Meet my new boyfriend, Nikocado Avocado...

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Today I introduce you to my new boyfriend, Nikocado Avocado. We address the drama since my last two videos on him, and talking about his veganism, relationship, breakdowns and much much more in a very special quarantine collab. For entertainment purposes only.
Nikocado's Channel: @Nikocado Avocado
Aria's Instagram: @ariatamagotchi
Twitter/Instagram: @JamesMarriottYT (James Marriott)
TikTok: @JamesMarriott

James Marriott
Cynic Snacks (
Runtime: 27:27


The Channel That Doesn't Matter
2:33 "we British have a culture of being very shy about talking about sexual topics"
Mean while...
*My friend making sexual jokes and talking about sexual shit with me*
Ineedtostopwatchingcartoons - 15 timer siden
Why is nick actually really cool in this video

*it makes me actually like him WTF IS HAPPENING TO ME*
Ineedtostopwatchingcartoons - 14 timer siden
lmao ur lying but u don’t have to lie I’m a loser LMAO
I'm lying
I'm lying - 15 timer siden
Not as cool as u tho
Elijah Winchester
Elijah Winchester - 19 timer siden
i'm surprised he's nearly three-hundred pounds. i'd have guessed he was in his early two-hundreds, maybe two-hundred-fifteen? i really suck at guessing.
Lemonade - 20 timer siden
He is not 6 foot hes 5 foot 8 inches
MrLonewolf - Dag siden
I wonder how nakato avocado is not dead yet I'm not trying to be rude but the amount of food that he eats is dangerous and he does even care that we're concerned
Sass master From Doncaster
I made (and am wearing) a bracelet that says “avocado” because of him
Toastedtoast - 2 dager siden
i honestly did not think james would be 6'4" i honestly thought he was like 5'8"
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A - 2 dager siden
James Marriott: *A British gentleman.*
Nic**** Ava****: *The opposite.*
Reuben Hornet King
Reuben Hornet King - 2 dager siden
Wow nick is so different in this it’s the he’s faking his “baby act”
Courtney Hammett
Courtney Hammett - 3 dager siden
Jannie Torres____
Jannie Torres____ - 4 dager siden
Wtf is trilingual
Evan Failla
Evan Failla - 5 dager siden
I had a kfc ad during this
Lucy Godina
Lucy Godina - 5 dager siden
My respect for Nick after this got higher. Everybody is being too harsh. He is a person at the end of everything.
Gacha Hamster Police
Gacha Hamster Police - 6 dager siden
Me: OkAy BoOmeR
bowl noodle cos
bowl noodle cos - 6 dager siden
why is everyone suprised, ofcourse hes a normal person. just look at his videos :/
Apple Juice
Apple Juice - 6 dager siden
Nick actually look normal here, makes me think if he actually just acts but like.. I like how james makes him human-
Eclipse - 6 dager siden
the way she looks at james thooo (aria? is that her name? IDK but cuteeee)
Hiba Zubair
Hiba Zubair - 7 dager siden
Okay...I was judgemental about nick before....but he's actually really nice and real about the way he is....and I like that.....huh....
:0 - 8 dager siden
I've been wondering where Aria got her hoodie from?
bingus - 9 dager siden
I'm not sure how he's like in other videos, since I'm not into this stuff. But Nikocado seemed really nice here, might not usually though idk
maqdie - 9 dager siden
tbh. i think when he's crazy. it's an act, he does it for money, which is kinda working ngl, if he's like how he acts in this video, i wouldnt hate him as much
Vulpes Eso
Vulpes Eso - 10 dager siden
I think nick ie generally normal accept for the only fans the rest might be an act
Phoebe Chandler
Phoebe Chandler - 10 dager siden
Omg my dogs named rolo.. I’ve never heard of another person with a dog named rolo haha 😅
*_Dead EmUse_*
*_Dead EmUse_* - 10 dager siden
This video just seems like 2 best friends talking 😂
Pigeon - 10 dager siden
George is 100% the most attractive
Diggity Dooo
Diggity Dooo - 11 dager siden
luke scotland
luke scotland - 11 dager siden
eating like niko would deffos be nice but in a smaller scale and not as much
zJulian Felipe Rodriguez Barrera
this is one of those few moments when i talk seriously, this is not a joke, nikocado is perturbing me.
Dylan Ellis
Dylan Ellis - 12 dager siden
waiting for cauculation,,, ,,,, ,,,, ...... ..... .. ......... get a fucking opporation
Yazan İbrahim
Yazan İbrahim - 13 dager siden
I like nick in this interview.if his videos would be like how he is now i would very much like to watch him.but if he doesn’t that is how he wants to be then that totally fine☺️☺️
KRose and Pen
KRose and Pen - 13 dager siden
Wait, are they really dating or is he just kidding about it? I can never tell with james
Annabelle Wheelis
Annabelle Wheelis - 13 dager siden
theyre joking
RetroD3liri0us - 13 dager siden
This video has changed my point of view on Nik. i used to dislike Nik because all i saw where his mukbangs and i dislike mukbangs but seeing Nik's other side made me realize that i was miss-judging him.
X Dreyer
X Dreyer - 14 dager siden
honestly seems like a funny and cool dude ngl. His content is pretty messed up but honestly does not deserve the hate. Funny guy man
Poppy Pomeroy
Poppy Pomeroy - 15 dager siden
Nick has already got a bf- it's orlin.
Poppy Pomeroy
Poppy Pomeroy - 15 dager siden
53//6 33 6//34$3
Yuno Is Real
Yuno Is Real - 16 dager siden
lol this was so holdosme i love it
JASP3R - 16 dager siden
I want Him to not do mukbangs and other videos like commetary he is so funny
JASP3R - 16 dager siden
First i was like just a stupid mukbang youtuber but i accually like him and his humer
JASP3R - 16 dager siden
Wait only boyfriend?
Arnt you Married?
Em Manson
Em Manson - 17 dager siden
It’s so annoying that this version of Nick isn’t available to watch regularly.
Unicornism - 17 dager siden
This is what the song Him was written about.
Life of Leah
Life of Leah - 17 dager siden
Yeah Nigas gay
Sundry-Dexterity - 17 dager siden
Damn, I want more of this... :'3
Lil glow Stick
Lil glow Stick - 18 dager siden
I’m sorry but your face is very astheticly pleasing
William Walker
William Walker - 18 dager siden
Marijuana is literally the safest thing to smoke, drink, and eat on earth. That’s a fact
The Jamaican Potato Chip
The Jamaican Potato Chip - 18 dager siden
James looks pretty big do
Your Mother
Your Mother - 18 dager siden
IcyFrozenGuy287 - 19 dager siden
Chris-not-found - 19 dager siden
Wait are they actually dating😂😂😂🥺🥺🥺🤯🤯🤯😳😳😳
Annabelle Wheelis
Annabelle Wheelis - 13 dager siden
@Chris-not-found idk what u mean by that but oki
Chris-not-found - 13 dager siden
@Annabelle Wheelis 🤷🏼‍♂️
Annabelle Wheelis
Annabelle Wheelis - 13 dager siden
@Chris-not-found because nick has a boyfriend and james has a girlfriend lmao
Chris-not-found - 13 dager siden
@Annabelle Wheelis how do u know?
Annabelle Wheelis
Annabelle Wheelis - 13 dager siden
Jonnileigh Price
Jonnileigh Price - 19 dager siden
Good thing you did this during quarantine or he would've shat on your bean bag
Erica Mae Tilton
Erica Mae Tilton - 19 dager siden
James: *is 6'4*
Me: *4'10 and almost 17*
Damn it...
(Ik im late)
water ice wolf Mia
water ice wolf Mia - 21 dag siden
the banana beast
the banana beast - 21 dag siden
e-boyfriend confirmed
the banana beast
the banana beast - 21 dag siden
Crazy trigger
Crazy trigger - 21 dag siden
i had alot of respect, but being with
Minecraft 2.0
Minecraft 2.0 - 21 dag siden
Error error system overload
2082-Aryan Dennis
2082-Aryan Dennis - 22 dager siden
Are u gay
Annabelle Wheelis
Annabelle Wheelis - 13 dager siden
nick is, but james isnt
Justin Price
Justin Price - 24 dager siden
So no hate but r u gay not hating just wondering no hate tho
Justin Price
Justin Price - 11 dager siden
@Annabelle Wheelis thank u still both are cool
Annabelle Wheelis
Annabelle Wheelis - 13 dager siden
nick is, but james isnt
TheRed Playzs
TheRed Playzs - 24 dager siden
Nick is really nice tbh
Ace Animation's DC2
Ace Animation's DC2 - 21 dag siden
always and forever
always and forever - 24 dager siden
Is it just me or does nik seem like really mature and everything so it really doesn't make me think that his videos are fake a little bit
Xavier Thomas
Xavier Thomas - 24 dager siden
Is he a asmr gay boy
Gotenn3 ·
Gotenn3 · - 24 dager siden
Let’s be honest, niko is acting like that just to impress james cuz niko has a crush on him
Kami - 24 dager siden
😍 I've never seen aria holy shit she's so pretty !!!!
Eric Kyllonen
Eric Kyllonen - 25 dager siden
*GAG NOISES* ....hope this is a joke before i finish the vid
Elsche Rix
Elsche Rix - 25 dager siden
Get you someone that looks at you like Aria looks at James
dumb videos of me being high
dumb videos of me being high - 25 dager siden
This actually made me like the guy
XdShadow - 26 dager siden
I wouldn’t be surprised if he shat
kAtH - 26 dager siden
Aria is so pretty! ✧\(>o
Cathleen Kralik
Cathleen Kralik - 27 dager siden
Ima_die0 - 27 dager siden
bro your girl has like as much makeup as nick weighs
Go Exotics!
Go Exotics! - 28 dager siden
I would like to consume a potatoe now
1ece212 - 28 dager siden
this was 7 months ago i think nick changed not in good way but bad wayy
iiPinkGirlii - 28 dager siden
Ah yes I ship!
SAMOL - 29 dager siden
Youtuber man
Youtuber man - 29 dager siden
Hahahaha trilingual go brrrrrrrr
Ronnie Spitler
Ronnie Spitler - Måned siden
I recently bought Hershey's perfume and i think nick would love it! I'm not joking it smells amazing
Haley Kersey
Haley Kersey - Måned siden
is actually normal??
storme games
storme games - Måned siden
I support his relation ship cuz my uncle is gay aswell
Lost In a forest
Lost In a forest - Måned siden
NIkocado: seeing people are reacting to my eating

my brain: flashbacks of Nikocado beating up food
raya and kaide show
raya and kaide show - Måned siden
Bro............... you gey!?
metal rogan
metal rogan - Måned siden
Lillian - Måned siden
Okay but ,, Nik seems like a very likeable dude in this video ?? If he was like this all the time maybe I'd consider being alright with him ??
Ashslaydoe Grey
Ashslaydoe Grey - Måned siden
I'm so happy james brought up papa frank
Anon-Chan - Måned siden
# Marriocado
The Glitchy art
The Glitchy art - Måned siden
James: who do you think is the most attractive eboy?

Nick: *wide eyes*
Mickey_Girl23 - Måned siden
It’s interesting how sane he sounds in this video, if you watched this video without know who nicko is you’d think he’s normal
Seth Urban
Seth Urban - Måned siden
What have you done
gothicc - Måned siden
i just love that they’re so nice to each other and both comfortable during this vid. i thought at first it’s gonna hella awkward :D
kitsada 2.0
kitsada 2.0 - Måned siden
I like how james is wearing his senheissers while Nik is wearing dirty buds
Nick asd
Nick asd - Måned siden
This video was, surprisingly, very wholesome.
Lynette Riddle
Lynette Riddle - Måned siden
You talking about how you feel like you pissed yourself when you're high is like a girl on their period not gonna lie. When it's that time and you have to go somewhere in public especially like at the store or school, I will feel like it leaked. I will like pull my shit down or my hoodie and walk fast and my body language will just say "I'm awkward and self conscious". It sucks. Even though it doesn't happen now, I ALWAYS feel like that.
Also that might be tmi but I think if we talked about fuckin bussie in this vid then a girl's period should be nothing.
I have never smoked weed either. I tried a vape once and choked on it and never did it again. I never tried a dab pen or weed itself though I know plenty of people who have tried it.
Lynette Riddle
Lynette Riddle - Måned siden
Damn he's a whole 6'4. I have a friend whose 6'5... I'm a whole 5'4 and a quarter. Gotta include the quarter. Guess that doesn't make it whole... fuckin nerd I am
DarkRubberDucky - Måned siden
This version of Nick is actually really likeable. His character and Orlin are really horrible to watch, its uncomfortable and not fun (for me, personally). But this? This is a decent response.
Also, if Nick would do that weight loss in the next year or two? I would actually watch, to be honest.
TheLachstar - Måned siden
I think on his NOburn they are acting for views
HC- HUNTER_UNITY Tiongson - Måned siden
Juggernaut- Jo
Juggernaut- Jo - Måned siden
So their actually together? Weird 👁👁
Chaos Chris
Chaos Chris - Måned siden
Thank you James, Very Cool!
bug - Måned siden
see,,, nick’s actually a really nice and “wholesome” guy it’s just... the internet kinda feeds people a mindset and so he kinda like,,, puts up a front for a decent/good amount of interactions/views
i’d genuinely enjoy him/his videos more/at all if he wasn’t so... fake in them,,, but i get it, the media is built around that-
edit: well,,, more into the video i do realize how drastic his health really is.. he does mention a few “improvements/changes” soon which is good. and i’m also genuinely proud of him for even admitting it’s an actual issue and that it’s gonna change soon enough (obviously i’ve previously watched this video, revisiting lol, and he hasn’t exactly followed through but it’s more of the thought that counts)
Isis Poulose
Isis Poulose - Måned siden
You’re 6’4?!?!? You’re a whole foot taller than me :/
the ultimate rilakkuma • 69 years ago
i wanna die
The Human Tumble Dryer aka Mandible
Ok, who thinks Nick should have a channel called "sex and drugs and violins"