The Cringiest Vegan Teacher on TikTok (ft. Kurtis Conner)

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Today we look at ThatVeganTeacher (@That Vegan Teacher) and her incredible (and slightly worrying) TikToks. If you want another video on the cringiest people on TikTok, Instagram and the internet in general. Buy my Youtooz.
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James Marriott
James Marriott - 4 måneder siden
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HeardFurball - 21 dag siden
Show the vegan teacher the scean from Cobrai Kai were they feed the mouse to the snake.
Jackson Moore
Jackson Moore - 2 måneder siden
Vegan teacher if you see some more of her vids she tells people they are going to hell if they are not Vegan and compares real world problems to being vegan like she says stuff like racism will be solved if everyone went vegan
Tracy Griggs
Tracy Griggs - 2 måneder siden
Ah yes the not secure website ver safe
Joseph Condon
Joseph Condon - 4 måneder siden
◦•●◉✿ Spikkey_Sakura ✿◉●•◦ addxddfd
Dragonborn Except Khajiit
Dragonborn Except Khajiit - 4 måneder siden
Churpy Furball52
Churpy Furball52 - 34 minutter siden
I would never be vegan, but I don't care if you u want to be, u can. Just don't be the kind of person who trys to force others into being vegan
I'll be vegetarian (or pescitarian? Vegetarian but u eat fish?), Just cuz I like milk and vegan milks are disgusting.
And not all people can be vegan due to Illness, allergies, medical reasons, financial reasons or they may relapse Into a ed.
Michelle Tran
Michelle Tran - 2 timer siden
you've barely even scratched the surface of the insanity that is the Vegan Teacher (cough cough....creepily cosplaying as a little girl cough)
Tikvah Lanz
Tikvah Lanz - 2 timer siden
Ugh she uses the song I’m walking down the aisle to in the tiktok at like 9:04
Please make me forget because if I think of her at my wedding I’m gonna rage
KittySnicker - 5 timer siden
Just meat it 🎶
whysovodka - 11 timer siden
female morissey
susan tovey
susan tovey - 12 timer siden
Bonnie the Bunny
Bonnie the Bunny - 17 timer siden
Why does that Vegan lady take so much time to go to every single meat restaurant in the world just to do a TikTok. I have a feeling she does a little more than do that. She probably eats meat but acts totally Vegan!
emily -v-
emily -v- - 17 timer siden
that “puck-boy” bit that kurtis did reminded me of Michael Scott from the Office on a level i could never understand
David Konevky
David Konevky - Dag siden
She's the kind of person that would make a religious cult in the middle of nowhere where people would have to make a daily prayer to the cows and vow to them tbh
STEVEN GRAY - Dag siden
the strings of the guitar are made of horse (hair)
Bzbs Bsbs
Bzbs Bsbs - Dag siden
Imma eat a steak now 🥩
Remy Ratatouille
Remy Ratatouille - Dag siden
-Fired as a teacher
-Forced her dog to be vegan
-Forces veganisim on people
-Made fun of someone who died to her " advice "
-Spam reported a account exposing her
-Relates rap3 to eating meat
-Has only been a vegan sense 2019 augest
-Says vegans are opressde
-Broken a lot of canadian laws
-Doesn't respect religions
-Has been roasted by Gordan Ramsey
-Invalidates ed's
Remy Ratatouille
Remy Ratatouille - Dag siden
She lives in manatobia
~{helga Hufflepuff}~
~{helga Hufflepuff}~ - 2 dager siden
This lady is nuts and I used to bang my head onto my bed for fun.
Stacey Bride
Stacey Bride - 2 dager siden
Curtis is cute
mrxsavage 200
mrxsavage 200 - 3 dager siden
The banana one was very sus
Wilf - 3 dager siden
5 inches wow that's long! Right? Right??
Thortis - 3 dager siden
If she eats white sugar, altoids, or powdered sugar, she broke her veganism.
Tiny Donut
Tiny Donut - 4 dager siden
She forced her dog to be vegan.
Mistic_ Cari
Mistic_ Cari - 4 dager siden
Olympians get credit all day almost everyday for putting in hard work.
This lady was just like: Burger? Nah.
Btw if you eat leaves or chicken, I don’t care lmao do whatever the fuck you want
Perri Lewis
Perri Lewis - 4 dager siden
Her face doesn't look real. Even down to her hair. It looks like a wig!
Kylie Cook
Kylie Cook - 4 dager siden
There are definitely some vocal vegans out there, but it seems like most are pretty chill. One of my husband’s best friends is vegan and he doesn’t really talk about it, because it’s his personal choice. He typically brings his own food or snacks when we hang out, but we do try to make sure there is something for him to eat. I even made vegan gingerbread cookies around Christmas one year so he wouldn’t feel left out. They tasted pretty good to everyone else too!
Diego Victoriano
Diego Victoriano - 4 dager siden
You know animals eat other animals? That’s nature. So technically eating meat is in our genes
Alisha - 4 dager siden
James: so there's this canadian vegan teacher-
Every canadian: WE DONT CLAIM HER
Yizukoon - 4 dager siden
5:40 i can answer that, its Montreal/Quebec
Creative DITO
Creative DITO - 4 dager siden
Communist Sharks
Communist Sharks - 5 dager siden
As a fellow Canuk, I have to disagree with Kurtis. This lady screams Vancouver my man
Dingo Dog
Dingo Dog - 5 dager siden
Lilly - 5 dager siden
Oh how naïve...
Cakestand Cornfield
Cakestand Cornfield - 5 dager siden
I live on oreo edibles and nothing else other than weed so I'm vegan
Alise Laizāne
Alise Laizāne - 5 dager siden
the meat puns weren't necessary Kurtis! please, pleaSE
Neha Bhatnagar
Neha Bhatnagar - 5 dager siden
Unfunny video
John Doe
John Doe - 4 dager siden
Comedy is subjective
Lauren Pereira
Lauren Pereira - 5 dager siden
I know this girl who legit has a “vegan” tattoo.
Gabby Noronha
Gabby Noronha - 6 dager siden
who’s here after gordon ramsay duetted her eating a burger
Jesse McCoy
Jesse McCoy - 6 dager siden
Vegans are increasingly becoming unpopular. I can see why...
Froufrou Deluxe
Froufrou Deluxe - 6 dager siden
That woman is so triggering if you have an eating disorder
Froufrou Deluxe
Froufrou Deluxe - 6 dager siden
Those singing tiktoks are exactly like those westboro baptist church women making homophobic song parodies
M12SWarthogCST - 6 dager siden
All the meals she’s shown on her TikTok channel look terrible.
Ava Berryman
Ava Berryman - 6 dager siden
She realizes that a good part of Simpsons plot lines revolve around eating meat. Don’t tell her about the Kwik-e-Mart.
Amanda Lawrence
Amanda Lawrence - 6 dager siden
I wonder if she hates animals that aren't vegan...
MissPhaeRae - 6 dager siden
She is 56 she was born in September
Lea Noura
Lea Noura - 6 dager siden
Imagine what she would do if one of her students brought a turkey sandwich to school.
Urška - 7 dager siden
kurtin sounds like andrew from big mouth and now i cant unhear it
Metanoia - 7 dager siden
This women is literaly killing her dog because of the vegan diet and she calls herself an animal rights activest?
Gaby Diaz
Gaby Diaz - 7 dager siden
How about a vegan day for those who want to try veggies 🍅 or fruit 🍎
Beanut Butter
Beanut Butter - 7 dager siden
Also her: *literally abuses her dog by forcing him to be vegan even though dogs need meat to LIVE*
HDTD - 7 dager siden
I’m pretty sure Lisa isn’t vegan either she love bacon right
rox _φ
rox _φ - 7 dager siden
"i like a good uke" KSDJCDJSJJSJDKSKSA
Jungkook Juice
Jungkook Juice - 7 dager siden
Canadian Crazies vs. American Crazies
Vegan Teacher vs. Gun girl
Who else wants to see that?
•Bugz• - 7 dager siden
I grew up not eating meat and I hate the taste of it but this lady makes me want to shove some pork down my mouth
Freddie Harris
Freddie Harris - 7 dager siden
James, she is horrible. She is forcing her opinion down everyones throats. I am writing this like 4 months since you posted the video but she gets worse. She is just mean to peopleu
Summer G
Summer G - 7 dager siden
When you're seeing a vegan for the first time, do you still say that it's nice to "meet" them?
Rabidification - 8 dager siden
She reminds me of Carmalita Spat’s from A Series of Unfortunate Events
Especially when she’s singing
JG - 06ES 782006 Beatty Fleming Sr PS
On behalf of all Canadians. Screw you vegan teacher
jack-o-chica yt
jack-o-chica yt - 8 dager siden
The reason why chickens don't go " HEY STOP EATEN MY FUCKING KIND HUMAN! " because they are canablistic i litteraly grabbed a chunk of chicken went down to my chook pen and all my chickens were so damn excited they ate the thing so fast. Then I remembered that all animals have predators who eat them so why can't we eat them?
TemptingImp - 8 dager siden
I enjoy yall together
Truly_Morgan - 8 dager siden
omg I recognise that hockey team shirt and hat, please tell me she ain't from my province >:0
RosesAre Red
RosesAre Red - 8 dager siden
Thatveganteacher logic:
“You know what would make Dragon Ball Z even better? If the characters were vegan.”
Weebs: that’s it you fucked up the world.
Irene’s Mochi
Irene’s Mochi - 8 dager siden
Hi, I went vegan for a few months because I was trying to help wildlife, it rlly messed up my body and I could have died😀
Blitzwinger999 Wright
Blitzwinger999 Wright - 8 dager siden
I once went Vegetarian for a month. It was the single worst freakin month of my life. The first bite of an amazing burger after a month, I can’t explain the amount of pleasure that went through my body. I have no words to describe it.
Once a Vegetarian, NEVER AGAIN DAMMIT.
Tiana Little
Tiana Little - 8 dager siden
When are the chicken's gonna learn to dap us up ?
Brian Gohjira
Brian Gohjira - 8 dager siden
I'd take this tofu looney here over vegan gains any day
Beastboi Mc
Beastboi Mc - 8 dager siden
You pronounce hummus wrong
finn cain
finn cain - 8 dager siden
She’s from Montreal because she has a Montreal Canadians hat on in the thumbnail
finn cain
finn cain - 8 dager siden
Vancouver Canucks
Lexi UwU
Lexi UwU - 8 dager siden
ms girlie compared slavery to animals 😃
Jdrunnin - 9 dager siden
Really gotta give it to Curtis sticking with the shit and piss underpants the whole way through
ZagLamTV - 9 dager siden
.... she's from Quebec...I'm now very ashamed of being a Quebecer like her...
jay - 9 dager siden
Her voice is insufferable omg. Also she’s so creepy with her weird Tik Toks
Élise Bertrand
Élise Bertrand - 9 dager siden
Holy snap! She's Canadian?
Queen Of Northern Europe
Queen Of Northern Europe - 9 dager siden
wow kurtis is so much fucking funnier than that other guy
Queen Of Northern Europe
Queen Of Northern Europe - 4 dager siden
@John Doe stop talking 2 me
Queen Of Northern Europe
Queen Of Northern Europe - 4 dager siden
@John Doe I was talking to my self go away
dhjsoaksk shja
dhjsoaksk shja - 9 dager siden
wait till kurtis finds out fish have ears
Kat Calico
Kat Calico - 9 dager siden
WTF...who is this lady anyway. And why am I watching a video about her...I guess that’s my own issue. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Addie Thompson
Addie Thompson - 9 dager siden
Everyone is talking about how bad this lady is. The only thing I can think about is that damn carrot😂
LUCY Parry
LUCY Parry - 9 dager siden
She is cray cray
It’s other peoples choice if they want to be vegan!
Tre De
Tre De - 9 dager siden
if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.
Mariane RB
Mariane RB - 9 dager siden
she’s from quebec... like me 😭
Dr Sn4pp Sandwich
Dr Sn4pp Sandwich - 9 dager siden
HEY! I am in the comments now. There is nothing you can do to stop me...
kashwami 69
kashwami 69 - 9 dager siden
“Jared lettuce” caughth me off guard and i am ashamed to admit i laughed very hard
Zaynab Mount
Zaynab Mount - 9 dager siden
Her stuff is also classist, because being vegan is inherently about limiting your diet. Not everyone can choose what they eat. My mom grew up poor and on food stamps and a big part of her family's diet was baloney and government cheese.
SUNXSET - 9 dager siden
Kurtis: awh she’s kinda cute
James: no we’re supposed to be bulling her...
Also James: uhhh a OLD WOMAN XD
Black Rose
Black Rose - 9 dager siden
Fun fact, beetles are used to make a TON of red food dye.. sooo have fun trying to be vegan after that o.o
Rosemary Kaye
Rosemary Kaye - 9 dager siden
I'm sorry for the Simpsons. They are the last people who'd be associated with her and her lunacy.
carla - 9 dager siden
she compared the holocaust to people who eat meat 😭
Amanda Berry
Amanda Berry - 10 dager siden
I could not ever go Vegan
I can't eat plants
I can eat Meat and some fruit But I could not possibly eat Broccoli or Carrots
Dayton Vinz
Dayton Vinz - 10 dager siden
That vegan teacher watched “chicken run” one time as a child and it fucked her up. (Wait when did it come out? Early 2000’s?)
Emma Pierskalla
Emma Pierskalla - 10 dager siden
Can she settle for vegetarian...some cows like being milked and despite what she says...chickens are not being impregnated to produce eggs....they do that all on their own.
She doesn't have to shove it in people's face.
oh fuck??
oh fuck?? - 10 dager siden
this bitch: "Do you...*know* what was done to your ancestors"
😶 nah, i missed it. fill me in.
Skeato 67
Skeato 67 - 10 dager siden
I’m ashamed she also Canadian least to say she’s different.
Phoenix - 10 dager siden
I’m still going to eat meat😂😂😂
Sweet n' Stupid Podcast
Sweet n' Stupid Podcast - 10 dager siden
some fish DO feel pain
some fish DONT
there's like... science behind both
remember: kill your fish quickly and humanely in the most efficient way
dont be ssoyoung and kill them slowly and painfully and laugh over it
Anabella Peyregatt
Anabella Peyregatt - 10 dager siden
as a Canadian we don't claim her
Whippets Paint
Whippets Paint - 10 dager siden
When I think of the Simpsons, I think of the rat milk episode.
Midnight0moth - 10 dager siden
Legit sometimes i consider being vegan, but then i see her stupid face and get so mad im on my way to eat a burger
nobody nobody
nobody nobody - 10 dager siden
i think the biggest problem with these people who like just say go vegain is that its kinda just ineefective, if you want to promote it well, dont force it down peoples throars, and while your saying hey you should go vegan alsa liken say stuff like, these are the alternatives to meat, and ways to get protein that you lack form not eatting meat or so on.
nobody nobody
nobody nobody - 10 dager siden
and another part about the forcing it upon people, often its not financially feasible to go vegan.
Jesse Streeter
Jesse Streeter - 10 dager siden
My friend tried to be vegan but her body couldn't handle it she started to lose bone mass in her hips and her doctor said if she didn't stop she will be in a wheelchair by the time she's 20.
Sezuin _
Sezuin _ - 10 dager siden
She’s going to tell a lion to go vegan because since she can do it, the lion can do it too.
Heatherlynn - 10 dager siden
Ugh. You know whats worse than killing animals to eat them? Killing animals to just eat plants. Which is exactly what happens when farmers go crops. Wild animals die for nutritionally and calorically inferior food. Eat local sustainably raised food. You'll kill less animals and heal the planet
what - 10 dager siden
I got an ad for broccoli burgers.... she's taking over