The Cringiest Religious Family on TikTok (ft. Kurtis Conner)

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Today @Kurtis Conner and I take a look at the cringiest religious family band on TikTok, SM6 band. I update Kurtis on the latest goings on in the TikTok community, and we laugh at a family connection that I secretly long for.
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Megan Jackson
Megan Jackson - 6 timer siden
the hat says “weed california” lol it’s actually a place in california near oregon
DL - 7 timer siden
4:40 all of you scary af now HAHAHA
clem fandango
clem fandango - 19 timer siden
The girl in front looked like she was in front of a green screen of her family
cthhkt - Dag siden
Lord DampNut
Lord DampNut - Dag siden
Kurtis looks like he could be the 7th sibling
Cheese Master
Cheese Master - Dag siden
Is it just me or does the guy look for a door look like the dude from the Lorax
Cheese Master
Cheese Master - Dag siden
The onceler
phactress891 - Dag siden
Honestly, this family doesn't seem that bad.
Krisphyra - 2 dager siden
i decided to join along with the staring contest and just continued to crochet without blinking
i lasted a minute longer than everyone, could have gone longer but i glanced up at the screen for a moment and when i looked back down i blinked lightly without realizing it even though i was fine lol
Mr20v - 2 dager siden
Mr20v - 2 dager siden
Raheel Nawab
Raheel Nawab - 2 dager siden
As a person with 5 siblings I can say that this family is only pretending to be happy in reality they are fighting with each other
Aquarius - 3 dager siden
I beat James in the staring contest

It’s smaquarius now
Wino sandbar
Wino sandbar - 3 dager siden
Weed, California. We I was a kid we would meet our family from Washington there and always took a picture and got shirt that said “Weed” and we thought we were clever.
Panicking Potato Cos
Panicking Potato Cos - 3 dager siden
the girl with the big eyes looks like a lesbian that forgot to be a lesbian. I can say that, I'm a lesbian.
What's Inside
What's Inside - 2 dager siden
I'm still laughing at this help
What's Inside
What's Inside - 2 dager siden
A A - 3 dager siden
Guys Weed, California .... it is a place lmao
EmberWolf333 - 3 dager siden
in a hilarious turn of events, I KNOW THEM! they’ve played at some local Rock Us, basically where you get put with different people who also do music lessons and you all learn a song together. They always play at ‘em.
chris paisley
chris paisley - 4 dager siden
Dude you sound like you’re permanently dust off’d
Shipper AMV'Z
Shipper AMV'Z - 4 dager siden
Even after the staring contest ended I lasted more than 1 minute longer lol
GryynGlo - 4 dager siden
I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that they harmonized with the drill, because the spinning of the drill produces a frequency. Any frequency that is high enough is perceived as pitch.
Quiet Girl
Quiet Girl - 4 dager siden
Sm6 stands for single mum to 6 cuz her husband left her after this
Dylan Sickinger
Dylan Sickinger - 4 dager siden
One time I fell asleep while watchin a movie with my brother and he poured water in my ear. I threw a pillow at him.
Angelique Ayala
Angelique Ayala - 5 dager siden
The fact that Kurtis said “covid 2” with the new strain out...
HarrysOnlyAng11 - 5 dager siden
I love that Kurtis is just constantly proving that he's a flaming directioner.
Sunset Skye
Sunset Skye - 5 dager siden
My only question is, unless you are an unnaturally tight knit family, most people wouldn’t want to do music through their family, they’d want to reach out independently
Darbae - 5 dager siden
If you guys want an actual family rock band look up Liliac
Sofija Gajanin
Sofija Gajanin - 5 dager siden
My sister threw a orange on to my forehead(6-9yo) and the orange cracked.I am traumatized of balls being thrown(I gotten better!)
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName - 5 dager siden
I've got nothing against religion or big families, but something about religious families with like 5+ kids that are all homeschooled give me real bad vibes. I don't like it, it's kinda culty..
Charla - 6 dager siden
The Fedora dude looks like the Once-ler 😏
Charla - 6 dager siden
Its impossible to live with two siblings, I can only imagine how torturous it must be to live with 5 😭
hmulongbottom - 6 dager siden
they all definitely microwaved hamsters
Kira Carver
Kira Carver - 6 dager siden
I've always liked the collaborations Kurtis does with Drew and Danny, don't get me wrong, but I feel like the best collabs come from James and Kurtis. They just play off each other more naturally, I think.
I like to eat batteries
I like to eat batteries - 6 dager siden
0:55 holy mother f*cking crap they’re a tight knit family, they can all harmonize and cook linguine
(Referencing something btw)
Sam Fleischer
Sam Fleischer - 6 dager siden
“the last quarantine colab”🥲
Emily Shattuck
Emily Shattuck - 6 dager siden
when you beat everyone in the staring contest
Lisa Nardozzi
Lisa Nardozzi - 6 dager siden
If only they knew what #freeadam meant haha
Addalee Horton
Addalee Horton - 6 dager siden
free adam is from tik tok. it actually started bc people thought sm6 was a cult and thought adam deserved freedom
Laboratory X
Laboratory X - 6 dager siden
they be doin' the Santa Clause dance. Which one of them is Tim Allen?
Gremlin Child
Gremlin Child - 6 dager siden
lmao i was thinking about Cimorelli the entire time i was watching this. I can't be the only one 😂
Stella Bella
Stella Bella - 6 dager siden
13:01 Can we talk about the first girl please? 😂
Eleftheria K.
Eleftheria K. - 6 dager siden
Is Kurtis' voice contiously going more like Mulaney's when he jokes or is it something that just happens without him realizing it?
British Guy
British Guy - 6 dager siden
I swear if someone sprayed air freshener on my eczema I would f**king die
virgini lawcer
virgini lawcer - 6 dager siden
u didnt hear it from me but the SM stands for super mario
Paul J
Paul J - 6 dager siden
:/ the last quarantine collab
Girl in red
Girl in red - 6 dager siden
system mechanic 6 (im not wrong)
Jungkook Juice
Jungkook Juice - 7 dager siden
They all look like that kid everyone made fun of at school 👀
Jungkook Juice
Jungkook Juice - 7 dager siden
I swear I've seen them all in the Lorax Movie..... ESPECIALLY THE BRACES GIRL OMG
ms.diamond - 7 dager siden
every single one of them is gay you can’t change my mind
ms.diamond - 7 dager siden
was homeschooled since 6th grade and now while rejoining society in there sophomore year, they think taking band will surely help them make friends
*Suki* - 7 dager siden
7:21 my brother sleeps like this
Sno fi
Sno fi - 7 dager siden
I went longer than james
Elizabeth Andersen
Elizabeth Andersen - 7 dager siden
The guy in the Fedora looks like the onceler from the Lorax
Blender Booster
Blender Booster - 7 dager siden
Bears like to eat their pray while it’s alive so they eat the arms and legs first
james gazdacko
james gazdacko - 8 dager siden
I think Sm6 means song melodies 6.
Dante Kechroud
Dante Kechroud - 8 dager siden
I beat jame mainframe वोआह
Family Brown
Family Brown - 8 dager siden
Da vinkie
JOLI DESIR - 8 dager siden
Mormon families:
Jordan Daniels
Jordan Daniels - 8 dager siden
Tell me you’re homeschooled without telling me you’re homeschooled
Pastel.Queer - 8 dager siden
eyecontact with kurtis during the staring contest
Lucy Jaynes
Lucy Jaynes - 8 dager siden
Kurtis said "Tik Tok" and the YouTube captions said "d*ck dock" lol
Crispy - 9 dager siden
9:15 His hat says "Weed, California." Which is a small town in California and I hate him so much now because of all the tourists that decide to bring their shitty driving to our tiny old town and take pictures in front of the gift shop because "Haha weed funny" even though the town was named after the founders last name (before calling marijuana 'weed' was a thing). So anyway if you're in Northern California don't go to Weed everyone there will dislike you. Keep your awful driving to your cities.
Aiden Caswell
Aiden Caswell - 9 dager siden
A fellow popcornerer
Sidney Adams
Sidney Adams - 9 dager siden
I wish they watched there version of Therefore I Am by Billie
“Stop, what the h-word are you talking about?” HAD ME DEAD
Emma Piper
Emma Piper - 9 dager siden
weed is a city in california lmao
TheMouseAvenger - 9 dager siden
2:57 = Well, who's to say that Tanner-like families don't exist? :-)
Daniel Nieth
Daniel Nieth - 9 dager siden
Super Mormon 6
KittyGoGames - 10 dager siden
2:15 i like ya cut g
lina kh
lina kh - 10 dager siden
Small Potassium
Small Potassium - 10 dager siden
I think I remember a vid of them freaking out over a commenter calling one of them a nickname and they were like “THATS NOT HER NAME” I knew in that moment they were wildly christian
Moe Hertel
Moe Hertel - 10 dager siden
they're living the jonas brothers and naked brothers band dream
Marsupials of Mars
Marsupials of Mars - 10 dager siden
12:21 similar story, my aunt once got angry at my mom while they were playing in the snow as kids so she jabbed her in the face with a snow shovel and now she has a scar and my aunt has never admitted she did that.
Uma The Poptart
Uma The Poptart - 10 dager siden
Kurtis looks like stampy-
TheGamingBulbdog - 10 dager siden
James, what is that shirt??
She's Dark Inside
She's Dark Inside - 10 dager siden
Popcorners are so good!! We buy as many bags as we can when they are stocked at Costco.
Simly - 10 dager siden
Do they know if they are actually a religious family tho, why is religious in the title lol these tiktoks had nothing to do with that
notmyxboxusername - 10 dager siden
4:30 Pov: You're being pressured to sign the contract for the boys of summer tour 2021
holly o toole
holly o toole - 10 dager siden
I I beat James in the stareing contest yay ahah
Miranda Watson
Miranda Watson - 10 dager siden
They're not saying the band's name properly. Its Sm6bandMonkey6band6bandband smh
Jelly J
Jelly J - 11 dager siden
11:40 ...We Have nandos in toronto? :0
search youtube
search youtube - 11 dager siden
Weed is a place in California I think lol weird name ik
Chloe McCartney
Chloe McCartney - 11 dager siden
James: The last ever quarantine collab
Me in January: last? Are you sure?
little M
little M - 11 dager siden
they're eyes are so big- they're like cartoons.
Jaq Kende
Jaq Kende - 12 dager siden
I know i’m six months late but I did the staring contest and scored between y’all
ZYNX ! - 12 dager siden
Check out the singing family on Tik tok
Chippy - 12 dager siden
SimplyDimply - 12 dager siden
sm6 are actually alright ppl😭 isabel and adam are the best doe
akira - 12 dager siden
2:57 they have the exact same face it's disturbing... they are siblings but this seems unnatural.
Zoe Geyser
Zoe Geyser - 13 dager siden
as a homeschooler, not all of us are like this
but a lot of us are like this
CmoeTNT - 13 dager siden
Yo ounce I fell asleep on a drive And then I woke up with a taste of ores in my mouth
Aiden B
Aiden B - 14 dager siden
To me the weed hat is even funnier because it’s an actual place in California (if u look closely you can see california under the word weed)
Cali Mango
Cali Mango - 14 dager siden
I'm calling it now. Watch, the girl in the black shirt with the choker is gonna start a cult one day. She has very chaotic energy.
Tessa Balc
Tessa Balc - 14 dager siden
SM stands for Summer Monkeys, they used to be just called the summer monkeys. They live in my town before they went homeschool before high school I ran cross country in middle school with Isabel, Adam (fedora kid), and Emily. my brother was in band with Emily and was scared of her. Their dad is a math teacher at one of the middle schools in my town and they would hold this huge block party for their band at their cabin esque house which is totally out of place in teh chicago suburbs
Maria Júlia Silva
Maria Júlia Silva - 16 dager siden
Erika T
Erika T - 16 dager siden
James and Kurtis! ❤
Alex hong
Alex hong - 17 dager siden
sm6 sounds like a gun
NBA Montages
NBA Montages - 17 dager siden
Kurtis - “what does SM stand for?”
Son Gayku
Son Gayku - 18 dager siden
12:23 I once hit my brother with a wooden rolling pin on the back of his head when I was like, 3.
valley aaa
valley aaa - 18 dager siden
i saw the sm part and my brain immediately walked directly into the gutter
The chalk box
The chalk box - 19 dager siden
Kurtis Conner kinda sounds like Drew Gooden 🤔
Lisa Detton
Lisa Detton - 19 dager siden
the "see you next pandemic...covid 2" joke didnt age well lmao
Annalise Eder
Annalise Eder - 19 dager siden
I'll have you know I always sleep arms crossed, mouth open.
This is not a joke.