Kylie Jenner isn't relatable...

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Today we take a look at a member of everyone's favourite family of lizards, Kylie Jenner. We talk about how attempts to be relatable in both her Halloween and "What's In My Bag" videos. Essentially, all of the millions of Kylie's subscribers are regularly subjugated to obvious, 10 minute long ads.
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BasicallyAstro - 19 timer siden
3:03 This man is a mind reader and I am not comfortable with that
NameVerloren - 20 timer siden
was it just an illusion or was there a hunch of humanity in Kylie while she was talking to her daugther. wasn't that wooden and deadfish faced like the rest at least
Lime Crewmate
Lime Crewmate - 2 dager siden
No one
Captions: hello everyone welcome back to the James marriage challenge
•Sweething• - 2 dager siden
“Your parents are probably divorced if your British”
My parents who never got married:
maddingly - 3 dager siden
Y’all throwing a fit ab her calling her mom kris jenner obviously havemt watched a second of their interactions. She literally still uses “mommy”
Namtan Benedyk
Namtan Benedyk - 4 dager siden
"your parents are divorced aren't they" JAMES PLEASE IT ONLY HAPPENED A YEAR AGO
Saki_ Midoki
Saki_ Midoki - 4 dager siden
No she so relateble to have milions of dolars and i live in a fvcking castle i dont have anything of that._.
DMRFCNO 1 - 8 dager siden
I bet everyone in the uk just hate their family
ItsEmma 111
ItsEmma 111 - 8 dager siden
I made cookies while watching the video. It’s very fitting.
killer orange
killer orange - 9 dager siden
i love u so much omg lets punch kids together
ilaria - 10 dager siden
When your parents aren't divorced but don't live together
Very unusual Comments
Very unusual Comments - 11 dager siden
After he said let’s see what I’ve got in my bag I got a what’s in your wallet ad
Under a TBR
Under a TBR - 11 dager siden
okay so i am new to this channel but i want to say that she and her sister have 2 books out in the wild if you want to have another bad book club book :) thanks for making me laugh
Aoi Hoshiko
Aoi Hoshiko - 12 dager siden
Hearing James with an American accent scares me
Son Gayku
Son Gayku - 12 dager siden
'I'm not expecting a child anytime soon' yet the neck of your shirt looks like a rabid child got to it.
Saira Umar
Saira Umar - 13 dager siden
Kylie cant even move her face probably because of all that stuffing she puts in her her face every WEEK she is 22 and yet ever since 14 she had a new face every year since then
Alex The Emo Trash
Alex The Emo Trash - 13 dager siden
Also isok 2 spend money on self medicating it makes existing more bearable
Alex The Emo Trash
Alex The Emo Trash - 13 dager siden
Wdym not relatable we all have way 2 controlling moms right?
baby food
baby food - 13 dager siden
The only thing in my bag is like a wallet, cigs and just a bunch of junk and wrappers like why do you need perfume in your bag lmao
ёлки - 13 dager siden
So you're telling me James IS actually straight?
101Paradise101 - 14 dager siden
That skin thing hand sanitizer looks like the moisturiser bottle my mum has for her that a good thing? Because I very much thought it would be different
Georgia Haydon
Georgia Haydon - 16 dager siden
I find it so funny how she dead names her mum through the whole video
Flame - 16 dager siden
I can picture Kylie Jenner watching this
Jaycee Carroll
Jaycee Carroll - 18 dager siden
It triggers me at 4:28 when it literally reads 8:02 but he says 8:01✋😤
amoi campbell
amoi campbell - 18 dager siden
their onesies cost more than most rent I bet lmao
Lavender_ Human
Lavender_ Human - 19 dager siden
I hate how i looked up what craking eggs meant

Instant regret
Lacha Cat
Lacha Cat - 19 dager siden
James: I don’t like kids
Me: *that hurt*
K_Then Then_K
K_Then Then_K - 19 dager siden
“ *I have like three masks in here* “
I wish you’d use them
החדש החדש
החדש החדש - 20 dager siden
I think she might have a cool personality but she definitely doesn't have a camera personality and she isn't very relatable because she was always rich but she might be nice
1-800-Orphan Ducky
1-800-Orphan Ducky - 21 dag siden
3:02 *I am immensely hurt*
Erin Ove
Erin Ove - 21 dag siden
When he said “rucksack,” I genuinely thought he said “rock sack” and thought he was going to continue with things like “toad bag” and “tenderloin purse.”
VsLeah - 21 dag siden
my parents are divorsed............. and im not even british...
Basic Bush
Basic Bush - 24 dager siden
She’s like I carry this stuff everywhere and then pulls out FUCKING UNO. I died 😂
Jada Z
Jada Z - 26 dager siden
when he stared into my soul and said "your parents are divorced aren't they?"... i felt that.
SCP - 1471
SCP - 1471 - 26 dager siden
Kylie looks completely emotionally dead . Either because she is it or she already did too many Botox injections with her whopping 23 years.
Alice H
Alice H - 26 dager siden
ok. i’m just going to stop you right there. the auto captions on this video just said, and i quote “welcome back to the james marriage youtube channel”. guess you’re a wedding youtuber now...
Certified Bean
Certified Bean - 27 dager siden
The Kardashians husbands: 5:07
Kimberly Old School
Kimberly Old School - 27 dager siden
Thanks for repping niacinimide, which really is a skincare marvel, and you can get it dirt cheap from The Ordinary, Kylie Jenner not required.
Hi Patrick blackden
Meka Evans
Meka Evans - 27 dager siden
After spending my entire 8 hour shift listening to/watching your videos I've decided to make sure your video alerts are on. Thank you for making work tolerable.
Anonymous [26490]
Anonymous [26490] - 28 dager siden
That Kylie perfume looks... interesting
Rusira Ekanayake
Rusira Ekanayake - 28 dager siden
i dont like kids = now thats relatable
miracledoubtfire - 29 dager siden
I think what could help her be relatable is if she gives tips on how she started her makeup line

In that way, we know she actually worked a day in her life.
ssssSTopmotion - 29 dager siden
Did she lose her job during pandemic
Are You Ready For It
Are You Ready For It - Måned siden
Are you gay? Why are you always in women's business?
Car - Måned siden
Iman Khan
Iman Khan - Måned siden
Who in the hecc keeps serum in their purse IN THE PACKAGE at all times
redhair 2609
redhair 2609 - Måned siden
Funny that you think you’d still have a soul
Patrick Hennigan
Patrick Hennigan - Måned siden
She’s got the personality of an omelette.
DJ Pound Puppy
DJ Pound Puppy - Måned siden
She's suddenly 15 shades darker in the purse closet.
Kamal LB
Kamal LB - Måned siden
Meanwhile she never knew how to do her own laundry ☠️☠️☠️
Belinda Stott
Belinda Stott - Måned siden
Now I know why I tried to avoid her vids and her yt channel
karthik p
karthik p - Måned siden
Fyi: Hoodie IS a necessity. i hate mine along with raincoat, thermal blanket, hat and hoodie in my car. Ofc along with some small yet emergency car accessories
Aparajita - Måned siden
My favorite part is where there are 5 of the same bag in different colours on the shelf in the background 🤩
Aaliyah Blackwood
Aaliyah Blackwood - Måned siden
I think Kylie is nervous when it comes to the camera.
Charles Foster
Charles Foster - Måned siden
She doesn’t even have her own personality or’s all just a clone of the 1st model
Charles Foster
Charles Foster - Måned siden
“I need towel please” foreshadows just how inept in life skills this lil human will be. I’d bet the celeb worshipers would defend and say something like “she said please” and “least she’s being taught manners”...
So at least she’ll be cordial growing up believing she has dominion over certain classes of human beings eh
Charles Foster
Charles Foster - Måned siden
I just can’t take this fake chick seriously. Besides the reality disconnect she looks nothing like Kylie Jenner. It’s a different person period and thinks this type of behavior is unhealthy not only for herself but for all the celebrity worshipers.
Marlene Cowie
Marlene Cowie - Måned siden
Wilne you George and Alex
Marlene Cowie
Marlene Cowie - Måned siden
Why you guys so funny
Lynette Riddle
Lynette Riddle - Måned siden
"Actually I don't know, does she have tear ducts installed yet?" XD
Lynette Riddle
Lynette Riddle - Måned siden
Was I the only one who was actually expecting her to say "my Kylie Skin masks"
l o l a
l o l a - Måned siden
kylie and james are literally a month apart in age
Chaos Chris
Chaos Chris - Måned siden
Thank you James, Very Cool!
Sara Corn
Sara Corn - Måned siden
is this the right moment to say eat the rich :)
Space Kace
Space Kace - Måned siden
"I need a towel please" holy shit it's already a fucking nightmare
Lord Memeius
Lord Memeius - Måned siden
You can't fool us with the "I don't like kids" act James, we all know you're a massive nonce
yellow tourmaline
yellow tourmaline - Måned siden
Yes James very relatable im deffo a straight guy whos kinda hot
Deffo not gay and thisting over you
Nope never god say that it's wrong
Brianna Young
Brianna Young - Måned siden
the moment he plugged his song i leaped to spotify... yes leaped
Lyla Bean
Lyla Bean - Måned siden
“Doesn’t change the fact you drink children’s blood” spill that shit 😂💯☕️
Magali Doll
Magali Doll - Måned siden
Kylie Jenner looks like a totalled car
Vi Jay
Vi Jay - Måned siden
My favourite designer is *jemappellepldjdhkdkdl*
Squid Licker Stevens
Squid Licker Stevens - Måned siden
Hippity Hoppity I Have ADHD
*Kylie’s skin Uno*
Jorja Dudick
Jorja Dudick - Måned siden
James look up what the Jenners and the kardashians looked like before plastic surgery
Adam Coote
Adam Coote - Måned siden
Brand new and stylish designer bag: “jemapellehippopotamus”
Ari W
Ari W - Måned siden
The best prank ever to do to Kylie is put a missing person photo of her original face on fliers all around her neighborhood.
monsterjambrony - Måned siden
How is Kylie Jenner a mother when she’s only 6 years older than me?!
Gold Napkin
Gold Napkin - Måned siden
James you liar, we know you sold your soul a long time ago 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Leslie Alcala
Leslie Alcala - Måned siden
Why is Kylie so orange 🍊
リヴァ - Måned siden
She wants to look similar to Donald Trump.
Veeti Raappana
Veeti Raappana - Måned siden
biased arguments and short sighted thinking. Thankfully humorous video-> you get my like!!
Ammaarah - Måned siden
You're so hilarious 😂 😂 😂
The Hardins
The Hardins - Måned siden
Stormi is just a delight at this point in time.
gjh - Måned siden
that purse is over 3,000.00
Kawaii Lama
Kawaii Lama - Måned siden
just saw tyhis ytitle and she is actually hashtag relatable so dont im not even going to like watch this video now
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole - Måned siden
I love the Kylie and stormi relationship lol
SidneyBlancoMMD - Måned siden
It’s frustrating because he doesn’t understand any of her references and calling her Kris Jenner is like a funny thing because when Kris Jenner became more of a meme back in like 2015 she was just the infamous Kris Jenner
Sarah Duuub
Sarah Duuub - 2 måneder siden
Kylie isn’t a billionaire...
Trinity L.
Trinity L. - 2 måneder siden
i always forget its kylie jenner and not kylie kardashian because THEIR THE SAME FAMILIES I SWEAR
Missy Sterling
Missy Sterling - 2 måneder siden
This is a fool’s errand. They can’t make Kylie more relatable. Civilians will never be able to relate Kylie. The rich and famous don’t even follow the same moral code the rest of us do.
skylar Martin
skylar Martin - 2 måneder siden
@kylie jenner
Mai Lev
Mai Lev - 2 måneder siden
She also got in her bag - "the Kylie no personality with dead eyes. now available online."
Apurva Sharma
Apurva Sharma - 2 måneder siden
I actually sorta liked the cookie baking video and I was not expecting that
Bana ́s Keuken
Bana ́s Keuken - 2 måneder siden
´´That´s for the bedroom only!´´ LMAO that line had me dead
Shakira 8
Shakira 8 - 2 måneder siden
They will never give free advertisement... they be getting thousands sometimes millions a post lol
KittyKat143 - 2 måneder siden
The whole thing with the bags are that they're worth more after a few years. I can't really explain it that well but say in 2015 you buy a Birkin for $25,000. If you were to sell it now in 2020, it'd be worth around $100,000. That's why so many celebrities invest in Birkin bags.
Ash Gregorich
Ash Gregorich - 2 måneder siden
Completely agree with you James! I also know you won’t read this but I wanted 2 cents anyway. Kylie was born into being unrelatable we all know that!! The thing about designer bags no one needs them- you compared them to designer watches, designer bags also if well looked after also increase in value over time apparently a bag is an investment not that Kylie has to worry! You should ask Alex isn’t he all about Gucci?
leaf mint
leaf mint - 2 måneder siden
I feel incredibly called out by the British parents comment.
Mostly because it's true.
Albert Evans
Albert Evans - 2 måneder siden
Your intro be looking like MR.Tumble
Jessica Ely
Jessica Ely - 2 måneder siden
“Taken from the hands of a starving Madagascan child”