Lele Pons Has Finally Quit YouTube...

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Lele Pons has finally quit NOburn, or has she? Today we take a look at Lele Pons' new sketch with Hannah Stocking "I Have Bad News" in the hope that it precedes her leaving the platform for good. We also take a look at her new song, music being where her career will probably progress to next, Vete Pa La.
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James Marriott
James Marriott - 11 måneder siden
Very limited numbers left of the merch so if u want it get it quick! (jamesmarriott.shop)
Also, a lot of people are claiming that I only made this video to remind you all that I'm trilingual. They are correct.
Lemon Dealer
Lemon Dealer - Måned siden
Can I still get it
MILK - 3 måneder siden
James Marriott I am sad
Ylana Irias
Ylana Irias - 6 måneder siden
How dare u say she's española She's actually lAtiNA
ItzJewel :3
ItzJewel :3 - 6 måneder siden
Toffee8373 *you’re
Mark Ullmann
Mark Ullmann - 7 måneder siden
Lele is secretly the Joker
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A - Dag siden
Cannibal Corpse is still the best!
Shameless Pvps
Shameless Pvps - 3 dager siden
6:24 i tried to click that ad lol
June X_x
June X_x - 6 dager siden
you guys are lowkey rude the hate makes her ocd worse....
Lucky Lux Games
Lucky Lux Games - 9 dager siden
2:50 joke was so bad, I didn't even notice it was a joke
Amelia Graul
Amelia Graul - 13 dager siden
The real irony is that he isn’t funny either
NetherKeeper - 10 dager siden
At least he knows that lol
Its Grace Diamond
Its Grace Diamond - 17 dager siden
I actually found that video funny 💀
I love Lele pons & Hannah but I also like James channel 😐
And now James is making fun of Lele but I genuinely find Lele hilarious so ....
NetherKeeper - 10 dager siden
Well ur in pickle arent you, lol
Maribella - 18 dager siden
I wanna hear the reggaetón diss track
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A - 21 dag siden
*Adios Lele* is better.
yashika ahuja
yashika ahuja - 23 dager siden
Why does he sound like Gordon Ramsay to me ??
IForever Loading
IForever Loading - 23 dager siden
Low key Lele looks like a man in the thumbnail.
Filip Bauer
Filip Bauer - 24 dager siden
Holly shit, imagine being so happy Lele leaves you open a Moet to fill a single glass then put it back in the freezer
My Achey Breaky Blidzy Heart
My Achey Breaky Blidzy Heart - 26 dager siden
Cause Euphoria
Cause Euphoria - 28 dager siden
The Jimin newspaper caught me-
Annsofie Artang
Annsofie Artang - 28 dager siden
Oompashreka The dumbass
Oompashreka The dumbass - 29 dager siden
James... are you bisexual?
jolly ranger
jolly ranger - Måned siden
I want that distract
Charlienotfound - Måned siden
Dont get me wrong man ur funny and your my favourite youtuber, but u need to understand what lele pons has been through. she doenst deserve any hate. But no hate because i know you do joke around a lot
Charlienotfound - 10 dager siden
@WÆSPメ l Sushi 😌🔪
WÆSPメ l Sushi
WÆSPメ l Sushi - 10 dager siden
@Charlienotfound 👍
Charlienotfound - 10 dager siden
@WÆSPメ l Sushi yeah you
Charlienotfound - 10 dager siden
@NetherKeeper uhh yeah she has how would you know, k?
NetherKeeper - 10 dager siden
Lele pons hasnt been through shot , k?
Hillbillygamer - Måned siden
Did this show up in anyone else’s recommended December 2020 😂
That One Chill One
That One Chill One - Måned siden
trilingual man
Lynette Riddle
Lynette Riddle - Måned siden
Honestly in Puerto Rico you tend to hear a lot of that reggaeton rhythm. It’s usually being blasted out of a portable speaker or, most likely, a car. Last time I went the cool guys I guess had Jeep Wranglers and basically replaced the trunk with a huge speaker system. So instead of a trunk, it’s just speakers blaring music. I mean you can be in your car and when they pass you can practically feel your ears bleeding. It would usually be around the beach and I guess there isn’t a noise limit and if there is it wasn’t being enforced.
There are very few time you go to the beach and someone isn’t playing music. Also they do allow alcohol on the beach, I think it just can’t be in a glass bottle. Compared to SC you cannot take alcohol on the beach (though many people do anyway).
Cafm4n - Måned siden
He click baited click bait
James Raggio
James Raggio - Måned siden
Did you know that she is latina
Georgina and Isla
Georgina and Isla - Måned siden
James: never forget I’m trilingual,
Me: that’s impossible!
Tata's Pancake
Tata's Pancake - Måned siden
Im defo not here to check if any armys noticed the newspaper that said Jimin cops corona virus… nope couldent be me…
8225 Prakriti Surana
8225 Prakriti Surana - Måned siden
I laughed at the spit out joke and now I hate myself
T0xic_Tyz - Måned siden
Well she hasn’t.......
Inabat Nigmetullina
Inabat Nigmetullina - Måned siden
mochifuwu - Måned siden
you can't have a little evening to yourself without some party rings.
*me, currently eating party rings:*
jakeythebro - 2 måneder siden
james is trilingual in spanish, bullshit, and puns.
Jak - 2 måneder siden
9:25 Doesn't that translate to the saying "Stupid is as stupid does"? Well not exactly, but that kinda makes sense and is exactly what you described, isn't it?
Sparx - 2 måneder siden
I enjoyed Lele pons skits, that’s not until I’ve watched them 50 times each
Vanessa Wong
Vanessa Wong - 2 måneder siden
Jimin looks like he just watched lele pons
Ruby Whalley
Ruby Whalley - 2 måneder siden
I like how the bad news is ‘Jimin cops coronavirus’
Casia Beavers
Casia Beavers - 2 måneder siden
Despite lele being a bad person, I dont think you should've put "shes *finally* gone" was a bit rude james. I dont really like her videos but personally that was a tad bit rude
Edit: or not whatever lol
Charge_ Sniper
Charge_ Sniper - 2 måneder siden
8:36 i saw nip
Oikawa - 2 måneder siden
Kyberion - 2 måneder siden
They turned one joke into 4 minutes
kim seok jins bae
kim seok jins bae - 2 måneder siden
no one brought up jimmy:(
Cock Master
Cock Master - 2 måneder siden
LeLe Pons was probably the BIGGEST neek as a kid
Cock Master
Cock Master - 2 måneder siden
Ding dong the bitch is gone
Cock Master
Cock Master - 2 måneder siden
I’ll just leave another comment
Cock Master
Cock Master - 2 måneder siden
Oh wait... I guess not
Click bait
Click bait - 2 måneder siden
All jokes aside did you know that lily Singh is a bi woman of color?
Amethyst Powley-Burnett
Amethyst Powley-Burnett - 2 måneder siden
Fatima Aguirre
Fatima Aguirre - 2 måneder siden
I'm starting to think you have some stuff going on for bts because you insert them in your videos for no reason. 😂
Avneet - 2 måneder siden
not gonna lie, the song is kinda catchy
finmrly - 2 måneder siden
Do you have djungelskog in the background
NO BuenoBum
NO BuenoBum - 2 måneder siden
I’d still smash lele tbh 🤷🏽‍♂️
sofic asja
sofic asja - 2 måneder siden
Its so relatable when he says he's trilingual way too many times . I speak 5 lol and I'm ALWAYS saying it
Cypixal - 2 måneder siden
Somenath Chandra
Somenath Chandra - 2 måneder siden
5:10 am i boomer cause i know what red hands is?
Emma Diaz Johnson
Emma Diaz Johnson - 3 måneder siden
Nobody literally nobody...

Lele Pons:sOy LaTiNaAaAa
bambinina - 3 måneder siden
gotta disagree as a saudi that is not how any of us say yalla XD
• minyoon •
• minyoon • - 3 måneder siden
4:13 , jimin cops coronavirus lmao-
Qasim Heron
Qasim Heron - 3 måneder siden
ANy people that know spanish that she just throws in the words 'Other (Female) skirt', WHoO
Air Con
Air Con - 3 måneder siden
now this is true comedy
Rochey007 - 3 måneder siden
Don’t get my hopes up James
R1S3 Inferno
R1S3 Inferno - 3 måneder siden
Ohhh, red hands is slapsies
Pablo Chicot
Pablo Chicot - 3 måneder siden
being Spanish, it is so frustrating hearing james explain the lyrics lmao.
Taka - 3 måneder siden
The bad news is that there is no bad news with her
Kaisen Dan
Kaisen Dan - 3 måneder siden
Where's alberto ( ⚈̥̥̥̥̥́⌢⚈̥̥̥̥̥̀)
Daniel Russell
Daniel Russell - 3 måneder siden
When James is finally partying in one of his videos the first like what 10 seconds of the video starts...
Yea after that im pretty sure he regrets his existence (if thats possible sorry its the parents that usually do that)
кобƐ - 4 måneder siden
Alternate Title: Lele Pons? More like Lele Gons!
Anna Baeto
Anna Baeto - 4 måneder siden
It would be a dream of mine for you to roast me in one of your videos until I cry myself to sleep.
A girl Can dream
And I’m going to put this comment in all your videos until it happens
şęñørįţã sęñørįţã
şęñørįţã sęñørįţã - 4 måneder siden
James at firs look at u she is like girl but u are not like man u are like gay and ur face is so fat 😝😝😝
şęñørįţã sęñørįţã
şęñørįţã sęñørįţã - 4 måneder siden
He is so awkward and stupid why is he caring about them
I AM SAIYNG IT NOW IF SOMEONE ANSWER ON NY COMENT SOMETHING BAD I am warnning u z😉😉for real he is so awkward pfff😡😡😬
Don’t Touch My Conspiracy
Don’t Touch My Conspiracy - 4 måneder siden
It really looked like he was going to cry when he found out it was a skit 😂
Wannabe 1 Me
Wannabe 1 Me - 4 måneder siden
Vine is Dead
So is Lele...
And the rest
Wannabe 1 Me
Wannabe 1 Me - 4 måneder siden
Whitney Sweet lmao
Hawks fried Chicken
Hawks fried Chicken - 4 måneder siden
You are so right deku
Divita Joshi
Divita Joshi - 4 måneder siden
Pp Pp
Pp Pp - 4 måneder siden
Lele has a good voice if the lyrics were not written by a baboon she might be able to be a somewhat successful “musician”
Trevor M
Trevor M - 4 måneder siden
He said something 3 times and I laughed 😂😂😂😂😂
honey biscuit
honey biscuit - 4 måneder siden
Yes do it
joel._. mustard
joel._. mustard - 5 måneder siden
You know what you better quit...not only me all lele fans will give you bad command remmember i,m not alone..
Doug Warren
Doug Warren - 5 måneder siden
joel._. mustard
joel._. mustard - 5 måneder siden
Shes not quit you dump ass....that just short film and funny film...you bloody bitch
Doug Warren
Doug Warren - 5 måneder siden
themonsterfrombird box
themonsterfrombird box - 5 måneder siden
one of my irish grandads favourite jokes is i speak three languages 1english 2irish 3bad language
Rent Orange
Rent Orange - 5 måneder siden
I think if you’re gonna critic a Spanish content you should compare it to a better artist to really explain what’s bad about it... direct translation often doesn’t transfer the culture... like yea lele songs are trash but not all reggae is if that makes sense
oh, its just you
oh, its just you - 5 måneder siden
This is the saddest party I've ever seen and no one even came to mine last year.
fraise_the_milkbread - 5 måneder siden
This video gave me brain cancer
K-Dog - 5 måneder siden
but your repeat of "saying something 3 times and make people laugh" actually made me laugh hahahahaha
Mia Kinsey
Mia Kinsey - 5 måneder siden
Idek that song kinda slapped...
Grace Merrell
Grace Merrell - 5 måneder siden
James: "you can't just say something three times and hope that people laugh" *repeats it 1 1/2 more times*
Me: *laughs anyways because for some reason that was funny*
yo_its_Roxy !
yo_its_Roxy ! - 5 måneder siden
Me:wait that there was a joke?I don't see any jokes.
Leïla Kufel
Leïla Kufel - 5 måneder siden
As a french person who might not know about much, what on earth are party rings?? Like I'd understand if they were actual rings but they're edible, is that a thing? Did I miss something?
Pineapple Poppy seeds
Pineapple Poppy seeds - 5 måneder siden
Yo I love the beginning of this😂😂😂😂
Elfinartist - 5 måneder siden
Not gonna lie I liked her song
Carly Moulton
Carly Moulton - 5 måneder siden
Hope Jimin is okay
Precious diamond
Precious diamond - 5 måneder siden
Dumb ass why do u hate lele pons
Jordan Tamayo
Jordan Tamayo - 5 måneder siden
Oh my god, when Lele and Hannah Stocking were meeting in that restaurant I was flushing the toilet and I thought I heard something wrong with the flush but it was their high pitched screaming when they saw each other
A. N
A. N - 5 måneder siden
He’s trilingual, just btw, he’s trilingual, don’t forget, he’s trilingual
Stone People
Stone People - 5 måneder siden
I remastered it: https://youtu.be/xZ1u_mr8kmk
?????? - 5 måneder siden
...white people who doing this really I'm not racist but yo white as need to get the fuck off delete your channel nobody like you if you subscribe you need to realize he is being a bad example for you if you or a kid when you hate and don't appreciate things in life we could not have YouTube in all these people get on everyday to give us content so you need to stop every video that comes on YouTube is one new thing that you can watch stop and go somewhere because this is not fair to nobody either delete your channel or be nice if you are a adult or teen you should be a shame of yourself yeah she may be different but everybody is the same ever body the same we are all humans so you need to apologize of all your hate and if this hate keep going I'm going to contact every person you put hate on and we're going against you this need to stop this racism all of this need to stop the world can end too soon share this with multiple people that are doing hate by quindaysia Cowan Lela bell
I'm a 9 year old black girl and I know this is wrong...
I will break your Nico Nico knee caps

I’m simping
Leif Gantert
Leif Gantert - 5 måneder siden
LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emily C.
Emily C. - 5 måneder siden
Is it normal in Venezuelan-American culture to be friends with a witch? She just slips that in so casually.
Isha Sambou
Isha Sambou - 5 måneder siden
Stopbeing grumpyat her she has done anything to u
José andres Polonios lerroz
José andres Polonios lerroz - 6 måneder siden
Are you dumb? Spain is not part of Latin America, so being Spanish doesn’t mean you are “latina”. Make some research.
internetbooty - 6 måneder siden
wait, so you're telling me ... lizards don't have birthdays??
big gay sad shdhhdjshsj
big gay sad shdhhdjshsj - 6 måneder siden
Thabang Clarence
Thabang Clarence - 6 måneder siden
Duuude, james is the best...😂😂😂
róisín - 6 måneder siden
The sad thing is that her music isn’t actually bad but I think she should quit comedy and try to get better at music and concentrate on that.
Iipsha Bhaduri
Iipsha Bhaduri - Måned siden
@Crazy Owl Girl CNCOwner haven't heard it. I heard celoso on MTV and then decided to become a theatre kid
Crazy Owl Girl CNCOwner
Crazy Owl Girl CNCOwner - Måned siden
@Iipsha Bhaduri What do you think about that song she has, I think it's called Se Te Nota?
Iipsha Bhaduri
Iipsha Bhaduri - 5 måneder siden
Yeah like celoso is a bop
yo alexishere
yo alexishere - 6 måneder siden
Lele pons is that one white girl who learns Spanish and then claims she's Latina