Stop paying attention to Jake Paul...

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In today's video I give my honest opinion of Jake Paul, and ask that we all stop paying attention to him. I comment on his growth, in comparison to his brother Logan Paul, over the last few years and mark how he's only getting worse. I'd had enough and I had to talk about it.
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James Marriott
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James Marriott
James Marriott - 7 måneder siden
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Bald J-hope
Bald J-hope - 4 måneder siden
DSF1K CoNToUse yeah, the movement loves to put everyone down that isn’t black unfortunately.
LMB - 4 måneder siden
James Marriott I love your content your so funny and not fat, love yourself because you have made me love myself and so have many others
_ Adam _
_ Adam _ - 5 måneder siden
T nicole
T nicole - 5 måneder siden
@Blond_Albatraoz _ oh you did? Ok then well you did you're own research and I did mine👏🏽👏🏽
LocalForestCryptid 178
Poggers for Jake getting charged ✌️😗
robinjdev16 - Dag siden
I'm sorry but your thumbnail looks like your trying to seduce someone
Chippy - 8 dager siden
All attention away from Jake Paul, I love Logan, not in a creepy way, but in the way of him being a creator who actually learned something! He actually helped me when he made that suicide document around that time. I even subscribed to him for a few months after and was shocked by the chill content that you would expect from one of the Paul brothers. They're still pretty bad but Logan can atleast learn to take something away from a mistake he made and make that mistake into something that could help so many hurting people! He's honestly a kinda cool dude and we gotta give him that lol. Not a fan or a stan, I'm just giving him credit where credit is due!
moatio lezlie
moatio lezlie - 8 dager siden
Renegade 7pro
Renegade 7pro - 8 dager siden
This is poggers but I’m 7 months late
Marshinit - 13 dager siden
Imagine your big brother filming a dead body and he ends up being liked more than you
Ben Bolton
Ben Bolton - 13 dager siden
Sonny Leonard
Sonny Leonard - 16 dager siden
If you want to meet James Marriott just unsubscribe
Teddy Creations
Teddy Creations - 19 dager siden
Who else has always been a Maverick?😁
Callum Lucking
Callum Lucking - 24 dager siden
Jake Paul’s basically YouTube’s hitter
Olivia Clarke
Olivia Clarke - 29 dager siden
tesco - Måned siden
Stealing from thatmigetasian was just sad
jack mills
jack mills - Måned siden
Jake Paul as gone from singing every day Bro to challenging Connor mcgregger
ŽAN ZADRAVEC - Måned siden
Parker Koch
Parker Koch - Måned siden
This was very good
Lynette Riddle
Lynette Riddle - Måned siden
I did used whilst for a good while until my first year of uni when I used it and my professor told me to just use while bc nobody uses whilst anymore
Fuckin lier
Chaos Chris
Chaos Chris - Måned siden
Thank you James, Very Cool!
RetroD3liri0us - Måned siden
im already subscribed but idc come on in
Zomball - Måned siden
James is one of the only YouTubers I genuinely like because not only is he funny and entertaining but when he needs to get serious and talk it feels sincere and he always seems to give people a second chance to redeem themselves.
super sonic star fish
super sonic star fish - Måned siden
Кристиано Мизхер
Кристиано Мизхер - 2 måneder siden
Pog means people of god
neb - 2 måneder siden
Unhappy I had no clue who do daisy keech (if I spelled that right) was
Big Hog Entertainment
Big Hog Entertainment - 2 måneder siden
bro i literally cant stop paying attention to him, he somehow always manages to out-douche himself and I MUST talk about it hahahha
milorrito - 2 måneder siden
I want to leave her.
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z - 2 måneder siden
Dummy was shit
Click bait
Click bait - 2 måneder siden
I forgot he existed 💀
Liam Owen
Liam Owen - 2 måneder siden
Summer Gaddis
Summer Gaddis - 2 måneder siden
Lmao I didn’t know I wasn’t even subbed until he said he was gonna break in, I have also been watching for a week as much videos as possible! James has jakes mom blessing him what a world
Krazy WitaK
Krazy WitaK - 2 måneder siden
Blab berbo
Blab berbo - 2 måneder siden
Deathmonkey1455 - 2 måneder siden
James you are by far one of my favorite creators on this platform, but commenting on the last part of the video I want to mention that the warrant for that young woman hadn’t even started, her boyfriend had just fired at police. Beyond that she wasn’t an angel nor was Flyod. Stop making bad people your angels and more people will be swayed to your movement.
Soph - 2 måneder siden
POGGERZ. I had no idea Logan Paul turned his life around. I hadn't heard anything about him
Billy Esdale
Billy Esdale - 3 måneder siden
Why in the thumbnail does James look like he's been doing crack
Beff Jk
Beff Jk - 3 måneder siden
You tubers that have largely improved and shown and proved that they have to their audience are amazing for example logan , pewdiepie etc so why can't jake
lil frep
lil frep - 3 måneder siden
Just some SeverableGibbon with internet access
I feel bad for the inmates who are stuck with jake Paul
Rebecca Castle
Rebecca Castle - 3 måneder siden
Kiara Vargas
Kiara Vargas - 3 måneder siden
James just keeps reminding me about people that I forgot years ago still exist today
ShayRose Fay
ShayRose Fay - 3 måneder siden
When you break into my home to subscribe me to you... you’re paying for the damages, right? 😱
Richard Grant
Richard Grant - 3 måneder siden
MaderflinChalker - 3 måneder siden
I just remember my mum shouting c*nt at him when he was down in Manchester for the KSI fight cause he let children run across a busy road to see him
Pumpkin The Kitty
Pumpkin The Kitty - 3 måneder siden
Juleen Broomfield
Juleen Broomfield - 3 måneder siden
I'm glad Logan Paul matured unlike his younger brother, but I don't believe we should get up and completely ignore the fact that he did film that body in Japan. What he did was and still is wrong. No amount of changes can devalue the wrong he did. So when James said that the article hadn't mentioned the involvement Logan Paul's had in the Black Lives Matter movement to then go on to criticising Jake Paul for deflecting the criticism he was receiving his wrongdoings using the Black Lives Matter, it rubbed off the wrong way. James...I understand that you want people to acknowledge the growth Logan Paul has shown, but you don't need to pull a hypocritical move to do that. I'm sure there are a good amount of people who have acknowledged Logan's growth. That just doesn't erase the fact that he was problematic though.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - 3 måneder siden
Sky LS
Sky LS - 3 måneder siden
I watch videos about Jake, rather than going to his actual videos, so I don't give him anymore views :')
Harvi Bahia
Harvi Bahia - 3 måneder siden
C86Deluxe - 3 måneder siden
I never knew James turned into jax
Elmo Boy
Elmo Boy - 3 måneder siden
This was a while ago and I don’t look at what he does now but if he still is like this I think he has so much potential to be a actual good YouTuber with Logan I still think what he did was fucked up but he really tried hard to find redemption and jake should follow for a chance to rise again
OutbringerYT - 3 måneder siden
I have been in a wheelchair my whole life and today i stood up for the first time to turn of a Jake Paul video
Umar Fiaz
Umar Fiaz - 3 måneder siden
Why tf would you keep the money when ur balling rich and not give it to someone who needs it
Logan grew up (he didnt put homeless man in Thumbnail) but jake thinks hes so cool
Abby Scott
Abby Scott - 3 måneder siden
Why do you love Sherlock so much? I love the BBC Show, but I don't think we love it for the same reasons XD
Armoury Alpha
Armoury Alpha - 3 måneder siden
Nice haircut. Seriously, i'm not joking
Ezekiel Zack
Ezekiel Zack - 3 måneder siden
✨ I think you should just live him alone because his life is breaking apart just like mine ✨😁
mizzie - 3 måneder siden
Dear James pog means POG i hope you under stand
the better FunnyDank
the better FunnyDank - 3 måneder siden
moke weed
zi - 3 måneder siden
At least Jake Paul’s Brother is finally changed but he’s still not.
Edit: oh I just checked he’s been trying to change for a long time :0
toob - 3 måneder siden
c4mmand0 - 3 måneder siden
All the people who disliked are jp fans are
Oliver Young
Oliver Young - 3 måneder siden
Thomas Atb
Thomas Atb - 3 måneder siden
Poggers in chat UwU
sPicYnoodles - 3 måneder siden
Cause Jake's a sociopath thats why.
Lularuu - 3 måneder siden
i always thought jake was the redeemable one lmao, like years ago i haven't been following the drama
uncann1 - 3 måneder siden
👁👄👁 beanz
Razor - 4 måneder siden
Lindsey - 4 måneder siden
team 10 is shoook
E E - 4 måneder siden
pog for the incarceration of human garbage
Leo Flores
Leo Flores - 4 måneder siden
Thatmidgetasasian actually reached the goal in like 20 minutes which was 100000 dollars
NameVerloren - 4 måneder siden
ok, i'm convinced now, i won't subscribe to make sure James comes into my house so i can trap him and keep him in my basement
The prick
The prick - 4 måneder siden
1:36 Ok then I won't be
Frank Morabito
Frank Morabito - 4 måneder siden
Manuel Waschier
Manuel Waschier - 4 måneder siden
BLM. Supporters specialy YouTubers are so disingenuous. I like James. But that BLM shit needs to stop.
hoppz please
hoppz please - 4 måneder siden
wall boi
wall boi - 4 måneder siden
did you know James is triligual
William Goodger
William Goodger - 4 måneder siden
maza - 4 måneder siden
James is the new Santa except instead of flying around the world to give people presents he flys arround the world and breaks into people's houses to subscribe to himself
Cupcake Lyna
Cupcake Lyna - 4 måneder siden
Thank you so much for your videos. You always make me laugh, and i've really been watching your videos lately to get my mind off of a lot of stuff happening in my house, so thank you :)
FlyingWonderGirl - 4 måneder siden
Can they just both go?
Liv Thomas
Liv Thomas - 4 måneder siden
j oof
j oof - 4 måneder siden
6:09 whats wrong with keeping the money? may sound extremely selfish, but he's already got hundreds from the other lot, so why not
fairychan - 4 måneder siden
i had no idea he took credit for Frederic’s (ThatMidgetAsain) fundraiser,,,, god he’s a sick person for doing that especially because TMA doesn’t have as large of an audience as jake. makes me sick. jake paul is one person that genuinely needs to be deplatformed because he’s just too immature and toxic.
Luka Georgiou
Luka Georgiou - 4 måneder siden
little ddeokdinnie
little ddeokdinnie - 4 måneder siden
"It was organized by a guy called "That Midget Asian". "
Bionic Gecko
Bionic Gecko - 4 måneder siden
2:09 Anyone else get the mortal Kombat reference ?
Cariena Furstenburg
Cariena Furstenburg - 4 måneder siden
3:01 me going up the stairs
ultraRising298 - 4 måneder siden
Infected #we op
Infected #we op - 4 måneder siden
keoplayzz - 4 måneder siden
love that
keoplayzz - 4 måneder siden
"if you havent subcribed i will break into your house and subcribe myself"
Tracey Richardson
Tracey Richardson - 4 måneder siden
No he's not a joke...

Jokes have purpose
Samantha B
Samantha B - 4 måneder siden
I did not know about how much Logan Paul has changed. Thank you for highlighting that, that’s so compassionate and mature and we stan 💕
Jinpachi Bobochan
Jinpachi Bobochan - 4 måneder siden
You should have seduced Jake's mother to become his father, so you can teach him how to be a good boy.
Zoran Stevanovic
Zoran Stevanovic - 4 måneder siden
ROARtheRAPPER - 4 måneder siden
I’m actually proud of myself that after his brother celebrated a man’s death and disrespected all of Japan, I stopped giving a shit about the little shit. To the point that I brushed off his terrible stolen music and felt like I could smile at Youtube again.
John Harris
John Harris - 4 måneder siden
Ok not to hate on James but the fact that the left side of his beard is connected to his mustache and the right isn’t is so fucking annoying
Soapy - 4 måneder siden
Now I can’t unsee that ffs. 😂
Oikawa - 4 måneder siden
Sand Box Sawyer
Sand Box Sawyer - 5 måneder siden
He saying I’ll break into your house and sub for you me unsubing so I will see James in my house
Lol Dawr
Lol Dawr - 5 måneder siden
One of my best friends supports ALM and it hurts that she won't listen to me. And every time I say I support BLM she calls me racist but then hangs up on me when I try to explain why I do.
lauren casket
lauren casket - 4 måneder siden
i know this probably isnt what you want to hear but i think you should just stop being friends with that person.
kokitho rrr6
kokitho rrr6 - 5 måneder siden
Jake Paul a joke 😂 you the entire Circus
Potatoes :v
Potatoes :v - 4 måneder siden
Jake Paul owns the circus
Stoned Twiggg
Stoned Twiggg - 5 måneder siden
tank you for the therapy