Lilly Singh has just been cancelled...

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Today we talk about how Lilly Singh has just been cancelled, regarding her SHOW and some jokes she made during the NBA All-Star Roast. As a massive fan of A Little Late With Lilly Singh, I kindly ask for your patience during this difficult time. I remain in shock and cannot begin to understand why this god-tier show may be getting cancelled.
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James Marriott
James Marriott - 11 måneder siden
Going to be replying to a few comments so if you want a chat, ask me a question. If you don't, well, leave me alone.
Also Peace Out Haters is now on Spotify, just search up James Marriott to stream it AND Trisha. The more you support the music the more I'll do it.
kristy's laziness
kristy's laziness - 3 måneder siden
@wallyedits b i s e x u a l w o m a n o f c o l o r
kristy's laziness
kristy's laziness - 3 måneder siden
jason johnson
jason johnson - 5 måneder siden
Whether Lilly is successful or not, for you to be on some kind of moral high ground and bashing a chick in whatever capacity is just shameful dude. Shameful
ActionOnTheEnvironment - 6 måneder siden
I just want to say, thank you for clarifying that she is a bisexual woman of colour, she really doesn’t manage to get that point across. 🙄
Mark Ant
Mark Ant - 6 måneder siden
Shaq was in two of the worst movies of the 90`s check Chris Stuckman on youtube to confirm this.
mariam khanam
mariam khanam - Dag siden
6:17 he sounds like mickey mouse
tatothepenguin - 5 dager siden
I found you through Kurtis.........and now I'm on, like my eighth video of yours lol. I love when youtubers collaborate. You guys are hilarious and you all are greatly appreciated! *Subscribes*
Queen Apryll M
Queen Apryll M - 9 dager siden
Her humor as set work for I use to chuckle some her old videos. I don't age well when your like bit more grown.
Her jokes execute arent good little cringey
Sunset Skye
Sunset Skye - 18 dager siden
Sunset Skye
Sunset Skye - 18 dager siden
She had a couple decent roasts, but the rest were absolutely awful
My Achey Breaky Blidzy Heart
My Achey Breaky Blidzy Heart - 22 dager siden
6:20 I laughed when James said “I know you laughed”
Ada Mehta
Ada Mehta - 22 dager siden
Indians just watch Lily because of representation and look behind probably every bad joke or anything else she does, but., as an Indian I say, she sucks
The Nerdy Retro Maniac
The Nerdy Retro Maniac - 25 dager siden
She's just a racist anti-white moron
Selena 2002
Selena 2002 - 27 dager siden
Lilly u r CANADIAN
JOCKIN JEROM - 27 dager siden
You don't get to have your own talk show and she does, so you are jealous of her, I get it. Better sharpen your talents and knowledge before pointing at some else. She's been paving her own path to this success by not cringing others as you do. Thus, she's way better than all those "haters" here.
James Wolf
James Wolf - 27 dager siden
Small personal observation: chicks that go out of their way to bash white men are secretly thirsting over white men. Steer away from her my melanin challenged brethren! No sticking it in crazy!
Anonymus Brussel Sprout
Anonymus Brussel Sprout - 29 dager siden
Her saying she is a bisexual woman of color so many times makes me think she's trying to convince us that she's not a robot/lizard person
Nobody guy
Nobody guy - 29 dager siden
Why tf does she keep repeating the same shit over and over?!?! She has no other material than to make white people, men, and Americans feel bad about something.
2120musiclover - Måned siden
I am so glad this came up in my suggested videos. Fuckin hilarious
Brawl Genius
Brawl Genius - Måned siden
oh no how do you not cringe at lilly im sorry i had to stop watching😭😭
Bob Rob
Bob Rob - Måned siden
I'm Caillou insulting a famous basketball player after he retires and his wife still works but she doesn't work in a taxing industry that brings mode full body injuries even if you don't get injured while playing and that's every sport cuz your body will not recover from constant workouts and constant exercise it's good for you also bad for you
That One Chill One
That One Chill One - Måned siden
“man bad. white man very, very bad. white women ? hmm..ok ! bisexual women of color..o that’s a snack !!”
YT MAN - Måned siden
she is as bad as it gets ..all she has is laugh at my jokes coz i m brown , coz i m bi
Shikha - Måned siden
AS a bisexual woman (girl, maybe, I'm 14) who is Indian, I don't think that's something you flex on, being like "I'm bi! My parents accepted me! I'm awesome!"
Jesse Streeter
Jesse Streeter - Måned siden
Just because liily is a woman of color doesn't mean she's not racist because I heard a lot of Racist things come from her mouth and there is to much hate in this world racism needs to stop everywhere with every race.
GD EmeraldGold
GD EmeraldGold - Måned siden
Did I mention? I'm a trilingual white person.
Godgreen_Tyreen - Måned siden
Feel sorry for Shaq. Being around Lily for that long must hurt. Love Shaq so much.
Debo - Måned siden
Her show got renewed right?
courtney Koch
courtney Koch - Måned siden
I friggin DIIEEEEDDD at "dont come near me with your jeT BLuE BaGGaGe"
Lace Pop
Lace Pop - Måned siden
Why is she so annoying thoooo..... She never used to be this ANNOYINGGGG WTFFFF
Denzel Sugayan
Denzel Sugayan - Måned siden
she so cringy and trying to be 'funny' 😑😑
Oran Proctor
Oran Proctor - 2 måneder siden
ryan air lmao
Ruth Keys
Ruth Keys - 2 måneder siden
I think she horribly represents Indian culture. I definitely prefer Hasan Minhaj way more over her. Literally any other Indian celebrity is better than her. Shame that Patriot Act got cancelled.
Taylor Johnson
Taylor Johnson - 2 måneder siden
Was that even supposed to be her thing? Just go up their and roast people? Like legit is that what they asked her to do or is she just being a bitch? Like bruh some people have to understand that truly funny people have variety in their jokes and truly unfunny people just make jokes putting down or roasting other people. There is a difference my friends
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A - 2 måneder siden
Lilly never brought women like her to the surface, she brought men who weren't like her to the seabed.
re n
re n - 2 måneder siden
Before I watched lily singh, I was bisexual and now, I’m 100% normal and straight. THANK YOU LILY!!!
Theo - Måned siden
@slushiewaves Nah dude, this was good
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
@re n You’re acting like you’ll actually put it up on reddit lmao- Sorry I didn’t get your ‘joke’
re n
re n - 2 måneder siden
@slushiewaves it will be on Reddit soon
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
@re n Bro it ain’t a joke and it wasn’t funny, as someone who is personally very slow it really isn’t funny- plus it isn’t reddit
re n
re n - 2 måneder siden
@slushiewaves lily can tho and r/wooosh
Trisha Lennex
Trisha Lennex - 2 måneder siden
She sounds like she’s trying to be the Pete Davidson of the NBA roast
That random Airsofter
That random Airsofter - 2 måneder siden
Well, isn't she racist becuase she blames anything and everything on white people, isn't that the definition of racism?
w c
w c - 2 måneder siden
the potato was a huge twist
Daniel Kedwards
Daniel Kedwards - 2 måneder siden
She is so unfunny you could start crying
Rach - 2 måneder siden
I'm a bisexual woman of colour (also Indian) but I don't shove it down people's throats and I'm waayyy funnier than her because I have other material.

Did I mention I'm also a bisexual woman of colour?
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
Nancy Paul
Nancy Paul - 2 måneder siden
americans using “fam” makes me so uncomfortable. it don’t work with their accent no offence
karina ashmon
karina ashmon - 2 måneder siden
And your point. Othet then to try and make your self seem important. Oh and she had a show what do you have. What are you big mad that she gets more add them you.
Splarist - 2 måneder siden
31k likes on this video to get James to do sports
Jess Entertainment
Jess Entertainment - 3 måneder siden
What does bisexual of colour even mean?
Does it mean that you where bisexual clothing?
And what is bisexual clothing?
So many questions 😂
shyathemayatayatay ø
shyathemayatayatay ø - Måned siden
Bisexual means someone who likes both women and men. A Woman Of Color is somebody who isn’t white or someone who is of different culture. Being said, Being a “bisexual woman of color” is Lilly’s personality.
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
bi clothes are cuffed jeans, shirts tucked in, round glasses etc jk
R. Lynn
R. Lynn - 3 måneder siden
Oddly I thought that the first hair comment was the only good "roast". Hair extensions are often from exploited Asian women.
zhwan dara
zhwan dara - 3 måneder siden
That was so embarssing to watch
meowzers! - 3 måneder siden
"i'm a bisexual woman of colour!"
i'm a gay halfer and you'd take any chance to point out i'm half white lmao
Jason Todd
Jason Todd - 3 måneder siden
Why the fuck did the potato make me laugh
Jason Todd
Jason Todd - 3 måneder siden
GARY!!!! GARY!!!!!! GARY!!!!!!! GARY!!!!!! GARY!!!!!!!! GARY!!!!! GARY!!!!!!
Jbabyayee -
Jbabyayee - - 3 måneder siden
A lot of people don’t realize that she’s pretty much racist and sexist
John Brown
John Brown - 3 måneder siden
That first one was funny.
kayla galan
kayla galan - 3 måneder siden
Dhanyal Nazir
Dhanyal Nazir - 4 måneder siden
3:05 james mate is that a grey hair, i swear ur 23 or something
Parker Avery
Parker Avery - 4 måneder siden
Don’t get me wrong I don’t like her but some of her jabs honestly made me chuckle. Some people are just way too sensitive when it comes to racial stereotypes
blade spark
blade spark - 4 måneder siden
Me: *Reads the title*
Also me: it’s too good to be true
flamethrowerX19 - 4 måneder siden
She is the only Canadian that won’t say sorry
flamethrowerX19 - 4 måneder siden
James ur handsome
stoned shaggy
stoned shaggy - 4 måneder siden
If i wanted to see white people skate Id go to a court room wouldn't be a bad joke coming from a better comedian
Mitch Knight
Mitch Knight - 4 måneder siden
Btw just lettin ya know shaq got a law degree. That’s crazy
 - 4 måneder siden
I hope
Bill Buffalo
Bill Buffalo - 4 måneder siden
She is actually awesome
The lonely Deku scrub
The lonely Deku scrub - 4 måneder siden
patrick blake
patrick blake - 4 måneder siden
Btw, thank you for shouting out Amanda for her video about being an audience member. She has since blown up and is doing some really good content!
Just A Kiwi
Just A Kiwi - 4 måneder siden
James: please dont make me play sports
James: *talks about loving playing football on the podcast*
jewel chilaka
jewel chilaka - 4 måneder siden
Why the hate though
Dea's Corner
Dea's Corner - 4 måneder siden
As an Indian, we don't claim her. Canadians, you can have her all to yourselves!
sike - 4 måneder siden
I am asexual amoeba and I support Lilly
Kiddy KiddTV
Kiddy KiddTV - 4 måneder siden
*G A R Y*
Call Me Taylor
Call Me Taylor - 4 måneder siden
5:32 I choked; This is my favorite joke I’ve literally ever heard; I love it so much!
Bruh moment
Bruh moment - 4 måneder siden
The only reason she was so mean to shaq is because he’s the only one that she could create pathetic roasts for
DigitalHarmony - 4 måneder siden
If she didn’t constantly tell us she’s bisexual I’d be sure she’s gay. She must have *some* interest in men but from her content you wouldn’t fuckin know it. So much man bashing.
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
Jazz Hands
Jazz Hands - 5 måneder siden
ik i'm like. six months late to this but the youtuber in the clip that james used a few times is amanda of swell entertainment. super entertaining. not QUITE as dead inside as james but i feel like she's getting there
littlemixeditsvevo CHANNEL
littlemixeditsvevo CHANNEL - 5 måneder siden
Why does she pull this face 👁👄👁 after every joke?
Neptune - 5 måneder siden
She can’t sing , can’t make funny jokes , and her YouTube channel.. well I didn’t know she had one
Elinor McGrath
Elinor McGrath - 5 måneder siden
I hate that some non-Caucasian people think they can say whatever they want just because they aren't white, I mean, imagine if a white person made this speech everyone would say that they're racist
ZAKK tky
ZAKK tky - 5 måneder siden
she is literally my mother's age
Aafiya - 5 måneder siden
For me personally, I used to watch her but I just out grew her content 🤷‍♀️
Aafiya - 5 måneder siden
... fine yes I did laugh when you repeated yourself 😖
Jose Manuel Zamora
Jose Manuel Zamora - 5 måneder siden
Ohh you watch swell entertainment that’s dope she is funny and she’s fun to watch and cute.
Carla Jazo
Carla Jazo - 5 måneder siden
It seems like she triggers a lot of your insecurities.
Charlotte Bailey
Charlotte Bailey - 5 måneder siden
As and Indian Bisexual, we don't claim her
J Be
J Be - 5 måneder siden
Why do these people think what they do in the privacy of their bedroom everyone have to know. Nobody cares just live already! Bisexual means slut that got bored so anything will do. She is absolutely dreadful. She falls in the bag of talentless crap with Cardib and the rest of talentless mess.
Gabrielle Hamilton
Gabrielle Hamilton - 5 måneder siden
But here’s the thing. Tiffany Haddish has openly talked about wearing wigs and weaves sooooooo...
Nadia B
Nadia B - 5 måneder siden
me after james does funny voice : hahahaha him:u just laughed didnt u me:yeah thats y im about to leave a like for disappointing you
TeoGPanda - 5 måneder siden
The sad part is she used to be absolutely hilarious. Her family skits and types of people videos will forever be amazing in my book, they always put a smile on my face. I don’t know exactly where she went wrong, but she went really off the rails with her comedy.
In my opinion she should’ve stuck to what she does best because nowadays she sadly isn’t funny anymore
Maka's Right Pigtail
Maka's Right Pigtail - 5 måneder siden
I think as she grew as a person and creator, she lost that truth and vibe in her videos. Sad, it happens to any relatable person, at one point they won't be relatable anymore
K-Dog - 5 måneder siden
Her youtube skits are far from funny, I am still confused as to how or why ANY network would actually even consider giving a time slot to her and think it would be anything other than a complete flop.
Septic bell
Septic bell - 5 måneder siden
1:49 I didn’t know I was in this video
Courtney Twing
Courtney Twing - 5 måneder siden
I feel like the sad part is is that I remember she used to have somewhat funny or interesting content (I could’ve just been blind but idk)
Z E K E - 5 måneder siden
Do you know she's a bisexual woman of color?
Allison Linner
Allison Linner - 5 måneder siden
What’s sad is that she made Amy Schumer’s roasts hilarious
dni. dxvil
dni. dxvil - 5 måneder siden
why are people saying shes racist she made a joke about her OWN race?
Rombe 66
Rombe 66 - 5 måneder siden
She also loves taking the piss out of white people
dni. dxvil
dni. dxvil - 5 måneder siden
can we talk about the fact that hes wearing shane dawsons merch
Matt Moves
Matt Moves - 5 måneder siden
Her target are kids. Her humour is for kids. She tried to translate it for an adult audience but it didn't work. She should have done a tv show for kids.
A K - 5 måneder siden
When Americans disrespected African people in history, it's FUN, it's Okay
But when someone (Lilly) is doing the same (not really, in fact she's being nice) y'all so called native Americans are offended
Hah what a hypocrisy

I'm 18 years old (female)
Light skinned Snapchat @akaariz
Tog Yt
Tog Yt - 5 måneder siden
A K nobody cares
patrick jackson
patrick jackson - 5 måneder siden
None of those guys look amused. Her jokes are all about sexuality, race, what you look like and where your from. It’s not funny it’s just insulting.
Viel Daphne Buenaventura
Viel Daphne Buenaventura - 5 måneder siden
I like lilly
Abby Wolffe
Abby Wolffe - 5 måneder siden
As a bisexual woman of color, I am going to openly and proudly show my support

For James, Lilly please stop it
Hamish Bruce
Hamish Bruce - 5 måneder siden
Just like to say shaq would quite literally crush her
Shashank Roy
Shashank Roy - 5 måneder siden
On behalf of all the Indians, i'm sorry...
steph j
steph j - 6 måneder siden
ah, pain
salty_cupcakes - 6 måneder siden
What Lilly said is kinda mean I have similar hair to her....
I am part Indian....
And not all Canadian’s play Hockey I’m Canadian and I don’t...
Coco Bird
Coco Bird - 6 måneder siden
I feel like she doesn’t even say she’s a bisexual woman of colour as much as everyone in the comments are making it seem like she says it. Like she said it what once or twice in this ??
Cosmo - 6 måneder siden
She mentiones it in nearly every video she makes
Lucifer _11
Lucifer _11 - 6 måneder siden