I Spent $1000 On JoJo Siwa's Awful Game...

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Today George and I play JoJo Siwa's awful game on the Apple Store and spent $1000. I say spent, we essentially wasted hundreds of dollars on JoJo bows and various other in-game merchandise. It was lit.
George's channel: noburn.info
Team Trees: teamtrees.org/
Twitter/Instagram: @JamesMarriottYT (James Marriott)
TikTok: @JamesMarriott
James Marriott
Cynic Snacks (noburn.info/post/FKIgvMmcJtxTS9pdpCFwfg.html)
Runtime: 10:52


James Marriott
James Marriott - År siden
You can donate to #TeamTrees here: https://teamtrees.org/
Alpha - 12 dager siden
It's at 100k likes James, u know what that means...
Amy - 19 dager siden
@Jack Cutter It's clear none of you watched the video, he spent like £140 on JoJo and the other £800 went to TeamTrees
ITS JASSY - 22 dager siden
@Samson Trice no
Jack Cutter
Jack Cutter - 3 måneder siden
Why not donate £1000 to- oh wait. That's right. You spent it on JoJo sewers crap instead 🤦‍♂️😂
Nikola Aston
Nikola Aston - 6 måneder siden
Be More Starkid
Be More Starkid - 10 timer siden
Who else needs a vlog of James going to see JoJo live?
Maggie Berkey
Maggie Berkey - 3 dager siden
is it bad that to me 4 = 1 +1 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5 +0.5
Abbey Ratstone
Abbey Ratstone - 4 dager siden
If anyone sees this

CultOfTheCookie Cats
CultOfTheCookie Cats - 5 dager siden
*Siwa snap her neck*
CultOfTheCookie Cats
CultOfTheCookie Cats - 5 dager siden

*four assassins in jojo’s house*
b u t t e r c u p p
b u t t e r c u p p - 7 dager siden
uhm james
Sezuin _
Sezuin _ - 7 dager siden
Jackysonthecat Is cool
Jackysonthecat Is cool - 8 dager siden
it just hit 100k where is the vid James?
Funny Editz
Funny Editz - 10 dager siden
It’s at 100K likes now lol
Phoenixroo 123
Phoenixroo 123 - 16 dager siden
Where r the rip off jojo games!!
Lady Banshee
Lady Banshee - 16 dager siden
It's over 100.000 likes c:
Queen Jamjam
Queen Jamjam - 17 dager siden
Soo its 100k😉
Zaina Dalal
Zaina Dalal - 21 dag siden
Hannah M
Hannah M - 22 dager siden
It’s got 100k likes guys... can’t wait for the new vid to come out 🤐😂
Bree Midge
Bree Midge - 22 dager siden
Time for a new video! ☺️😁
- Spaccarotella
- Spaccarotella - 23 dager siden
10:13 well james... we’ll be waiting.
sas.tronaut - 23 dager siden
Noobius - 23 dager siden
That george guy looks familiar
Kathrine Mondshain
Kathrine Mondshain - 24 dager siden
the 100k likes on this video just sittin there
Jacob Lloyd
Jacob Lloyd - 25 dager siden
I see jojo i see jojos bizzare adventure
The Malevolent One
The Malevolent One - 25 dager siden
it’s on 100K where’s the torture we want him to suffer
xhyejini - 26 dager siden
0:09 that's bob ross, not jojo?
Cala McConnell
Cala McConnell - 27 dager siden
only 120 likes to goooooo
fauna.oconnell - 27 dager siden
I’m still waiting for the *100,000 likes*
Xeoney - Måned siden
*dark black*
yukiis notok
yukiis notok - Måned siden
dog kick: 6:49 , your welcome
Chanice Morgan
Chanice Morgan - Måned siden
George sounds like imAllex
Phoenixroo 123
Phoenixroo 123 - Måned siden
1k more and we get George and James playing more jojo sims games so if haven’t already plz like the video
Brooke Lock
Brooke Lock - Måned siden
No one gonna talk about 3:32
izzle bizzle
izzle bizzle - Måned siden
Nearly at 100k likes
Shoto todoroki
Shoto todoroki - Måned siden
James really do be feelin like Mr. Beast today
Otter - Måned siden
Im so glad James donated the rest to treez 🌲
YoshiMadness - Måned siden
I’ve never wanted to top myself more
NoJouPlays - Måned siden
99k likes rn frick
Firestarcrossing :3 :3 :3 :3
James:Made out of real puppies!
Me:Oh I love the skin of Bowbow the dog on my toes!
Phoenixroo 123
Phoenixroo 123 - Måned siden
Almost 100k
GalaxyGaming646 - 2 måneder siden
james your al most at 100k so you know maybe play the bootleg games ;)
r u s t y
r u s t y - 2 måneder siden
Araexus - 2 måneder siden
We're at 99k is it close enough?
2002 Honda Civic Gaming
2002 Honda Civic Gaming - 2 måneder siden
99k....... so close.......
Pies - 2 måneder siden
not the knock off billie eilish hair-
booper 333
booper 333 - 2 måneder siden
he seems so happy
Jeff Peng
Jeff Peng - 2 måneder siden
They should play this with Joe
Murdoc Simp
Murdoc Simp - 2 måneder siden
I’m having an extremely hard time trying to figure out if they’re actually in James’ room or if it’s a green screen-
A Standard Asian
A Standard Asian - 3 måneder siden
vivienne morgan
vivienne morgan - 3 måneder siden
Ad Queen
Ad Queen - 3 måneder siden
Next video: I spent 1 million on Jojo Siwa game
Akaashi Keiji
Akaashi Keiji - 4 måneder siden
James...I think you need therapy.
Aryan Bista
Aryan Bista - 4 måneder siden
Such a dick on attacking a child!
Grow up loser!!
Is this all you can do?
Oh I shouldn't be expecting much too
Heloise - 4 måneder siden
calm down luv he’s joking.
loaf eye
loaf eye - 4 måneder siden
Jorja siwa be like: ŚŤONĶS
Ginger Gamer
Ginger Gamer - 4 måneder siden
George: 2+2=4
Me: -1=3 quick maths
SOX - 4 måneder siden
Jame's bank account taking antidepressants after this video...
super vegito
super vegito - 4 måneder siden
6:28 the joker
Cupid Quixs_
Cupid Quixs_ - 5 måneder siden
Hey congrats on 1. *69* million noice
Cosmotic - 5 måneder siden
We are close to 100k likes
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming - 5 måneder siden
Memeulos is so tiny 😂
JustANindroidSimp - 5 måneder siden
"Siwa Snap"
More like
"Siwa snapped-neck"
just some gamer bruh G
just some gamer bruh G - 5 måneder siden
0:04 when say a math problem to your mom
Llio S-R
Llio S-R - 5 måneder siden
Is it just me or does memeules/ George sound a bit like Alex???
I think they could be related. (Btw idk anything about them/ their personal life except there first name and age.) just a conspiracy of mine.
Stouder's Cut Throat Kennels James
George is is like hell yeah James like leave me alone
Luke The gamer 113
Luke The gamer 113 - 5 måneder siden
Oh jeez James you've off the rails now u alright
Jimmy Saville
Jimmy Saville - 5 måneder siden
How much do you reckon it will cost to buy her? Asking for a friend
spxcely YT
spxcely YT - 5 måneder siden
Bank:Hey...What the FUCK
Stocksborough 14
Stocksborough 14 - 5 måneder siden
It looked like she really kicked the dog😂
Earrlyy - 5 måneder siden
I was today years old when I understood that saying cheese for a pic it’s actually you just smiling at the ee part
Liam McNamara
Liam McNamara - 5 måneder siden
I’m concerned about James mental state
Ervin Mustafa
Ervin Mustafa - 5 måneder siden
Or did u do it for clout hahahahaha soz
Whyus_ Playz
Whyus_ Playz - 5 måneder siden
I love how ur character works out with ur face paint
Peachy 101
Peachy 101 - 5 måneder siden
So the point of this video was how much James wanted to pay Jojo $1000
Lachlan Mckenzie
Lachlan Mckenzie - 5 måneder siden
4k more likes till George gets brain damage
PessimisticDiabetic - 5 måneder siden
Pahblow Eskowbarr
Pahblow Eskowbarr - 5 måneder siden
Memeulous sounds a bit like Alex, to be honest
Androm 94
Androm 94 - 5 måneder siden
I thought she actually punted the dog, I laughed so hard I got a noise complaint
Sgt. Plams Rosen
Sgt. Plams Rosen - 5 måneder siden
6:00 That is I want to talk to the manager, jokes
Cheese Pizza
Cheese Pizza - 5 måneder siden
“When in say the number for what comes to mind?”
SadTxrtles - 5 måneder siden
i wouldve spent that money on robux
cʟaIʀe_ ɢaʍɛs
cʟaIʀe_ ɢaʍɛs - 5 måneder siden
Charlotte ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Charlotte ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - 5 måneder siden
How dare you insult my queen- (this is a joke btw :] )
comfort crowd
comfort crowd - 5 måneder siden
axe jake
axe jake - 5 måneder siden
NINOCOCILLA - 5 måneder siden
almost James
The Only Ash On The Internet
The Only Ash On The Internet - 6 måneder siden
Cheese, smile. unicorn, duck lips.
Mariam Adel
Mariam Adel - 6 måneder siden
this girl was already self absorbed, but this game takes it to the next level. "Lets make jojo proud!" "Siwanators" "The one and only Jojo Siwa" this is honestly infuriating. She makes millons of dollars in a single year, her face is plastered everywhere, she stars in a blockbuster move, and thats not all, she's a TEEN! She has a freaking car with her face on it... also i think its a tesla, and guess what? She's 16... Smh. No wonder why so many people hate her.
Intoxicated Hell
Intoxicated Hell - 6 måneder siden
George looks like a humanoid smurf
depresso expresso
depresso expresso - 6 måneder siden
£1000 on Jojo siwa's game he's gonna be broke...
Benji Hudson
Benji Hudson - 6 måneder siden
James probably still plays this in secret🤣
raptor - 6 måneder siden
we all know that he just borrowed alexs jojo siwa merch
Lilly Hutson
Lilly Hutson - 6 måneder siden
8:35 how did he fall for that 😂
Jacob Corwin
Jacob Corwin - 6 måneder siden
6:27 wtf you straight up made my ex
Foot loops
Foot loops - 6 måneder siden
Silly you
Evan Quto
Evan Quto - 6 måneder siden
Sewa “snap her neck”
Nikola Aston
Nikola Aston - 6 måneder siden
Nickelodeon must of upped their budget
Nikola Aston
Nikola Aston - 6 måneder siden
Why is the Jojo Siwa narrator thing so accurate
AlzySucksAtEverything - 6 måneder siden
Wy did you buy no ads you can Just Turn off the WiFi
Monster JB
Monster JB - 6 måneder siden
Memulost needs to wash that dirty face diaper. I bet it smells like KSI's bandana and Alex's ball sweat. Fix your teeth and stop fisting each other every 20 mins
_Bubl3Nug3ht_ - 6 måneder siden
94k likes... 6 more
Emily Calderwood
Emily Calderwood - 6 måneder siden
Devorah Linford
Devorah Linford - 6 måneder siden
James: I wont make you play the Jojo Siwa game...
George: *begins to rejoice, fist mid air*
James: I found bootleg Jojo Siwa games...
George: *slowly lowers fist and cries*
Ferret - 6 måneder siden
This poor man wasted 1000 dollars on a jojo siwa game