Someone please stop Amy Schumer...

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Today we take a look at some weird ads that Amy Schumer has starred in recently. No, this is not a watching Amy Schumer until I laugh challenge. But if this video gets 100,000 likes, I will just do that. Unless someone actually does stop Amy Schumer by then.
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James Marriott
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TheEducationOfBayush - 22 timer siden
Just saying, I remember hearing the whole tampons=virginity lost thing. Conservatives are fucking weird XD
POKEMONGUYWW - 23 timer siden
3:26 *Aschumed* lol well played
Julian - Dag siden
Woman finally getting their chance to be heard in the comments (btw, I promise we don’t care you had a funny tampon experience, or that James said something not knowing that it’s not true)
• gemma •
• gemma • - 2 dager siden
5:44 just smile and wave boys, smile and wave
Allie Robertson
Allie Robertson - 2 dager siden
My step dad believed I would lose my virginity to a tampon… so I wasn’t allowed to use them.
Arman Maaref
Arman Maaref - 3 dager siden
Georgiahuis - 3 dager siden
This is why I don’t use Tampax 😼✌️
Hygge and happiness !
Hygge and happiness ! - 3 dager siden
Too expensive for me, they’re still good though! I just get the diva cup, it evens out in about a year
Ecstatic Wind
Ecstatic Wind - 3 dager siden
Dalton Lee Marks
Dalton Lee Marks - 3 dager siden
james doesnt know a ton about this sort of thing, does he? xD like "gyno" is for sure a common term, though maybe its an exclusively american thing, i dunno. plus i grew up with multiple sisters and mostly female friends, i know a lot about pads, tampons, periods, general yonic lore. which has helped me be a lot more understanding to those kinds of issues - i guess maybe i take for granted that a lot of guys didnt have the same experience growing up as i did. still, couldnt hurt to educate yourself about such things my dudes.
Dalton Lee Marks
Dalton Lee Marks - 2 dager siden
@Hygge and happiness ! ill have to look that up, actually i saw one of the impractical jokers do it
Hygge and happiness !
Hygge and happiness ! - 3 dager siden
@Dalton Lee Marks oh, yea! With the try guys?
Dalton Lee Marks
Dalton Lee Marks - 3 dager siden
@Hygge and happiness ! it may just be the men im around on a daily basis that are like that xD and ah man i bet it is. ive seen the childbirth pain simulator, that was truly incredible
Hygge and happiness !
Hygge and happiness ! - 3 dager siden
@Dalton Lee Marks haha, I disagree with men acting like babies with pain tolerance. But I do think k you should watch a period cramp simulator video. It is hilarious
Dalton Lee Marks
Dalton Lee Marks - 3 dager siden
@Hygge and happiness ! as they say, knowing is half the battle 🌈 and yeahh i dont think most men quite understand the level of pain involved with periods. which is ironic because most men i know have very low pain thresholds and can barely handle a cold without being babies about it xD
Hammy Woods
Hammy Woods - 3 dager siden
"You know how you were born? your mom got a period" 🤨
Hygge and happiness !
Hygge and happiness ! - 3 dager siden
Pretty sure she’s not right in this situation
TIY-EE - 3 dager siden
My gowd she's got talent I'm astonished. 😭😆
Eishal Usman
Eishal Usman - 4 dager siden
Are you sure you would rather bleed?
Hygge and happiness !
Hygge and happiness ! - 3 dager siden
If he had bled through his pants in class, he would change his mind. Or maybe he wouldn’t, I don’t know!
Joshua Coaker
Joshua Coaker - 4 dager siden
Tampax got whales in their ads
bookfighterdzd - 5 dager siden
Ella Erickson
Ella Erickson - 5 dager siden
James hun I love you but you really should have at least had a female in this video 😂 gyno is commonly used(at least in America), women(mainly children) commonly think that a tampon can affect your virginity so it’s not that crazy, and you’d be surprised at how awkward it is to take a pad out or something in the bathroom and having to be quiet, it’s sad but true that society kind of teaches in a way for women to be secretive and quiet about their periods :/ my own grandma gets disgusted if I ask her to buy my pads or tampons, she’s like “bleck I don’t need to hear about that, that’s your own private business” and she’s a woman 😂 I do find these ads helpful though, even if they’re unfunny and stupid, they help a lot of young women with their periods if they don’t have the fortune of having someone in their life talk about it with them
Ella Erickson
Ella Erickson - 5 dager siden
And to add on that, many places have insufficient sex education for both men and women so it’s not uncommon for people to be misinformed about stuff like this, I’m not trying to sound like “that guy” but maybe take this as a learning experience to at least educate yourself before making a video talking about someone you’ll never be able to experience 😂
Scotty Whitis
Scotty Whitis - 6 dager siden
The guy who watched until he laughed even forced the laugh
Monica Cabezas
Monica Cabezas - 6 dager siden
hey um.. so the thing about tampons losing your virginity, that's a real thing women are told all the time. while the jokes weren't funny, the actual questions were good because many young girls and women don't actually know these things.
Women are shamed about everything we do, even a normal bodily function, such as periods.
K - 7 dager siden
most women do call them the gyno, u don’t know bc... you’ve never been to one?
Kylie Nixon
Kylie Nixon - 7 dager siden
You can't unsee it when I say the doctor looks like the crazy vegan teacher on tiktok 👀👀
Sierra Rose
Sierra Rose - 8 dager siden
We say gyno in America Idk about England tho
Solplayz Gaming
Solplayz Gaming - 8 dager siden
James is a part of the NDL!
A Standard Asian
A Standard Asian - 8 dager siden
James I love you but this video is a bit-
A Standard Asian
A Standard Asian - 7 dager siden
@Boom boom it’s a bit off, a man deciding what’s wrong about a tampon commercial
Boom boom
Boom boom - 8 dager siden
A bit?
Chicken Nugget Squad
Chicken Nugget Squad - 8 dager siden
No one:
Me: he is wearing a Nico defence league jumper he is part of the biggest movement on YouTube get in there my man
Amber Mitchell
Amber Mitchell - 8 dager siden
This is, unfortunately, sex ed for so many people.
Phoebe Chandler
Phoebe Chandler - 9 dager siden
“Do you guys know how you were born.... because your mum had her period” umm honey they were born because their mum didn’t have her period.. she would’ve more likely than not miscarried if she had her period
egg eggington
egg eggington - 9 dager siden
james marriott talk to a woman challenge
Deeksha Singh
Deeksha Singh - 10 dager siden
I’m definitely marioting.
daredevill murdock
daredevill murdock - 11 dager siden
James is wearing NDL merch
Bunny Bonz
Bunny Bonz - 12 dager siden
To answer the question u had, if asking for a tampon is cringe yes yes it is its extremely cringe and some would rather get an infection
Bree The Bumblebee
Bree The Bumblebee - 13 dager siden
1:39 believe it or not.....A LOT of people think that
random blabber
random blabber - 13 dager siden
0:10 shoutout for orangepeanut there, and at 6:56 too
Faye - 14 dager siden
nah she’s trying to be educational lightheartedly she’s not trying to be really funny
Awesome Human
Awesome Human - 14 dager siden
There are no celebrities in this vid from Japan, but it's complete cringe.
Orion X-Thousand
Orion X-Thousand - 15 dager siden
7:33 If I was in front of the camera I would've just said "what the fuck?"
Sherlock the Tortoise
Sherlock the Tortoise - 15 dager siden
Did James say ad-vert-is-munt

I swear it’s ad-ver-tize-ment
Tobiah Collins
Tobiah Collins - 13 dager siden
He’s from the UK, pronunciations are different there from in the U.S
Traitor ._. Falls
Traitor ._. Falls - 15 dager siden
I got an ad about cutie polluties and it was about stuff animals with stuffed trash and killing them and bleeding out? And it’s an ACTUAL website about the stuff toys and i just wanna say thank you for telling us about polluted earth but why would you make happy dead animals as children’s stuff toy and give it to kids under 10? To educate them at a young age? They’re children they’ll just get scared from happy dead stuff animals
account name
account name - 15 dager siden
I had a sanitary pad ad-
Vicktoria Veela
Vicktoria Veela - 15 dager siden
My school's health teacher in my freshman year of high school said it is possible to "pop your cherry" when using a tampon. She didn't work there for much longer.
Jacobb - 16 dager siden
9:50 "A-A-B-B-X i've got a bit of cloth in me a can't have se-" Comedy gold..
xxserxndipityyxx - 16 dager siden
damn imagine he sponsors a add by tampax- all the females will respect u more 👑✨🧚‍♀️💗📈
Questem - 16 dager siden
Having to go to an Amy Schumer comedy night is the equivalent of taking your dog to the vet to be put down
Sophia DoesYoutube
Sophia DoesYoutube - 17 dager siden
Actually Amy he was born because his mom didn’t have a period, that’s like the whole poiny
Katie Doodles
Katie Doodles - 17 dager siden
Sometimes I wonder if Amy is jsut drunk 24/7, it would explain why she’s so weird and makes god awful jokes
Christopher Macdonald
Christopher Macdonald - 18 dager siden
Ethan if he was a woman
Lexi Lorelei
Lexi Lorelei - 18 dager siden
You know I think the adds actually make quite a bit of sense considering that a lot of young girls don’t know a lot about periods, I was the second person in my friend group to get mine when I had it the first time and since no one knew a lot about them everyone actually thought I was dying.😂 Thankfully my mom made sure I knew the basics and explained everything, I also am not one to be embarrassed to talk about my vagina around people because I know it’s just something that happens. For that I’ve always been thankful for and one thing comes to mind why and that’s once in middle school I asked to use the bathroom, my teacher said no but I knew I had started my period so I got up to leave anyway, when she told me to sit back down I said “I started my period and these are new pants” my teacher immediately let me leave. I still don’t know if it was out of shock from my openness or because she felt bad but I was never embarrassed. Thanks for listening😂😂😁
tye poppy
tye poppy - 18 dager siden
i had to pause the video and look at the comments to see if i was tripping or not lol
Silly Gamer Guy
Silly Gamer Guy - 19 dager siden
u are the funniest man ive ever met. Yes we have met. im in your closet lol. but anyway, when im watchng you at night (yes from your closet loljk) I end up laghng so hard its like 12am and i wake everybody up. your welcome for this wondeful piece of imformaton ;)
Moss Patch
Moss Patch - 20 dager siden
Did anyone else see the cutie polluties commercial?
Billy Lorrence
Billy Lorrence - 20 dager siden
So you'll criticise her for this, but not for being sexist
ladybird - 20 dager siden
james kinda looks like the “that is not correct” guy from vine
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A - 20 dager siden
Plot twist: *Tampax sponsored this video by getting James to slide in facts about tampons, their products and Amy Schumer.* Aria Tamagotchi must be proud! Seriously, I am thankful James made this video, how come we Brits have such different looking nurses than America?
Call Me Celeste
Call Me Celeste - 20 dager siden
I must Marriott all the time then
ArianaLyrics - 20 dager siden
james... i love you but no. i feel like you (a male) shouldn’t rlly comment on these things as u don’t experience it and u clearly don’t know much abt it 😹
Micheal Persicko
Micheal Persicko - 21 dag siden
NGL tampons are the perfect size and shape to use to stop a nosebleed. Mom went through menopause had an excess of them wasted half a box of tissues(winters dry the shit out of my nose) TL;DR 2 minutes with a tampon up my nose and the little bastard stopped bleeding vs me pulling tissues out of a box like that neverending rags thing clowns do.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - 21 dag siden
She looks like she’s been eating them !
Hajira Cele
Hajira Cele - 22 dager siden
Yes....yes you posted cringe❤
:0 -
:0 - - 22 dager siden
as someone who gets gender dysphoria when i get my period, it was nice to hear it talked about so causally. i know a lot of people think James handled this the wrong way or doesn’t understand anything about periods, but it was actually really comforting to watch this video :)
Bookish And Bewildered
Bookish And Bewildered - 22 dager siden
Hoovers 🤣
Justin Price
Justin Price - 22 dager siden
Dude your extremely funny don’t take this seriously but your great great great great grandpa was a douche
Get it douche
Justin Price
Justin Price - 22 dager siden
Does 16 count
Victoria - 22 dager siden
really asking someone for pad/tampons is so embarrassing for some reason it makes me feel so nasty
BoxySnail Videos
BoxySnail Videos - 22 dager siden
I've been uneasily returning to being a period-having-tampon-user after 2 years of living as a trans man on testosterone.
James Marriott talking about tampons in (what is IMO) a caring and thoughtful way, while simultaneously taking the piss out of Amy Schumer, warms my heart.
I'll take a funny PSA about TSS from a funny British dude over a cringey female comedian any day
MK Garcia
MK Garcia - 22 dager siden
Oh James.... Maybe you should leave the commentary tampon advertising videos to women or anyone who has actually used them. Appreciate the effort tho 🥺
YourHost Solo
YourHost Solo - 23 dager siden
As a child, I don't like children.
MUNK3Y - 23 dager siden
‘A A B B X, there’s a bit of cloth in me so I can’t have sex’ - James Marriot 2020
Princess kyloren
Princess kyloren - 23 dager siden
Gyno is a common phrase
TotallyNot Satan
TotallyNot Satan - 23 dager siden
James I regret to inform you that I have personally come across people who believe tampons take your virginity away
Im a person I think
Im a person I think - 23 dager siden
8:00 don’t worry I will sacrifice the one kid who takes up the whole of the desk at school
wesley whitlow
wesley whitlow - 24 dager siden
Urrrrrrr mum (not to tho
Cassandra Glazier
Cassandra Glazier - 24 dager siden
just a heads up from adverts i've seen on "quest" - so they might be old news... but... apparently she's going to be learning to cook too. Funniest part of the advert was how the other guy in the shot looked like he was being held against his will.
areeba akram
areeba akram - 25 dager siden
This video was kinda of a miss for me. I don’t like Amy but some of those topics were real.
Graffiti Alopia
Graffiti Alopia - 25 dager siden
I thought it was trisha paytas having a meldown in the thumbnail-
Cassidy Neurotica
Cassidy Neurotica - 25 dager siden
Just what we needed, a grown man critiquing Tampon ads and period myths which he knows shit all about.
DANGEDOCTOR 21 - 25 dager siden
monster adict
monster adict - 25 dager siden
A a b b x theres a bit of cloth in me I can't have sex- oop--
Jack Osullivan
Jack Osullivan - 25 dager siden
This whole vid is hilarious and don’t take it so seriously
Phonche TV
Phonche TV - 25 dager siden
1) yes people call it "the gyno" and "doc" lol
2) yes very many uneducated and/or conservative adults will preach to young girls that tampons somehow take your virginity and make you unpure or promiscuous. my own mom said i couldnt use tampons until i was "old enough"
3) here in the US atleast, periods and period products are considered taboo to the point where a lot of girls hide their first period from their friends and families so they wont get shamed or treated differently because theyre "a woman now" no matter how young she is when she first menstruates.
No hate and I dont blame James for not knowing these things. People come from different walks of life. Being a 21yr old female from the US I've experienced most of these things firsthand. My college health professor skipped the whole unit on female reproductive health because he said "we dont need any of this" and skipped to talking about sperm and condoms for the next 20 minutes.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha - 25 dager siden
James pls
gaby galvante
gaby galvante - 25 dager siden
It’s just irritating how ignorant this video came across
Luca Bowyer
Luca Bowyer - 25 dager siden
Normal people: wtf is this
Me: has James got NDL merch
Aimerino - 25 dager siden
James: get YouTube premium or get ad-blocker
Me: gets an ad about YouTube premium
SleepyArtLoaf - 26 dager siden
The videos are educational but still cringe :3, idk why the comments are so pissy, it's C R I N G E. Also yes he joked about some things that "only a woman would understand" , however I would make the same jokes and prolly not get as many salty comments. ALSO ASKING FOR A TAMPON IS NOT EMBARRASSING AND THAT IS YOUR OWN UPBRINGING MAKING YOU FEEL IT SHOULD BE SHAMEFUL [also society] - fight the bias ffs.
Nikki Gorton
Nikki Gorton - 26 dager siden
I love James but this was....demeaning
Alyssa Kline
Alyssa Kline - 26 dager siden
youre not the target audience, therefore you dont understand periods and how they make a woman feel. much love.
raven bowler
raven bowler - 26 dager siden
Okay, maybe you should ask yourself if you are the right person to talk about any of this. You don’t sound very educated on periods or the average woman’s experience with getting their period. I don’t mean this in a mean way but this video was very cringe.
zizou gamer
zizou gamer - 26 dager siden
unsuccessful mistake 92
unsuccessful mistake 92 - 26 dager siden
You should do a video on the Eboys Spotify add
Itz Neo innit
Itz Neo innit - 26 dager siden
Not the women in this comment section actually believing they’re funny
KrunchyKat - 8 dager siden
Shut up man.. Like pls no one cares. And guess what you're not funny either?
Park Chanyeol cutting a monkey's hair
some people actually do think a tampon could take your virginity. *not sure why, but then again there are people that genuinely like trump so i wouldn't have too much hope*
Lompy_ - 26 dager siden
Anyone else get the cutie polluties add 😳
Miriam Onen
Miriam Onen - 27 dager siden
Her jokes are bad but the ad is informative and good :)
Xeoney - 27 dager siden
The ads actually seemed quite informative and helpful, especially to most women who have had the bare minimum of education about periods. The fact that Amy tried to make jokes about it though doesn't sit well with me, almost like she doesn't take it seriously or is just doing it to stay relevant. It's probably just me feeling that way though, and either way, these ads could possibly help a lot of women, despite it most likely crushing their sense of humour.
Natasha's Creations
Natasha's Creations - 27 dager siden
I'm so glad someone's finally addressing this. I absolutely hate these Amy Shumer Tampax ads.
Spectrum Art
Spectrum Art - 27 dager siden
him comparing the doctor to Elizabeth Warren had me crying
anna elizabeth
anna elizabeth - 27 dager siden
I knew other girls in middle school that genuinely believed that using a tampon would make them lose their virginity. And some conservative households still won't let their daughters use them, which is extremely sexist. You're making jokes about the same thing as Amy and it doesn't make you much better. Both the commercials and this video are disappointing
Scarlett - 28 dager siden
honestly, before i watched the video i already knew it would be a miss. probably not the best thing to cover. i’m not going to repeat what loads of people said before me in the comments but maybe scrap this one, even though i usually love your content. don’t let it get you down it’s only one video, and i don’t think anyone here dislikes you or is trying to hate, i think this video was just a bit disappointing to some, but maybe take it as an opportunity to educate yourself and leave it at that
Adonai Mugisha
Adonai Mugisha - 28 dager siden
Ndl merch yay😂😂😂
Brittany Pallett
Brittany Pallett - 29 dager siden
So she puts the tampon in her mouth and I aware I had to force myself from throwing up. Thinking to myself there is no way it could get worse. The next thing James said “and that’s not even her worst ads” 🤢🤮
Hannah - 29 dager siden
Marriotting is when your tampon takes you to a chain hotel to steal your virginity
chloe mary
chloe mary - 29 dager siden
Size has nothing to do with actual vagina size??? It’s all about heaviness of flow?? I love you James but holy shit this whole video is so insensitive and you obviously know nothing about the stigmatizations around periods and the misunderstandings that girls have about their own bodies. If you had talked to just one woman before you posted this 🤦🏻‍♀️ this is why everyone else did watch until you laugh content... you’re not being unique here. Just insensitive.
Romana Fuentes
Romana Fuentes - 28 dager siden
I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t think he was commenting on the actual info the doctors or anything was saying in a negative way. He never actually said that anything they said was wrong and just focused on really just the weird things Amy was doing. He didn’t say rude comments about periods, just about Amy haha. In fact I’m very glad he kept some of the info in about TSS because I learned a lot from this video! Heaven knows I never would’ve watched a four minute ad with Amy Schumer. I just don’t think he actually said anything rude about women or said any false claims about periods. If you’re taking about the fact that he didn’t say anything about the stigmatization around periods then I can maybe agree with your thought. But I don’t think he was being insensitive, especially with him keeping in additional information about TSS because he felt it was important rather then because he thought of something funny to say about it. I don’t mean to be rude. Just offering my thoughts and opinions! Feel free to correct me!