Onision is a loser...

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In today's video we talk about the internet's biggest loser, Onision, and his recent antics over on Twitch and TikTok.
Repzion's video: noburn.info/id/video/2H-WfM99c7GSbJw.html
Music: @James Marriott
Twitter/Instagram: @JamesMarriottYT
TikTok: @JamesMarriott

James Marriott
@Cynic Snacks
Runtime: 12:36


Nick Jones
Nick Jones - 22 timer siden
He's gone. He quit YouTube 2 days ago with a video called "thank you and goodbye".
Irenz Eunice Maloto
Irenz Eunice Maloto - Dag siden
How is Onision still not in jail? wtf
Ink Stains and Ashes
Ink Stains and Ashes - Dag siden
For some reason, James reminds me of ReadyToGlare in this video
Chris Newbury
Chris Newbury - Dag siden
I don't even know who he is, but you get a thumbs down for being an obvious hater due to your own lack of confidence in self.
gfriend's girlfriend
gfriend's girlfriend - 2 dager siden
onion is a fucking loser 💀
i may hate myself sometimes but i at least know im better than someone who got his start from being shane's lookalike
igurogxnocide x
igurogxnocide x - 3 dager siden
"onision is a loser" no, hes shane dawson
silently vibing TM
silently vibing TM - 5 dager siden
"Luckily for us, there is one platform that will accept just about anybody-"
Ah yes. Jail
GhostBoi - 6 dager siden
I will forgive you if you quote kung fu panda
ISAAC Ѫ - 6 dager siden
I don’t know if ur joking but I actually love cantaloupe 🍈
Katie Wright
Katie Wright - 8 dager siden
*Lizard brethren* I was legitimately wheezing why did I find that so funny
Jami Simmons
Jami Simmons - 8 dager siden
Idk why he’s still around isn’t he like 40 now lmao
Rebeca - 8 dager siden
Title: *Onision*
My brain: *Onsion*
Feem Poobler
Feem Poobler - 10 dager siden
i would like to say, james, i am offended that you have such a low opinion on league of legends players. whilst I admit the large majority are awful, awful people, I myself am actually super epic and deserve recognition
yours truly, Mleembd
The Lucky Hooman
The Lucky Hooman - 10 dager siden
Why the hell would you claim that a video is yours when the video in just the title is already calling you a loser?
Princess kyloren
Princess kyloren - 12 dager siden
he still gets paid as affilate
bob smith
bob smith - 13 dager siden
Why is he still around because he makes money lol
frick - 13 dager siden
I will forever call him “onionson”
the joke is this is the first time that I’ve never mentioned him in my life before
Okayyymy Man
Okayyymy Man - 14 dager siden
I actually do love cantaloupe.
kitteh12 1
kitteh12 1 - 14 dager siden
This has nothing to do with your video but if I was a time traveler i would just slap fake beards on all the beard less james Marriotts
jojo x93x
jojo x93x - 15 dager siden
I subbed for the simple fact that onision won’t be able to claim the video because of the sponsor 😂😂 well played!
Alyssa Stephens
Alyssa Stephens - 15 dager siden
I thought it was about shane dawson bc of the thumbnail 😗
Emily - 16 dager siden
callmekat1 - 16 dager siden
I’m a divaaa Joshi
I’m a divaaa Joshi - 17 dager siden
I love how he just randomly brought schadenfreude up (btw voll gute Aussprache, ich hab dies echt nicht erwartet Viel liebe von Deutschland)
Ordinary_Plant - 17 dager siden
Wait... do you eat orange cantaloupe melon or green cantaloupe melon?
where's the lamb s a U C E
where's the lamb s a U C E - 18 dager siden
I find it so fascinating how he has tried literally ever tactic in the book and still can't manage to retain a consistent viewership. He is literally that terrible and uninteresting of a person.
iVini gaming
iVini gaming - 19 dager siden
Micheal Persicko
Micheal Persicko - 20 dager siden
why am i hearing the chorus to Loser by Beck over and over in my head throughout the entirety of this video? Either way kind of fitting given the subject matter.
unsuccessful mistake 92
unsuccessful mistake 92 - 22 dager siden
7:56 I thought you where gonna say a website that rhyme with Lonley mans
Fail Network
Fail Network - 22 dager siden
I, unfortunately, have never experienced the delicious taste of a cantaloupe melon, and will now take my leave to the nearest Morrisons to buy one.
SCP - 1471
SCP - 1471 - 23 dager siden
Schadenfreude is taking pleasure from other peoples *deserved* pain.
For example: if a guy thinks it's funny to kick a horse, but gets kicked by that horse instead and you found that funny and that he deserved it, then yeah, you are "schadenfreudig" (the only translation I found to English was "gloating")/ that's Schadenfreude. :D
Samantha Vittitow
Samantha Vittitow - 24 dager siden
it's the acne for me

ps, i hate cantaloupe >:((
DenZolo 9010
DenZolo 9010 - 24 dager siden
He is like a Store brand Shane Dawson
{ Oracle }
{ Oracle } - 24 dager siden
Ah shit I saw title and I was dissapointed as a proud loser that just fucking shame full
Fresh avocados
Fresh avocados - 25 dager siden
Who else thought his name was onion 😂
Bernhardine K
Bernhardine K - 27 dager siden
I knew a guy who played League of Legends on a regular basis. He was 100% psychopath.
koobs_the_noobs - 28 dager siden
this dude is probably why onionsan from undertale lost all of their friends.....
Calibrium Aurelius
Calibrium Aurelius - 28 dager siden
Well shit, all the people I know play league
Kelley Bozeman
Kelley Bozeman - 28 dager siden
Not sire who's worst onion boy or Marxist cp defender
Aka onision and vaush
Luci Jobgen
Luci Jobgen - 28 dager siden
"Onision's a Loser"
And every sixty seconds in Africa a minute passes.
Classy Squid
Classy Squid - 29 dager siden
The title is like saying ‘the sky is blue’
Rosie Bellamy
Rosie Bellamy - 29 dager siden
I love how confused the subtitles are about the word Onision
A nissian
An asian
An easy one
Anissio no
I have missed some
Kas Ann
Kas Ann - 29 dager siden
omg you just reminded me that I watched a vid of rating peoples bodies and attractiveness in middle school and that was one contributing factor to beginnings of my ED
Yume - 29 dager siden
Oh, so you don't know about gemini on tiktok
Let's change that
Kjetilbrann - Måned siden
Why is he still around? Because people keeping talking about him non stop in videos like it's their only source of income. Kind of like how Keemstar covers Deji and Jake Paul whenever he needs to buy a new car. Insert > Onision J Paul L Paul Dawson H3H3 Keemstar Leafy Ellen DeGeneres Deji Hansen James Charles into title formula.
Shlorpo o
Shlorpo o - Måned siden
Charles Hills
Charles Hills - Måned siden
i mean onision but to be honest he has the IQ of an onion
Charles Hills
Charles Hills - Måned siden
onion is a loser

ah yes way to under explain the obvious james
I do Beepuns
I do Beepuns - Måned siden
694 k views
Dav[e]id Bello
Dav[e]id Bello - Måned siden
Easy mate. He doesn’t care what you think of him. That’s why he is still around.
Spookybutt - Måned siden
Yeah, true, but everytime someone makes a video on him, it feeds him again.
Susan Mann
Susan Mann - Måned siden
Onision is scraping the bottom of a bottomless hole
Kenn:Legendary Sky Pirate of the Seven Skies!!!!
Onision should go back to his original content instead of - whatever this he doing at this point.
Chaos Chris
Chaos Chris - Måned siden
Thank you James, Very Cool!
FoxLimbs - Måned siden
The lower angle indicates how he thinks he's above everyone
Amelie Parkinson
Amelie Parkinson - Måned siden
HoneyBee Does Art
HoneyBee Does Art - Måned siden
I’m not even kidding when you said “will except almost anybody and I talk about it so much” I legit thought you where talking about onlyfans
Sleepy Moo
Sleepy Moo - Måned siden
I dont know who you are.... you just popped up as a suggestion for me to me to watch lol So I watched and subbed x
Never watched onison but I have watched inabber talkin about him over the past couple of years qnd the guy is a weirdo.....I thought he had gone but no hes still about? How come lol x
Bo Peep
Bo Peep - Måned siden
He kinda looks like Shane Dawson.🦑
Paul Kirkley
Paul Kirkley - Måned siden
Shyles XØ
Shyles XØ - Måned siden
Why does he look like shane dawson in the thumbnail O.O
slushiewaves - Måned siden
I- They’re probably the same person 👀
The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
When I saw the title I was like “yes.”
Janelle Odom
Janelle Odom - Måned siden
And the thing is onision looks like Shane Dawson 👀
pardon my pringles
pardon my pringles - Måned siden
And Greg’s way worse, even Shane was creeped out by him
slushiewaves - Måned siden
Random Alien
Random Alien - Måned siden
Y’all 5:11 ‘s time stamp is killing me 😂 I’m fr crying rn 😭😭
Beaker - Måned siden
I have been watching Alex Gorge and will for years like for will before bgm media I litraly only watch him because of eboys
Ally - Måned siden
I really loved Onision in middle school too (in 2012) and he actually was what pushed me to be a vegetarian, which I still am today and God how disappointing it is for me to think about his stupid ugly mug every time I think about it.
Dra Muah
Dra Muah - Måned siden
8:44 he does realize his fanbase including me where 12/13 year olds and now that we are older we realize he was judging minors bodies
Doctorsprok - Måned siden
You have been talking to Fraser too much.
DarkRubberDucky - Måned siden
James... a year ago... I would have told you I hate cantaloupe melon. It was nasty, and horrible.
But this year, I tried it again, and have a love of it. 2020 did one thing right.
Honeydew is still Satan, though.
llama gaming 99
llama gaming 99 - Måned siden
13 *I can watch this video that I ant allowed to watch
PotatoIndeed - Måned siden
3:08 Danny Gonzalez is that you
Rika - Måned siden
This is a flex but I speak 7 languages, so I say that I’m seveninguall.
slushiewaves - Måned siden
I’m hEcTlInGuAL
Verónica Méndez
Verónica Méndez - Måned siden
“This is a broken man” we love to see it
M’ia tone yage YLLATOTE
M’ia tone yage YLLATOTE - Måned siden
سکسسوسم»” مشکسس ۇثشخی»... .ًگس
Chill Toad
Chill Toad - Måned siden
Onision was partnered back when partnership was determined by YouTube subs as well
Cinema Nerd
Cinema Nerd - Måned siden
“Maybe he’s a comedian in his mother’s eyes.”
- Johnnie Guilbert on Onision
freia_ manser
freia_ manser - Måned siden
Plz react to his video of "Dear fat people..."
Nothing Cheeseburger
Nothing Cheeseburger - Måned siden
Leave Onision alone!!
Ace :3
Ace :3 - Måned siden
You’re joking
slushiewaves - Måned siden
Soupdance - Måned siden
I forgot onision existed and for a second I was happy. You've upset me.
Ella Oschefski
Ella Oschefski - Måned siden
As a Canadian, I would like to inform you that in our eyes, you are not superior, the UK is our elite parent. We are the favourite child and the USA is the rebellious child that left home early and sells drugs.
xTANNA3 - Måned siden
666,666 views hmmmmm
Gala Idared
Gala Idared - Måned siden
That intro to the sponsor had me dead, it was perfect
Your Average Alex
Your Average Alex - Måned siden
maybe we should just stop talking about him and let his channel die
Rowan Straughan
Rowan Straughan - Måned siden
Your a looser for making a video on him
slushiewaves - Måned siden
RUBBY - 2 måneder siden
Who is that woman? What was she doing to her cat? Is her cat ok?
the animatix
the animatix - 2 måneder siden
Bel - 2 måneder siden
wait hang on it was LAST YEAR that he lost his patreon?? christ
Nostalgic Universe
Nostalgic Universe - 2 måneder siden
Nostalgic Universe
Nostalgic Universe - 2 måneder siden
At this point idk what he is getting out of being on youtube. Its like its the only attention he can get so he stays on youtube despite being hated. He is a joke and he knows it but he stays for some reason.
Ace :3
Ace :3 - Måned siden
Isn’t it cus he’s making money from his videos?
numan raja
numan raja - 2 måneder siden
But so are you and the Eboys
K6756 - 2 måneder siden
I didn’t know swap.son had a YouTube channel
slushiewaves - Måned siden
I- rip
hevenz - 2 måneder siden
greg used monstercat which lets you PAY for that checkmark. but not anymore, twitch took them off that's what happened. go google it...i'll wait...
PotatoGamer332 - 2 måneder siden
When he said there was 1 more website that would pay him and I thought it was a only fans 😂😂😂😂😂
AftermathRV - 2 måneder siden
12:25 eh, yeah, okay fair nuff, nice for you, but counter argument: also keeps onision alive.
So Le
So Le - 2 måneder siden
Can somebody tell me who this man is. I been hearing about him for a long time and still don't know who he is 😂
So What
So What - 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one who has no clue who onision is?? Can someone explain what he did?
Enigma gaming
Enigma gaming - 2 måneder siden
Btw Gemini official is someone who was caught sleeping with a 16 year old
TaeJae - 2 måneder siden
2:25 proceeds to cut twin brother and cousin out of my life. They both even have the same name lol
Doing My Best
Doing My Best - 2 måneder siden
I used to be a fan of him too •_•......when I was 12-13 then realized he was a pos....its embarrassing but now we know to dm corporations to not work with him ;)
Teona - 2 måneder siden
The amount of therapy hours his kids are going to need is staggering. I am traumatized by him just by watching him, imagine being brought up by that psycho... Actually, I do not need to. My aunt who raised me for three years reminds me of him a lot. It was awful and I am still going to therapy. The difference is that his kids are going to live with him for 18 years, yikes.
Blah Blah
Blah Blah - 26 dager siden
Oh fuck I forgot he had kids.