Lele Pons' Brother Is Even Less Funny Than Lele Pons...

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In today's video we take a look at the unfunny videos of Lele Pons' "brother", Juanpa Zurita. We analyse his sketch directed by Shots Studios featuring himself, Adam Waheed and Lele Pons. Spoiler alert, it's bad.
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James Marriott
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Runtime: 10:46


Pancake - 3 timer siden
Just why?!
Mitchell George
Mitchell George - 23 timer siden
7:03 I am the Senate
Sheid - Dag siden
6:01 North Norwegians: Uvular Trill?! JAAAAAAAA
Webber Moore
Webber Moore - Dag siden
Act normal
Rio Parker-Smith
Rio Parker-Smith - 3 dager siden
its easy to roll your R's when you are from Scotland because of your accent. eg. alr(single rolled R)ight.
Matt Jobe
Matt Jobe - 5 dager siden
I love the show juanpanch man
Ruthless yt
Ruthless yt - 5 dager siden
For some reason I want to see the unedited version of this video
Brittney - 8 dager siden
Very sad about the goat cheese dig :(
Jenipher Johnson
Jenipher Johnson - 9 dager siden
I can't roll my r's.
JaekMC - 9 dager siden
ayy caramba donde esta la biblioteca
Ahsi Sugarcane
Ahsi Sugarcane - 11 dager siden
*how are you?*
banana - 12 dager siden
isn't he like her boyfriend or?
Mysterious Heart
Mysterious Heart - 12 dager siden
How are you James?
T S - 12 dager siden
5:33 **laughs in r-rolling Russian**
Bog - 15 dager siden
Ya know james in hungary, we sometimes talk about what age we could say the letter r. We have it very commonly in our language :) (if this is how you say it)
T Y - 19 dager siden
James notebook said JM love Jimin BAJDBHDFHJFJFJI
Ella - 20 dager siden
I can only roll the letter 'r' if I put it in a word.
Jack Nguyen
Jack Nguyen - 22 dager siden
wait... isn’t he her boyfriend? am I tripping? 😭
Orca the Cat
Orca the Cat - 23 dager siden
Ok I might sound crazy but hear me out I think James is trilingual...

Pls don’t attack me
Virtuous Thing
Virtuous Thing - 23 dager siden
Huh, never thought I´d be hearing a british man talk about Juanpa Zurita, the residue of Mexico, some might say. Oh, and he does have a book, it´s one of those obnoxious "How To High-School" but for rich people and he wrote it in collaboration of influencers of the same "kind"
Raya Klaire Peralta
Raya Klaire Peralta - 24 dager siden
i did NOT expect that opm reference
loser !
loser ! - 27 dager siden
one punch reference im-
Carlos Cubilla
Carlos Cubilla - 28 dager siden
Aren't you and Tom Harlock the same persom wtf I am confused
a - 29 dager siden
Ryan . Pog
Ryan . Pog - Måned siden
Hi , I'm James , I used to be flirted on by a man who did mugbangs and I am a part of the eboys.

How could I forget , IM TRILINGUAL BTW
Ryan . Pog
Ryan . Pog - Måned siden
If I'm being honest , James looks like a chunky wilbursoot
ughb3lla - Måned siden
Ee Ee
Ee Ee - Måned siden
How are you?
Lil Disgust_D
Lil Disgust_D - Måned siden
4:51 love how you put “JM♡︎Jimin” even when there the same person😭😂
Lynette Riddle
Lynette Riddle - Måned siden
As someone who is half Hispanic Spanish grammar is what kills me. So I can understand more than I can speak. But I cannot roll my r’s. I just can’t. So I can speak decent Spanish then sounds like a dumbass when I try to say any Spanish words with a double r like burrito.
Stupid Burrito
Stupid Burrito - Måned siden
It’s always “James’ content is extremely and unsurprisingly unfunny” and never “How is James?”
ramona's shit show
ramona's shit show - Måned siden
bro I'm also trilingual, i speak
Cecilia Gutierrez
Cecilia Gutierrez - Måned siden
As a mexican, we don't claim him
Sezuin _
Sezuin _ - Måned siden
It depresses me that I’ve been learning french for about 4 years and a 3 year old french child can speak it better than me
Sezuin _
Sezuin _ - Måned siden
His voice sounds like mine when I get a bubble in my throat
Your very loving uncle James
Сука . _ .
Emily Lyn
Emily Lyn - Måned siden
I- I thought he was her boyfriend
centipedicmonster - Måned siden
Rolling your r's isn't hard...and I'm not a native English speaker
chickensaremainstream aight
chickensaremainstream aight - 2 måneder siden
James, how are you?
Roxanne Labrosse
Roxanne Labrosse - 2 måneder siden
IMPOSSIBLE!! aaaah wait..
Anna Jones
Anna Jones - 2 måneder siden
James I hope you’re proud, I moved to Spain and have been learning the language for a month and know loads when at the start I knew like 5 words. Can have loads & loads of convos and uno the shiz, hope you’re proud :))
Didn’t know any at the start coz I’ve never learnt it hahaha I did French and uno
Meg Krish
Meg Krish - 2 måneder siden
Seeing the title I was legit confused thinking Juanpa was Lele's brother
Jacky Boy
Jacky Boy - 2 måneder siden
I actually knew a person who was Puerto Rican and explained that not everyone can roll their Rs, and even he couldn’t do it. His sister and Dad could, but he and his mom couldn’t
YoungFavorite - 2 måneder siden
James: it’s hard to roll Rs
Slavic languages: am I a joke to you?
AndriaSilvaful - 2 måneder siden
Hey! That’s offensive to goat cheese! Goat cheese is delicious
sportluver98 - 2 måneder siden
I feel like in your older videos you talked so fucking fast compared to new one
Click bait
Click bait - 2 måneder siden
At some point I thought that was her brother in like 2017 so when I saw her kiss him I was like damn LATINAs be on sum freak shit
Axionexe - 2 måneder siden
4:51 if you’re an army lmaoooo
Nemesis - 2 måneder siden
I am 10000 % sure Juanpa and Lele were couples..like 4 years ago. He proposed her on some MTV award show and she said yes. The #zuripons was trending that time AND NOW HE IS HER BROTHER. Wtf. They were mushy gushy in love. Now brother ? Brother ? Brooootherrrrr ????
What kind of sick-ery is this ???
Edit: Here's the video https://youtu.be/4d_sjIj7Y4o
Migs 88
Migs 88 - 2 måneder siden
1m 50% Spanish, your permission is rescinded..
Carol Govea
Carol Govea - 2 måneder siden
But Juanpa Zurita is really hilarious you just understand his latino humor ahaha
ttimttam - 2 måneder siden
Te quiero actually means “I want you”
The proper way to say it is, “te amo” meaning “I love you” 😼
ttimttam - 2 måneder siden
@Alana Nieto yea I’m aware it’s used like that but I was just saying it’s more accurate to say te amo as it’s true meaning means I love you
Alana Nieto
Alana Nieto - 2 måneder siden
@ttimttam We say "te quiero" to everyone my guy. "Te quiero" does mean "I want you" but in Mexico it's kinda like a softer version of I love you, closer to "I'm fond of you". "Te amo" is reserved for your s/o or in cases for your children
ttimttam - 2 måneder siden
@Carol Govea what do you mean American definition? It’s the Spanish definition, te quiero is a way to say it but it directly translates to “I want you” and so it’s better to say “te amo” te quiero should be reserved for partners only
Carol Govea
Carol Govea - 2 måneder siden
No that is american definition for that word! It can be different depending on the Country.
Carol Govea
Carol Govea - 2 måneder siden
Correction: No in Mexico When we say "Te quiero" it also means "I love you"
xRoyal - 2 måneder siden
Can’t lie, you talk way too fucking much
Kristian Posada
Kristian Posada - 3 måneder siden
i learned spanish & english at the same time when i was learning to talk as a baby & i can't roll my Rs... PAIN
Ben Havasy
Ben Havasy - 3 måneder siden
james is the smartest eboy
michelle michael
michelle michael - 3 måneder siden
Rudy is kinda funny tho my favorite on is gosh bless you and the pineapple phone lol
Rebecca Ramon
Rebecca Ramon - 3 måneder siden
I’ve been learning Spanish in school since either kinder or first grade and I was always pretty bad at it that or I never tried and now I’m in 6th grade I’ve gone a couple of months without studying and honestly I’m not sure if I even remember that much after all today I was wondering if verde meant green or purple because I forgot so umm ya before in 5th grade if you said something to me in Spanish I probably would understand a little bit of what you were saying or a whole sentence or a whole story since once in 5th grade my Spanish teacher told us a story in Spanish and I understood almost everything there were a couple of sentences that I was wondering what she was saying but based off of everything else she was saying I figured out what she was talking about but now if you told me something in Spanish I have a feeling I wouldn’t know what you were saying so umm ya my Spanish teacher would probably be very disappointed in me
Emma Álvarez
Emma Álvarez - 3 måneder siden
James: "it's hard to roll your r unless you're a native spanish speaker"
Me, a 15 year old spanish who can't roll her r:
Emma Diaz Johnson
Emma Diaz Johnson - 3 måneder siden
A dude starts talking to me in Spanish
Me:what u want dude
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation - 3 måneder siden
Juat wait till someones qualingual
Breezy - 3 måneder siden
Isn’t querer to want and not to love?
Btw, I’m not a Spanish speaker I’m still learning, but this is the way I learned it so I was confused.
Carol Govea
Carol Govea - 2 måneder siden
No that is the american definition. It changes depending on the country. For example some words are different or have different definitions in Mexico Vs. Spain and they are both spanish speaking countries. "Te quiero" means "I love you" in Mexico. Get it from me I have been speaking spanish since I could say my first few words. And those pair of words are the words that I express my feelings with to my family members and loved ones.
Yousef el-Husseini
Yousef el-Husseini - 3 måneder siden
And this is why u have less subscribers:(
Grachi_X - 3 måneder siden
Ex boyfriend not brother
Mayaまや - 3 måneder siden
he kinda hwat doe
BatWing Z
BatWing Z - 3 måneder siden
I speak French arabic German and English
MILK - 4 måneder siden
So at first the dude didn’t even know how to pronounce “I love you” with it written in front of him and + Juanpa was saying pronouncing it
But then he learns how to say the words fluently just by listening to them
Dirk Flansburg
Dirk Flansburg - 4 måneder siden
actually if you look really closely the sketch is actually a reference to the 1897 play Cyrano de Bergerac
Kiwi•gacha - 4 måneder siden
I didn’t know he was leles brother thi/
LosingSanity ;-;
LosingSanity ;-; - 4 måneder siden
Tu soy hablas espanol?
Faeossia - 4 måneder siden
my bulgarian freind torments me by rolling her toung when she says rs and when i try i sound like a fucking pigeon
Emmy Bears
Emmy Bears - 4 måneder siden
I showed a picture of you to my older sister and she said "is that big Ed?"
piss baby
piss baby - 4 måneder siden
Queres is want not love you or something idk
maijalese - 4 måneder siden
guest starring: shakira as a random hispanic man
Salmina ZAZAI
Salmina ZAZAI - 4 måneder siden
Isn't that dude her ex or sumthin?
Tommy Klein
Tommy Klein - 4 måneder siden
James: I can’t read
Couple months later: James is the book guy
Ethel thethird
Ethel thethird - 4 måneder siden
idk any of you but noone in the video is funny. closing video right now
J.H.T.V - 4 måneder siden
How are you, Jim merit?
Joshua Farrelly
Joshua Farrelly - 4 måneder siden
Please never se tik tok
J4XMY C - 4 måneder siden
Wait a damn minute wasnt that her bf ._.
Jill Anderson
Jill Anderson - 4 måneder siden
This is totally random, but I've always wanted to learn Spanish, I'm currently taking lessons now, but I remember in high school we were going to learn Spanish and I was so excited but they ended up changing it to German and that sucked for me because my parents are German and I already spoke the language.
Carol Govea
Carol Govea - 2 måneder siden
Same I know Spanish already though and I want to learn another language but the only class is spanish class in my school:( Want to trade classes lol
Amelia Smith
Amelia Smith - 4 måneder siden
“Hi I’m Latina and my names lele pons :)”
Dat Boi
Dat Boi - 4 måneder siden
James:to the monolingual ear
Me a fellow trilingual:yes
Argy The Fox
Argy The Fox - 4 måneder siden
Que tal estas?
Fia's Stuff
Fia's Stuff - 4 måneder siden
Ummmmmmm thats not her brother 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 was
Virginia Soloe
Virginia Soloe - 4 måneder siden
Anyone else notice on the bigger notebook it says JM ♥️ jimin.
Lmao same James same
Xx_AskPlayz_xX —-
Xx_AskPlayz_xX —- - 4 måneder siden
Dont they speek brazilian in Portugal, not *portouguise*
Carol Govea
Carol Govea - 2 måneder siden
ummm lol
thatOneAnimeBae - 4 måneder siden
s-so- its been a while that i watched but I remember in her vines he pretended he was her bf- i- I'm confused? who is who?
Lego Commander Cody
Lego Commander Cody - 4 måneder siden
Charlie A
Charlie A - 5 måneder siden
lol i am portugese
Rain - 5 måneder siden
*I'm embarrassed to be from the same place hes from.*
Carol Govea
Carol Govea - 2 måneder siden
Why, there will always be bad people (Juanpa Zurita is not bad) in every country but you shouldn't be embarrassed to be from Mexico. I am embarrassed for our country (I'm from Mexico) that you said that about them.
Lego Commander Cody
Lego Commander Cody - 4 måneder siden
MJT 1x
MJT 1x - 5 måneder siden
How come?
Redford Nations
Redford Nations - 5 måneder siden
3:10 lmao
karla lafarga
karla lafarga - 5 måneder siden
juanpa used to be funny when he lived in mexico
Carol Govea
Carol Govea - 2 måneder siden
He still does..
Raeven Silhouetto
Raeven Silhouetto - 5 måneder siden
How the fu-
J P - 5 måneder siden
Que oso
bitch you guessed it
bitch you guessed it - 5 måneder siden
i actually like adamw, but he's only funny when he doesn't make content with the more famous ex-viners. love his skits with marlon webb
Blue Rennes
Blue Rennes - 5 måneder siden
It's such a shame that Rudy did skits, he is a great musician, he just ruined his credibility
Alzza - 5 måneder siden

he’s trilingual 🤣
TPWK - 5 måneder siden
@Alzza like if u never have writen this, idk what would i do-
TPWK - 5 måneder siden
@Alzza omfgg- i never even realized thaatt
Alzza - 5 måneder siden
TPWK I was shocked
TPWK - 5 måneder siden
Tae's Edits
Tae's Edits - 5 måneder siden
I’ll have to count how many times James puts Jimin I’m his videos🤣💜
matthew hawkins
matthew hawkins - 5 måneder siden
Wait James is trilingual?
super stupid
super stupid - 5 måneder siden
James, how are you?