I found Belle Delphine's old videos...

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I was recently delivered a package from Belle Delphine herself. A memory card with Belle Delphine's old videos on it. It's time to find out who Belle really is. Thanks to William Lenney for the views.
Will's video: noburn.info/id/video/mqKliNyBaI6Cq2U.html
Twitter/Instagram: @JamesMarriottYT (James Marriott)
TikTok: @JamesMarriott
Music: @James Marriott

James Marriott
@Cynic Snacks
Runtime: 11:55


Dohvakiin - 4 timer siden
simps are interesting
Hannah_ is_a_worm
Hannah_ is_a_worm - 18 timer siden
Mmm lovely doll house ...
Squidjong - Dag siden
Pulls gun out of closet "Excuse the gun "
Raymond Delaluz
Raymond Delaluz - Dag siden
I liked the video because the part with will and James was funny
Koorapika Is Now Drowning
I mean- James did get a million views
Unwanted Sofa Popcorn
Unwanted Sofa Popcorn - 2 dager siden
"and underneath it
Irenoia - 2 dager siden
This man is like an no-depressed olliemn
BananaMakiato - 2 dager siden
the best thing is that the "package" that Will calls isn´t even smash bros it is fucking ring fit adventure!!!
Ziggy Winkler
Ziggy Winkler - 3 dager siden
love the doll house Belle!
brod1330 brod1330
brod1330 brod1330 - 3 dager siden
love the doll house
George Emme
George Emme - 3 dager siden
"I'd say we're about a year away from seeing the full version of that" I mean, it was only another 5 months until she started making legit spicy videos, so......yeah, pretty spot on, man
zaliapoo dessine draws
zaliapoo dessine draws - 4 dager siden
People who find her attractive because she dresses like a cute little kid should go touch some grass or hug a tree.
Kathryn Zane
Kathryn Zane - 4 dager siden
its the "fryin up some simps with a spatula" for meee.....its a paddle-....bless him
Snow06 - 4 dager siden
You were about 6 months off on your estimate
Sofija Gajanin
Sofija Gajanin - 4 dager siden
jadrielis meran
jadrielis meran - 4 dager siden
i wonder if belle was brain washed and then became this- this monster
Kitty Witch
Kitty Witch - 4 dager siden
@ 6:03 ever heard of DDLG, James U>U
Phil Reoch
Phil Reoch - 4 dager siden
was one of them things hitler wtf
Diana - 5 dager siden
Why does her accent sound fake AH
Martha Bruton
Martha Bruton - 5 dager siden
He is a intimidatingly nimble man
Mia - 5 dager siden
get a million views james!
*gets 1.3mil*
Acacia Huey
Acacia Huey - 6 dager siden
"what's that, studio ghibli? all i know is fuckin disney"
*holds up a my neighbor totoro pencil case*
who's gonna tell him
Leila Buono
Leila Buono - 6 dager siden
👍🏼😬love the dolls house😬👍🏼
Graciegalaxy - 7 dager siden
Lovely doll house Belle! 😅
rodgaupe - 7 dager siden
The moment you realize that's a fucking kink toy and not a spatula
StoleTheNaruto - 7 dager siden
I love how James makes fun of Danielle Cohn for lying about her age but he lies about his he is right he’s not 31 but he’s not 23 he’s 63.
El Svinya
El Svinya - 9 dager siden
I bet james shops in bloody Tesco. Talking mad shit about Lidl
NotOkYes Animations
NotOkYes Animations - 10 dager siden
I salut all powerful belle
NotOkYes Animations
NotOkYes Animations - 10 dager siden
I love the dolls house
Albania Kanela
Albania Kanela - 10 dager siden
bro i have seen all of these vids of belle and if you whant to see all the vids theres gona be a risk.go to the dark web and hire a hacker its worth it of the content
Milly Bradshaw
Milly Bradshaw - 10 dager siden
Anyone notice that James has a my neighbour totoro piece of merch so is he a confirmed weeb?
MoodyBeany *dead*
MoodyBeany *dead* - 11 dager siden
I wonder how many spiders live in that fake ivy on her ceiling.....
Argyros Vivum
Argyros Vivum - 12 dager siden
Wow . She’s into Teds !!! Whoa 😳 mind blown 🤯. Lol idk 🤷🏽‍♂️, rare footage .
SP1D3R_M3M3 _MAN - 12 dager siden
I love the doll house *flinches* OH GOD DON’T SHOOT ME
Taltzi - 12 dager siden
delle delphine in the room tour video looks like she tried to emulate the kinderwhore aesthetic but missed the part where it's not paedofilic and also missed the part where it's a part of the alternative scene.
Taltzi - 12 dager siden
6:50 oh, flashbacks
pepe le frog
pepe le frog - 12 dager siden
i love the dolls house 💀 ⚫️👄⚫️
Simon Bedwell
Simon Bedwell - 13 dager siden
"Does she not have the mannerisms of a child"....
That's probably why she has the wierd gross $imp army.
HungLow Merrick
HungLow Merrick - 13 dager siden
Fringing up some simp's with some bits and bobs
the neighborhood kid your mom forcesyoutoplaywith
Did she get plastic surgery or is she just good at makeup cause her transformation is interesting she came from average to gorgeous elf lady
Brooke Olive
Brooke Olive - 14 dager siden
I love the doll house 😅
Laura Stoddart
Laura Stoddart - 14 dager siden
Hahah no shave beard
Lee Faith
Lee Faith - 16 dager siden
Calling Totoro “Disney memorabilia” hurt me very deep. I know it’s a joke but OUCH
Wimblur Snoop
Wimblur Snoop - 17 dager siden
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm lv dol ouse
callmebagel - 17 dager siden
Ah yes, my favorite color, *bluwaghuuwaghuu*
Dyltube - 17 dager siden
My art teacher said she gave up on me
Cezanne AGT
Cezanne AGT - 18 dager siden
I just don't get it. She hasn't done anything hugely insensitive or appalling. The only reason I've found for all the hate is her lewd content. But it's her own body. If you don't like it, don't watch it.🤷‍♀️
robert taylor
robert taylor - 18 dager siden
I don't like you goodbye! Never coming back
Sophia's Shook
Sophia's Shook - 19 dager siden
I bleeding love the dollhouse
ohmajesus - 19 dager siden
Lets get this clear she isnt lolita shes fairy kei at least thats closest to her style,,,,
Elin z z
Elin z z - 20 dager siden
if i dont remember wrong, i think she said in an intervew that the room tour video wasnt her own room.
Alysha Walker
Alysha Walker - 21 dag siden
I used to watch her old videos. I saw the room tour one when it first came out.
Lily Starkey
Lily Starkey - 21 dag siden
imma go cry cause i got braces for my teeth only because if i dont have them ill need jaw surgery later in life hahaha :'<

note im not gonna cry just self conscious of my braces
Audrey S
Audrey S - 22 dager siden
i bloody hate yuo james
Kalel Potter
Kalel Potter - 22 dager siden
" I do have more subscribers than her though" that didn't age well
squinto fan
squinto fan - 22 dager siden
Dolls house is great :/
Holly Laver
Holly Laver - 22 dager siden
"doesn't count. speak english."
_DemXn_ Slxsher_
_DemXn_ Slxsher_ - 24 dager siden
Tbh i would watch the old Delphine, Her vids rlly look fun to watch!
Polina M
Polina M - 24 dager siden
Totoro is not Disney, man!!!!!!
i eat water with a fork
i eat water with a fork - 24 dager siden
this did not age well
callmebagel - 24 dager siden
"Brexit Delphine"
"Excuse the gun"
"And I will catch you... nex-"
Boo , bish I'm a Weeb
Boo , bish I'm a Weeb - 25 dager siden
Have you guys seen the dollhouse? It's fucking amazing , right? *RIGHT?*
Iris Burke
Iris Burke - 25 dager siden
Guys we have until midnight to get this man to 2 million subs and then he will shave his beard
Samuel McKay
Samuel McKay - 25 dager siden
He’s lying to us
It was Ring Fit Adventure
cyanisapotato boi
cyanisapotato boi - 26 dager siden
Totoro is literally studio ghibli not disney
Billy_goat81 - 26 dager siden
And now what she post's now
Billy_goat81 - 26 dager siden
Don't ask me how I know
it's Ned
it's Ned - 26 dager siden
I love the dollhouse
Userid Witheld
Userid Witheld - 26 dager siden
Now she is a por n star I saw her a day ago silly eyes crossed and ...I was absolutley disgusted and turned it off almost immediately, but did return to verify 20 or so times, its not hidden !!
But resist you dont have to look
Rebecca Ramlal
Rebecca Ramlal - 27 dager siden
James: there are atleast three colours here.
Me: there are atleast 5 colours.
Jason Rabon
Jason Rabon - 27 dager siden
Join the Belle Delphine Discord fan club! Click on this link https://discord.gg/aAJsrj5Y
Oliver Lewis
Oliver Lewis - 28 dager siden
I love the doll house
Jason Griffith
Jason Griffith - 28 dager siden
The fact that guys actually bought her bath water really shows that simpism is a dangerously addictive disease that forms when dudes spend too much time in front of a keyboard and computer screen, pulling themselves off, instead of going out and developing social skills.
Itchy s
Itchy s - 29 dager siden
Big up brexit delphine.
Simeon Wardle
Simeon Wardle - 29 dager siden
If you think Belle is difficult to watch then I should introduce you to Britney Spear's in the early 90s...money and sex are as old as prostitution. The Romans fed young women to the wild cats as entertainment in the Colleseum...
MSSoulBlader - Måned siden
People are forgetting that she was literally only 18 three years ago so she's definitely gonna act like a teenager. It's not out of the question. People liking that though? That's the part you should be concerned about.
Idkchannel Idk
Idkchannel Idk - Måned siden
Idkchannel Idk
Idkchannel Idk - Måned siden
Bruh 9:56 that scared me like I am now Terrified forever
Idkchannel Idk
Idkchannel Idk - Måned siden
At 5:33 this is true I don’t have a A filling in my tooth and I have a Chipped tooth
t0mn8r - Måned siden
The subject matter stinks but you made it funny. Well done sir!
Grumpy ol' Boot
Grumpy ol' Boot - Måned siden
Don't forget that she's into the Daddy dom kink, she explains it in an interview, video is here :
So yeah, the "spatula" was probably a paddle meant for spanking - Y'know, basic domination.
Mocha Moj
Mocha Moj - Måned siden
Mmmm yes I love the dolls house so much yay
Vitor Vieira
Vitor Vieira - Måned siden
Wow she looked a little bit normal
slug man
slug man - Måned siden
The people who dislike this are belle delphine simps
Jack Paterson
Jack Paterson - Måned siden
She has more subs than you now
Helix - Måned siden
ngl guys jame doesnt look 23,he looks more like hes 31
Helix - Måned siden
Llololol so funny
Storm - Måned siden
I don't think you've ever seen anyone above the age of 25
Just a furry
Just a furry - Måned siden
Belle:I have PG videos
Me: **confused screaming**
Qween Snow Foxy
Qween Snow Foxy - Måned siden
LOve the dolls house
Sexy Hot
Sexy Hot - Måned siden

みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン
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Saoirse Mayhorn
Saoirse Mayhorn - Måned siden
Imagine just going outside of your apartment for a second and you see James rolling across the floor like that
Nevee_does_edits - Måned siden
WeebLuna - Måned siden
He got 1mil though?
Zina Mousa
Zina Mousa - Måned siden
thats not Disney
Chaos Chris
Chaos Chris - Måned siden
Thank you James, Very Cool!
Ur Mom
Ur Mom - Måned siden
I love the doll house so much :)
LongDogMan - Måned siden
Doll house good
YeahYeah SingingChallenge
YeahYeah SingingChallenge - Måned siden
I love the dolls house
Beatrice Rivera
Beatrice Rivera - Måned siden
I subscribed because I can't stop laughing... kiddo u have a bright future
Oliver Hall
Oliver Hall - Måned siden
I love the doll house
Bard Oram
Bard Oram - Måned siden
I mean she’s pretty fit
I'm Mr Crow
I'm Mr Crow - Måned siden
2:10 my cat literally panicked