Hanazuki Clover - 29 dager siden
god, why are these videos sooo popular on youtube? it's soo boring..

not this vid, prank videos are what I mean
R0adk1ll - 29 dager siden
Why is every single comment from 4 weeks ago wtf
Mango - 29 dager siden
Wait what why does he hate Wilbur
obi '
obi ' - Måned siden
ugh wilbur soot, hate that guy
DarkRubberDucky - Måned siden
I'd smash Corpse Husband's voice.
Astr0 FN
Astr0 FN - Måned siden
I think the only time i would be excited to see an ad is when watching this YouTube channel so i can get a break from this terrible content.
Musa Orleans
Musa Orleans - Måned siden
Rich Tea buiscuits without Tea is the worst 😔
kiana - Måned siden
5:24 I see we have a dream stan 😳🤚
The Dank Doge
The Dank Doge - Måned siden
What’s it feel to be famous sir James Marriott
sacul - Måned siden
4:00 that face zoom in with the dramatic music 😂
let's go bananas_
let's go bananas_ - Måned siden
OK I subscribed
Toko_ fukawa
Toko_ fukawa - Måned siden
I dont think James thought about the title of this video-
Taylor Cook
Taylor Cook - Måned siden
Just a furry
Just a furry - Måned siden
Monke to distract you from this person
Pamda F0x
Pamda F0x - Måned siden
Ee Ee
Ee Ee - Måned siden
First time watching a James Marriott video is hard to
Fathima Zahra Khan
Fathima Zahra Khan - Måned siden
he needs to look at how much Brent Rivera care about his sisters relationships
Hashvingit Kaur
Hashvingit Kaur - Måned siden
Yes James people fly when they pass out. Its extremely rare to fall down when you pass out.
I do Beepuns
I do Beepuns - Måned siden
Plz don’t kill me I subbed last week I swear
im my own girl
im my own girl - Måned siden
has anyone relized his left eye is smaller then his right eye
JEWEL LIGHT - Måned siden
He hasn’t found me :)
Mickey_Girl23 - Måned siden
People who makes fake pranks are made for little kids because my little cousins watches fake prank channels lol
K Duxe
K Duxe - Måned siden
Here in Britain we like tea and we have lots of chavs
Hunnii Bunnii Sliimes
Hunnii Bunnii Sliimes - Måned siden
Chaos Chris
Chaos Chris - Måned siden
Thank you James, Very Cool!
Rose Bonawitz
Rose Bonawitz - Måned siden
He needs to know because he is Big Brother. Anyone who read 1984 will get it
Chicken with a Gun
Chicken with a Gun - Måned siden
The man’s face is almost scp-3008-2’s.
Anthony de Lange
Anthony de Lange - Måned siden
What he say? 8:43 sounded like balloon pot 2 me 😂
Scoot Scoot
Scoot Scoot - Måned siden
So you're saying if I unsubscribe, I'll get to meet James? Deal!
Joy Dasko
Joy Dasko - Måned siden
Wow! I didn't know swamp.son had a youtube channel!
STK Sonic
STK Sonic - Måned siden
"If you haven't subscribed yet, *i will find you"*
-James Marriott,2020
K a i ب_ب
K a i ب_ب - Måned siden
we have the same hoodie.
Rose's Fandoms
Rose's Fandoms - Måned siden
James: *dissing Wilbur*
Me: man... Lost every inch of respect I have for you now james 😔
spencer splash
spencer splash - Måned siden
This video was really funny lol
Saylor - Måned siden
James.. are you okay? blink twice if you need help from Wilbur.
Robin Ibañez
Robin Ibañez - Måned siden
My twin told me once that I looked like an alien when I had make up because there wasn't imperfections lmao
Shshdb Sjbdb
Shshdb Sjbdb - Måned siden
is it gmail or yahoo
Amber - Måned siden
You had me at “take away fish and chips”...then lost me at the “James Marriott channel”
amanda trimm-thorns
amanda trimm-thorns - Måned siden
My little brother would always choose my eyeshadow for the day when I was 13-16, he was 10-13, and he LOVED it. Honestly, that lil man created some LOOKS.
amanda trimm-thorns
amanda trimm-thorns - Måned siden
I'm 23 now, and my 12 year old nephew critiques my makeup daily. He's the Gordon Ramsey of my makeup lmaoooo
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake - Måned siden
The Pokémon on his phone are looks like him >:D
Master Helper
Master Helper - Måned siden
Kal Master
Kal Master - Måned siden
when he said oompah loompah I heard pudding pot
Ames - Måned siden
I unsubscribed so he could find me
UrAverageWeeb - Måned siden
James treats roadmen like a different race and I back this
Strai - Måned siden
Bruh I read the title as "This YouTuber spits on his little sister" 💀
Urlovingmother - Måned siden
Video title: help me hide the body prank
James: what😀the😀fawk😀
DR Teletubby
DR Teletubby - Måned siden
Rich tea biscuit
Jau Wonk
Jau Wonk - Måned siden
just saw the hamster cage they have :( the poor hamster, the cage is way too small
Uncle Uggs
Uncle Uggs - Måned siden
funniest shit to watch when you're high
SlightlyPsycho - Måned siden
Ahem- "fries"
Landddo - Måned siden
4:59 I’m just taking your word on what he said.
sasha - Måned siden
*B R U D D A H*
Ruby Gill
Ruby Gill - Måned siden
I just love that people like to make jokes about something as traumatic as coming out for views! It makes me feel really good that something that has made me go to therapy is the punch line
Ewan Ayres
Ewan Ayres - Måned siden
I can’t tell what they’re saying
Hayden Robinson
Hayden Robinson - Måned siden
My favourite part is 6:11
Ad Little
Ad Little - Måned siden
At 9:56 he kinda looks like will
Love Nuggets
Love Nuggets - Måned siden
I dont know if anyone else said it but he's laying right where the mirror is da fuq
Hanna Oving
Hanna Oving - Måned siden
Let me tell you i can get my makeup professionally done and my brother will give me hate comments cuz hes QuIrKy like that