This YouTuber Is Selling His Own Child...

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Today we talk about the Ingham Family, a family channel on NOburn that are selling replicas of their own child. We react to one of their many family vlog videos in this comedy reaction video.
Twitter/Instagram: @JamesMarriottYT (James Marriott)
James Marriott
Cynic Snacks (
Runtime: 10:56


shade - 20 timer siden
and to know i used to watch these people 😶
jill McIntyre
jill McIntyre - 20 timer siden
It's laying their like "Kate Winslet " in Titanic.
Animechanxoxo - 21 time siden
Seeing the comments under James comment is hallarious 😂
Dobey 18
Dobey 18 - 21 time siden
Sees 100k likes

Welp it’s time James
Daniel B
Daniel B - Dag siden
buy one now
CultOfTheCookie Cats
CultOfTheCookie Cats - Dag siden
*i had a teacher called Mrs Ingham in school*
Setu Akter
Setu Akter - 2 dager siden
Ummm what now
Bethy's Dayz
Bethy's Dayz - 2 dager siden
U need to get that doll now ;)
Gabriele Silvestrini
Gabriele Silvestrini - 3 dager siden
shine-chan - 3 dager siden
James..................YOU GOT 100,000 LIKES NOW BUY ONE!
꧁Grace꧂ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
꧁Grace꧂ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - 3 dager siden
Me:looks at the title Also me: - Ight ppl have officially gone insane
Graham Corbin
Graham Corbin - 4 dager siden
It got 100,000 do it James, burn a baby, you’ll never be able to do it again
Mel G
Mel G - 4 dager siden
It’s the eyebrows for me
hahaha no.
hahaha no. - 4 dager siden
Imagine Jace growing up knowing there are replicas of him living somewhere in the world
Jack exists
Jack exists - 4 dager siden
but it bitch.
Only Ilona
Only Ilona - 5 dager siden
Guess you have to buy it now...
Cailum - 5 dager siden
i didnt know this was a disstrack jesus christ
izzy cheuk
izzy cheuk - 6 dager siden
2:27 mood
Space Nova
Space Nova - 6 dager siden
If any one buys this they have a fetish
not isaz
not isaz - 6 dager siden
My guy
Looks like a drug dealer
Latia Daniels
Latia Daniels - 8 dager siden
Did you buy it though?
Sylhus Jones
Sylhus Jones - 8 dager siden
I thought they were actually selling real babys
Cohen Brink
Cohen Brink - 8 dager siden
Well now he has to buy it
Eimear - 8 dager siden
I honestly thought that James thumbnail was brian cox. It isn't. w h y. j a m e s. w h y.
justin Díaz
justin Díaz - 9 dager siden
You cant sell children???
chiz - 9 dager siden
Ferggly Frog
Ferggly Frog - 10 dager siden
I’ve never seen James forearms till today
tayhasthe60sonhermind - 10 dager siden
"You will also have the opportunity to bring your Baby Jace reborn to one of the specially organised baby Jace Te-"
Daz: Time for a tea partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
Tristan Carlson
Tristan Carlson - 11 dager siden
Looks like your getting a baby
Rverse_Green - 11 dager siden
when they combine the dark web and adoption:
PickledKatsu - 11 dager siden
you are 27k likes too late james...
GameTime - 11 dager siden
You made a mistake James.
Pug Master
Pug Master - 12 dager siden
better get that baby boi
Layla Mancini
Layla Mancini - 12 dager siden
James I swear I’m laughing so hard when you tried to do the accent hahahahah
the_soggy_boy - 12 dager siden look at the likes and remember what he said
Taya Lehman
Taya Lehman - 13 dager siden
well, looks like your buying a child
Asia Jackson
Asia Jackson - 14 dager siden
Do it James
Proxirr - 16 dager siden
He said he would buy 1 at 100k likes it's at 117k likes
Toby Hunneybell
Toby Hunneybell - 17 dager siden
Guess he has to buy one now
Joseph Byrne
Joseph Byrne - 17 dager siden
He got to buy a baby now XD
stoopid frog
stoopid frog - 18 dager siden
imagine growing up knowing that literally any person from anywhere could have a doll of you as a two week old child o-O
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez - 18 dager siden
well it got 100 thousand likes
Shrek_master.6519 - 18 dager siden
Big Ed: *laughs in mayo hair*
Depression suck's
Depression suck's - 19 dager siden
I think there real kids not fake
lord of anime
lord of anime - 20 dager siden
4:28 bro I live in-
Very unusual Comments
Very unusual Comments - 20 dager siden
Come on james buy one
Anioix - 21 dag siden
Buy it
Sean Shimamoto
Sean Shimamoto - 22 dager siden
James Marriott: If this video gets 100,000 likes, I'll buy an Ingham baby
James' Subscribers: Do our 126,000 likes mean nothing to you?
Alistor the Deer dino
Alistor the Deer dino - 22 dager siden
Hi pls reply if not :.(
Anihazza - 24 dager siden
Um james look at the likes
Existence is futile
Existence is futile - 24 dager siden
I haven’t heard you take a single breath in this video
Posiepie 05
Posiepie 05 - 25 dager siden
We got the likes...
Kyra Loy
Kyra Loy - 26 dager siden
UMM JAMES... have you bought it yet???
My wife left me and my children Don’t like me
I absolutely love this content
My wife left me and my children Don’t like me
@LilMeowMeow thanks
LilMeowMeow - 15 dager siden
Your username is amazing
Big Boy Gamer
Big Boy Gamer - 27 dager siden
Excuse me, I am from Leeds. We don't need babies walking our streets crawling with babies, we already have murderous toddlers. Also, we haven't been dragged through a hedge backwards, it was through your mum.
ToMaToPi - 27 dager siden
Buy it now
Rebeca - 27 dager siden
Hi I know this is random but:
girlfriend or girl, that's a friend?, It's easy just to pretend
That we don't have something real, It's just how we feel
Oh, it's just how we feel
Rubyanna Taylor
Rubyanna Taylor - 28 dager siden
likes are at 126k were waiting for the baby james
LeelyHD - Måned siden
100k likes uhm...GET IT
Phoenixroo 123
Phoenixroo 123 - Måned siden
Buy it u got 100k 😂
PoliwagPi 4554
PoliwagPi 4554 - Måned siden
100k likes, you know what its time for
Jermaine Hammond
Jermaine Hammond - Måned siden
The weak north america taxonomically exercise because domain orly kiss concerning a tan microwave. satisfying, erect plane
Zachary Hinson
Zachary Hinson - Måned siden
Nobody, litterally nobody:
James: jump cut, jump cut, face track, jump cut, 3D emoji
Pigomatic - Måned siden
when are you buying the baby james
notmilkyyt - Måned siden
This video the title made me say what the fuck
Riana Raetz
Riana Raetz - Måned siden
um T M I thar are 12 year olds on hear
DarkRubberDucky - Måned siden
125k James. You made us a promise.
The Human Tumble Dryer aka Mandible
Those blue eyelids make them look like they've been drowned in a partially frozen horse trough.
Fayth Osborn
Fayth Osborn - Måned siden
Gracie Josie
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Jaxon Hunt
Jaxon Hunt - Måned siden
hey! It has 100k views. Buy the baby.
Edvin Navier
Edvin Navier - Måned siden
Welp. U gotta buy a baby.. Replica.. :|
Killimz 11
Killimz 11 - Måned siden
My name is Jayce and this video made me uncomfortable
Nadia Kisten
Nadia Kisten - Måned siden
100,000+ likes, where’s the baby? 😏
Fayth Osborn
Fayth Osborn - Måned siden
shadow gaming
shadow gaming - Måned siden
is anyone gonna tell him he needs to by this child cuz we hit 100,000 likes and that was the goal soooo........
Gregor Bork
Gregor Bork - 2 måneder siden
is this worth watching with ads every fourty seconds?
Grace Anne WB
Grace Anne WB - 2 måneder siden
At 7:50 it cracks me up!
Z o w y
Z o w y - 2 måneder siden
Oi you got more then the goal of likes


CarsonFootballClips 14
CarsonFootballClips 14 - 2 måneder siden
when youre from sheffield [we arent famous for incest]
C h o c o M i l k ッ
C h o c o M i l k ッ - 2 måneder siden
“if this video gets 100k likes i’ll buy the baby”
soo.. who is gonna tell him..
Bad Avocado
Bad Avocado - 2 måneder siden
0:42 good one. So james is awakend too ya noice
It's Skittles
It's Skittles - 2 måneder siden
I hate this so much just cause of the fact that my name is jace
Phiromon Gaye
Phiromon Gaye - 2 måneder siden
0:36 oh god it did
Charlie Craig
Charlie Craig - 2 måneder siden
oi james 124k time to purchase a fake baby mate
Megan Rasmus
Megan Rasmus - 2 måneder siden
GIRLLLLLL your eyebrows...….
DannyW03 - 2 måneder siden
I think you mean Barnsley and Rotherham not Sheffield there mare
Magiccazza101 - 2 måneder siden
-sweats looking at the like bar- James, mate. Are you going to hold up your promise of the whole 100k likes thing?
S J - 2 måneder siden
124k James, you know what that means. BUY. THAT. BABY.
Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou Katsuki - 2 måneder siden
“ You’re better off soaking your hair in mayonnaise—“
Me: *screeches in Big Ed*
Gay Calculator
Gay Calculator - 2 måneder siden
These kids are going to hate children when theyre older I think
When they choose me Leaky
When they choose me Leaky - 2 måneder siden
you got 123k+ likes, NOW BUY ONE!!!!
Emily S
Emily S - 2 måneder siden
1:00 lol well now you have to buy it!
Sad Kinoko
Sad Kinoko - 2 måneder siden
James at 0:16: you'd be better off massaging your scalp with mayonnaise!
No neck Ed: write that down, write that down!!
ryujin's green wig
ryujin's green wig - 2 måneder siden
Let's appreciate the number of times James has snuck in something Jimin related into his videos
Jazzy Bartholomew
Jazzy Bartholomew - 2 måneder siden
1:01 uhhhh the amount of likes...
imonlyhapy - 2 måneder siden
Alright let’s see it
Joshua Kohler
Joshua Kohler - 3 måneder siden
Ummm... 127k likes .........
Carly Boyd
Carly Boyd - 3 måneder siden
god why do I always feel like im being yelled at in your older videos
E Kellcy
E Kellcy - 3 måneder siden
James predicted Big Ed lol
Supplanter_J - 3 måneder siden
Did he buy it? This is at 123K
Crazymine Mario 64 Speedruner
Crazymine Mario 64 Speedruner - 3 måneder siden
I your vids holy sht