I Found The Cringiest TikTok House... (it's a cult)

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Today we take a look at the Wave House, the latest TikTok House (cult) to go viral this year. A bunch of the social climbers like Carmie Selitto, Millie T and Spencer Elmer made some ridiculous mask reveal TikToks that got way too many likes and now they're more famous than me.
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Jungkook Juice
Jungkook Juice - Time siden
British people really try to beat us Americans in everything...... My man, you lost the moment we threw the tea in the sea......give up mate. Cheerios!
eilishanderson34 - 5 timer siden
4:11 yeah he definitely walked on water 😬
Thomas Fulton
Thomas Fulton - 19 timer siden
These uk YouTubers need more support 😂
Quiet Girl
Quiet Girl - Dag siden
The wave house has byte house members
Bennett Sorrells
Bennett Sorrells - Dag siden
I can fact check the "If you play Roblox you are under 13" as I play roblox and am 12 and stopped aging 3 years ago since playing
Daria Mashkantseva
Daria Mashkantseva - Dag siden
one of the member already did a “why i left” video 🦧
disgusted ramsay
disgusted ramsay - Dag siden
Im about to get 100 comments

Kpop sucks
Adam Khan
Adam Khan - Dag siden
You know its gonna be good when the title has "(its a cult)" and "tiktok"
Hydro Dolphy ツ
Hydro Dolphy ツ - Dag siden
My Favorite House Is The : SHUT THE FUCK UP house
Samantha Bernat
Samantha Bernat - Dag siden
the first girl looks like an elf on the shelf
chanelle smith
chanelle smith - 2 dager siden
the eboys really do need a house together
Cj - 2 dager siden
I only watched it cause i knew will was in it and I wanted to see your reaction 😂
Veronica Thompson
Veronica Thompson - 2 dager siden
“I just wanna b famous”
Me: **subscribes**
Veronica Thompson
Veronica Thompson - 2 dager siden
My favorite house is “the house nobody asked for”
EmmiMiaX - 4 dager siden
Before this video I got a duolingo ad that said learning languages is f***ing hard but instead of the "stars" it had a chicken 😂
Tabby Weeb
Tabby Weeb - 4 dager siden
why do you look and sound so familiar- idk ive probably watched ur videos before or something
Bokie Power 101
Bokie Power 101 - 4 dager siden
Lol, my eyes spotted minho's picture at 5:38. How are my eyes able to find him so fast BSJBXBSJFJ
Rennieon - 4 dager siden
Me: plays roblox at the age of 18
Alex or something
Alex or something - 4 dager siden
There gonna be a new killing game hmmm i see
Exploding Elephant
Exploding Elephant - 5 dager siden
Believe it or not, my favourite house is...

Dreams Cat
Dreams Cat - 5 dager siden
you know that man that said he's never seen 2 pretty best friends.... yeahhhh 😬
That Weirdo Nora
That Weirdo Nora - 5 dager siden
My favorite house is the fuller house :/
▽SomudaiX▽ - 5 dager siden
No you can’t use jacks music in such a terrible tik tok no stop it
Mara - 5 dager siden
sweet home alabama
nathan - 6 dager siden
yes you are seeing it right i wOKED ON WOTER
Emily Stenhouse
Emily Stenhouse - 6 dager siden
Am I the only one who was waiting for will’s mask reveal 😂
Emily Stenhouse
Emily Stenhouse - 6 dager siden
I may be very late but hi 👋
Alsan Imdad
Alsan Imdad - 7 dager siden
“As a wise owl once said “who?”
James Marriott - 2020
Coys Coys
Coys Coys - 8 dager siden
Willne entered the chat:
Ash_ay_toxic_ Life
Ash_ay_toxic_ Life - 8 dager siden
Ye know what o you make a lot if money you could live in a big home you would just have to work a lot maybe yiu could make anif money
um ya
um ya - 9 dager siden
im pretty sure soon enough the whole of tiktok will become a cult and try to rule the world by making us all cringe to the point where we will do anything to make them stop and the only way to make them stop is for them to rule the world.
Adam Leblanc
Adam Leblanc - 9 dager siden
Middle of the video: SWEET HOME ALABAMA
Samantha Ball
Samantha Ball - 11 dager siden
Umm this didn’t age well.

The house is no longer exists I think
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 13 dager siden
The only house I respect is “The house nobody asked for”
Son Gayku
Son Gayku - 13 dager siden
Isn't Bobby Moore that secondary school in stratford?
PleasantGames 668
PleasantGames 668 - 13 dager siden
‘More shires than a fucking hobbit’
Shikha - 13 dager siden
why did he do this bobby please don't do it go back
Jan Pawluk
Jan Pawluk - 13 dager siden
Don't Dr disrespect Bobby like that It's a VIOLATION
TheDJPandaa - 14 dager siden
Brooklyn Jackson
Brooklyn Jackson - 14 dager siden
No one not a soul me on tik tok
I’m moving into the House
Hannah Overholtzer
Hannah Overholtzer - 15 dager siden
James, at least you're higher than me on the YouTube ranking, I don't think I'm even on there
(this is not my channel, this is just my account)
Ajah Mckay
Ajah Mckay - 15 dager siden
Are they a parody making fun of others or are they dead ass?
T r a sh
T r a sh - 16 dager siden
That sounds like a Danganronpa execution 👁👄👁
koobs_the_noobs - 16 dager siden
petition for e-boy house
Tin - 17 dager siden
remember the social climers. they were the shit back in the day what the frick even happened to them :((
Re Volver
Re Volver - 18 dager siden
Roblox Is A Great Experience
Kirseu 64
Kirseu 64 - 18 dager siden
"6ix? 9ine? Thirteen? Honestly I don't remember how old she was."
BootsDotEXE - 19 dager siden
"6ixine, 13, tbh I don't remember how old she was" JAMES
the luis shannon show
the luis shannon show - 21 dag siden
Hey James just thought I'd let u know that the gain followers thing was an editing software made a vid on it
Bees Inc_
Bees Inc_ - 22 dager siden
I’m sorry but as soon as he said Warwickshire i burst out laughing
Noobmuffin - 23 dager siden
is it weird that i think that they r all clones that escaped order 66
Taylor Clark
Taylor Clark - 23 dager siden
Bobby Moore is literally the most annoying tik toker
ShatteredMirrors - 28 dager siden
This mic looking mask TikTok house cult stuff is creeping me out kinda.
Abigail Mason
Abigail Mason - Måned siden
It ended before it even started.
Amber lmao
Amber lmao - Måned siden
asaheeniee - Måned siden
Wait till James sees the Filipino version of the Hype House as well called the "For You House"
coldfire116 - Måned siden
69k likes nice
Samantha Ball
Samantha Ball - Måned siden
This didn’t age well
Tamara - Måned siden
The only house I care about is the house polo boy is in
Chaos Chris
Chaos Chris - Måned siden
Thank you James, Very Cool!
Freddie Lear
Freddie Lear - Måned siden
I saw the wave house heli fly over my school so I tried to hit it with a rock but I couldn’t throw it far enough😢
THE G.O.A.T - Måned siden
no kiddin james
Unicornz RKewl
Unicornz RKewl - Måned siden
And right when I thought Tik Tok couldn't get *any* worse-
ilomilo da1sy
ilomilo da1sy - Måned siden
The bytesquad have moved into a mansion now. The first comment on their trailer video was ‘what in the wave house is this?’ 😂
crazyjellybean pie
crazyjellybean pie - Måned siden
Well at least he's #1 in celebrity's born in Switzerland
Emma Cave
Emma Cave - Måned siden
this is the most i've laughed at a james video, and the tampax one
QueenRatMan - Måned siden
cults are pog, cults are e
Catnip Dujardin
Catnip Dujardin - Måned siden
Those masks are literally from Wish lmao I saw ads for them on FB like... last year hahaha
Kevin J Rust
Kevin J Rust - Måned siden
I knew I recognized Carmie because he got trolled by an ASMR YouTuber
medan880 - Måned siden
Anybody questioning whether James’s memeber is really 9 inches 😂
vialin - Måned siden
I didn't know tik tok had this cult houses danggggg
bearta - 2 måneder siden
If you would only know about trendingang in Lithuania
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog - 2 måneder siden
So ppl like watching hate videos😂

James Marriot:*hates on British TikTok house*
Also James:*has a kids ad*
Princess Leia
Princess Leia - 2 måneder siden
0:02 I'm not
xXxIAteTheTurtleSorryMomxXx - 2 måneder siden
Poop house
Alex Cooke
Alex Cooke - 2 måneder siden
Confirmed WillNe is in a CULT
insurgent Xaviar
insurgent Xaviar - 2 måneder siden
My favorite house is who gives a shit house
Bento - 2 måneder siden
Praise God
Heydi Moran
Heydi Moran - 2 måneder siden
the bite houes whatt
dylan hay
dylan hay - 2 måneder siden
And now your best mate will is the new member!
Arianna Woodman
Arianna Woodman - 2 måneder siden
Can we talk about just how underwhelming they look after the reveal. Like I was expecting some really hot and gorgeous people but they all just look average
HCGosling - 2 måneder siden
Then WillNE moved in
DANK EGG - 2 måneder siden
Umm who’s gunna tell him that Alex is a tiktoker
Courtney Charman
Courtney Charman - 2 måneder siden
This group of YouTubers I have watched for years, they acc deserve this they r rlly funny and great trust me. Go on there channels sperately they are great
Kavya .S
Kavya .S - 2 måneder siden
"My meember's mince inches long" THE WAY I CACKLED
Sandy Pham
Sandy Pham - 2 måneder siden
So people really move into a house together based on their tik toks? Are we that bored?
Hannah Taylore
Hannah Taylore - 2 måneder siden
Brynn - 2 måneder siden
the only tiktok cult i support is the soobin da🐬da🐬da🐬da🐬da🐬da🐬dolphin cult ...❤️
Krazy WitaK
Krazy WitaK - 2 måneder siden
Katie Newton
Katie Newton - 2 måneder siden
Hey James, I love your channel! You are so much better at slowing down and taking pauses when you talk now compared to your older vids. It makes it more enjoyable, funny, and relaxing :) Loving the content
Dead Girl Walking
Dead Girl Walking - 2 måneder siden
My favorite thing about this is the unmaskings
Because it's like : surprise it's.... an average looking white person that no one could pick out of a crowd
Mutiara Pasha
Mutiara Pasha - 2 måneder siden
Cult now is opened up themself in tiktok
Know it all Phoenix
Know it all Phoenix - 2 måneder siden
If someone can find a serious “Mickey Mouse club house” TikTok house
I will pay you a fiver
Young Cloaker
Young Cloaker - 2 måneder siden
Interested in this video but God damn James is so unfunny like we get it you're trilingual
April Mercer
April Mercer - 2 måneder siden
i love how unfunny this is
Ghetto Easter Basket
Ghetto Easter Basket - 2 måneder siden
Who’s here after Will joined 😭😭😭
angie - 3 måneder siden
the house nobody asked for is the only good house.
cian perry
cian perry - 3 måneder siden
didnt will join it
Lavender&Cambridge - 3 måneder siden
I didnt realize that tik tok houses...were in actual...houses
Billy Bob Boux Jomns
Billy Bob Boux Jomns - 3 måneder siden
My favourite is the pigeon hype housr
Victoria Bones
Victoria Bones - 3 måneder siden
I don't evem know that who these people but this won't my side of TiK tok