I watched Liza Koshy's show so you don't have to...

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Today I joined Liza Koshy, crying, as we watch Liza on Demand (season 1). Following on from my video on "The Secret Life of Lele Pons", I decided to watch Liza Koshy's NOburn Original show. 100,000 likes for part 2 and more videos like this!
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UJU Puff
UJU Puff - Dag siden
To be honest this feels like a show I would watch when I woke up in the of the night in 2014
Random Wonders
Random Wonders - 3 dager siden
his hair
British Guy
British Guy - 3 dager siden
F in the chat for Cynic. He had to each it for 2hrs, and then edit it all again.
Maxwell Gess
Maxwell Gess - 6 dager siden
I don't understand why people find it so sexist to tell a woman to smile. I think it's a perfectly fine thing to say. Obviously I'm not gonna say it if you're bawling your eyes out, but if you're in the fast food or retail industry, part of your job is to appear cheerful and friendly.
Mariano Servat
Mariano Servat - 8 dager siden
you sweat more than bill clinton meeting monica lewinsky
Penelope - 10 dager siden
*This is the adult version of educational children shows*
Joely Matthews
Joely Matthews - 13 dager siden
soso really let herself go 😞
The crazy lot
The crazy lot - 16 dager siden
No just no
Liza has talent and she deserves to me famous
NetherKeeper - 7 dager siden
Lol , you need grammar lessons?
gab games
gab games - 16 dager siden
Were so close
Emma Thurman
Emma Thurman - 17 dager siden
the trim.
Ayaanomatic - 17 dager siden
Thank you for making this sacrifice.
// Karma \\
// Karma \\ - 17 dager siden
Listen I only knew all these people from Escape the Night I dunno man
Abby Wolffe
Abby Wolffe - 18 dager siden
Clearly they didn't educate themselves, because it's literally Trans Ally Rule #1 to not deadname or mispronoun someone?? That's the first thing you learn????
anime girl
anime girl - 18 dager siden
perhaps the dogs name is a reference to Ru Paul?
Sam Block
Sam Block - 20 dager siden
is it just me or does anyone else feel like some of their reactions are over the top for the subject matter, i understand the show has bad moments and moments where it can really annoy you, but i don't think any of the clips deserve some of the reactions they had. maybe they were just trying to push it for comedy or entertainment sake but it bothers me, such over reactions are just annoying to me. i feel like they tried to approach heavy topics but also trying to be entertaining and also add comedy which is hard to do when you're trying to please every viewer, i just don't understand their reactions thanks for reading my rant
NetherKeeper - 7 dager siden
Damn u wasted 1minute of my time
New Yardley Sinclair
New Yardley Sinclair - 21 dag siden
Is that an ottomon to an eames lounge chair behind you?
New Yardley Sinclair
New Yardley Sinclair - 21 dag siden
Her face is too much. She uses her face way too much to convey feeling. We get it
The Malevolent One
The Malevolent One - 23 dager siden
91K likes 9K more to go
My Achey Breaky Blidzy Heart
My Achey Breaky Blidzy Heart - 23 dager siden
This whole show is homophobic and transphobic
Thanks for mocking it James
Friday G
Friday G - 26 dager siden
The bit on trans people is honestly terrible to begin with. “Their ‘cisgender name’” doesn’t need to be given out freely by friends. The right term is deadname and you can easily look that up. And often times a deadname is personal and can be triggering so friends shouldn’t be openly telling random people about it
lifelesscorpsed - 27 dager siden
i thought liza was high when i saw the tumbnail
julie hernandez
julie hernandez - 27 dager siden
channels like this are seriously just the biggest haters on youtube lmao.
NetherKeeper - 7 dager siden
Nope , you people just cant take a joke and defend people that arent funny just because you like them , he even says that he probably didnt like it because he doesnt like liza’s content. And if you get offended by this than just leave the platform, they are wayy worse people on this platform so grow the hell up
KotZy - 28 dager siden
I’m trans and that “were just trying to educate ourselves” thing is so overused and ughhhh
obi '
obi ' - 29 dager siden
liza is not funny but she really is a great person and is probably one of my favorite youtubers :)
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A
Sarah Arshad VIII-C-A - Måned siden
Lilly Singh:
Arjun Nagarajan
Arjun Nagarajan - Måned siden
When you put social justice with entertainment, you get cringe... Best examples Liza, Lilly Singh, Amy Schumer... I can keep on going
Chaos Chris
Chaos Chris - Måned siden
Thank you James, Very Cool!
Abby Lamarre
Abby Lamarre - Måned siden
shit they cannot act nor* write
Abby Lamarre
Abby Lamarre - 27 dager siden
@S A D B O Y oh my god relax
S A D B O Y - Måned siden
And you can’t spell right
Littlesmudge 835
Littlesmudge 835 - Måned siden
Lol im the same height as brono mars
IDoStuff Sometimes
IDoStuff Sometimes - Måned siden
That haircut makes you look like past nicocado avocado 🥑
Alexander Gallego
Alexander Gallego - Måned siden
If someone said my cisgender name is [Deadname] I'd slap them across the face. If their non-binary then they don't have a cisgender name, it's their deadname. She was trying to be supportive but didn't even slightly look in to trans issues and it comes of so fake allyship, and if she just sat down and spoke to a trans person she'd know that it's extremely transphobic, but she wanted to try to appeal to the trans community. Screw you Liza, also great video James.
Judge_Mental D3v1Ls
Judge_Mental D3v1Ls - Måned siden
12:34 I totally am not related to the Red headed guy.

Holy shit why is Jon in this show? 😂
Hannah van Marle
Hannah van Marle - Måned siden
omg they should have called the dog bark ruffalo. it was right thereeeeeeee!!!
Allison Helgers
Allison Helgers - 2 måneder siden
I feel like Liza's show is just like one of those little movies that teachers would make you watch just so you know how to act like a human but somehow her show managed to be worse.
would you kick me in the face please
okay but can we talk about how good james is at summarizing
m - 2 måneder siden
i get that the textbook speak is a lot and boring and sounds condecending but for real, some people need that lmao
Michael Marrs
Michael Marrs - 2 måneder siden
Social justice is a great thing, when it isn’t shoved into your face in every waking moment of your life. Seriously I just wanna watch a comedy where they showcase the comedy and not the “deep” themes that they throw in your face. Genuinely good writing is when you feel a certain way and think along the lines that the creator wants. If you want to do social justice, show your message through the story and characterization without blatantly plastering social justice all over the project.
semilla - 2 måneder siden
Still better than Amy Shumberamburguer
Russell Lewis
Russell Lewis - 2 måneder siden
Pmsf Liza on demand season1 aired in 2018, your only 2 years too late on this one fat boi, we are kinda used to the shit that is your content but you really are struggling for content arnt you, your fans/followers, you know the people who pay your rent/morgage deserve better, not that you can provide it clearly, watching a shit tv show to review it after the fact it's 2 years old and it's been free since the start so what favour did you do your fans? Oh yeah the favour of insulting there intelligence by pumping out content like this #choices #strugglingforcontent #fatwanker lol
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
The 8 year olds here in this comment section IS ASTRONOMICAL
Kimmy Ball
Kimmy Ball - 2 måneder siden
Omg, that old lady is "Rhoda" holy shit!!!
Ellis L-G
Ellis L-G - 2 måneder siden
Stacy Brenda
Stacy Brenda - 2 måneder siden
I thought lizza was in her early 30's tbh
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
She isn’t 🤠
RAY KEE - 2 måneder siden

Look at his face
Lolgrove - 2 måneder siden
13:49 😂😂😂😂
anakin SkyWalKer
anakin SkyWalKer - 2 måneder siden
Pyrocinical did this and he has more subs so he did it first (joke)
ChipsChips Ice-cream
ChipsChips Ice-cream - 3 måneder siden
this doesn’t have 100k but please make part 2
Lili H
Lili H - 3 måneder siden
i’m upset that this didn’t get 100k likes
Acaesic - 3 måneder siden
wtf liza is 4’9
i was taller than her when i was 5
Chochwantsacookie - 3 måneder siden
Finding out just now that my 7th-grade self that gets called short every day that I'm taller than Lizza yet still get called short when I'm legit in 7th grade and about 4'11 or 5ft. And my sister is in high school (Sophmore) and she calls me short when she's around 5'1 or 5ft.
Abdul Hakeem
Abdul Hakeem - 3 måneder siden
Why do you make everything seem so bad
Clark Dog
Clark Dog - 3 måneder siden
I really like the show
Defne AKTÜRK - 3 måneder siden
poo ayayay
Drew Bakka
Drew Bakka - 3 måneder siden
>your using your platform to spread hate! -liza
>has a whole episodes of "man bad" and treats whiteness as actually evil
Áuferant Eam
Áuferant Eam - 3 måneder siden
Liza's a horrible actress, I said what I said.
TheDeppFan - 3 måneder siden
Barkpaul is a joke name for Rupaul
Jeff Peng
Jeff Peng - 3 måneder siden
Wagwan mandem
Eternal Symatree
Eternal Symatree - 3 måneder siden
The funny tv man did it first
Zero stars, wouldn’t watch again
Sleeks_s_Y - 3 måneder siden
To be honest with you James every time you you play the video I think it is an add
aleia - 3 måneder siden
At first I was gonna sort of defend this, because you have to remember that Liza is used to making kids content, that's just what she does. But then there's the overaxggerated gay roommate and the cisgender name and so on. Without those, it would've been just an okay older kids show
James Goodsell
James Goodsell - 3 måneder siden
Men bad
Mboyo Ekanga
Mboyo Ekanga - 3 måneder siden
why you talk trash abut liza koshy's
RAY KEE - Måned siden
@slushiewaves Lol
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
Oh god multiple Liza Koshys? I think the world has had enough of her 👀
RAY KEE - 2 måneder siden
Hes talking about the show which has some flaws like the over exaggerated gay roommate and the cisgender name and so on he’s not talking trash about her he’s talking trash about the show
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
YesIts Lisl
YesIts Lisl - 3 måneder siden
I wonder why British people measure in feet, did one day somebody with a foot fetsh say: "Mmmmh feet."
ChrisIGuess - 3 måneder siden
James: earn my respect
Me: ahhh yes the posh boy from secondary school is back to torment me
Caitlan Walton
Caitlan Walton - 4 måneder siden
It feels like they ripped off unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt....but made it less original
Jung Jaehyun
Jung Jaehyun - 4 måneder siden
You’ve owed me your respect for a year sir -
MILK - 4 måneder siden
Good evening
Janice Greenwood
Janice Greenwood - 4 måneder siden
You should watch escape the night next. It's actually kinda good.
Gaming Account
Gaming Account - 4 måneder siden
calling a short person a dw*rf, especially a little person is REALLY ableist and fucked up :(
also st*pid is an ableist slur, as well as cr*zy
slushiewaves - 16 dager siden
@Roux's Productions Oh wow never knew
Roux's Productions
Roux's Productions - 16 dager siden
@slushiewaves since always really
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
When was stupid and crazy a bad word?
busy kat
busy kat - 4 måneder siden
IMM SMALLER THEN HER by an inch lmao im 4'8 i guess i can understand the pain XD
Lorelei Catherine
Lorelei Catherine - 4 måneder siden
Today I learned that I have a good 3/4 of an inch on Bruno Mars in height and that is all I learned from Liza's show. Also, love me some cynic snacks.
꧁S̶ τ R A ᙡ ɮ ε R R̶ Y ҜIՌဌ꧂
I have never seen James in that much pain out of all of his thumbnails 😭😂
Liv Lewis
Liv Lewis - 4 måneder siden
Is girl in yellow pousseys GF from oitnb
Effy Kagwiria
Effy Kagwiria - 4 måneder siden
Your so rude
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
heather - 2 måneder siden
Cry ab it EFFY
Xxaquaviva xX
Xxaquaviva xX - 4 måneder siden
Liza Koshy? But her name is Pizza Koshy-
Thecheezy Weebboy
Thecheezy Weebboy - 4 måneder siden
I’m going to shake a baby
vdtt 626
vdtt 626 - 4 måneder siden
pls make pt 3 🙏🥺
Ben Tapia
Ben Tapia - 4 måneder siden
The extremely flamboyant gay black roommate is also a ripoff of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
Bloominq Flxwer
Bloominq Flxwer - 4 måneder siden
Haven’t watched the video yet but if you hate her then u honestly deserve more

June - 4 måneder siden
Liza was so funny and now she’s just has, *this*
Jad Mohsen
Jad Mohsen - 4 måneder siden
This girl is and has always been the cringiest excuse for a “comic” in the world and I cannot believe she even has an audience. Say it with me folks, silly faces are not funny.
Loi Ana
Loi Ana - 4 måneder siden
i have a friend who's sister watches liza koshy what do i do pls help
Hannah Crockett
Hannah Crockett - 4 måneder siden
Liza Koshy is actually 5”0
GemmaXx - 4 måneder siden
I actually liked Liza on demand
Ciara Cary
Ciara Cary - 4 måneder siden
no kars
Chloe Bates
Chloe Bates - 4 måneder siden
light yagami
light yagami - 4 måneder siden
I hope to god that no one is "educated" by "ThEiR cIsGeNdEr NaMe iS kElLy" I'd literally cry if someone dead named me like that and acted all high and mighty
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
YourMajesty143 - 4 måneder siden
Bark-Paul Gossier is a play on the actor Mark-Paul Gossier's name. He played Zack on "Saved By the Bell" -- and while we're here, do check out *Zack Morris Sucks* on YouTube bc it hilariously destroys our 80s nostalgia, by exposing how bad this character was! It's f@%kin hilarious.
Harry Jacques
Harry Jacques - 4 måneder siden
Can you create a second channel expressly for the purpose of releasing the whole 5 hour reaction to this show please
Harry Jacques
Harry Jacques - 4 måneder siden
Ooh, what time is it? I think it's exposition o'clock. Is that Chris Chibnall?
Orlaith Thornton
Orlaith Thornton - 4 måneder siden
There was a lot of inconsistencies in her series but there was only one in this DRAKE IS NOT THE MOST FAMOUS PERSON IN THE WORLD
Moshi_Moshi - 4 måneder siden
I like Liza and all but that show was a swing and a miss.
Nicole Moore
Nicole Moore - 4 måneder siden
I'm a TV licence lady and I can say that were not all mean or bad. Please don't throw your sky boxes at us ❤
TylerL0cke - 4 måneder siden
Pyrocynical already did this :///
Roux's Productions
Roux's Productions - 16 dager siden
Have you never seen NOburn? Like ever?
slushiewaves - 2 måneder siden
Harry Jacques
Harry Jacques - 4 måneder siden
NOburn is a platform of unoriginality
Bruh moment
Bruh moment - 4 måneder siden
I love how his facial expression is the same in every thumbnail
ks456 80
ks456 80 - 4 måneder siden
This guy would be good at cinema sins
Áuferant Eam
Áuferant Eam - 4 måneder siden
Am I the only one that finds her acting bad? Like Ik she played a lot of exaggerated characters on her channel but if she was serious about acting she could've at least taken some acting classes. Just because she played different "quirky" (and slightly offensive) characters on her channel doesn't automatically qualify her as a good actress. Recently I saw that she was starring in a Netflix movie with Sabrina Carpenter and when I watched the trailer I couldn't take Liza seriously. It just doesn't seem natural compared to the rest of the cast. Some people are born with the gift of good acting and some people work towards becoming a good actor, Liza is neither of those people.
Solus - 4 måneder siden
She has the most punchable face I've ever seen
ghoulish - 4 måneder siden
It’s like she wants to be Ilana from Broad City so bad
robin hcneysuckle
robin hcneysuckle - 4 måneder siden
"their cis name is kelly" imagine how tired i am