JoJo Siwa Is Actually Poor...

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In JoJo Siwa Is Actually Poor, we talk about the antagonist of Danielle Cohn, JoJo Siwa. Following the JoJo Siwa Justin Bieber feud, we ask is JoJo Siwa rich? Or living off of past Dance Moms fame.
Twitter: @JamesMarriottYT (James Marriott)
Runtime: 10:27


Piggers - Dag siden
Adam Evans
Adam Evans - 2 dager siden
Funny that he is talking trash about 2019 aka the last good year.
CalMehGacha - 3 dager siden
If yall see this comment you survived past 2020
tullon - 3 dager siden
strawberry_toothpaste - Dag siden
Cant wait till james makes a video on jojo coming out 👌🙃
Glitch - 3 dager siden
Something like poo. Happy James
Wendy van Pelt
Wendy van Pelt - 3 dager siden
*エレノア *
*エレノア * - 3 dager siden
I'm more than 2 years younger than her and that car is absolute rubbish
Syth-life - 3 dager siden
People don’t get when he says preteen he is having a laugh he knows she is over the age of 15 🤦‍♂️
Adam McElroy
Adam McElroy - 5 dager siden
Glitch_Nitro - 5 dager siden
GamingWithLightning - 5 dager siden
S0L3R Pumpz
S0L3R Pumpz - 5 dager siden
Slurpy Marshmellow
Slurpy Marshmellow - 5 dager siden
This year boomerang is at 932million views🥲😦
Nick and Connor
Nick and Connor - 4 dager siden
Ik how I I dislike that video
E Bricks YT
E Bricks YT - 6 dager siden
I would drive it once it’s turned back into a car
Azareyl Ik
Azareyl Ik - 6 dager siden
when she says its ganna be the best year ever
Kayls - 6 dager siden
someone needs to get that girl a glass of water
-Notice me Finn Wolfhard-
-Notice me Finn Wolfhard- - 6 dager siden
If your voice is raw like mine go and buy the newww...

Dust Cloud
Dust Cloud - 7 dager siden
The sub titles are interesting
haidyn payne
haidyn payne - 7 dager siden
I- i disliked because he said 2019 was hard :)
Top Hat
Top Hat - 8 dager siden
Yes I would drive that car, and drive it off a cliff while I’m still in it.
Top Hat
Top Hat - 8 dager siden
She sounds like a 50 year old who has been smoking a box a day since she was 20. Addiction gotta love it.
Fut_ure’s Place
Fut_ure’s Place - 9 dager siden
In the captions it has Jojo really talking like: WeLComE bACk
British Guy
British Guy - 9 dager siden
3:56 your friend who sells you cancer
Rug-Rugs Official!
Rug-Rugs Official! - 9 dager siden
Jo jo*iTs GoINg To BE tHE BeST YeaR eVRe*
Covid: exists
TSUKUMO NO GAMA - 10 dager siden
Jessi plays Jj
Jessi plays Jj - 10 dager siden
THE CAR IS disgusting
START GAME YT - 10 dager siden
NT Striker
NT Striker - 11 dager siden
Wait till 2020 mate
mariahachu - 12 dager siden
Bruv talk about 2019 hahaha
doge catmaster
doge catmaster - 12 dager siden
I hate that disgusting car
Traitor ._. Falls
Traitor ._. Falls - 13 dager siden
“I dont really about what they say”
Im gonna kill myself anyway - James
Me: mood
Edith Dela Cruz
Edith Dela Cruz - 13 dager siden
Everytime I hear jojo I Get A Vietnam flashback
•Burnt Potato•
•Burnt Potato• - 13 dager siden
it was about a year or 2 ago.. i went on her channel, and DISLIKED ALL HER VIDEOS. i better catch up ^^
Pl3ys Nontinde
Pl3ys Nontinde - 13 dager siden
If I had to drive that car I would kill myself
the neighborhood kid your mom forcesyoutoplaywith
I know this is sorta off topic but doesnt jojo have a crush on logan paul
Larray fp Larray
Larray fp Larray - 14 dager siden
Yall probably looking to see if she commented
- Karasū -
- Karasū - - 14 dager siden
I’m sorry she said ‘my manager Karen’s’
ExCusE mE wHaT?! 😃
Time stamp: 4:54
Alisa Pavlova
Alisa Pavlova - 15 dager siden
Anyone else here in 2021?
MrNoName - 16 dager siden
does she not realize that when she mentioned a queen tribute band i will bet $100 that other then james none of them know who that is
Itsmooshly - 16 dager siden
Pet nonce *I’m crying*
Sakusa_ Kiyoomi
Sakusa_ Kiyoomi - 17 dager siden
Ahem 8:53

dreamnotfound gacha
dreamnotfound gacha - 17 dager siden
I would rather die at 12 years old than drive in her car (p.s I dont hate jojo I like her)
Draven Williams
Draven Williams - 17 dager siden
you think 2019 is bad i come from 2021
Trixx blobbyboi
Trixx blobbyboi - 17 dager siden
i think jojos viewers are 1 years old
Juice - 18 dager siden
Me watching this in 2021 “wait tell next year”
HyperGang FRUGI
HyperGang FRUGI - 18 dager siden
Poo iykyk
Eva Hay
Eva Hay - 18 dager siden
Anime_Weeaboo - 18 dager siden
Athena A
Athena A - 18 dager siden
You sound like snips from mlp XD 2:29
James Playz
James Playz - 18 dager siden
on the subject of her car, it looks like shes run over her own clone and left that as the paint job
suddie2018 - 18 dager siden
Why the f#*k would u want to get your own face on your car?! Ruined a decent car!!!
Crazy Gloger Crazy
Crazy Gloger Crazy - 19 dager siden
Are u 60?
Shadow Fox
Shadow Fox - 19 dager siden
My sister was listening to jo jo and I convinced her to stop
SQUINTS - 19 dager siden
James burn it
SQUINTS - 19 dager siden
Please burn the car
Berito - 19 dager siden
i would drive that car

in to a canyon
MorgzGang - 21 dag siden
Iolo Jones
Iolo Jones - 21 dag siden
Something about one of my favourite bands being JoJo siwa’s favourite band makes me shiver
mui goku
mui goku - 24 dager siden
James total views: 108M
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Jojo's total views: 3B
Joined 2 Feb 2015
Sariya Johnson
Sariya Johnson - 25 dager siden
This Halloween I dressed up as a clown because I'm a fucking joke😂
yasma - 26 dager siden
I'm hungry
rosé sunset
rosé sunset - 27 dager siden

*Oh you wanna see a costume?*
DFC_SALTY - 28 dager siden
when shes older shes probably gonna sound like a heavy smoker from her earlier years
Luca Lewin
Luca Lewin - 28 dager siden
Ok then “poo”
Games Plus some random art and animations
When it’s almost 2021 and your watching this🤣🥰
UrbanRose - 26 dager siden
@Games Plus some random art and animations mate it ain't that deep. This kind of seems like an excuse for you to vent and that's ok, If you want therapy from random strangers then reddit is always open , so good luck with all your stuff
Games Plus some random art and animations
@MattyTube I’m only in middle school and I have so many things I hide thanks therapy you taught me how to hide emotions
Games Plus some random art and animations
@MattyTube they want me to have a certain job just cause I’m smart but I really cannot sit an office
Games Plus some random art and animations
@MattyTube I wanna end my life too but I keep going everyday gets worse and worse my parents don’t even believe I have test anxiety I may or may not have depression but they don’t know that cause I’m too smart to Tell them I’m not going to a mental hospital
Games Plus some random art and animations
@MattyTube I love how you say that but use mean words like that you really don’t understand how hard words effect people think about this and become a better person please what you think are jokes hurt people destroy them kill them
Dan Langman
Dan Langman - 29 dager siden
我是一个人 - Måned siden
If you’d make an omelette the size of China, all the Chinese can eat it.
Alex Prieur
Alex Prieur - Måned siden
cactii - Måned siden
FINOree Playz
FINOree Playz - Måned siden
I would drive it... Off a cliff
C Wonderland
C Wonderland - Måned siden
This kid is going to have a severe child-star breakdown soon, and at some point is going to lose her voice.
тera - Måned siden
retartedseal - Måned siden
If 2019 is gonna be like this I'd rather be decapiteted

Oh boy, I feel bad for 2020
Lleucu Jones
Lleucu Jones - Måned siden
Jojos video is too close 1 billion
Nour Mohamad
Nour Mohamad - Måned siden
No that car is giving a nightmare
Nathan McShane
Nathan McShane - Måned siden
Every time you show that goddamned car I feel a hart attack coming on
Mc clips and tricks
Mc clips and tricks - Måned siden
Child bully-er
Mc clips and tricks
Mc clips and tricks - Måned siden
She doesn't really deserve hate
cactii - Måned siden
he’s just making jokes, all he wants to do is make people laugh mostly he doesn’t hate anyone he makes a video about
SpiritBird527 - Måned siden
2:09 **laughs in 2020**
Ulgen Bezen
Ulgen Bezen - Måned siden
Ulgen Bezen
Ulgen Bezen - Måned siden
2019 could decapitate you?

haha you brittle, weak human
DynoDude 3631
DynoDude 3631 - Måned siden
little rat
little rat - Måned siden
I got scared cuz of jojo’s intro

Pls stop screaming
Ambore D
Ambore D - Måned siden
Glad I had the captions turned on for this one lmaoo wtf
some shady dudette
some shady dudette - Måned siden
Alison Parenzee
Alison Parenzee - Måned siden
Does she always use this foghorn voice ?!
Alexis Da Ponte
Alexis Da Ponte - Måned siden
“A 15 year old who acts her age” wasn’t she 16 last year? That’s old enough to drive so maybe doesn’t act her age but hey she’s making a lot of money off of whatever she’s doing so all the power to her
Ammaarah - Måned siden
You be spitting words
Rosalina Mia Vazquez
Rosalina Mia Vazquez - 2 måneder siden
I just realized I have literally been watching your channel for four hours straight lol
Katie J
Katie J - 2 måneder siden
Kieran Vance
Kieran Vance - 2 måneder siden
Jojo is a fictional character. JoJos bizarre adventure
Roshni Sharma
Roshni Sharma - 2 måneder siden
Emma Stone
Emma Stone - 2 måneder siden
she doesnt act her own age i acted like that at 5
prativa ray
prativa ray - 2 måneder siden
I just wanna go drink some water my throat hurts
Crafty Lad
Crafty Lad - 2 måneder siden
She’s almost 18 now and my heart hurts
olwen - 2 måneder siden
Emily R
Emily R - 2 måneder siden
Alfie’s World
Alfie’s World - 2 måneder siden
The only thing I like about her is she’s a queen fan
infinity8 gamer
infinity8 gamer - 2 måneder siden
Tilt - 2 måneder siden