Liza Koshy Thinks She's Famous...

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In today's video, we confirm why Liza Koshy thinks she's famous. We react to the Liza Koshy Met Gala 2019 interviews, covering topics like James Charles and Shawn Mendes, and looking at certain ridiculous outfit choices and question responses.
Twitter/Instagram: @JamesMarriottYT (James Marriott)
Runtime: 10:43


Taylor Will
Taylor Will - Time siden
Lol what’s a koshi
Silly Gamer Guy
Silly Gamer Guy - 7 timer siden
Liza Squishy: starting new trend
Lady J.
Lady J. - Dag siden
Shawn mendes is canadian. He’ll be fine
Zahraa Naser
Zahraa Naser - 4 dager siden
I love the way he talks about One Direction and Harry Styles
Hazyla - 4 dager siden
I had to look up Liza koshy when I read the title.
Raquel Is Better Than Barbie
:o did you not know who she is or did you forget about her channel.
Elizabeth Clark
Elizabeth Clark - 7 dager siden
Umm I'm actually 13 so yeah you where wrong.
Joy Dasko
Joy Dasko - 8 dager siden
tbh, having celebrities talk about how rich they are is a lot better than them whining about how poor they think they are
Kōtarõ Bokuto
Kōtarõ Bokuto - 9 dager siden
i screAMED why did he use a picture of jungkook😭😭😭😭
Jenipher Johnson
Jenipher Johnson - 9 dager siden
What is camp? I am fashion challenged.
damon salvatore doe
damon salvatore doe - 9 dager siden
the 1D slander 😭🤣
Lizzy Barlow
Lizzy Barlow - 9 dager siden
“Hope it’s not heart disease” SHSGSHGSHGGGAHG
maja Maja
maja Maja - 11 dager siden
James out of all videos this is the one where you actually seem like you need to go to an insane asylum
Ruby Mcmullen
Ruby Mcmullen - 11 dager siden
Kanye was looking at jefree
Mysterious Heart
Mysterious Heart - 13 dager siden
You are loved 💗
Mysterious Heart
Mysterious Heart - 13 dager siden
There,there. Don't be sad. *subscribed*
Purple Anthocharis
Purple Anthocharis - 15 dager siden
Why do the subtitles at the start say “put subtitles on your vids so I can watch them at work”
SlupitaB - 18 dager siden
She seems like a nice person but is not really funny
peter morris
peter morris - 20 dager siden
No such thing as a 3 knuckler
My Achey Breaky Blidzy Heart
My Achey Breaky Blidzy Heart - 23 dager siden
James: You’re all 12
Me, an eleven year old: ...triggered
(I am joking)
row - 25 dager siden
Wait is camila mendes in that lmaooo
Jasper Robloxx
Jasper Robloxx - 27 dager siden
the words met gala make me thinks of oceans 8
RP - 04AF 838417 Corsair PS
she is famous she has been in mutible movies and co stard in the new movie called work it
bitch lasagna
bitch lasagna - Måned siden
You're annoying af
Kristian Mengistu
Kristian Mengistu - 15 dager siden
Wow so creative 🙄
Splish Splash, Your opinion is trash
Eat your own shit
that one person
that one person - 26 dager siden
He’s fucking hilarious 😂
Ethan BECKMAN - Måned siden
Did james ever shave his hair off?
RAY KEE - Måned siden
Everybody watching this video sort by newest first and look at the 7 year olds, people think James supports child trafficking and are misunderstanding that the title was clickbait. Now to all the 7 year olds who are superfans of Liza, a little message to you all: Liza koshy is not famous. Someone Being famous is not an opinion, it’s a fact. You can technically say your neighbour is famous, that dosent mean they are. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so this comment is mine, you can say you consider her famous and you can watch and support her all you want, but I’m sure your queen won’t like you spreading hate to other YouTubers. the reason he made a video about her is because she did some stuff at the time this video was made. Also to that one person who thought James supported child trafficking, have you ever heard of *DARK HUMOR* dude take a joke. Anyway anyone who has read this far hello, thank you for reading(?) my TED wrrriteee?????? And have a good day
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A - Måned siden
Liza Koshy isn't a *brilliant* comedian; well, no one can compare to Michael McIntyre's standards, but she can be funny at times and she kinda makes fun of herself and has this 'I don't think I'm that funny but I like cracking jokes'. Lilly Singh is unfunny and will *never* be able to cope in the mainstream world like Liza.
Lilac - Måned siden
Bruh, she literally was invited and does not even try to act cool like most celebs shes funny and fun. Ur just jealous periodt.
Splish Splash, Your opinion is trash
pERiODt I hate people like you.
RAY KEE - Måned siden
Lern too spel
Tristan Brainwood
Tristan Brainwood - Måned siden
Don't insult Margaret Thatcher she was not a witch
blxsso_m - 13 dager siden
its a joke lmao
RAY KEE - Måned siden
It’s a joke about that song I think
Legendary Matthew
Legendary Matthew - Måned siden
James: “You’re all 12
Me: Well you’re right
Informoverload is radical
Informoverload is radical - Måned siden
The Troll
The Troll - Måned siden
Keep your distance
The irony
Summs O.o
Summs O.o - Måned siden
If you dislike this video you are a loser ______.Guess the word James would say
Lily Mortimer
Lily Mortimer - 2 måneder siden
125k likes.... still waiting for that hair to be shaved off
Yengest - 2 måneder siden
Splish Splash, Your opinion is trash
What joke.
Yengest - 2 måneder siden
@a_vlb you missed the fucking joke m8
a_vlb - 2 måneder siden
Shut up
katie tither
katie tither - 2 måneder siden
its funny how liza has more subs than u on her main and second channel its funny u saying that title :D
blxsso_m - 13 dager siden
its also funny that, you didn't get the joke
a_vlb - 2 måneder siden
She trash anyways she is bot funny at all she must stop
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
7 year olds in the comments: oMg wHy dId yOu hUrT mY fAv3
slushiewaves - Måned siden
@RAY KEE Honestly same it’s lowkey funny 😌
RAY KEE - Måned siden
@slushiewaves I c u responding to them all it’s my new hobby to sort by newest first on James Marriott vids and see the 7 year olds
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
@Lovely_Monbebe Lovely_limelight no no its oki- people just dont know that James was joking }: o//o
Lovely_Monbebe Lovely_limelight
Lovely_Monbebe Lovely_limelight - 2 måneder siden
@slushiewaves I'm so sorry I feel so bad for u
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
@Lovely_Monbebe Lovely_limelight y u h
Tilda - 2 måneder siden
The fact that he new it was called 'one direction this is us' is just kinda sus
Click bait
Click bait - 2 måneder siden
All hate aside Liza managed to handle all these celebrities REALLY well she might not be funny BUT she’s entertaining
Leo Walsh
Leo Walsh - 2 måneder siden
Hahahaha ding dong the witch is the dead 😈😈😈
craked lighys
craked lighys - 2 måneder siden
james saying he doesn’t have a good sense of style :
me : 👁👄👁
Bruno Bucciarati
Bruno Bucciarati - 2 måneder siden
" it's not like negativity is the only thing i'm good at "
*my mood every single day*
Lotte Staiger
Lotte Staiger - 3 måneder siden
Literally everyone else : OMG these people look absolutely amazing !!!
James : she must of missed the memo considering she came as a fruit pastel ice lolly 😂
This really made me laugh 😆
ThechosenGarchomp - 3 måneder siden
why does liza koshy sound like jojo siwa she smoked 5 packs of weed a day
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
I mean...did you lie-
Rebecca Ramon
Rebecca Ramon - 3 måneder siden
2:34 once he said this I immediately went to see when this was made and laughed once I saw that it was made in 2019
Elizabete Suitiņa
Elizabete Suitiņa - 3 måneder siden
Ive had epilepsy for 4 years and I've had a lot of seizures
pandaplayz - 3 måneder siden
Me: *Reads the title*
Still me: And you think you're a good youtuber?
+ He talks all this shit about Liza but he says HE SUPPORTS CHILD Trafficking! At 2:52, you can hear him say that he says he KINDA accepts Trafficking of children.
RAY KEE - Måned siden
@Avery Ptaszek no problem bro
Avery Ptaszek
Avery Ptaszek - Måned siden
@RAY KEE oooohhh, makes sense, my bad
RAY KEE - Måned siden
@Avery Ptaszek I know I mean the guy who made the original comment was seven I got the joke, in fact that’s my kind of humor. I assumed you were talking about the original guy and that he was being sarcastic not james
Avery Ptaszek
Avery Ptaszek - 2 måneder siden
@RAY KEE Have you ever heard of dark humor lmfao
RAY KEE - 2 måneder siden
@Avery Ptaszek no he’s not he’s just 7 years old
Clark Dog
Clark Dog - 3 måneder siden
Why did lady Gaga invite Liza because Liza got more subscribers than lady gaga
sila - 3 måneder siden
You look like Danil Le Russe.
luv sehuni
luv sehuni - 3 måneder siden
ur titles always make me laugh
Apple - 3 måneder siden
Leo Walsh
Leo Walsh - 2 måneder siden
Shes burning in hell with hitler and Churchill
Isabel Matthews
Isabel Matthews - 3 måneder siden
8:23 i see kanye looking at the lady in the far right in the pink dress.
Isabel Matthews
Isabel Matthews - 3 måneder siden
7:45 you ding dong,that's not madonna,it literally says her name in the clip you showed.if you can read,it clearly doesn't say madonna.i'm not attacking you though,just correcting you.
blxsso_m - 13 dager siden
its a joke
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
Duh it was a joke
torf - 3 måneder siden
Ding dong indeed
Lena K
Lena K - 3 måneder siden
James: I'vE GOt MorE DOUgH THan THe GREat BRITISh BAKing SHoW
Anzhelika Nahapetyan
Anzhelika Nahapetyan - 3 måneder siden
You just broke my heart.. how could you say that to her ;-; that’s just rude...
blxsso_m - 13 dager siden
hes joking lmao
RickRollify - 3 måneder siden
Its his opinion. It also could be a joke! Also theres a small precentage of her even reacting to this video.
Erin Lynch
Erin Lynch - 3 måneder siden
James if u dont like ur red wine can i have it
Rooths Roofs
Rooths Roofs - 3 måneder siden
But did he ever shave his hair off though?
Lucy Braun
Lucy Braun - 3 måneder siden
How did he know I was 12
CaramelCornYT - 4 måneder siden
she gets over 10's of millions of views?wtf u talking about
blxsso_m - 13 dager siden
@CaramelCornYT yeesh its a joke, stop being such a snowflake
blxsso_m - 13 dager siden
learn to take a joke
RAY KEE - 2 måneder siden
@CaramelCornYT he’s just J O K I N G seriously the title is not related (at least not entirely) to the video. So stop arguing with this random guy. You little wanker
RAY KEE - 2 måneder siden
@CaramelCornYT wOW yOu rEAlLy GoTtEM tHeRE
CaramelCornYT - 2 måneder siden
@slushiewaves also if im so young thats its a joke to u and u think i should watch my little pony then u should go watch gay porn
Lillian C.
Lillian C. - 4 måneder siden
We're past 60,000 likes. SHAVE IT OFF.
Caroline Guy
Caroline Guy - 4 måneder siden
The way she tried to match Tiffany Haddish's intonation was so embarrassing
flamethrowerX19 - 4 måneder siden
James u’re handsome
Stagg Industries
Stagg Industries - 4 måneder siden
Why have I always thought Liza Koshy and lily Singh were the same person
Gaming Account
Gaming Account - 4 måneder siden
kanye didnt have to many chicken wings, he had too many MAGA hats
Thatblondebtch - 4 måneder siden
James.... James
We want that hair shaved

and the beard
Nickdumb - 4 måneder siden
Ding dong
I like hammers
I like hammers - 4 måneder siden
Someone explain to me why people hate 12year olds?????😂
Malcolm Venn
Malcolm Venn - 4 måneder siden
1:18 oh my god that is so funny
Malcolm Venn
Malcolm Venn - 4 måneder siden
and when i say that no sarcasm
Nick Jones
Nick Jones - 4 måneder siden
James I'm offended that you would think I, a 13 year old, wouldn't understand your reference to the skyrocketing of sales of "Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead" after Maggy Thatcher's bucket-kicking. Disgraceful
Pablito - 4 måneder siden
ah yes chilean wine,, 3:01
i think,, looks like a casillero del diablo
Liam TEG
Liam TEG - 4 måneder siden
James do you think your famouse?LOL i dont feel ba tho
Liam TEG
Liam TEG - 12 dager siden
Yeahits a joke byw i think im late
blxsso_m - 13 dager siden
its a fucking joke
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
バスターランスロット - 4 måneder siden
Kayne West would really pissed to Liza Koshy that she thinks she was famous but she *NOT!*
Diana Rosales
Diana Rosales - 5 måneder siden
“Ion know, like W O O D”
FishE The Fish
FishE The Fish - 5 måneder siden
Remember to sift through the new comments people, you’ll find people defending Cardi B AND Liza down here.
RAY KEE - Måned siden
I’m doing that and occasionally responding.There was a guy who thought James supported child trafficking
Sofia Tsetinis
Sofia Tsetinis - 4 måneder siden
thats exactly what im doing 😂😂
Lavenvdxr - 5 måneder siden
Maybe I’m biased but I find Liza Koshy famous😂
RAY KEE - Måned siden
Well are you bias? I mean I’m assuming that you watch her and like her content (and there’s nothing wrong with that) so therefore you think/consider her famous. I mean I’m a fan of James Marriott but I don’t really consider him to be famous and, even tho Liza has a lot more subs, I don’t consider her famous either. so it would, at least I think it would, be easy to judge if your bias. I think saying someone is famous is not an opinion, but a fact. It’s almost like saying someone isn’t the president because the person you voted for lost. Keep in mind that this is an opinion, but I don’t think subs scales up to fame, unless you have an insane amount like Pewdiepie (he’s famous I guess) EDIT:I just realised that I wrote THIS MUCH about a 9 word NOburn comment. I need a life.
heyy yy
heyy yy - 5 måneder siden
Are you irish? Lmao
RAY KEE - Måned siden
@Pengu yea, but I didn’t say you were pissed. It was a joke. My reply was a joke
Pengu - Måned siden
@RAY KEE I didn't get pissed lol. Was just giving extra info
RAY KEE - Måned siden
@Pengu it was a joke dude
Pengu - Måned siden
@RAY KEE he said it in a vid
RAY KEE - Måned siden
@Pengu that sounds exactly like something a stalker would say...pretty sus ngl
Julian Morris
Julian Morris - 5 måneder siden
I dont know like woods
Johnathan !
Johnathan ! - 5 måneder siden
Lets just be honest. This was james Talking about The Celebrities. Not Liza.
Sophie Hazell
Sophie Hazell - 5 måneder siden
the most unrealistic thing is that no one cosplayed as a total drama character
Estenuts ಠ_ಠ
Estenuts ಠ_ಠ - 5 måneder siden
Im 14 not 12 this is offensive James
Aafiya - 5 måneder siden
Waiting for you to go bald like 🥱
Malisa Myers
Malisa Myers - 5 måneder siden
Wait a damn minute don't you dare talk about my girl Cardi you peasant
RAY KEE - Måned siden
Malisa Myers
Malisa Myers - 2 måneder siden
@slushiewaves I was joking but even if I wasn't why not :0
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij
Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij - 5 måneder siden
Nice acting boss man 🤭
Haadya Waraich
Haadya Waraich - 5 måneder siden
Haadya Waraich
Haadya Waraich - 5 måneder siden
Iiza: so how ha-
21 Savage: Fo suRe
tae tae world
tae tae world - 5 måneder siden
james parrot
MsGreen147 - 5 måneder siden
Holy shit James gave a compliment!!
RAY KEE - Måned siden
Who would’ve thunk it!!!
Panic! Out by the Romance Pilot Boys
Harry Styles and Cara Delevigne have my favorite outfits. I love them so much.
AntiWasUnavailable - 5 måneder siden
me, watches riverdale: oh look it’s reggie and veronica
Seher Kamran
Seher Kamran - 5 måneder siden
We all know that James is an ARMY 😂😂
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
Splap - 5 måneder siden
1:04 1.6k dislikes ‘not pretty’
Him later seeing 3.8k dislikes ‘VERY UGLY’
black brawl stars gameplay
black brawl stars gameplay - 5 måneder siden
Ayyyyyy..........I'm 14
Fried_Potato - 5 måneder siden
Shawn mendes!? WHERE?!?
RJ - 5 måneder siden
the subtitles lmao
wagwan piffting
wagwan piffting - 5 måneder siden
this has 120 k likes so BALD JAMES!!!!
Lara Jade
Lara Jade - 5 måneder siden
Where is my chubby peanut, James??
Karina Molina
Karina Molina - 5 måneder siden
But Liza koshy is more famous than you
blxsso_m - 13 dager siden
omg its joke
Splish Splash, Your opinion is trash
So what
RAY KEE - Måned siden
Let’s be honest tho the title was click bait and he was talking about the celebrities the entire video. Also that’s not what the title said
Potato chip
Potato chip - 5 måneder siden
james: talking about how kim and liza are talking*
me: why is kim built like a hour glass.
Lemon Dealer
Lemon Dealer - 9 dager siden
kenzie - 27 dager siden
Its the beauty standard rn
Judge_Mental D3v1Ls
Judge_Mental D3v1Ls - Måned siden
I like your profile pic
Asahi Is Jesus
Asahi Is Jesus - 5 måneder siden
My dear, it's called plastic surgery
lina maru
lina maru - 5 måneder siden
She even said don't teach me to James Charles
Brisa Jaime
Brisa Jaime - 5 måneder siden
I really now need James to do a whole video with an American Accent. Please sir 🥺👉👈