This YouTuber Had 10 Million Subscribers But Sold Himself Out To China...

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Today we talk about the NOburnr who sold himself out to China, Bart Baker. We look at some of his perplexing new posts on Douyin (Chinese TikTok) and the Vice documentary detailing his life.
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James Marriott
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James Marriott
James Marriott - År siden
Do go and check out Pinely's channel!
Here's a link to the video I mention later on:
Also you're a loser, bye
Ryder Stokes
Ryder Stokes - 2 dager siden
we have the same birthday
Shikha - Måned siden
Elaine Burns
Elaine Burns - 2 måneder siden
Me and james have the same birth dat
Emily unknown
Emily unknown - 2 måneder siden
I have the caption on and when he said it my birthday it put is bi
Kiwi Diwie
Kiwi Diwie - 2 måneder siden
U look 40
I dare you to pronounce Hsudjeijebeirnnehhehshs
When he was talking about snapchat I got a notification from snapchat that someone was on
fatima adreeta
fatima adreeta - Dag siden
OMG I loved that dude so much... It's probably because I was too young to understand parodies were too insensitive. I remember laughing so hard at his "Wrecking Ball" parody video, and couldn't wait to show it to my friends. But when we started watching them together, it wasn't as funny as I remembered it.😑Then a few years later, I went and checked his parodies again and honestly, didn't like them a bit. Maybe I just grew up, or the blood and gore and unnecessary screaming really got to me? Then probably a year ago, I checked and he's doing this "original music" or rapping thing. 😂
Anyhow, because I already know him as a parody maker, this whole China-worshipping also seems like a parody to me! And honestly, it's kinda hard for me to believe internet forgot him! Parodies were quite big in 2013-2015.
Tiny Donut
Tiny Donut - 2 dager siden
I used to watch him when I was eight, when I got older and saw his stuff again I cringed.
Michael Gates
Michael Gates - 2 dager siden
Guess I'm getting hunted down-
Sunflower Days
Sunflower Days - 2 dager siden
Angela L
Angela L - 3 dager siden
freedom in wind boi they probly have sweet shop workers in there bc do you know why american products thats why
grif. - 3 dager siden
i luv bart beakers parodiees
Animechanxoxo - 4 dager siden
"the greatest chowmein"
Texting Storys
Texting Storys - 4 dager siden
What’s the outro song?
Majo Puente
Majo Puente - 5 dager siden
Omg memory unlocked.
Majo Puente
Majo Puente - 5 dager siden
Plz talk about Drake Bell and Mexico HAHAHAHHA
Jmgrule Gaming
Jmgrule Gaming - 5 dager siden
So I just realized he doesn’t speak Chinese at 3:52 ,
That’s actually Japanese and he’s saying white or Guidance over and over-
Yes in Chinese is Shide and he says Shiro or Shido very hard to understand him but I do know it’s not Chinese and it’s Japanese
Shido means Guidance or Leadership and Shiro means white, either way he’s not saying yes
dinoxxgacha - 5 dager siden
I have a huawei p 30 and this vid makes me bot with want iy
dinoxxgacha - 5 dager siden
I prefer huawei
Eva Smith Turton
Eva Smith Turton - 7 dager siden
jack black x human shrek = James Marriott
iPurpleBangtan - 7 dager siden
Yooooo for ONCE, someone mentioned The Faroe Islands!
JOLI DESIR - 8 dager siden
I never thought Bart baker would be lip syncing till his veins pop out his head for China🙃
Murtaba4 - 8 dager siden
8:24 jaja sum um, eg havi onga anilsi hvør fanin tú ert. Eg kom bara frá tik tok
Bailey Weasley
Bailey Weasley - 9 dager siden
I've never been so offended for having an android in my life 😂😂😂
Gacha_idk - 9 dager siden
I fell asleep and came to look on my laptop in the morning and see this
(I fell asleep watching this)
KajZer Kaj
KajZer Kaj - 10 dager siden
Im from the faroe islands❤️❤️❤️❤️
L- Bay
L- Bay - 10 dager siden
i rememebr watching him as a kid...
Riley - 11 dager siden
I was so shocked when he mentioned The Faroe Islands, he's probably the first person that has 1mil to mention Faroe Islands 😂😂

(I'm from there btw)
Mvlurry - 11 dager siden
8:24 Im from the Faroe islands-
Frenchie rblx
Frenchie rblx - 11 dager siden
I am embarased. I used to always listen to his parodys :(
BlueSpyder12 - 12 dager siden
Who his he I've never heard of em
刘杰 - 14 dager siden
If you move to China,you would fall in love either. You guys have no idea how developed China is now,China is the future.ofc you won’t believe what I say until you visit by your own.
Lucy Mitchell
Lucy Mitchell - 18 dager siden
Anyone else here after 'Him'?
Ulysses Luminals
Ulysses Luminals - 20 dager siden
the amount of auto-tune is edible
Viktoriya T
Viktoriya T - 20 dager siden
seeing jojo in james' vid triggered my fight or flight
niamh mullen
niamh mullen - 22 dager siden
i tried to block my childhood out for so long and the name bart baker brought it all crashing back
Aişa Öykü Delil
Aişa Öykü Delil - 24 dager siden
Human Shrek😭
Luke Gamezz
Luke Gamezz - 25 dager siden
He has to be a sleeper agent for China and someone called him one day and told him the paraphrase and now he is under their control
• CactusXD •
• CactusXD • - 25 dager siden
hold the fucking freedom in
• CactusXD •
• CactusXD • - 25 dager siden
hold the freedom in
Arshia Tewari
Arshia Tewari - 26 dager siden
omg Jack Black, so that's why James looks so familiar...
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A - 27 dager siden
The Coronavirus: *Yes.*
Cinnamon Cart
Cinnamon Cart - 27 dager siden
Wow, I never thought James would hity this low... wearing Will's merch.
Kelly Kaiser
Kelly Kaiser - 28 dager siden
I honestly didn’t know who this guy was 😂
Evelyn Midnight
Evelyn Midnight - 29 dager siden
I didn't even need James to say Bart's name, I remember him. Loved watching his parodies and watched them like 1000 times over... Also watching this video on a Huawei phone, honestly the best phone I've had yet...
Amy WEN [08R08]
Amy WEN [08R08] - Måned siden
I'm chinese and I'm honestly cringing so bad, stop simping for our country
Callum Nagra
Callum Nagra - Måned siden
I think this is the fourth time I've watched this video...
ThetaPilot - Måned siden
I know him cause of pewds video on it
Saltyshima Kei
Saltyshima Kei - Måned siden
77K likes and 777 dislikes...
старший Вонючие ноги
7:28 imagine of he dropped the other phone and it shattered into a million pieces while the iPhone got a tiny crack on the corner of the screen
iiPinkGirlii - Måned siden
I'm Chinese and I feel like he's mocking me without even talking to me....
(I'm talking about Bart Backer)
Mocha Moj
Mocha Moj - Måned siden
2:09 J-James? What kind of just dance are you playing
Mocha Moj
Mocha Moj - Måned siden
Holy shit you said Bart baker my brain went ........ hsindicjiddijcijcdjs
Itsmooshly - Måned siden
Aight I'm off to revisit my childhood
Imma whoop your ass
Imma whoop your ass - Måned siden
I thought the intro was one of those weird ads of a tiktok ripoff.
stereotypical jew
stereotypical jew - Måned siden
"yay you remembered! if you didnt ill hunt you down!"
finally someone will actually look for me its been years
EaRTHWOrm sALlY - Måned siden
The amount of auto tune he uses makes my ears bleed
I like food
I like food - Måned siden
Dude no way my birthday is 1 week after yours the 1r of july
Nyla - Måned siden
The fact that I remembered James’ birthday is slightly worrying
Lina - Måned siden
Tbh i thought his dark horse was kinda good tho
Ephor Hammurabi
Ephor Hammurabi - Måned siden
Bart: 'Holding freedom in wind and rain!'

Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping:
*No, I think not.*
Violet North
Violet North - Måned siden
Maybe you should learn Chinese and then you'll know four languages...
CeaserAce17 - Måned siden
I remembered i swear
Ghost - Måned siden
this guy did not age well.
S_ 69
S_ 69 - Måned siden
im chinesse and im cringing so hard from just knowing what he became after reminding myself that i found him funny in elementary school
Pri - 2 måneder siden
i did NOT expect jojo to pop up like that 😭
RakuHusky2 - 2 måneder siden
I used to love his parodies until he started doing lil pump and sold out to china.
Red Person
Red Person - 2 måneder siden
Red Person
Red Person - 2 måneder siden
And now I need to go take some migraine meds
Faygo_ cupcake
Faygo_ cupcake - 2 måneder siden
Used to 2atch all his videos when I was a kid
chloe - 2 måneder siden
Sharon Ebenesar
Sharon Ebenesar - 2 måneder siden
Wow here I am one year later, sadly :)
liên sho
liên sho - 2 måneder siden
ayee jojo spotlight
Megan - 2 måneder siden
man i forgot bart baker existed. also if you preferred bart baker's parodies over key of awesome, you're just plain wrong
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson - 2 måneder siden
Omg I love that hoodie.
Grace Du Toit
Grace Du Toit - 2 måneder siden
He sounds really bad because he cant actually sing, its just autotune backed up by a tune
Molly Briscoe
Molly Briscoe - 2 måneder siden
Bro I’m pretty sure he follows me on Twitter and I have no idea why 😂😂
KABIR SINGH - 2 måneder siden
i hate china
Your Local Bully
Your Local Bully - 2 måneder siden
Let's be honest,Pinely and Willne made 15% of us know James
Albania in the Balklans
Albania in the Balklans - 2 måneder siden
The Chinese kinda annoying tho ngl
Lita T
Lita T - 2 måneder siden
Omg I used to follow him in 2016
Queen Bee
Queen Bee - 2 måneder siden
I'm selfish, I said "my birthday" instead of "your birthday".
Elyse Sheek
Elyse Sheek - 2 måneder siden
I thought it was but I couldn’t tell but whaddya know it’s mister baker himself
Naiome Jewel
Naiome Jewel - 2 måneder siden
2:10 so we’re just going to ignore this..?
Click bait
Click bait - 2 måneder siden
5:29 wait his own manager 🤣🤣he needs to be fired
Crippled Me
Crippled Me - 2 måneder siden
renegades in im chinese but ok-

the part when he was trying to speak mandarin is so- cough-
Amelia H
Amelia H - 2 måneder siden
James Marriot
You are always handsome but you look extra handsome in this video ♥️
(~◕‿◕)~♡ 。・*.・*。.・*.
dingus dm ღ
dingus dm ღ - 2 måneder siden
James: Bart
Me: Bart Simpson
KAYHAICH - 2 måneder siden
Who's here after Covid started?
Eleanor Levitt
Eleanor Levitt - 2 måneder siden
only noticed he’s wearing wills merch
George Buckingham
George Buckingham - 2 måneder siden
7th of July is my birthday day as well
el from space
el from space - 2 måneder siden
why would someone translate chinese rap???
Jules - 2 måneder siden
There was a video on him, and in it he explained how he was hired by a Chinese video production company to essentially make Chinese propaganda, since he was particularly hit hard by the YouTube adpocalypse
Aimee Jayne Jones
Aimee Jayne Jones - 2 måneder siden
I forgot he even existed lol
jckbchr yt
jckbchr yt - 2 måneder siden
China is more communist/socialist than nationalist tbh
Elizabeth wang CryBaby
Elizabeth wang CryBaby - 2 måneder siden
\( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
> ⌒ヽ
/ へ\
/ / \\
レ ノ ヽ_つ
/ /
/ /|
( (ヽ
| |、\
| 丿 \ ⌒)
| | ) /
ノ ) Lノ
Dank Poster
Dank Poster - 2 måneder siden
This freaked me out cause I'm watching your video on my Huawei phone while picking my nose.
Tom Bell
Tom Bell - 3 måneder siden
Ooh watch what happens when he finds out about, China, and, yeah
quackless - 3 måneder siden
I am exactly 10 years younger than James his birthday is on the 7 of July 1997 my is on the 7 of July 2007
Gabriela Bryant Green
Gabriela Bryant Green - 3 måneder siden
It's so cute how will and james just casually wear eachother's merch
exoistic - 3 måneder siden
Im 11 and don't know who he is
Hetty & Arthur
Hetty & Arthur - 3 måneder siden
I paused the video on 1:36 and it looks like James needs help 😂
cian perry
cian perry - 3 måneder siden
I legitimatly don't know himhahahaha
AB hi
AB hi - 3 måneder siden
My ears are ringing from the high pitched noise
E__ - 3 måneder siden