Lele Pons' book is unbelievably bad...

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In today's episode of Bad Book Club, we take a look at Lele Pons' book (fortunately not poetry, unfortunately not in Spanish), Surviving High School. The instagram comedian provides probably the worst book I've read so far in this series, worsened only by her recent ventures into reggaeton music, which I also attempt in this video.
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James Marriott
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James Marriott
James Marriott - 10 måneder siden
"Adios Lele" is on Spotify now!
Check it out here: https://open.spotify.com/track/2wwuxUgvvHaVCQBHsNYB0E?si=JjeBYxYFRvSZ0RfMaeY-iQ
Margot Finch
Margot Finch - 27 dager siden
it's not available in my country noooooooo :((((
UrbanRose - 28 dager siden
@Vijaya Rao then explain how he has less people who despise him than lele
Friday G
Friday G - Måned siden
It’s gone😭 I can’t find it
Ghost-Chan __
Ghost-Chan __ - Måned siden
The songs not on Spotify anymore and that makes me sad.
Vijaya Rao
Vijaya Rao - Måned siden
She is way more popular and successful than you so just shut up your boring lecture🙄
Titanium Spider
Titanium Spider - 5 timer siden
I got an add for a lele pons song 🤭
Rae Nall
Rae Nall - 9 timer siden
This song is hilarious people who speak spanish are elite 😍
Robyn Dreemurr
Robyn Dreemurr - Dag siden
I'm Latina and I don't get reggaeton
sophie - 2 dager siden
that song actually freakin bops
Random Wonders
Random Wonders - 2 dager siden
Random Wonders
Random Wonders - 2 dager siden
8:54 oo yeah
yeehaw maties
yeehaw maties - 4 dager siden
Adios Lele is by far the best song I’ve ever heard in my life❤️
Dead Pufferfish
Dead Pufferfish - 5 dager siden
this comment is funny

シCharlie𒊹Emily - 6 dager siden
I downloaded Spotify and uh..
When I went on You were one of the top Artists ✨💅🏻 I’m proud of spotify✨👍👏
Alex The Emo Trash
Alex The Emo Trash - 6 dager siden
g note
Lemon Dealer
Lemon Dealer - 10 dager siden
Columbia is know for coffee actually and Venezuela is near so maybe they do it too?
Ezte _zect
Ezte _zect - 10 dager siden
I hope she makes a sequel, not because it was good, I just want you to suffer.
《Kayleigh》 《Halligan》
I'm a ginger kid watching this and I feel PERSONALLY ATTACKED 😂😂😂
Dyltube - 12 dager siden
At lunch at our school they gave us spaghetti bolagnaise and he pulled his plate towards him and it was slightly over the edge that he accidently knocked it and it fell on him. That was true but he never saw someone and just stuck his elbow in it
Ella Erickson
Ella Erickson - 13 dager siden
“R. Kelly was a perv” ah yes and Hitler was a *bit* of a racist
Kirseu 64
Kirseu 64 - 14 dager siden
I like how uncomfortable James's dog is being shaken around but is still happy enough to stay anyways
Sarah Baldwin
Sarah Baldwin - 14 dager siden
that song will be played in high school spanish classes
Sofia H.P. Figueiró
Sofia H.P. Figueiró - 15 dager siden
only two Latina girls in a school in Miami
Orion X-Thousand
Orion X-Thousand - 15 dager siden
4:32 bruh he straight up sounded like Zarbon from DBZ
manky banana
manky banana - 16 dager siden
is nobody gonna talk about how she said "only this tragedy is much worse" when comparing the titanic to embarrassing herself
Its Hannah
Its Hannah - 16 dager siden
I think bear in mind I am not sure but it is somewhat possible that James COULD be possibly maybe trilingual
no go away
no go away - 16 dager siden
You speak spanish better then me and spanish was my first language
Maria Gancz
Maria Gancz - 17 dager siden
May or may not be falling for James singing in Spanish
Hali Abi Name
Hali Abi Name - 17 dager siden
How do I keep clicking on all the James marriot videos where he mentions his FUN FACT of languages hehe
Obvious Anonymous
Obvious Anonymous - 17 dager siden
I wish I too could spontaneously burst into proper reaggaton
S.Bob - 17 dager siden
My favourite line. "i am triligual" so much anger haha
MaryTG Avalon
MaryTG Avalon - 18 dager siden
Him mentioning ginger a lot, and even saying ‘ginger Brat’ I’m just there like. 👁👄👁
SirCrash•HCR - 19 dager siden
According to google james,you are austrian
hey its me layla
hey its me layla - 20 dager siden
I would pay him to upload the rest of the song
Video Games only
Video Games only - 20 dager siden
I’m down with the kids -James Marriott 2020
These are actually his last words as immediately after he said this big ol boris barged into his house and rugby tackled him like a kid instantly crushing his tiny feeble body the rest of the video is in fact a deep fake made by the government to cover up boris killing another person by a rugby tackle it was made by the government that’s why it looks so realistic
Ryuuji •
Ryuuji • - 21 dag siden
I hate knowing that this writer stole the scene where Lele spills spaghetti all over herself in the school cafeteria and her crush walks by, straight out of 'Dork Diaries'. When an author who has written more than 10 books about a teenage girl in middle school, is where this book gets its inspiration from. The bar is on the floor.
Mika Sangrenegra
Mika Sangrenegra - 22 dager siden
What happened to the song on Spotify nooo
Pearl Cherisa
Pearl Cherisa - 22 dager siden
when he said, "ajajajajaja" 😩💀💔
Weiss Schnee
Weiss Schnee - 23 dager siden
James' song a little past halfway in was so catchy
Amanda Finnegan
Amanda Finnegan - 23 dager siden
The saddest thing about this is that the author (Melissa de la cruz) is a very good writer with many sell out books and she is wasting her creative talents on this book which is upsetting 😂😂
Sad Potato
Sad Potato - 24 dager siden
Eleanor Neal's hair is amazing
Jasmine Slaughter
Jasmine Slaughter - 25 dager siden
U are the only one who can talk about YouTuber I love and me not get mad about because I love u.
Nicole Schaefer
Nicole Schaefer - 25 dager siden
As a latina I laughed when the spanish flag came out😂. Love your videos James 💜 the song was epic 🙌
Kestalami - 26 dager siden
,, eleanor neal isn't ginger
kitchen sink
kitchen sink - 26 dager siden
Okay, I know this is irrelevant, but that cookie looks beautiful! Thanks for making me hungry, James 😭
Xeoney - 27 dager siden
Lele is the type of person who has privilege but acts like she's had the worst life ever
Gemma Lou
Gemma Lou - 28 dager siden
Wait a sec y’all had spaghetti for lunch at school? Not that card board questionable meat with watered down ketchup?
Bi Ba
Bi Ba - 28 dager siden
I lost count of how many times I've seen this video
Margot Finch
Margot Finch - 28 dager siden
Gosh I can't believe how many times I've been coming back to this video just for the song 😂😂
Marie Nevečeřalová
Marie Nevečeřalová - 28 dager siden
The song is too good
casemiro - 29 dager siden
Mocha Moj
Mocha Moj - Måned siden
James talks about how he has no talent
Also James
“Did I mention I was trilingual”
Fancy Bread
Fancy Bread - Måned siden
2:43 bruh did the writer just seriously put the . in the ) instead of on the outside of it? Bruh.
shyamal patel
shyamal patel - Måned siden
*Una latina*
Displays the flag of Spain.
Espanol usage doesn't warrant Spain everywhere, like the country with highest Espanol speakers in Mexico.
Just a random fact
Sindi Kurti
Sindi Kurti - Måned siden
me watching with my acne when she says if you don’t have nice skin you’re automatically ugly 👁💧👄💧👁
Regan Treece
Regan Treece - Måned siden
At around 7:50 you started yelling about gingers, and I'm one, so I legitimately got scared when you pointed.
Nichelle Peters
Nichelle Peters - Måned siden
XO, Lele
What are you the Gossip Girl?
Jacob Kananura
Jacob Kananura - Måned siden
Lele: heh
James: don't worry I speak fluent Spanish. She means ajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja. I know I am a smart I just don't brag much.
ItsYumYum! - Måned siden
The faces that James make in the song make my day 10x better
PiscePerson - Måned siden
Porque no sabes lo que digo, te imploro que traduzcas esto
Fathima Zahra Khan
Fathima Zahra Khan - Måned siden
the coronavirus is a pandemic doe 10:13
Yukki - Måned siden
it wasn't around the world in March tho :/
That person Ingénue
That person Ingénue - Måned siden
Lele : if you’re not latino you won’t get reggaeton
My black Caribbean axx: 🤨
Lynette Riddle
Lynette Riddle - Måned siden
Also about the coffee, idk about Venezuelans specifically but Hispanics do typically have stronger coffee. I guess you can say that Hispanics like more coffee, but plenty of my dad's side likes to drink coffee. Actually one of my aunts drinks coffee literally all day then wonders why she can't sleep until like 4 am lol.
Lynette Riddle
Lynette Riddle - Måned siden
Honestly yeah my mom has the Hispanic accent and she still messes up her grammar. I actually have known 2 teachers who are Venezuelan. They're both nice people.
Oh by the way did I mention I'm half Puerto Rican? I'm half Puerto Rican btw.
seth fields
seth fields - Måned siden
It's not a real job, but it's a valid one
cremebrulia - Måned siden
can we talk about how AMAZING that song was???
MintyKPt - Måned siden
"tengo un diploma" - James Marriot
asel - Måned siden
awesome !!
stereotypical jew
stereotypical jew - Måned siden
nice singing voice
Emily the human
Emily the human - Måned siden
Anyone actually really like the song like I would buy that
Damein _Xox
Damein _Xox - Måned siden
Otter - Måned siden
Omfggg the song is amazing 😭
Ayedan - Måned siden
Absolutely need more songs from you in Spanish lmao that was gold
Shoto todoroki
Shoto todoroki - Måned siden
Lmao why is Eleanor here?
Midnight Artz Ò3Ó
Midnight Artz Ò3Ó - Måned siden
" I have a diploma" this is my fav line
enigma6789ful - Måned siden
I watch this every week just to hear James say jajajajaja
NikoBun - Måned siden
3:15 Is that Eleanor Neale?
RatinGaming - Måned siden
I speak Spanish too, should I learn Portuguese?
slushiewaves - Måned siden
Depends! Do you wanna go to countries that speak Portuguese? (:
Elle Vaniti
Elle Vaniti - Måned siden
Omg I had to pause I was screaming laughing so hard at the ajajajajaja!
El Shogun
El Shogun - Måned siden
If she's not "kind looking african American" or an underage girl then she don't get r.kelly.
MoodyBeany *dead*
MoodyBeany *dead* - Måned siden
Thank you ❤️ that song made my goddamn year
Itzxxsarah - Måned siden
Nobody gonna mention how he put Eleanor as the ginger girl
Aithusa - Måned siden
he looks so proud of himself. 10:01 hes a happy boi
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A - Måned siden
Lele, being Latina isn't a skill.
James Marriott, being trilingual IS a skill.
Iluminatec - Måned siden
Has a Latino... that song hits!!! Great accent btw
Chloe Marie
Chloe Marie - Måned siden
Funny if she came out about how there's gonna be a sequal, and then as she was talking about it she says they originally had no idea what to write for a sequal in the first place.
Nala Bear
Nala Bear - 2 måneder siden
jajajajajajajaja este wey habla español :^
Revile Paragon 2
Revile Paragon 2 - 2 måneder siden
Did James really say alcoHol
DOLLIE DOTTIE - 2 måneder siden
I mean I always believed she mentions she's latina because she's blond its rare to actually see a naturally blond latina i would've thought oh your just a Blond white girl but no she's a latina.
Taylor Johnson
Taylor Johnson - 2 måneder siden
As a black girl. The line "a kind looking african american" is straight up offensive. Its one of those things that a lot of people don't know blacks take offense to. My dad had to tell my step mom that mentioning a person being black when story telling when their skin color has nothing to do with the story is offensive to black people. Like why is it different cuz we are black? Is it scarier or were they the nice looking african american? Its just ignorance...
slushiewaves - Måned siden
Yesss! It’s so stupid!!
Coterie Blue
Coterie Blue - 2 måneder siden
It’s crazy that he got a rosalia feature at the end
Mrs H
Mrs H - 2 måneder siden
OMG the song was great 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
kristianna Robinson
kristianna Robinson - 2 måneder siden
God damn James that was a bop and now I'm simpin look what you did
Angelica Veloz
Angelica Veloz - 2 måneder siden
Betongba Thonger
Betongba Thonger - 2 måneder siden
Fck you
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
Turdonknator - 2 måneder siden
Lele is starting to give off fascist vibes to me because of how much she flexes her nationality
Saddd - 2 måneder siden
Thinking about how venezuelans actually really like their coffee( that is not as good as brazil's ) but she didn't have to mention it in the book
Valkyrie - 2 måneder siden
"Sure, Lele's house may someday be a museum, but so was Hitlers."
I-. *hits subscribe button*
R0s3g4rd3n GD
R0s3g4rd3n GD - 2 måneder siden
9:18 the song begins--
Aleiyah - 2 måneder siden
I thought that my 3rd grade young authors book was bad(it was about my “life”)
ImBadAtLifeInGeneral - 2 måneder siden
i love that song like fr
Christian Molina
Christian Molina - 2 måneder siden
Sopa 👍
Idk I just wanted to say soup
Tassos369 - 2 måneder siden
Hearing James sing in Spanish has made my life complete.
MightyFreiza - 2 måneder siden
Sequel? There’s already 3 new books. Gooooosh your soooo lame, I’m only bullying you because you strong and independent.
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden