This Family Channel Are Pretending Their Children Are Dying For Views...

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Today we take a look at a family channel, the Labrant fam (Labrant family), who are pretending their children are dying in order to get a few more clicks on their otherwise positive family vlogs.
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James Marriott
Cynic Snacks (
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James Marriott
James Marriott - 11 måneder siden
go to or I’ll cry
Eyoel Besrat
Eyoel Besrat - 15 timer siden
Quiet Girl
Quiet Girl - 5 dager siden
She twisted her knee 🥲
Dr.SoonToBe - 16 dager siden
Cry yourself to sleep James 💞
Midnight_Ęrr0r’s Child :D
Midnight_Ęrr0r’s Child :D - 17 dager siden
Sowwy LOL
Llama Lover
Llama Lover - 18 dager siden
Ok, cry
XxCorrupted_Fitchboyz xX
Weird audio
Holy Cricket
Holy Cricket - Dag siden
Did anyone else get an ad at the same time he did
Tannie Bear ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Tannie Bear ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ - 2 dager siden
If you think searching for 3 weeks is long... Familia Diamond has been searching for their dog for a year .-.
Cassie Bond
Cassie Bond - 2 dager siden
I was 9 ok most of these I watched when I was young I didn’t realise how bad it was 💀✋🏻
weirdo - Dag siden
Hello There5
Hello There5 - 2 dager siden
These kids are gonna grow up feeling like the only reason they were born was to be filmed for YouTube. Just sad.
PuglyLord Minecraft
PuglyLord Minecraft - 2 dager siden
Their children are dying, just very slowly from age
All-Star Movies
All-Star Movies - 3 dager siden
Txx - 3 dager siden
Keek bawl and hayend bawl
Sunny Style
Sunny Style - 3 dager siden
I wanted to add a pinch of wholesomeness to to this comment section by saying...
I have the exact bear to the one in your background (I got mine from ikea)
Ava Mc Keon
Ava Mc Keon - 3 dager siden
My respect for James went up 100% more than it already was but the funniest thing is that he said he was playing handball and twisted her knee is she using there knees to play handball?
Chili the Birb
Chili the Birb - 4 dager siden
Every time there's something sad about the dog its followed immediately by a child screaming "its Christmas:D"
CCROSE 22 - 4 dager siden
i used to like their videos when i was young until i realised how messed up they are as i got older. disgusting to force their children to be on camera especially when they do not want to be
Freddie_youtube - 4 dager siden
Can we point out, they can film eveleighs whole life, yet the girl isn't allowed to post videos of her doing the renegade on tiktok?
Lorie Surio
Lorie Surio - 4 dager siden
I wish my parents actually loved me
Raquel Is Better Than Barbie
I sort of twisted my right ankle and the pain went to my back too.

I did cry because I’m a

c h i l d
Quiet Girl
Quiet Girl - 5 dager siden
The dog died........
Quiet Girl
Quiet Girl - 5 dager siden
Its called 🌟✨travel sickness✨🌟
Quiet Girl
Quiet Girl - 5 dager siden
I hate this family channel
Monochrome GFX's
Monochrome GFX's - 5 dager siden
I don't know if it's just me, but I think I saw this family in Tik Tok
Sammie G
Sammie G - 6 dager siden
the F U C K is a "plaster"
Fallen’s World
Fallen’s World - 5 dager siden
Right yeah, plaster is the English word for band-aid
aha bitch
aha bitch - 6 dager siden
my sister watches family channels i always try to make her not watch them. its difficult she does not budge
Troye Padalecki
Troye Padalecki - 6 dager siden
Who remembers DemWhiteboyz or whatever his vine name was where he twerked shirtless for views and acts as if he's perfect now
Elliedoesstuff - 6 dager siden
An ad literally came at the exact same time as it came for u....
Blu2th - 6 dager siden
apparently the dog was never found
izaak walsh
izaak walsh - 6 dager siden
GeckoSquad - 7 dager siden
my sister watches this channel... she is turning 15 this year, im 13.
Karlin McGaughey
Karlin McGaughey - 7 dager siden
Respect really went 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈 for James
Mattia Marchiori
Mattia Marchiori - 7 dager siden
Well thats true
Nia Fun World
Nia Fun World - 7 dager siden
They're not even pretending their child is dying for B their child is just sick and don't feel well
Eva Smith Turton
Eva Smith Turton - 7 dager siden
The saddest part of family channels is dragging their kids into it
Minecraft Pig
Minecraft Pig - 8 dager siden
i only watched those videos because my family didn't really care about me. now i just don't give seven flying damns.
Sunny Blah
Sunny Blah - 8 dager siden
Oh I’ve been watching labrant fam since I was in 3rd grade and they’re actually not as bad as you think they are wow. Unsubscribed..

That was another one of my horrible jokes btw and I wasn’t subscribed in the first place so sorry if that offended anyone lol
frog child
frog child - 8 dager siden
I really liked them a couple of years ago, until I found out that they are very conservative and stuff and they’ve just gotten weirder since.
Aston Palmer
Aston Palmer - 8 dager siden
I had an add at the same time
Oliver Vanderslice
Oliver Vanderslice - 9 dager siden
My sister watches these people
Time to show it to her
Bearded dragon News
Bearded dragon News - 9 dager siden
Bearded dragon News
Bearded dragon News - 9 dager siden
• H u f f l e p u f f •
• H u f f l e p u f f • - 9 dager siden
It might not be gone after three weeks. Once I knew someone who found their dog after three years
Sky Gaming Crew
Sky Gaming Crew - 9 dager siden
The clickbait here though..
Harry and James
Harry and James - 9 dager siden
You should react to 8 passangers
Kyra Bajus
Kyra Bajus - 10 dager siden
Big props for blurring their faces
Sushi Martinez
Sushi Martinez - 10 dager siden
That would suck to have your parents make a big deal out of every small thing in your life on YouTube
Scarlett Dream
Scarlett Dream - 11 dager siden
If he’s saying the dog won’t come back after 3 weeks- he hasn’t seen txsumany her dogs been gone for 2 years 💀 then she starts crying if we try and tell her the truth.
Joon nam ARMY5570
Joon nam ARMY5570 - 11 dager siden
I love the fact that you put an ad the same time they put an ad
Idk_idk Idk
Idk_idk Idk - 12 dager siden
I got an ad some time you did
Vicktoria Veela
Vicktoria Veela - 13 dager siden
I bet they sold the dog or something. Doubt it's "missing".
d1zzyM1a - 14 dager siden
they literally filmed their birth etc so as soon as there born they have been exploited and they’re making views giving I tot the parents :(
Tooka Nimmes
Tooka Nimmes - 14 dager siden
Love how he’s a linguistic major and left a critical grammar mistake in his title...
Samantha Giguere
Samantha Giguere - 15 dager siden
Cloudy _ Senpai
Cloudy _ Senpai - 16 dager siden
Cole be looking like kristof from frozen 👀
Mexicanjumpingbean - 16 dager siden
The fact that I used to watch them and cried when they got married- 🧍‍♀️
KatiV - 17 dager siden
I feel like cole made that post on twitter bc he got caught wacking it to big tatas on the internet and his wife made him do it lmao
Gina Genseke
Gina Genseke - 18 dager siden
And zealand
Gina Genseke
Gina Genseke - 18 dager siden
Lil ones posie everleigh and Cole and savannah
zahra - 18 dager siden
I'm ashamed to say that I used to watch their video💔💔
Sam Hidle
Sam Hidle - 20 dager siden
Family channels 🤮
Wherearetheavocados - 20 dager siden
When I met the labrants everleigh was a complete bitch! And when I saw cole he was just vlogging the whole time and payed no attention to the guests. But Savannah was super sweet! I met that at posies party because my friends mom helps them lol
Wherearetheavocados - 20 dager siden
I’ve met the labrants lol
The Ultimate Unicorn
The Ultimate Unicorn - 21 dag siden
It’s weird to think that Cole was a guy who posted stuff on vine and look at him now a guy post videos with bait on his thumbnails
bieberbear - 21 dag siden
I’ve watched these channels and been mislead by the thumbnails
Lovesick Girl Lalisa
Lovesick Girl Lalisa - 22 dager siden
I dunno but Cole's eyes reminds me of Onision 😬😬
Anonymous [26490]
Anonymous [26490] - 20 dager siden
Oh no... any sentence with Onision in it doesn’t end well
Toastedtoast - 22 dager siden
ik its kinda scary
JC Nelly
JC Nelly - 22 dager siden
My lack of family is why I hate them they are very annoying and at this point cringy
Table - 22 dager siden
Hannah Overholtzer
Hannah Overholtzer - 22 dager siden
That girls just weak, I got heckin' surgery on my foot and was walking on it fine on the same day after the surgery, and a few weeks after I was auditioning for a theater group I'm in
Hannah Overholtzer
Hannah Overholtzer - 5 dager siden
@Isabelle R I'm not competing, it was a joke, I know she's five
Isabelle R
Isabelle R - 5 dager siden
She's like five, imagine feeling the need to compete with a five year old, that's actually so pathetic.
Ethan_ - 24 dager siden
can we just acknowledge the the tiny baby has earrings
Toastedtoast - 22 dager siden
i had earrings when i was like 6 weeks old i dont like them but i dont think its that big of a deal
Table - 22 dager siden
Ren - 24 dager siden
"Yea so our child has just died :(" "ITS CHRISMAS" *Happy Music Plays*
Ruthless yt
Ruthless yt - 24 dager siden
Dude the amount of respect he has gained for blurred the kids faces is crazy. Major respect from me aswell
Katie Ward
Katie Ward - 25 dager siden
“Yeah, the funeral is on Sunday, he just seemed so stro-‘
tina tina
tina tina - 25 dager siden
maybe they got rid of the dog just like they forshadowed everley in the first video 😂
Ashi Artsy
Ashi Artsy - 26 dager siden
Finally someone stands up.
Mrhalogamer _
Mrhalogamer _ - 26 dager siden
I despise people like this. Why isn't COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) going after people like this? This is compromising the children's privacy and the "adults" are clearly not fit to raise the children.
Anonymous [26490]
Anonymous [26490] - 20 dager siden
Because they’re making NOburn a lot of money. They’re huge
Toastedtoast - 22 dager siden
and yet they go after people being creative and expressing themselves
do you are have spEED
do you are have spEED - 27 dager siden
james is so unfunny and i love this.
mr struggle
mr struggle - 28 dager siden
*when he puts an ad right before he talks about the ad*
the lovely one
the lovely one - 29 dager siden
I like ravenelyse
Maria - 29 dager siden
The ace family is better than them! At least they aren't exploiting their kids and shoving a camera in their faces at their worst moments. The ace family's channel is mostly built off of the couple themselves, as it should be. On the other hand, the labrant family are copycats who claim to be "religious" and then emotionally abuse their kids. They arent even entertaining, theyre so boring..they should be cancelled already!
Hannah Slater
Hannah Slater - 29 dager siden
I got an advert at 9:25 with a singing dog in a just eat advert and lost it
MoonIsHere - Måned siden
Ngl i thought that was immalex
Madishii - Måned siden
The Norris nuts kinda fcked up (in my opinion). They bought their eldest daughter who is 16 some lingerie *that was innapropriate* and put it on their yt. It's not terrible, but they have a large audience and it must be so embarrassing for her, alongside the fact that the audience is mostly children
Selyn Selyn
Selyn Selyn - 29 dager siden
I love the NN and in my opinion they did not do whatever you said they did
the invincible camera man
the invincible camera man - Måned siden
My dad got me the Jojo Siwa book for Christmas. I'm 17.
Somer King
Somer King - Måned siden
Well done 😂👌😁
hxrperr - Måned siden
James: who names a pet Carl?
Technoblade on the dream smp:
Emma Warren
Emma Warren - Måned siden
Their kid is sick Not just like oh she'll be okay now She sick she does not like the sea
Joanna Skeens
Joanna Skeens - Måned siden
i used to enjoy that channel now look at them
Mc clips and tricks
Mc clips and tricks - Måned siden
Ace family next
Mickey_Girl23 - Måned siden
My little cousin will watch their videos over and over and over, it gets so annoying and she’s 6!!
totoyes this is e
totoyes this is e - Måned siden
anybody knows what happend to the dog??
emo _weeb
emo _weeb - Måned siden
James: oh my god they put an ad after the reveal that she's actually OK
Me who just had an ad
💧 💧
I feel you
Youtube Censoring
Youtube Censoring - Måned siden
Paris Hilton’s content is banging

A dude in horrible quality night vision in a hotel with her name on the front. Boss moves.
Møchi The Slytherin
Møchi The Slytherin - Måned siden
I used to watch them when i was little but now I really dont like them..i mean..if you want to have a family YT channel do it but dont do ,,pranks,, where the kid is crying their eyes out just so you can pay the bills and give your 4/5 year old a pretend boyfriend for likes when they dont even know what love or crushes are
x_AvaRose_x - Måned siden
James saying ace familayyyyy is the best thing ever
Alyssa XD
Alyssa XD - Måned siden
9:38 could you make a video about this family channel named familial dimond? Their dog has been missing for 3 YEARS and they are still trying to find him.
Katie - Måned siden
If my parents told 7/8 year old me that they were selling the dog for money. Then 5 minutes later after getting a reaction told me it’s a prank. I would be broken I don’t know how that little girl puts up with that. I wish her the best❤️
Charlotte X
Charlotte X - Måned siden
Our puppy went missing 😟.... ITS CHRISTMAS!
Emma Mazzella
Emma Mazzella - Måned siden
this is not fair I might just be a kid but the labrant family are incredibly nice real and fair and this is so unreal what your saying and I hope you feel bad BC you are so unfair this is a plain lie
Xander - Måned siden
Fun fact, lad: I bought your merch, robbed a bank as you then got sent to jail :D
seth rupright
seth rupright - 2 måneder siden
i just fell in lava and lost my dimonds im sad
Spooky Gen
Spooky Gen - 2 måneder siden
7:47 I had to timestamp this just so I could ugly laugh at this for 5 straight minutes LMAO
Larkpool - 2 måneder siden
They actually used to be fun to watch and interesting, but then they started to grow and then...this lol
Earth _Rice
Earth _Rice - 2 måneder siden
I mean your not wrong, family channels are pretty horrid.
Shaw Adams
Shaw Adams - 2 måneder siden
yaaay dogs dead!!! that had me crying