James Charles (still) thinks he can sing...

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Today we look at James Charles' new video, a cover featuring the Lopez Brothers, and see if he can actually sing. We also go in-depth into Tony Lopez's strange TikTok and Dixie D'Amelio's new song "Be Happy".
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James Marriott
@Cynic Snacks
Runtime: 12:16


Cadence Olivia
Cadence Olivia - 6 timer siden
ok but his drivers liscense cover is great
vex_clxpz - 21 time siden
wow that cat is gonna be fat
シCharlie𒊹Emily - Dag siden
I would Pay $100 to watch James Charlies Yodle On a Mountain
Did I spell that right? Yodle? I dont think I did -.-
i dunno bro
i dunno bro - 2 dager siden
he gets 157k meals
pugman 2668
pugman 2668 - 3 dager siden
he is a good singer
silent ghost
silent ghost - 3 dager siden
I'm James. I'm 17, and I'm pretty sure I'm a sociopath

(ik its psychopath don't attack me for getting it wrong)
Tina Kreslin
Tina Kreslin - Dag siden
@silent ghost :)
silent ghost
silent ghost - Dag siden
@Tina Kreslin oh
Tina Kreslin
Tina Kreslin - Dag siden
My hamster drowned in a toster. Now I cant have toast. Too many flahbacks.
Eggroll - 3 dager siden
by now, otto would be fat as shit
Shelby Markus
Shelby Markus - 3 dager siden
“I don’t even get a million views...”
this video: *has 1.3 million views*
Weird gamer 2.0
Weird gamer 2.0 - 4 dager siden
It is funny how he takes breathes during a measure I was taught to sing after a few measures and not in between a words
The ANT - 4 dager siden
Please team up with tommyinnit
tactical_ lean241
tactical_ lean241 - 5 dager siden
"drax the dipshit"
suki suki
suki suki - 5 dager siden
the fact that i saw no comment saying happy birthday though
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith - 5 dager siden
Why does James look like daz games and Shane Dawson. Am I the only one who notices this😂😂
Random Wonders
Random Wonders - 5 dager siden
The first guy on the left is REALLY good
-I cover my camera incase the FBI is watching-
I was shocked when Wilbur was mentioned not gonna lie- I just found this channel.
Hayes has broke
Hayes has broke - 6 dager siden
Isabella DeLaCruz
Isabella DeLaCruz - 6 dager siden
You bout to feed your cat 156k meals
DJ DONUT002 - 6 dager siden
A million views now mate!!
Chillz - 6 dager siden
that cat going to explode from being too fat after this video
Sunset Skye
Sunset Skye - 6 dager siden
James’s singing was actually not awful, but it could use a little work
Cadence Olivia
Cadence Olivia - 6 timer siden
tbh his drivers license cover is awesome
CHA0S - 6 dager siden
i think im blind and deaf
Skylar J
Skylar J - 9 dager siden
what is the monstrosity in the background at 2:26 is that a very angry cat?
Marilyn Rimmer
Marilyn Rimmer - 9 dager siden
He can’t sing
shotuki mystical
shotuki mystical - 9 dager siden
*I am a sociopath*

KDEN - 10 dager siden
did anyone see the really pissed off kitty in the background at 2:26
John DuBay
John DuBay - 10 dager siden
155k meals for otto...

james marriott is dying inside
Brody Furlong
Brody Furlong - 10 dager siden
I think one of them is infinite
NotBrnie - 11 dager siden
JAMES marriot reacts to JAMES charles
Leeah Kuehn
Leeah Kuehn - 11 dager siden
What if I made 7:08 my new screen saver lol 😂
Bubbley_BooBoo - 11 dager siden
Yeah Dixies song is good and I loved the criticism you gave her. She's good but she just needs to work on her pronunciations.
Sean Aldaiz
Sean Aldaiz - 11 dager siden
guy singing againts james is Caylus from Infinite Lists
『 SøfīGrün 』
『 SøfīGrün 』 - 11 dager siden
Where’s my glock
Topheadsnatcher. - 11 dager siden
Omega Goat
Omega Goat - 12 dager siden
Who's here after you learned Tony Lopez likes little girls?
FruitloopXD - 12 dager siden
james is trilingual
Allison Dawson
Allison Dawson - 13 dager siden
Happy Birthday!
Ava Morehouse
Ava Morehouse - 14 dager siden
Otto looks like a leopard
iiRxuby - 15 dager siden
This guy is srsly using all celebs and saying "........ cant actually sing" You just want views
HattieCattie - 12 dager siden
No shit sherlock, he need views to earn money so he can eat
anarchist baddie
anarchist baddie - 14 dager siden
well no shit of course he wants views it’s how he makes money
Jania Kasperaviciene
Jania Kasperaviciene - 16 dager siden
Why I'm I traumatised now
shinzu_ poo
shinzu_ poo - 17 dager siden
idk if i should be mad or what ever but i do know u are funny so i’ll watch a bit more
Reece Smith
Reece Smith - 17 dager siden
Happy birthday
JackyUwU Gaming
JackyUwU Gaming - 18 dager siden
Currently, Otto has to get fed 155, 034 times-
JackyUwU Gaming
JackyUwU Gaming - 16 dager siden
@E,S, I- True xD
E,S, - 16 dager siden
at least it won’t starve..?
sweaty anonymous
sweaty anonymous - 19 dager siden
I love how he says “ I like taking piss out of stuff I can’t do”
Fez - 19 dager siden
ikea bear in every video, ikea bear in every video
Edwin Arreaga
Edwin Arreaga - 20 dager siden
4:13 why does it look like he has no teeth and his lips are gonna bend backwards? its so strange and disgusting for me to look at :
tasha yasmin
tasha yasmin - 20 dager siden
You are literally the funniest 😂😂😂😂
Lilybird - 21 dag siden
The thing that just irks me about Dixie's song is how it's kind of obnoxious to her actual situation. Like, not saying you can't be successful and depressed, but... you're literally filming this in a giant mansion with your hair and makeup done flawlessly, trying to appear "sad"
anarchist baddie
anarchist baddie - 14 dager siden
she also has more monthly listeners than so many amazing creators. her lyrics aren’t very good and she doesn’t have a ton of talent in her voice yet she still has more monthly listeners than NIRVANA because she’s a tiktok star-
dreams biggest minecraft fan
Otto is so cute bruh,did you adopt him?
Claire&Scarlett Comrie
Claire&Scarlett Comrie - 21 dag siden
Is he a Bengal because I have 2
Elise Smalls
Elise Smalls - 22 dager siden
Happy birthday
Lil State
Lil State - 22 dager siden
4:24 his woah is better than the guys in the back dancing
Hinata's Sister
Hinata's Sister - 22 dager siden
hailey - 23 dager siden
154k meals that cat is morbidly obese.
Masked_ Streamer
Masked_ Streamer - 23 dager siden
@6:51 when dad says im going to get the milk
Masked_ Streamer
Masked_ Streamer - 23 dager siden
Jeffrey star also said the n word
Masked_ Streamer
Masked_ Streamer - 23 dager siden
Awww so cute
Alex Rivas
Alex Rivas - 23 dager siden
you should do a collaboration with dazz games
The Midnight Modder
The Midnight Modder - 24 dager siden
james charles is trans, just in case anyone thought "he" was born a guy. Sorry youve been lied to.
TheBlueSheep - Dag siden
@The Midnight Modder haha ok byee
The Midnight Modder
The Midnight Modder - Dag siden
@TheBlueSheep no its because you dont know what you are looking at. Maybe its pointless but i am trying to prove a point. If you dont get it then fine but you will not tell me im a troll and no i am not trying to be funny. I am a 30 year old man that doesnt need snotty nosed little kids and teenagers trying to tell me something that they honestly know nothing about because if you did then you would see where i was coming from but no, people only see what they want to see. Ok bye this is boring me now.
TheBlueSheep - Dag siden
@The Midnight Modder lmao this has to be a joke right
TheBlueSheep - Dag siden
@The Midnight Modder also have u seen the photos of him when he was younger? Clearly born male. U must be a troll or something lol and if so.. idk man its just not funny. Boring ass argument.
The Midnight Modder
The Midnight Modder - Dag siden
@TheBlueSheep dont tell me what to do. Maybe you feel strongly about something and have someone tell you that youre lieing. See how you react.
S u n s x t
S u n s x t - 24 dager siden
I have an idea react to LARRY.
The Inhumandem
The Inhumandem - 24 dager siden
Dixie damelio had her nudes leaked
Maria Naatus
Maria Naatus - 25 dager siden
5:53 and I wasn't gonna chug handsanitizer tonight. Ughh
Laylah Gray
Laylah Gray - 25 dager siden
Oh yeah that “tennis court” is James’ backyard lol🙃
Alexandra Jones
Alexandra Jones - 27 dager siden
that thing that james did with his voice that you were so impressed with was a mistake and showed a lack of control. It was equivilent to a voice crack!
Asu plays roblox
Asu plays roblox - 27 dager siden
Those were the worst 10 minutes of my life(not twelve becuase he was commentating )
S4RCASM ._. - 27 dager siden
Otto is SOOO cute
ok - 27 dager siden
2:27 what the cat doin tho
Oliver Lewis
Oliver Lewis - 28 dager siden
Why was this on my recommended page
bingus cat
bingus cat - 29 dager siden
Happy birthday
старший Вонючие ноги
As a teenager my self I can tell you now
Our generation is screwed
Kleidi Ymeri
Kleidi Ymeri - Måned siden
Hh S
Hh S - Måned siden
Ur a jurk dude
BlueSpyder12 - 12 dager siden
He's taking the piss out of it your just a James Charles fan who doesn't know what commentary channels do
marcus carmichael13
marcus carmichael13 - Måned siden
3:19 me when I don't lisin to my mom
Justin Price
Justin Price - Måned siden
Ahhahah Cum cloud RUN!!!!!
Uh fuk uncle darrin
Devils Deck Of Cards
Devils Deck Of Cards - Måned siden
Give me the cat.
Anonymus Brussel Sprout
Anonymus Brussel Sprout - Måned siden
I would literally die for Otto, I'm not joking
Iman Khan
Iman Khan - Måned siden
The only reason I like be happy is because I listened to it and now it's nostalgic of the summer XD
Nicholas Anthony Byrne
Nicholas Anthony Byrne - Måned siden
Willow Rain
Willow Rain - Måned siden
best part 😂😂😂
Bailey Tawney
Bailey Tawney - Måned siden
Yall rude im not sayong he can sing but you dont have to hate on him
BlueSpyder12 - 12 dager siden
He's not hating on James Charles watch the vid instead of make guesses based on the title
Mocha Moj
Mocha Moj - Måned siden
That’s another meal for Otto
Emma Warren
Emma Warren - Måned siden
He is so cute
Art Freak
Art Freak - Måned siden
Your cat is adorable
Bundatude Jr
Bundatude Jr - Måned siden
Tony Lopez was looking for minors
Otto Bhembe
Otto Bhembe - Måned siden
Happy bday james. Big fan😎😎
cherry loves music
cherry loves music - Måned siden
oh happy e x t r e m e l y belated birthday james-
lil Matty V
lil Matty V - Måned siden
James Charles can sing !
• Whovian •
• Whovian • - Måned siden
Btw at the time of me writing this James cat is going to get 152k meals

Just putting it out there
Ava CLARKE - Måned siden
✨ character development ✨
Chaos Chris
Chaos Chris - Måned siden
Thank you James, Very Cool!
Irieyana. Charles
Irieyana. Charles - Måned siden
Please stop making hate and you could not COMPARE to James he is a good singer and what if he was not you should support someone no matter how they sound if you see this comment I dare you to react to my rise up cover it’s on my channel and if I’m good you can stop making videos about James thank you very much
BlueSpyder12 - 7 dager siden
@Irieyana. Charles how is this clearly obvious joke vid hate he literally says at the end he's just making jokes
Irieyana. Charles
Irieyana. Charles - 7 dager siden
@BlueSpyder12 this is hate because he is making fun of James for NO reason
BlueSpyder12 - 12 dager siden
Grow up and learn what hate is
Fab Wolves
Fab Wolves - Måned siden
Elvis King
Elvis King - Måned siden
Lol Stan
Poggo Doggo
Poggo Doggo - Måned siden
Ur cat is gonna be fat bruh
Melissa Shuford
Melissa Shuford - Måned siden
Awww kitty
joshua angel
joshua angel - Måned siden
Happy birfdey James (Birthday is spelled wrong on purpose)
I'm Mr Crow
I'm Mr Crow - Måned siden
I would, no i *WILL* die for Otto
Eli Cruz
Eli Cruz - Måned siden
voice crack lol
Ulgen Bezen
Ulgen Bezen - Måned siden
u got a milion views
Reva Kulkarni
Reva Kulkarni - Måned siden
Sorry I'm late, but Happy Birthday :)
Stella Overmier
Stella Overmier - Måned siden
isn't the guy on the right in the back tony lopez?
aoife - Måned siden
yup. i came to the comments to see if anyone was talking about that
Teddy Heggie
Teddy Heggie - Måned siden
Pigomatic - Måned siden
happy lateday