I watched Shane Dawson's awful film so you don't have to...

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Today I watched Shane Dawson's awful film, "I Hate Myselfie", one of the promotions for his book of the same name. Now you don't have to watch one of the worst films ever made. If you want to me read the book, 100,000 likes please.
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James Marriott
Runtime: 12:50


James Marriott
James Marriott - 18 dager siden
Watch the music video for Him: https://youtu.be/aBK8vKOgqsw
Stream it as well if you'd like: https://lnk.to/JamesMarriott
B H - 5 dager siden
@Jack Osullivan 1
Nitrez - 10 dager siden
Hi! I’m a new NOburnr and was hoping I could have a little support! I started about 2 years ago and have already grown a successful amount! I do lots of cool vids and love and notice every subscriber, thank you
Remmy the rat
Remmy the rat - 12 dager siden
How dare you insult biggie cheese, James Marriott!
Hibibibibibi Åeö
Hibibibibibi Åeö - 14 dager siden
Can we just appreciate for a moment what a banger Him is? Had a private party in my room listening to it 👌🏻
JPW - 15 dager siden
Music not good acting awful
RetroMuppet - 7 timer siden
I’m glad there are so many comments showing love for Drew Monson, love him sm 💕
n33guhplz Manigo
n33guhplz Manigo - 12 timer siden
whoa your song is so good buddy!
That Guy
That Guy - 14 timer siden
Him is a certified banger
Lance Elliott
Lance Elliott - 17 timer siden
Drew was a victim of Shane imo, as a black person I accept his apology bc it seemed genuine and he was a minor when Shane became 'friends' with him
Miranda V
Miranda V - Dag siden
He’s referring to himself being a “pile of shit”, which was his character.
Princess Dan
Princess Dan - Dag siden
that song that james made is good- (i dont mean i expected less)
Jef Nyssen
Jef Nyssen - Dag siden
I listened to James Marriott's awful song so you don't have to
Tilanalala - Dag siden
Wait james Marriotts music is actually good ?
Rock girl
Rock girl - Dag siden
Really amazing
• Myles •
• Myles • - Dag siden
"I believe he's filing a restraining order against me." - James Marriott, Jan 4, 2021
"If no one gets shot I'm disappointed." - Cynic Snacks, Jan 4, 2021
Ruben - Dag siden
Please stop being mean to Drew :( also you probably know him from his “I was threatened” video
Tayler Cool
Tayler Cool - Dag siden
twiga pritchard
twiga pritchard - 2 dager siden
sorry I had to dislike too make it 601 LMAO
I like to eat batteries
I like to eat batteries - 2 dager siden
“If you do it in the next five seconds I won’t try to stab you”
Well congrats you just gained a subscriber
FemBerry - 2 dager siden
I wish this happened to a more irrelevant YouTuber, I really enjoyed watching Shane Dawson
Ash L
Ash L - 2 dager siden
dcoog anml
dcoog anml - 2 dager siden
Summer G
Summer G - 2 dager siden
That music video clip sounds nothing like you to me, but then again I'm a recent subscriber. Sorry fam, but I'm not gonna watch it
Emperor Sloth
Emperor Sloth - 2 dager siden
Him is by far the best song James has produced (in my opinion)
dcoog anml
dcoog anml - 2 dager siden
please don’t judge drew on this video, it did him no justice he’s a funny guy 6:15 is drew
Courtney Jayne
Courtney Jayne - 3 dager siden
Drew is such a sweet bean!
Christine Roe
Christine Roe - 4 dager siden
No drew monson slander
Lebogang Seleleko
Lebogang Seleleko - 4 dager siden
I like your song
Fainthearted Fawn
Fainthearted Fawn - 4 dager siden
Not the Drew Monson slander 😩 he’s precious and hilarious.
BILL - 4 dager siden
3:43 this was his peak
JOLI DESIR - 4 dager siden
5:50 🥰mood
maggie graves
maggie graves - 4 dager siden
if you think this was bad you should watch his movie, lets just say it has not aged well...
Rowan Bruce
Rowan Bruce - 4 dager siden
Not the drew slander :/
Rowan Bruce
Rowan Bruce - 4 dager siden
Commented that before the uhm blackface joke eek
No Nottoday
No Nottoday - 4 dager siden
who is that in the video in the backround?
Bailey Weasley
Bailey Weasley - 5 dager siden
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 4 dager siden
how is drew monsoon
Sabrina sp2
Sabrina sp2 - 5 dager siden
I actually loved Shane's short films. It was funny and i actually rewatched it few days ago and it was still funny.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 4 dager siden
Vous êtes incroyables les gars ! Cette vidéo était énorme, un gros bravo !
grace hopkins
grace hopkins - 5 dager siden
i’m just glad all the comments agree that drew is the best
Anomn0m! - 5 dager siden
I was listening to the song clicked on this video (already watched a bit and the song perfectly matched up)
Victoria Lewis
Victoria Lewis - 5 dager siden
Stop bashing drew monson....You're going too far.
Joely Matthews
Joely Matthews - 5 dager siden
please don’t judge drew on this video, it did him no justice he’s a funny guy
6:15 is drew
L B - 5 dager siden
5:48 Go... ad! Yes, thank you, we needed an extra break to prepare...
Edit: I actually meant that
Jacy Charron
Jacy Charron - 5 dager siden
Don’t come for Drew!!!!!!!!!
*Phantomツ - 5 dager siden
Shane Dawson: the rise, and fall, and rise again, and fall again
amelia mae
amelia mae - 5 dager siden
the new song is so good man, props to u!!
Theodor Jonatansson
Theodor Jonatansson - 5 dager siden
I laughed so f-ing much
Mantis-Man The Great
Mantis-Man The Great - 5 dager siden
Only James Marriott could sound so posh when singing
Freya_xox - 4 dager siden
y e s
Meghan Sullivan
Meghan Sullivan - 5 dager siden
his jokes are all created from the most rotten, low hanging fruit
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 6 dager siden
Riverdale is better than Shane’s “movie” ❤️
Super Awesome
Super Awesome - 6 dager siden
but the whole drew thing that was a black face joke? was that he was a pile of shit and he said thanks for letting me be myself (which is a pile of shit) i dont think it was meant to be a black joke...
Lala Huseynova
Lala Huseynova - 6 dager siden
Omg why is his song a total bopp!! I love it his song is so relatable lol!
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 6 dager siden
Him by James Marriott sounds like a chill bop... 😢 too bad it’s not available to stream on Apple Music in the US, but NOburn is free.
remy - 6 dager siden
how is drew monsoon
ma ma ri
ma ma ri - 6 dager siden
Gracias, James
Random Moments
Random Moments - 6 dager siden
Didn’t he get canceled tho????
Meg Wallace
Meg Wallace - 6 dager siden
I love Drew, he’s a sweetheart.
MyOwnCritic - 7 dager siden
james is the funniest eboy
Engineer Gaming
Engineer Gaming - 7 dager siden
Biggie CHEEZ
cassi - 7 dager siden
nah nah nah u can come for shane but kindly don’t touch drew monson he don’t deserve it
SpookyBread - 7 dager siden
i unfortunately have both of his books and watched all of his films
Cosometics - 7 dager siden
I have it gets worse and watched not cool like 100 times
AR Zealoin
AR Zealoin - 7 dager siden
6:25 omg it’s skrilex bamarang
CaptainRex36 - 7 dager siden
6:16 it's bluesdank
Orangeyellow Yellow
Orangeyellow Yellow - 7 dager siden
You know that relatable moment when you fall and, you know...
Kill three people
stepvhan - 8 dager siden
why did gigi carry this entire thing
Charlie Broe
Charlie Broe - 8 dager siden
i cant believe you dont know drew :(
Iona Francis
Iona Francis - 8 dager siden
Him is goes SO hard!! 🤩
ebony b
ebony b - 8 dager siden
Him by James Marriott sounds like a chill bop... 😢 too bad it’s not available to stream on Apple Music in the US, but YouTube is free.
Bubbley_BooBoo - 8 dager siden
Drew is a sweetheart, he just got a bad rep because of shane.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - 8 dager siden
Remember when Shane's creations were actually good? Me neither, let's continue
Bethany McCormick
Bethany McCormick - 8 dager siden
“Toaster quality video” then plugs that music video😂
Chris Long
Chris Long - 8 dager siden
James him:“whyd it have to be why'd it have to be why'd it have to be him
Total drama island:we wanna be we wanna be we wanna be famous
Who else watch the show
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - 8 dager siden
James!!! In this video noburn.info/id/video/t5u7pJyrn7Gbrpg.html You had said you'd bleach your hair at 100k likes! It's at 122k currently! Whens the bleaching video?👀😠😤😭
Amy Medcraff
Amy Medcraff - 8 dager siden
Barney Mackew
Barney Mackew - 8 dager siden
sweet heart
sweet heart - 8 dager siden
Brogan Playz
Brogan Playz - 8 dager siden
Umxr - 9 dager siden
This guy just spits straight up factz
tataesthetics - 9 dager siden
you should make a video about this girl who thinks she's married to Taehyung. like she's dead serious about it- I'm not joking at all. Her youtube channel is : toriyoung__7
Maariyah Abowath
Maariyah Abowath - 9 dager siden
The story line reminds me of insatiable they even have the same name 🤔🤔🤔
Aoi - 9 dager siden
Momma: 😐 Get in the car!
James Marriot: 😒 No U...
--Thumbnail Caption
Salem E
Salem E - 9 dager siden
Has James watched the netflix movie Shane Dawson released? Cause if not he's in for a wild ride
Nickdabom - 9 dager siden
Fucking hell even my short films are better than this XD (The film not the video)
Venii :3
Venii :3 - 9 dager siden
Me: starts writing a song called him
Also me: goes onto youtube
Also also me: oooo James posted a video
James: I wrote a song called him

am I a joke 2 u
spiderman - 9 dager siden
Goose - 9 dager siden
Riverdale is better than Shane’s “movie” ❤️
The Other guy
The Other guy - 10 dager siden
i just searched up your name , james then it didn’t say james marriott until i put m , i’m disappointed, this lad is british , like me , so blooming heck , god save the YouTube
Mouse in your frying pan
Mouse in your frying pan - 10 dager siden
James!!! In this video https://youtu.be/QgXs8zoycwg
You had said you'd bleach your hair at 100k likes! It's at 122k currently! Whens the bleaching video?👀😠😤😭
Munira Ahmed
Munira Ahmed - 10 dager siden
Who else thinks him and Tom Harlock should make a collab video? Okay, it's just me-

.... You still here?
marina hill
marina hill - 10 dager siden
im fucken deadddd hahahaha
Elio Perez
Elio Perez - 10 dager siden
Yo Him is really good
Jelly Joel
Jelly Joel - 10 dager siden
'him' is actually a bop doe
It’s Mazza
It’s Mazza - 10 dager siden
Do you have merch?
Strawberry Angel
Strawberry Angel - 10 dager siden
james is like wilbur but in a different font
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 10 dager siden
I can't believe I used to find Shane's content funny when I was younger🧍‍♀️
Debo and chago
Debo and chago - 11 dager siden
I want that knock down
deji dog

Is a good dog
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 10 dager siden
Btw if you forgot drag your video slider to the end and it removes all ads
Leanne Hunter
Leanne Hunter - 11 dager siden
Omg your song bangs 🙌🥰
elinsnap.e - 11 dager siden
Just me that’s waiting for his next video to be about JoJo Siwa ?
Tommy Dodds
Tommy Dodds - 11 dager siden
James I think you should react to your old videos they are so funny
alexa - 11 dager siden
i laughed more at this video than i laughed at the actual short film in 2015
Angry Penguin
Angry Penguin - 11 dager siden
Why did you have to make a video on him
C0c0nut Milk
C0c0nut Milk - 11 dager siden
What happened between you and Alex?
King Taco
King Taco - 11 dager siden
The book was pretty good actually
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 11 dager siden
I can't believe I used to find Shane's content funny when I was younger🧍‍♀️
Ceira Kenison
Ceira Kenison - 11 dager siden
okay so I just got an ad for a documentary on Jimmy Saville.. while watching a vid about Shane dawson lmaoooo
Ezte _zect
Ezte _zect - 11 dager siden
I laughed at this, and that's saying something because my existence is pain.
grandmarie Laylanen
grandmarie Laylanen - 9 dager siden
@Ezte _zect Shane did racist, pe3d0phillic, and a few other things I forgot. That's the gist of it anyways.
Ezte _zect
Ezte _zect - 11 dager siden
@yasio bolo im confused, im a new viewer
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 11 dager siden
Honestly, I used to love Shane and his content, but before I can start to try and forgive him he needs to reflect on his disgusting mistakes no matter how recent, far back, or ed
Kirseu 64
Kirseu 64 - 11 dager siden
The fact that I can watch James in 4K is very pleasing.
Izzy Moes
Izzy Moes - 11 dager siden
drew monson is SO funny
Rain :P
Rain :P - 11 dager siden
4:56 YOU ARE NOT FUCKING FAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT anyway thats it love ya