Someone please stop Ellen...

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Today we talk about Ellen being cancelled and her apology following it. Ellen if you're reading this I promise I don't smell. We also go through her TikTok. It's bad. I had to record this video twice so I had to go through her TikTok twice. I hate that.
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James Marriott
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Liam Miskimmin
Liam Miskimmin - 7 timer siden
Ellen once said this 'Accept who u are unless u are a serial killer'
Sam A._sh767
Sam A._sh767 - 13 timer siden
ellen is sorry because she got caught
Marselha Da Rocha
Marselha Da Rocha - Dag siden
BlueSoba - Dag siden
Chill she’s just going through menopause
druggyinnit - Dag siden
James please be my fried
Sugxr - 2 dager siden
If he does one of those monthly thing ill get it- hands down take my money
CultOfTheCookie Cats
CultOfTheCookie Cats - 2 dager siden
Ellen Degenarate
CultOfTheCookie Cats
CultOfTheCookie Cats - 2 dager siden

I have one and he’s sleeping on my bed.picture a blanket with a gray teen cat curled up asleep,on a light gray cabin bed.
CultOfTheCookie Cats
CultOfTheCookie Cats - 2 dager siden
Google it
igurogxnocide x
igurogxnocide x - 3 dager siden
6:30 what is up with his hair ;-;
Dalton Lee Marks
Dalton Lee Marks - 3 dager siden
everytime james says "all in all" i think hes saying "alan alda"
asia thomas
asia thomas - 3 dager siden
Wholesome intro 🥺 whatta good little fur buddy omg, he’s become a long boi
yondxr zd
yondxr zd - 3 dager siden
Ellen da meanest
Alexis Skowronek
Alexis Skowronek - 5 dager siden
James's profile picture looks like one of my teachers.
Tamanegi Tears
Tamanegi Tears - 6 dager siden
please be my arch nemesis
Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick - 10 dager siden
Looks like Freddy fazbear deserves the death penalty
alex schroeder
alex schroeder - 10 dager siden
Way before all this, she was a top stand up comedian, very funny and intelligent. I recommend checking it out if you have not already.
Singing 2008
Singing 2008 - 11 dager siden
Please be my fwend 🥺
ChloeCatGaming YT
ChloeCatGaming YT - 11 dager siden
She also supports animal abuse
finally gamers
finally gamers - 11 dager siden
I’m not James but will I do
Cassidy Quigley
Cassidy Quigley - 12 dager siden
the way he says “JENGA”
Floaty - 12 dager siden
Ellen Degenerate
Ellis L-G
Ellis L-G - 14 dager siden
Can you be my friend?
Sky Without an E
Sky Without an E - 14 dager siden
James please be my friend!!!!!
ToM - 15 dager siden
Geez dory
Logan Cap
Logan Cap - 15 dager siden
My Spanish teacher was on the show and got called down.
ai0ba - 15 dager siden
James dont be my friend
Summer Daisy
Summer Daisy - 16 dager siden
Kate McKinnon called and asked if she , as the most unproblematic and funniest lesbian , can take over the show
Otto Blauenfeldt-Øverli
Otto Blauenfeldt-Øverli - 16 dager siden
im otto and stop kissing me
Sundry-Dexterity - 16 dager siden
Ellen the Generous has now become Ellen Degenerate.
n0oiisy - 17 dager siden
James please be my friend!!
suki suki
suki suki - 17 dager siden
ellen degenerate
FROSTY - 17 dager siden
pwease be my fwiend 👉👈
Toneylopez12 - 18 dager siden
Apparently she’s really rude
Moo Gachas シ
Moo Gachas シ - 18 dager siden

Ava - 18 dager siden
Lol me over here jump scaring my family
Sophia Laspisa
Sophia Laspisa - 19 dager siden
I didnt know how to pronounce her last name correctly upon last year, I would say; Ellen Degenerate.
Catherine Robinson
Catherine Robinson - 19 dager siden
hhhhhh Ellen degenerate
The mylee Show
The mylee Show - 20 dager siden
James... why are like that...
Poketheo oi
Poketheo oi - 21 dag siden
Friend Be please my
amy - 21 dag siden
james thank you legend you're legit saying what i've been thinking for ages
Yeet is Goated
Yeet is Goated - 21 dag siden
yea your right we are stupid
Z - 22 dager siden
Wtf is that a zombie
I put A sticker on my carrier bag
Does anyone remember the show she did with all the kids wearing the weirdest Halloween costumes. That was one of my fav shows she did
SCP - 1471
SCP - 1471 - 23 dager siden
One of the great things of being an adult is, that you don't have to accept someones apology. As a child, you usually get forced to (at least in my experience).
Kimberly Old School
Kimberly Old School - 23 dager siden
Love the “corporal kissing” at 0:15.
tilly d-l
tilly d-l - 23 dager siden
i hate mainstream media so much, at least on youtube you see real (mostly) people who can genuinely make mistakes and grow, not completely relying on a marketing team to save their asses.
The Goddess Of Green
The Goddess Of Green - 23 dager siden
I love otto
Sunset Skye
Sunset Skye - 24 dager siden
I have just realized that I’ve been saying her name wrong for years
To be fair, the last time I saw one of her episodes was at least 3 years ago
Emma Harkins
Emma Harkins - 24 dager siden
James - no one likes Jenga anymore
*me thinking about how much i love jenga* - :(
Leah Hawley
Leah Hawley - 25 dager siden
James be my friend!!
Sol Basten
Sol Basten - 25 dager siden
James please be my friend
Rick Woodridge
Rick Woodridge - 25 dager siden
Shames can I be your friend
Royal Paradoxical
Royal Paradoxical - 25 dager siden
Ellen *Degenerate*
Vxsyo - 26 dager siden
Please be my friend
ellieee - 27 dager siden
James please be my friend!!!
Ellen degenerate
THE !G.O.A.T! - 27 dager siden
I know I’m stupid
karma akabane
karma akabane - 27 dager siden
James please be my friend
Syed Rhaid
Syed Rhaid - 28 dager siden
Ellen Degeneres more like Ellen Degenerate
Youtuber man
Youtuber man - 28 dager siden
Name please be my freind
H Stewart
H Stewart - 28 dager siden
4:11 scary...
scooter but you paid premium
scooter but you paid premium - 29 dager siden
Ellen degenerete
_valentina_ - 29 dager siden
JaMeS pLeAsE bE mY fRiEnD
GOOB - 29 dager siden
" i love jenga" BITCH WHO DOSNT
Mykel Nason
Mykel Nason - 29 dager siden
Please be my gay lover bb😘
THE ELITE - Måned siden
pLeAsE bE mY fRiEnD
Julie Jeffreys
Julie Jeffreys - Måned siden
Me sad me kid
RosesAre Red
RosesAre Red - Måned siden
This was recommended to me after watching meat-canyons version.....
Scraev - Måned siden
Email, gmail or yahoo though?
Alyssa Berry
Alyssa Berry - Måned siden
Ellen's a sociopath
Mushroom :D
Mushroom :D - Måned siden
after all of this happened they started selling her merch in the reduced section of my Walmart. no lie.
Emma Castermans
Emma Castermans - Måned siden
James be my friend
Patrick McGavin
Patrick McGavin - Måned siden
Ppl need to toughen up i'm not defending ellen in anyway part of being a boss is being critical of your employees if your employees are not doing their job or not living up to your standards in the work place you have to tell them. these snowflakes wouldn't last 2 seconds working in any era before the year 2000 i wasn't there so only ellen and her staff knows how it went but that's today's culture a lot of ppl are weak.
Chicken Squared
Chicken Squared - Måned siden
Remember Victoria Bay? Got a big ol check on Ellen? Yeah, she was my sixth grade teacher, and while she had good teaching ideas very few people in the grade liked her, she had no cool teacher vibes whatsoever. She was more just trying but failing to innovate, and that didn’t work out the best.
PiggyGrunter - Måned siden
She looks just like Olivia Peirce from doom in the thumbnail
Alix The Professional Cat Herder
I think the problem with this whole Ellen situation is all the crazy qanonce cult members have been brainwashed into thinking she is a child eater or whatever crazy shit. I'm not saying she's not a piece of shit, but there is a lot that's been made up and exaggerated because the internet crazies think she's lizard person lmfao.
GH0ST TE4RZ - Måned siden
James please be my friend!!!!
Joe mama
Joe mama - Måned siden
Nice video, jameson
Astro Hannah Things
Astro Hannah Things - Måned siden
“That would go down like a nonce in a nursery”
- James Marriot 2020
dangerdoodle - Måned siden
Elen de ✨idiot ✨
Pizazz - Måned siden
I used to really look up to Ellen because she helped me through things (coming out mainly) but now that I look back on it, I was a stupid child. Really really stupid
Snxper_Finn -
Snxper_Finn - - Måned siden
James melesting Otto like a pro
it me
it me - Måned siden
isn't ellen involved with epstien or did i make that up
Chaos Chris
Chaos Chris - Måned siden
Thank you James, Very Cool!
Tr3ck Tyler
Tr3ck Tyler - Måned siden
Ok Shane Dawson 0:15
Finley - Måned siden
I jumpscare my mum the whole time
epicgamer1607 - Måned siden
James please be my friend
Lillian Alvarez
Lillian Alvarez - Måned siden
9:36 as an american who is very out of touch from the uk and only stans tom holland, harry styles, louis tomlinson, liam payne and zayn malik (i would put naill but hes irish) i have never seen a british person this angry so i thank you for that, i can finally die in peace because i have heard ¨being angry" but ✨british✨ lol i kinda hate only seeing american stuff tbh
Stephanie Burnett
Stephanie Burnett - Måned siden
Cute baby jaguar not gonna lie.
Caleb Cohan
Caleb Cohan - Måned siden
James please be my friend
The Human Tumble Dryer aka Mandible
Ellen De Not-very-generous.
I'll see myself out...
Mirella Valuis
Mirella Valuis - Måned siden
I saw my first video of you today, and im hooked, I've lost count on how many I've seen already 😂😂😂 and even tho I just "discover" u today I'm surprised you didnt say you are trilingual in this video (it's scary how I know this for watching you less than 12 hours)
Kitty Jefferson
Kitty Jefferson - Måned siden
Always hated Ellen.
Sophia Johns
Sophia Johns - Måned siden
James please be my friend!!!!
Kim Godfrey
Kim Godfrey - Måned siden
He sounds like Big John fron the inbetweeners wtf
kaelin connelly
kaelin connelly - Måned siden
please be my friend james
She was good back then- but now
R3dX3r0 - Måned siden
James please be my nemisis!
Aidan Boylin
Aidan Boylin - Måned siden
Wii remembers the yellow subscribe button
Amanda Mullins
Amanda Mullins - Måned siden
I love your cat! :D