This Singer Is Pretending To Be Korean For Fame...

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Today we take a look at a singer who has undergone surgery to look more Korean, he's pretending to be a K-Pop artist for fame. A huge fan of BTS and Jimin, Oli London has since released music. We take a look at his song Butterfly as well as the documentary produced about his strange case.
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Also I used some art for an animation, that was done by the incredibly talented @krizless on Twitter.
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Jeon Jeongguk
Jeon Jeongguk - 7 timer siden
He deadass said 'my face was manufactures in Korea, i wear Korean make up and Korean clothes therefore I am half Korean'
well okay oily, i wear the same lip balm as Jungkook, and we have the same fashion sense. thERefoRe i aM halF juNGkOOk. lmfao what is the world coming to-
Jeon Jeongguk
Jeon Jeongguk - 7 timer siden
He's clearly not even a fan of BTS. He's doing it for clout. He thought Jungkook was the leader lmfao.
hai hai hello
hai hai hello - 15 timer siden
tbh there's a theory that oil isn't really a fan of bts at all like some certain plastic surgery that would really make him look like Jimin and a certain video that he answered that all army's (BTS FANS) even know like the question is "who's the leader of bts?" (which is namjoon aka Rm) he said it was jungkook :T
Nagito Dorito
Nagito Dorito - 20 timer siden
I’m not a k pop fan but this, uhhh I’m speechless
Oliver Horrocks
Oliver Horrocks - 23 timer siden
I'm into Linkin Park and all that and the emo phase
Mexican drug lord F.B.I
Mexican drug lord F.B.I - 23 timer siden
No stop you cant just change your race stop this man this is illegal
fROGS - 2 dager siden
Jimmie Barba
Jimmie Barba - 2 dager siden
Oli London your not perfection
TJDN - 3 dager siden
The guy who’s trying to make himself Korean, his lips is tilted slightly!
Marcus Deimert
Marcus Deimert - 3 dager siden
I looked up what triple yourself ment..please don’t do it
S4RCASM ._. - 5 dager siden
I enjoy k-pop, I just don’t think you should go this far...
Noopipp plays Roblox
Noopipp plays Roblox - 6 dager siden
He doesn’t even look like jimin at all-
Assfartsniffsniff - 8 dager siden
as a kpop fan I find all the jokes funny and makes me watch more also I find it genuinely funny when they are scared of us fans lol its just so fun and interesting
Quadriilup - 9 dager siden
Man imagine wanting to be the same race as me.

A garbage shmeet
Barfing Egg
Barfing Egg - 10 dager siden
"Welcome back Clive"
mariahachu - 10 dager siden
I can translate bro elena Foureira is greek iam greek
fathima nasma
fathima nasma - 10 dager siden
Now he is behind some one else 🤢 again 😱
Tinovimba Sithole
Tinovimba Sithole - 11 dager siden
3:03 Oli m8 ik you want to look like Jimin but trying to look like a sour patch kid is too far.
Comedy Police, Hands Up
Comedy Police, Hands Up - 11 dager siden
Looks more like Calfreezy than Korean.
milqtae - 12 dager siden
lol singer...
thats funny
Darren Quinn
Darren Quinn - 13 dager siden
When he said he's was happy the girl was not
Hema - 13 dager siden
Wait he is a singer?
OMG geez his songs are very cringe and I hate it ,no offense
theo hone
theo hone - 13 dager siden
welcome back clive
Just L
Just L - 14 dager siden
Oli London: "I'm Jimin"
Me: "If you're Jimin then I am a Cactus but I ain't green and you ain't Jimin"
Just L
Just L - 14 dager siden
also, sorry to break it to you, don't look anything like Jimin and you'll probably never will
Just L
Just L - 14 dager siden
this is sick and not in a good way
一mochamilk - 14 dager siden
You mean *"singer"*
Hannah Overholtzer
Hannah Overholtzer - 15 dager siden
The remix of Markiplier called "Fly Like a Butterfly" is better than Oli's song, prove me wrong.
Hannah Overholtzer
Hannah Overholtzer - Dag siden
@Hi Welcome To Macca’s That made me laugh so hard, thank you!
Hi Welcome To Macca’s
The difference is mark is actually Korean lol
4:40 nah no one stoopid enough to think that he's Jimin lol
Nina B
Nina B - 15 dager siden
Welcome back, Klyde!!
Alyannah Dinorog
Alyannah Dinorog - 15 dager siden
Yep as an Asian this is just fckn wrong
AnTsSr _
AnTsSr _ - 15 dager siden
Roses are red
Change races in a flash
His surgery is ugly
And his music is trash
Brayden Hayes
Brayden Hayes - 17 dager siden
What he is doing is wrong. Also Michael Jackson didn’t change his race, he had an illness. The thing about him popping cherries is right though. 👍🙂
OwenXT8 - 18 dager siden
i’m a drum and bass fan and that hit killed me
Noah Danby
Noah Danby - 19 dager siden
welcome back claive
You're a whiz-head Harry
You're a whiz-head Harry - 19 dager siden
9:56 😭
never free from awakening
never free from awakening - 20 dager siden
stans refer to jimin as jm sometimes and I've concluded that james marriott is actually jimin bts
Adrien's Girl
Adrien's Girl - 22 dager siden
Michael Jackson didn't "change races" he bleached his skin because he was insecure about his vitiligo. Why say something like that about him when it isn't true? He didn't want to be WHITE he was bleaching himself because the disease was taking over his skin.
gummymin - 25 dager siden
- got plastic surgery to look exactly like jimin (and failed tremendously)
- claims to be jimin
- married jimin cardboard cut out
- went to jimins hang out spaces to find him

... 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
Lyssa Draws
Lyssa Draws - 27 dager siden
Abbie Bremer
Abbie Bremer - 29 dager siden
ollie looks like brad mondo
Enya Lacerate
Enya Lacerate - 29 dager siden
I love you, James and I love your videos, but I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan. He didn't change anything about himself to try to be a different race. He was very proud and happy to be a black man and absolutely loved his heritage as well. The reason why his skin turned white was because he had a rare skin condition called Vitiligo, which took the pigment out of his skin. But of course, since a lot of people didn't know of that skin condition back then, the media accused him of bleaching his skin. He had Vitiligo, he also had Lupus, which is why he wore masks out in public and he was never a child predator. There's no evidence of him touching a child and there isn't any proof in the Leaving Neverland documentary either. Those people who accused him lied to get money out of his estate. The first one to accuse him was Evan Chandler, Jordan Chandler's father in 1993. He admitted that he lied about Michael to get money out of him. In 2003, Michael was accused again, went to court and was acquitted of all the charges because he was innocent and on top of all of that, the FBI have investigated him for over 10 years, even tore his whole mansion and his Neverland Ranch apart (his home) while he was on tour and didn't find a single shred of evidence to use against him. Now Wade and James Safechuck lied and made a whole bullshit documentary to get money out of Michael's estate. The media literally tortured and destroyed Michael when he was completely innocent and all he wanted to do was help sick children and other people all around the world.
aoi 软糖
aoi 软糖 - 29 dager siden
ticks me off every time i see his face
Taesty - Måned siden
I need oli's level of confidence
Lexi Coffman
Lexi Coffman - Måned siden
welcome back Clive
Rk PlayZ
Rk PlayZ - Måned siden
Just listening to your intro really
Makes me love ur channel even
If I already have become addicted
Too loving ur channel I can't even
Stop to click another lovevely / funny
Vid so yeah please like my com and
Reply if you could shout me out
Cause I don't make content like u and don't get the views but u
Inspired me to make a channel
And make content
rosé sunset
rosé sunset - Måned siden
* ᵏⁱᵐ ʲᵘⁿᵍᵒᵒⁿ ⁱⁿˢᵗᵉⁿˢⁱᶠⁱᵉˢ *
Anglia Love
Anglia Love - Måned siden
Dont look up tripling yourself
MCYT cosplays
MCYT cosplays - Måned siden
"Brexit when it ever happens"
As an Irish person, felt that. And this video was a year ago. At this point dunno if it'll ever happen lmao
Imogen Claire
Imogen Claire - Måned siden
Ashleigh Norrie
Ashleigh Norrie - Måned siden
He won't ever look Korean... It doesn't matter how much dark makeup he puts under his eyes or how much he spends on surgery... He won't ever look like one. Or sound like one. He looks like a badly made Ken doll... He looked great before he botched himself
Alyssa XD
Alyssa XD - Måned siden
what happened to Bts's message, LOVE YOURSELF
shoot u
shoot u - Måned siden
Appreciation for a culture is learning the language, making a few respies from them, learning the legends/myths but still being RESPECTFUL towards people. Mr London however does not respect the culture, in a way he's kinda exploiting the culture (I don't know if he is. Plz don't kill me)
Luton Anessa
Luton Anessa - Måned siden
He is not really a singer, if you try listen to any of his song, you would able to know most of his song are totally autotuned with some common singing skill that any random people could do.
Easterbrick - Måned siden
I’m a weaboo but I’d never do this lol
Stinch - Måned siden
My favorite kpop star is kim jong-un
Zoda Green
Zoda Green - Måned siden
Walmart jimmy
Hamna M
Hamna M - Måned siden
5:31 stealing to
Spicy Chick'in
Spicy Chick'in - Måned siden
people who get plastic surgery (for being pretty not for neccity) almost always end up worse
Erni Mulianie
Erni Mulianie - Måned siden
Michael Jackson didn't get charged. Come on James.
Ejayyy B
Ejayyy B - Måned siden
this dude looks like the Cart Titan from Attack On Titan
hannah Chambers
hannah Chambers - Måned siden
Me watching this on Samsung 😌😌
i Duckz
i Duckz - Måned siden
If you skip to the end of a video and replay you can skip the ads.
Sad Dog
Sad Dog - Måned siden
Welcome back Clive
Brad Miller
Brad Miller - Måned siden
He said: "I'm so happy. 😕"
Brad Miller
Brad Miller - Måned siden
Some caucasian features just can't be disguised. What is he thinking?
Brad Miller
Brad Miller - Måned siden
Do you artificially lower your voice? I'm sure whatever it sounds like naturally is less distracting than this.
Colaaa Chan
Colaaa Chan - Måned siden
Welcome back Clive
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones - 2 måneder siden
Their's a massive difference between wishing u were korean and Oli, I have respect for people who have surgery but that is a no in my book, if i was Jimin I'd be offended, and Creeped out, and have a restraining order against him, having surgery to become someone a different race that is insane, I respect those that go from Male to Female or Female to Male, but to look like someone is just wrong
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones - 2 måneder siden
Its like if u go from Male to female, if u have a babyface its better cos a babyface isn't really masculine, it is like if u look at a man who have M/F sex change, and his face is masculine then his face even as a woman would srill look quite masculine, and different with a babyface as they are more useful as i have seen alot with babyfaces that went from M/F and thry look like they was always a girl, and a masculine face changes that as u look like a guy as a woman
Mr Boi
Mr Boi - 2 måneder siden
welcome back clive
Night Apple is poison Apple. Shut up
As army I can tell who Jimin is it’s
first off his body
Second off wthy the heck did you need to put Jimin in there that’s straight up targeting him
Third off this video has nothing to do about Jimin there was no need for you to put him in there
Fourth off your judging so rudely like Simon cowell
Nicholas Kirlis
Nicholas Kirlis - 2 måneder siden
damn boy you have a deep voice
Pumpkin The Kitty
Pumpkin The Kitty - 2 måneder siden
I thought the dude in the thumbnail was Alex at first glance...
Vanshika Jain
Vanshika Jain - 2 måneder siden
Uhm I'd like to correct your title, he might do some messed up shiiz but he isn't doing it for fame he loves Jimin for real or I'd rather say his "obsession" for Jimin is real
I understand what this guy is doing is wrong but I feel bad for the hate receives for his messed up stuff like trying to look like Jimin!
I don't listen to his music either BUT I wish this guy would understand that he can't become someone with plastic surgery, he Oli London soz he gon' remain Oli London
Ah and I don't support his obsession either but the title just stings a little bit y'know. Soz he might get different kinda attention from the viewers but one thing I understood was that he loves Jimin for real and I wish he just realizes his wrong actions and becomes himself again! He's almost becoming a sasaeng so he better stop soon.
What I have for him is definitely not hate but pity.
Silence In The Void
Silence In The Void - 2 måneder siden
I come back to this video whenever I'm irritated with the world and need a reason to get even more irritated 🤭 And now Oli London has moved on to new targets, like Stray Kide Felix and ATEEZ Yeosang.
Soular ?
Soular ? - 2 måneder siden
Angie - 2 måneder siden
the fact that you refered to him as 'singer' in the title, you're too nice 💀
Memo Fox
Memo Fox - 2 måneder siden
Fuck off with that “MJ was a pedo” bullshit.
Splity - 2 måneder siden
4:10 wha-? James are you good, mate?
rose 14
rose 14 - 2 måneder siden
Poor jimin I just fell realy bad for him
Like this is Just weird and wrong
M.J Prods
M.J Prods - 2 måneder siden
olly's face makes me vomit
M.J Prods
M.J Prods - 2 måneder siden
olly's face makes me vomit
A Weirdo
A Weirdo - 2 måneder siden
I didn't listen to anything he said after "Youngcook by JUngkook" .
•ash ton•
•ash ton• - 2 måneder siden
Everybody say NO~~
Fuckedmewithatoothbrush - 2 måneder siden
I accidentally paused at 1:26 and now James looked like oli
Oli Osetek
Oli Osetek - 2 måneder siden
What the ✨fwak✨
Amber - 2 måneder siden
If I was BTS Jimin I would be shit scared of Oli London
Hannah K
Hannah K - 2 måneder siden
I would like a tattoo actually burning for this ideal!;“)🔥
Nìa Torres
Nìa Torres - 2 måneder siden
Some of these comments are so confusing. Did he do something wrong or not? My little tiny brain doesn’t even know lol
That One Chill One
That One Chill One - 2 måneder siden
i don’t ✨ l i k e ✨ him.
Nonya B
Nonya B - 2 måneder siden
Do you think I should go watch your video on the woman who pretends to be Spanish for fame?
Jasmin V
Jasmin V - 2 måneder siden
if you're white and you have a flat nose and epicanthic folds, you'll just look finnish or baltic lol
heyits me
heyits me - 2 måneder siden
wElCoMe CLidE
Learner De Curious Queeñ
Learner De Curious Queeñ - 2 måneder siden
"I can't quite decide if he's following his dreams or my nightmare" lol
broken guy.
broken guy. - 2 måneder siden
Pretending to be someone is a waste of who you are....
Thewayyouwant Thingstogo
Thewayyouwant Thingstogo - 2 måneder siden
welcome back clide
Wombattler - 2 måneder siden
My name is Wombattler and I am not a fan of kpop
Foxes Exist
Foxes Exist - 2 måneder siden
Hmm yes. By looking different I will become Korean, nobody will notice my accent or lack of fluency in speaking Korean
Your cats filthy vomit chunks
Your cats filthy vomit chunks - 2 måneder siden
Does anyone else see more Ellen DeGeneres than a Korean boy? Because I do.
Morgan Von Hoene
Morgan Von Hoene - 2 måneder siden
Welcome back Clive