Lilly Singh Can't Actually Sing...

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Today in Lilly Singh Can't Actually Sing, unfortunately not titled Lilly Can't Actually Singh, we take a look at Lilly's latest scandal (of sorts). She sang a dancehall track over on Twitter and the world didn't like it (again). Is this even worse than her show? Or just a bit of quarantine fun?
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Zippy - 5 timer siden
What is with this overly smug body language she gives?
RapLegend777 - 9 timer siden
I am not necessarily defending Lilly Singh but in one of her older videos she said that that are she grew up in was mostly Jamaican and Caribbean people so I guess she maybe does have some ties to dancehall music idk
Nobody guy
Nobody guy - Dag siden
I have a feeling shes nowhere near the bisexual women of color crap but uses it for an attention grabber
tbblobnoern ä
tbblobnoern ä - 3 dager siden
Lleucu Jones
Lleucu Jones - 4 dager siden
Im gonna comment on that weeping angel reference james! Very good
Mia - 5 dager siden
you missed an opportunity with the title, disappointed
Menel Bouhadja
Menel Bouhadja - 5 dager siden
i subscribed
Minecraft Pig
Minecraft Pig - 7 dager siden
Bout to cause some genocide, so you can call me Hit-
yourfriendjihyo - 8 dager siden
guys i’m mexican, lesbian, and a girl..

*give me fame now*
Lilly Bliss
Lilly Bliss - 8 dager siden
It honestly feels like she’s just trying to insert herself into community’s, constantly bringing up she’s bi, and well a woman of color
Anthony Rios
Anthony Rios - 8 dager siden
Why is she trying so hard to use a accent
Karina Byers
Karina Byers - 8 dager siden
The moment when you didn’t realize that red spot then James mentions it and I notice it only then 🤦🏻😆
Son Gayku
Son Gayku - 10 dager siden
NGwhen I first heard about Eminem it thought it was spelt M&M. I was a stupid adult.
stxrrtq - 10 dager siden
me who just got the joke after watching the video twice
Jay-Dene Bispott-Peart
Jay-Dene Bispott-Peart - 10 dager siden
When you're jamaican watching this
Akaeral - 11 dager siden
She doesn't have that accent, and she does not talk like that
John Wicky
John Wicky - 11 dager siden
Can we just agree that the indian parents thing was funny
Emmie Brodaugh
Emmie Brodaugh - 11 dager siden
I’m actually starting to think she isn’t a white man—
Some Multifandomer Girl
I think she's a bisexual woman of colour... Not sure tho.
Raquel Is Better Than Barbie
hmmmmm possibly but you can never be sure
stupid shit
stupid shit - 12 dager siden
4:28 such a mood
mariahachu - 12 dager siden
Iam bi what's bad with that?!
Charenor - 13 dager siden
Um James that Dua Lipa not James Charles...
Xeoney - 14 dager siden
She does a lot of things right, but in the worst way ever that makes it seem wrong.
Xeoney - 14 dager siden
As someone who's a lesbian, we don't claim Lily, from a lesbian. Did I mention I'm a lesbian?
Turtle Nugget
Turtle Nugget - 16 dager siden
you did the eye mouth thing and i thouht i just had a stroke
Eden Sirgu
Eden Sirgu - 16 dager siden
I'm low-key waiting for him to say JAMES MARRIOTT CANT ACTUALLY SING
Harjinder Saini
Harjinder Saini - 16 dager siden
Heres something you guys might not know about Lilly Singh... did you know she is a bi-sexual woman of colour? Did you hay? anyone did you know?
Aoi Hoshiko
Aoi Hoshiko - 16 dager siden
Y'all, I'm starting to think she might not be a white man
jolie attlesey
jolie attlesey - 18 dager siden
LILY CANT SINGH... so sad to see lost potential
Clara Oswin
Clara Oswin - 18 dager siden
The Doctor Who ref has just made my day 👏🏻
Chimchim - 18 dager siden
Im sorry....but i was a Lily Singh fan for ages, and the reason she acts Jamaican is because she spent half her childhood in a Jamaican household. I know it might not be justification enough for some people but...
Chimchim - 18 dager siden
But omg that song was bad 😖
Marnie - 19 dager siden
James saying "gyaldem" made my week lmaooo
Lilybird - 21 dag siden
I hate the fact that we share the same first name and a sexuality. I felt unnecessarily called out all video.
Polka dot
Polka dot - 21 dag siden
Nowadays it feels like she’s having an identity crisis to the point where she keeps having to remind her audience about her identity just so she doesn’t forget it herself.
Hazbian - 22 dager siden
Gonnae be the 7,500th comment! Waddup 😜
mia. stxrs
mia. stxrs - 22 dager siden
llolall - 25 dager siden
As a bi woman of colour she’s dosent belong to us, we don’t claim her
Nobody guy
Nobody guy - 25 dager siden
I never liked any of her was all her opinions
simp on
simp on - 27 dager siden
Yo......____...L A L ly..........SINGH
Your Nan
Your Nan - 27 dager siden
Lily: kinda weird when they like you, reserved, loyal
Lillie: friends with everyone, really fun to be around
Lilly: ...
The Jellybean Queen
The Jellybean Queen - 29 dager siden
I swear to Christ I thought this video came out last year 2020 needs to end
Peter CARLYON - 29 dager siden
I couldn’t stop looking at the spot
Unchained Galaxy
Unchained Galaxy - Måned siden
I'm Jamaican
Aarohi S Megh
Aarohi S Megh - Måned siden
As a bisexual Indian, we have _never_ claimed her. She's Canadian ffs lmao.
Kate Harrelson
Kate Harrelson - Måned siden
Ok kinda crazy conspiracy theory but maybe she’s a bisexual women of color
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley - Måned siden
I'm begging you please check out chaudairy icecream. They are disgusting-
AzuriiYT - Måned siden
guys, this is just a thought.. but what if she's a bisexual woman of colour?
Caroline Allan
Caroline Allan - Måned siden
Wait she’s not a white man-
John 2008
John 2008 - Måned siden
Lilly Singh can’t sing.
Me:ah yes the floor is made of floor.
PiscePerson - Måned siden
Lily Singh (Singh pronounced sing) can't sing. I mean come on, I knew that would be the joke before I clicked on the video
Impenetry - Måned siden
she has so many copies of her own book so when she finds a typo it's an excuse for her to call up the printers and call them sexist for messing it up
Jasmine Rice
Jasmine Rice - Måned siden
If you ain't a white man see the badgyal pull up
Just a furry
Just a furry - Måned siden
Im from the Caribbean i speak for the others we don't claim her
t0K3TE - Måned siden
Btw did you gus know lilly is a white man
fraise_the_milkbread - Måned siden
I’m starting to think that she’s not a white man 🤔
TEch WIse 2203
TEch WIse 2203 - Måned siden
Lily assumes we are rich and have airpods
girl on the edge
girl on the edge - Måned siden
ngl i dont want to sound cringey but the last song of voices is good
dangerdoodle - Måned siden
Lily still ✨can't✨ sing
Chaos Chris
Chaos Chris - Måned siden
Thank you James, Very cool!
Emmy Jemmy 420
Emmy Jemmy 420 - Måned siden
as a bisexual, we don't claim her
globglogabgalab Glibbleglashglab
Wow that bump on your face is so ugly jk
fart - Måned siden
I'm a fan of lily but................ please
Shikha - Måned siden
The fact that she is Indian and when she came to YTFF India 2019, she was pretty stuck up there because people were mostly speaking Hindi and most of the YouTuber's there had lesser subscribers (except BB and Ashish), it just made her seem less authentic and more of a 'foreigner', which she mentioned quite a lot during the show. She kept saying, "Well, I'm from Canada."
Shikha - Måned siden
@The Nonsense guy brofist 👊🏼
The Nonsense guy
The Nonsense guy - Måned siden
@Shikha bro fist , from one say sena member to another
Shikha - Måned siden
@The Nonsense guy I'm actually a big fan of saiman! I found the detailed faults because of his video
The Nonsense guy
The Nonsense guy - Måned siden
@Shikha well I would recommend to watch saiman says roast on YTFF it is pretty good!
Shikha - Måned siden
@The Nonsense guy I'm not sure. I think during the back show with Rimorav Vlogs, she was pretty stuck up.
Milfeulle100 - Måned siden
I’m Jewish and asexual yet most people in my life don’t know that (well obviously my family knows I’m Jewish and my parents and close friends know I’m ace.) It’s no one’s business and there are way more interesting things about me than being an ace Ashkenazi Jew. Why do people make their religion/sexuality/gender/ethnicity/etc a personality trait??
Tobiah Collins
Tobiah Collins - Måned siden
because they don't have any others in most cases lol
Unicornz RKewl
Unicornz RKewl - Måned siden
Lily Singh is one of my favorite YouTubers, but this video is hilarious-
Maddie - Måned siden
lily: im not a white man
james: WE GET IT *MAN*
Soph - Måned siden
I like how her ONLY personality trait is that she's the opposite of a heterosexual white male
Simie Dulay
Simie Dulay - Måned siden
I'm a bisexual woman of colour
Gribbics - Måned siden
James vs Lilli boxing match 2021?!?!?!?!?
Generic Internet User
Generic Internet User - Måned siden
As a native jamaican, can I just take the time to say how cringe this song is
Cassie Wilfred
Cassie Wilfred - Måned siden
James buddy, Caribbean girls still call themselves "bad gyals" 😂
Alexander Gallego
Alexander Gallego - Måned siden
I'm bisexual and we don't claim her.
basic bitch
basic bitch - Måned siden
*James you have a 𝚙𝚒𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎 𝚘𝚗 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚏𝚊𝚌𝚎.... ɪᴍ sᴏʀʀʏ ɪ ʜᴀᴅ ᴛᴏ... ☻︎*
Hannah Overholtzer
Hannah Overholtzer - Måned siden
James, don't worry, I get horrid acne around my nose too
Andy Ashe
Andy Ashe - Måned siden
As a Canadian, we don't want her. Does someone else wanna claim her?
Gayathri J
Gayathri J - Måned siden
@The Everything Bagels 💀💀
The Everything Bagels
The Everything Bagels - Måned siden
The Bermuda fucking triangle
Reehaan - 2 måneder siden
i swear im hearing badball rule pup
Strawberry - 2 måneder siden
Fuck you
Strawberry - Måned siden
@The Everything Bagels sry I was having a bad day
The Everything Bagels
The Everything Bagels - Måned siden
Lmao stinky
Sezuin _
Sezuin _ - 2 måneder siden
The song could be made fifteen times better if it didn’t sound like it was recorded through an exhaust pipe.
Angie Mar
Angie Mar - 2 måneder siden
I miss her old videos ,voices wasn’t bad and I actually liked the messages it had.Unfortunately it seems that she’s changed so much from then
jakeythebro - 2 måneder siden
Mary's Side
Mary's Side - 2 måneder siden
remember when lily singh used to be good? yeah, me neither.

Ps: that was a joke. i actually used to really like her.
Alina Golovach
Alina Golovach - 2 måneder siden
James eyes:
👁 👄 =
Zorro - 2 måneder siden
if they had to throw money at a bi asian woman i wish theyd have picked me instead. at least i wouldnt 'host' a 'talk show'
max dulake
max dulake - 2 måneder siden
8:56 he says lele instead of lily
Makula - 2 måneder siden
8:58 called her Lele
J - 2 måneder siden
I can personally say that James Marriott has officially ruined Dua Lipa for me. Everytime I see Dua Lipa now I think woahhh James Charles 😂😂😂
Haters Gonna Hate, uwu
Haters Gonna Hate, uwu - 2 måneder siden
Lmao, I remember Conan Gray everytime I see Dua Lipa now I see James Charles too😭💀😂
Shreya Sharma
Shreya Sharma - 2 måneder siden
her only 'unique' quality is that 2 ppl came to canada with a green card and birthed a human...she herself says she's canadian doesn't mention india if not for
1. WEARING fancy indian clothes
2. meeting indian celebrities
3. demanding respect beacause she's a person of color
4. going to india for a big collab or show/meet and greet?
Lekshmi nair
Lekshmi nair - 2 måneder siden
Even the captions can't understand what Lily is singing.
Rice Pot
Rice Pot - 2 måneder siden
Being Indian I can say for all of us that we don’t claim Lilly then again if it wasn’t for the fact my skin tone didn’t resemble cinnamon you would think I was born in Knightsbridge
Andy Ashe
Andy Ashe - Måned siden
The Canadians don't want her either
sara singh
sara singh - 2 måneder siden
The ways he pronounces badgyal ... the Caribbean in me is hurt
รɦαყ - 2 måneder siden
As a Jamaican myself
I rather eat glass
Than have that bitch try to sing in a Jamaican accent

And I mean it
Ririi - 2 måneder siden
"we get it Lilly you're bisexual"
me, Lilly, bisexual: 😺✌
TheSatanicEgg - 2 måneder siden
Sorry I must’ve missed that. Lilly Singh is a bisexual woman of what? 🧐
Colin Sydney
Colin Sydney - 2 måneder siden
Lilly singh is not indian... check her passport... stop dragging us into her idiocy..
Colin Sydney
Colin Sydney - Måned siden
@Andy Ashe so every person born out of India is Indian even if they were born in another country? What kind of logic is that? For someone to be Indian, they have to have a minimum experience of the existing in the country. She is Canadian for crying out loud. Her parents having lived experience in India doesn't qualify as her having the same experience... 😂
Andy Ashe
Andy Ashe - Måned siden
But.... She is Indian? She's of Indian descent, her parents are Indian?
lucia caterina
lucia caterina - 2 måneder siden
I've literally just remembered I bought her book on my Kindle when I was 14 and I never read it 🤦🏻‍♀️
Jeffery Dahmer
Jeffery Dahmer - 2 måneder siden
James saying sweety has ended my depression
Melon - 2 måneder siden
aye im jamaican and i live there too😊
Joel Bennett
Joel Bennett - 2 måneder siden
as a bisexual woman of color, i just want to say that i do not find your quips about my personality of choice funny
Kimmy Ball
Kimmy Ball - 2 måneder siden
Omg, James you are too cute !!
Aisha Manzoor
Aisha Manzoor - 2 måneder siden
Lily is a good youtuber her singing maybe is a no but she is such a nice person
ZeroFox75 - 2 måneder siden
She’s like what 30 something now? Why is she still trying to act like she’s 15?