JoJo Siwa Has Just Been Cancelled...

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Today we look at the how Jojo Siwa has just been cancelled with her increasingly declining viewcount since the beginning of her tour. We also discuss her songs, merch and future (hopefully illustrious) career.
Twitter/Instagram: @JamesMarriottYT (James Marriott)
Twitter/Instagram: @JamesMarriottYT (James Marriott)
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James Marriott
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James Marriott
James Marriott - År siden
If you want to support the channel undoubtedly the best way to do is by going to and picking up some merch! It'll only be up for a limited amount of time so do pick some up before it's all gone. Hope you all enjoyed the video! (Now go to please)
De-Nice - 4 måneder siden
James Marriott please make more merch ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Callmesr - 7 måneder siden
Hot characters Asmr
Hot characters Asmr - 8 måneder siden
Quintin Elms NEVEEEER
A Random Duck
A Random Duck - 8 måneder siden
Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders - 9 måneder siden
I got you thair my whole life is a... Ah
Adam Homes
Adam Homes - 9 timer siden
She is pretty fit tbf
Joshua Gosling Catchpole
she speaks like Donald trump
CrazedTimo - 3 dager siden
He said watching on a weekend... Who's watching on a weekday
Anubis Kymbria
Anubis Kymbria - 4 dager siden
シCharlie𒊹Emily - 4 dager siden
She needs to Go To the doctor to see if her poor Scalp is O K .
Declan Melley
Declan Melley - 5 dager siden
Do not worry she basically has no more fans anymore and the only thing she sells is bows and they do not sell it in walmart
Hali Abi Name
Hali Abi Name - 12 dager siden
4:33 I never thought of it like that
Leo The Cold Cat
Leo The Cold Cat - 16 dager siden
"Everything wrong with James Marriott " Omg the video hit 1000000000000000000000000........ views!
Josh Leach
Josh Leach - 22 dager siden
Bet the mouth wash has asbestos in it like her make-up 🤣(9:00)
bones and glory
bones and glory - 22 dager siden
im not trynna be mean or anything but when he said hercules called he wants his physique back all i could think about was hercules from atlantis. lmao
Harrison Evers
Harrison Evers - 24 dager siden
In actual Norse mythology, Utgard- Loki is the frost giant, and Loki is just a god
Stella Treble
Stella Treble - 26 dager siden
I’m just watching all his old videos
Hillbillygamer - Måned siden
Did this show up in anyone else’s recommended December 2020 😂
Dr.SoonToBe - Måned siden
Honestly Jojo be living her life while we hating on her 😭I mean would you not like to live in a mansion and eat candy all day and about as much as you want
Abby Hill
Abby Hill - 2 måneder siden
Jo jo siwa is the same height as me. Im 3 years younger than her...
Am i a giant?
Shreya Sharma
Shreya Sharma - 2 måneder siden
Your merch looks like you........ ANCIENT

Love from india
eva bracken
eva bracken - 2 måneder siden
Me mindlessly watching James, not really listening: James : You know that scene when Loki-YES I KNOW THAT SCENE I KNOW THAT SCENE I KNOW EVERY SCENE
Dandruff02 White
Dandruff02 White - 2 måneder siden
I'm sorry but can we go back on the fact she is 16 (17 now), she doesn't look 13 ever mind 16
Alelee Ramos
Alelee Ramos - 3 måneder siden
It is so weird how they are marketing her like an anime character. her "team" needs to let her grow up.
vivienne morgan
vivienne morgan - 3 måneder siden
i wish that jojo siwa is cancelled and i'm glad that she's growing up.
baby yoda
baby yoda - 3 måneder siden
Listing all of the biggest leaders of the 20th century
ramona's shit show
ramona's shit show - 4 måneder siden
I'm broke but I'd pay a large amount of money to see her wear black sweat pants and hoodie and let down her hair
AllyB0o22 - 4 måneder siden
James I love watching your videos, but I like how happy jojo is,
Hi my name Is Juda
Hi my name Is Juda - 4 måneder siden
I’m surprise James has a girlfriend
Call Me Taylor
Call Me Taylor - 4 måneder siden
detective pear
detective pear - 4 måneder siden
your girlfriend looks cute im not hitting
j-hope is my hope uwu
j-hope is my hope uwu - 4 måneder siden
wonder if she’ll do a miley cyrus one day
Rxil334 - 4 måneder siden
Jojo is 17 she looks 11 plus the childish hoodie is from tgfbro
Aya C
Aya C - 4 måneder siden
List of what the auto captions called JoJo Siwa;
Jo Juicy a,
Jo Jo see what,
Juju say what,
Jo Yo see well,
Jojo's CY
Sezuin _
Sezuin _ - 5 måneder siden
She sound like her throat is filled with smoky phlegm
xxcami lovexx
xxcami lovexx - 5 måneder siden
And we talk about how James girlfriend look better than him
" not actually my friend " rude😂
Mist W.
Mist W. - 5 måneder siden
Alright don't come for me but I don't see a problem with Jojo's behavior as long as she's happy, she's spreading positivity and is a good role model for her audience. Also what do you people think teenage girls should act like? I'm not even trying to be sarcastic I genuinely wanna know.
Annapurna Deokota
Annapurna Deokota - 5 måneder siden
I feel 70% of James’s videos is just promoting his mercy ( )
Hi - 5 måneder siden
Joe Burrows
Joe Burrows - 5 måneder siden
It's funny because I think I've been insulted as much as jojo
Minimo - 5 måneder siden
I think jojo has a little head and she has a huge bow
Ike Madrianingsih
Ike Madrianingsih - 5 måneder siden
*jojo siwa will always love you all*
Mr. Biscuit
Mr. Biscuit - 6 måneder siden
There’s only 1 of me and I’m not even good at that
Xx_boiboi_xX -thenotgamer
Xx_boiboi_xX -thenotgamer - 6 måneder siden
Jojo Siwa is like a tumor that’s in your eyes but you can’t get rid of the damn thing. Fuck me.
queen mayasa
queen mayasa - 6 måneder siden
You now JoJo is 2 years old then me😑😐 you cann't win for losing😥😤😒
Rebecca Betts
Rebecca Betts - 6 måneder siden
i actually really like jojo. a lot of people say she needs to grow up but i feel she creates a positive image for little kids. defo makes a change to all of these people who give the impression you need to look perfect
Wikipedia - 6 måneder siden
She looks like Jake Paul.
Everything wrong with it
Everything wrong with it - 6 måneder siden
"and look at his thick Lucius locks, I wish he'd choke me with them"
Okay, that's enough scrolling through Stan Twitter James
naan bread
naan bread - 6 måneder siden
jojo siwa is taller than napoleon
zoobogolis films
zoobogolis films - 6 måneder siden
Jeez, feel so sad, being a voice actor and not being able to say when u voice a main role, then people like her just shout it at a crowd of thousands of people!
NBmajesty - 6 måneder siden
10 months later she’s canclled again
Bitanya Gidey
Bitanya Gidey - 6 måneder siden
Is it just me or does she kinda sound like trump?
Pickle Satan
Pickle Satan - 5 måneder siden
Bitanya Gidey It’s just you.
Daisy Gaudette
Daisy Gaudette - 6 måneder siden
I’m getting the word nuance
Nini Suarez
Nini Suarez - 6 måneder siden
Eve Cole
Eve Cole - 6 måneder siden
Alright people, stop hating, jojo has a contract with Nickelodeon she has to dress like that to please the kids.
Jojo can’t get cancelled she is a sensation to lots of children worldwide, she is NOT making millions of you salty teenagers, say what you want, please, but at the end of the day, remember, jojo did nothing, she is simply loved by children because of her bows and her style, so stop telling her to “act her age” because if she did *act her age* she would be breaking a contract and ruining her own career.
IHAVE5SISTERS - 6 måneder siden
James is a grown man mate
UnknownMonkey - 6 måneder siden
jojo? more like JOTARO!
Zeynep - 6 måneder siden
I watched all the ads without skipping any. James needs money guys, give him money.
Spencer Patterson
Spencer Patterson - 6 måneder siden
He totally made an 8 Mile Reference at the beginning of the video at 2:03. He said you only got one shot or one opportunity which is what Eminem said at the beginning of his song Lose Yourself. And then when he said you could clean up spaghetti on the sweater he was referencing to Lose Yourself where Eminem said "There's vomit on his sweater already,mom's spaghetti" and the Movie 8 Mile.
zodiac 11037
zodiac 11037 - 7 måneder siden
James: "I thought she would latch onto anything that even mentions a minor"
Me: She isn't Dan Schneider or Leafyishere
Tristan Lioi
Tristan Lioi - 7 måneder siden
Jokes on you, it’s not the weekend, it’s Friday
Mary Ross
Mary Ross - 7 måneder siden
*James, where is your n word pass? 1:32 *
Irdis Eddere
Irdis Eddere - 7 måneder siden
Knickers ?
Mel Vilela
Mel Vilela - 7 måneder siden
she speaks so loudly, how does she not lose her voice every other day
holdmyflames - 7 måneder siden
Jojo siwa should be on youtube kids
Yrtg Ah
Yrtg Ah - 7 måneder siden
1:53 just realized that you had green eye color 💀😅
IHAVE5SISTERS - 6 måneder siden
They’re hazel with gold flecks smh
Charlie Want
Charlie Want - 7 måneder siden
You remind me of a skinnier Jack Black
just_spying_ on_people
just_spying_ on_people - 7 måneder siden
I can’t even believe that she even has fans 😂
The 21Gamer
The 21Gamer - 7 måneder siden
He said that word
TempleofBrendaSong - 7 måneder siden
TempleofBrendaSong - 7 måneder siden
JoJo Siwa can look to blessed Brenda Song, saws as an example of ageing gracefully.
Suzanne Joinson
Suzanne Joinson - 8 måneder siden
Ha ha ha ha ha
lila Lamprecht
lila Lamprecht - 8 måneder siden
Fuck man😠😠😠😠😠😠
Gruigi - 8 måneder siden
Out of all the Eboys, James is definitely my favourite
Ayce Richard
Ayce Richard - 8 måneder siden
Hey what's the link to the merch store?I forgot it lol
Dark Rising
Dark Rising - 8 måneder siden
The RailTourer!
The RailTourer! - 8 måneder siden
0:53 Alex and George memulous are the wrong way around.. lol
Edit: comment from 4 months ago: 5:20 I didn’t know JoJo was a Elton John fan..
Gabriela Bostan
Gabriela Bostan - 8 måneder siden
I don't know why the fuck the JoJo Siwa looks like that. And if I was her I would kill myself, but to be fair would you want to watch this?
Ellie x
Ellie x - 8 måneder siden
could u imagine if when she turns 18 she turns completely opposite to how she is now cus she thinks then when u turn 18 u become an adult
Josa The Wolf
Josa The Wolf - 7 dager siden
Yeah and she ends up on dr phil or something lmao
Alyssa-Jean Killeen
Alyssa-Jean Killeen - 8 måneder siden
the lose yourself jokes were the best part
LaylaIsLivid - 8 måneder siden
2:28 hearing James Marriott saying John Lennon just makes my day and gives me butterflies for some reason- 🦋🦋✨✨
Meylin Hernandez
Meylin Hernandez - 8 måneder siden
I really dont understand the hate. Just let Jojo do her thing, let's be real- her brand wont last forever, at some point she'll be an adult, and if she still acts 'crazy' and 'childish', let her. Theres nothing wrong with that. I dont understand why people are so obsessed with forcing her to change her wardrobe and personality, leave her be.
Osian Evans
Osian Evans - 8 måneder siden
TGF do it bro, you’re just childish
Alice Lily
Alice Lily - 8 måneder siden
just a reminder: jojo siwa is older than millie bobby brown
Alice Lily
Alice Lily - 8 måneder siden
just a reminder: jojo siwa is older than millie bobby brown
Crystal Mccomas
Crystal Mccomas - 8 måneder siden
Nobody can take a joke so they all leave dislikes lol while that 1% of people actually leave likes
Hi :D
Hi :D - 8 måneder siden
*F I N A L L Y*
siya phili
siya phili - 8 måneder siden
I get how it's annoying to want girls to act either younger or older than how they are, but it's just about them acting their frickin age, like a normal human being, not by trying to act an age they are not, its not right regardless.
Meylin Hernandez
Meylin Hernandez - 8 måneder siden
Some people take longer to grow, some have more childish personalities well into adulthood, etc. Theres nothing WRONG with her, just leave her be. Just because she's 16 (which everyone pretends like that's a BIG milestone, and shes old now and should stop being 'childish'). She'll change her style and eventually stop screaming and being over the top at some point but I don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with it.
sunny - 8 måneder siden
"Hercules called, he wants his physique back."
plutom00n _
plutom00n _ - 8 måneder siden
It’s alr Cody You and Noel are repping short kings😔✊🏻
6 rift
6 rift - 8 måneder siden
He does not sound British at all he sounds Canadian
JOKER IS IN THE MEME - 8 måneder siden
I have watched three of your videos about Jojo Siwa in rapid succession
I was about to cry from laughter each one
Kryptic 3718
Kryptic 3718 - 8 måneder siden
M8 he seemed sad that she didn’t text back like fbi open up🤣😂
memeulous cured my depression
memeulous cured my depression - 8 måneder siden
Please bring back this style of merch
Annalea - 8 måneder siden
Miranda sings- Colleen Ballinger went on Broadway mate. Might wanna take back what you said. X
egg with 520 subscribers
egg with 520 subscribers - 8 måneder siden
James 8 months ago: imagine if I had a segment telling me how amazing I am every video
James now: Yes Yes I am tri lingual
•N x f e l i b a t a•
•N x f e l i b a t a• - 8 måneder siden
Why does JoJo Siwa has a BOYFRIEND and WE DON’T?!
S.J. K
S.J. K - 8 måneder siden
Jojo is such a manufactured product, yes... product considering her face literally makes her millions off little kids.
Delihlah - 8 måneder siden
Ok now I know movies are no longer hiring voice actors for talent, their looking for big names and titles instead.
First Beyonce as Nala, now JoJo. I can't even understand what JoJo is saying half the time.
Shaela Da Costa
Shaela Da Costa - 8 måneder siden
She’s 5’9...🥴
heather b
heather b - 8 måneder siden
Let. The. Girl. Be. A. Kid. Not all 15 year olds need to be like Danielle Bregoli lol
heather b
heather b - 8 måneder siden
(also clearly not talking ab james)
oli0j - 8 måneder siden
We she turns 17 her contract will end and I can’t wait for her to stop acting like a colossal fairy on crack
BuilderDude - 8 måneder siden
Me before the movie: aight mate gonna watch the new angry birds movie but before I watch this movie gotta see the rating's.

Me after the video: uhhh screw this movie has freaking Jojo is in the movie with her annoying voice including mine.
BuilderDude - 8 måneder siden
@CailX ok cool Ill go check it out thanks mate
CailX - 8 måneder siden
Yo I just made a video on Jojo siwa! Its a very good video! you should check it out if you want:D have a great day!
ghikkii - 8 måneder siden
why is her costume in the show reminding me of elton john's baseball costume
dont ruin him
you cant do that
CailX - 8 måneder siden
Yo I just made a video on Jojo siwa! Its a very good video! you should check it out if you want:D have a great day!
Linda - 8 måneder siden
oh no... OH NO!! what will happen after she will reach the legal age?
CailX - 8 måneder siden
Yo I just made a video on Jojo siwa! Its a very good video! you should check it out if you want:D have a great day!
Bunni. C0rpse
Bunni. C0rpse - 8 måneder siden
Still probably act like the 10 year old girl who doesn't see reality
chomusuke - 8 måneder siden
It's the first time she speaks and you can actually understand what she says