Gabbie Hanna wrote a poem about me...

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Today in Bad Book Club we return to the anthologies of Gabbie Hanna. Following on from our reading of Adultolescence at the beginning of the year, we finish 2020 with a critique of Dandelion. It turns out that she wrote a poem about me (am I capping maybe idk who knows).
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widowed wife
widowed wife - 2 dager siden
This gave me flashbacks of my "deep" poems i published on wattpad when i was 12
Doug Eichenberg
Doug Eichenberg - 3 dager siden
It's as if she thinks she has talent.
Henry Smith
Henry Smith - 4 dager siden
You’ve made a lot of videos on her
iread yaoi
iread yaoi - 4 dager siden
Y do u disrespect dandelion like that?? I read another book also called dandelion n it was so good
Jupiter - 5 dager siden
thanks gabs i feel a little bit better about my shitty notes app poetry now
Amy Aberrant
Amy Aberrant - 5 dager siden
7:15 yes we get it you’re in your 30s!!
Amy Aberrant
Amy Aberrant - 5 dager siden
I think the plane crash one was a copy of alanis morisette ironic. She probably heard “when the plane crashed down he thought well isn’t this nice” and thought it was sooo deep!
alana palmer
alana palmer - 6 dager siden
Here at 666k views kinda scared
Yara - 6 dager siden
as an artist i really don't get what's the problem with nudity in drawings and art
obviously it depends on how the piece is constructed but most of the time it's artistic nudity, and i personally think it's a great way to represent something natural, or sometimes vulnerability
Teagan Campbell
Teagan Campbell - 6 dager siden
These just sounds like tumblr posts from 2011
Jimjomjimmilyjom jomjimjommilyjim
Why does her face look so fake yet so real
Barachel Butler
Barachel Butler - 8 dager siden
I like that you gave credit where it was due, and gave constructive criticism. I appreciated this video. Great content!
AnnaMaria - 8 dager siden
Why does your closet have so many doors?
Bailey Weasley
Bailey Weasley - 8 dager siden
Boringfanhuman _alex
Boringfanhuman _alex - 8 dager siden
doki doki literature club has better poems than this
Archie Shearman
Archie Shearman - 9 dager siden
for a second i forgot i was watching james and thought i was watching fantano here here - 9 dager siden
Emma Lee
Emma Lee - 10 dager siden
Ok, even when some people think. that some of her poems are okay, they're not actually poems.
I know it's silly to compare. Gabbie Hanna to real, award winning poets, but consider her to two of my favourite female poets: Carol Ann Duffy and HD. A Duffy collection can cost like 10 bucks, and most of her poems you can just find online for free, anyway. I bring them up because with Gabbie's whole "men suck" thing (that I wholeheartedly agree with but god can she not write. it well,) is actually a sentiment that both Duffy and Doolittle have written AMAZING poems about, and there are several key differences that sets them apart from Gabbie Hanna, but I would say the biggest that qualifies Gabbie's as *not poetry* is the lack of poetic devices and intent. Poetry should have a poetic intent, and use literary devices to achieve that. Otherwise, it's not a poem—it's a "deep" tweet. The only devices I can see in her poem is unpurposeful enjambment popularized by Rupi Kaur's "Insta-poetry" brand, and maybe an alliteration in there just to make it sound funny.
Skye - 10 dager siden
stream him by james
Bianca Felice
Bianca Felice - 11 dager siden
You're among the best of youtubers!
spoin1098 - 11 dager siden
The saddest thing about books badly as this is that people are buying it because jokes... everyone knows that is bad, we still wanna buy it to makes jokes and she makes money. So fair to gabbi...
Taltzi - 12 dager siden
i like that he doesn't just shit all over her, but rather gives genuine criticism. he praises her when she deserves it, but also gives critique where critique is needed. also, such a good ending to the video, very pog james
remi x
remi x - 15 dager siden
i hate how she has a song called "dandelion" and i genuinely really enjoy it,,
ETPS - 15 dager siden
I feel terrible for laughing at this. :')
Heatherr.t - 15 dager siden
wait james marriott doesnt like red wine? unsubscribed.
Garima Rout
Garima Rout - 15 dager siden
Hey, giving healthy critism to things that really are weird is maybe ok....but criticizing just anything and everything just because you have to really sucks dude....everybody tries to do their best, they're giving their all, in whatever they're putting out there. Why not let them do what they like instead of keep pulling them down over and over. Calling out people who are doing wrong things is different, but this is not right at all. Just because you have a platform, doesn't give you the right to put urself on a pedestal where you feel like you can judge everything and everyone.
Name Namington
Name Namington - 15 dager siden
Drear-stained is a perfectly fine word.
ayo - 15 dager siden
ngl gabbie hanna and dixie damilio have such ass music, i'd listen to lil pump and ice jj fish on repeat for a year before i click on one of their songs. she should've faded away with vine and dixie should've stayed on tiktok, better yet, she shouldn't have rode on her little sisters. fame at all.
i said what i said.
Meg Krish
Meg Krish - 15 dager siden
Wow props to James for admitting his faults, I know envy is very looked down upon but the truth is a lot of us have it underneath us somewhere. It's recognizing it and moving out of it that matters
Meg Krish
Meg Krish - 15 dager siden
So her poems should basically just be tweets or Instagram posts. It would be kind of amusing then but having to pay for this shit is atrocious
Kacie Fennell
Kacie Fennell - 16 dager siden
You’re so pretty.
Kacie Fennell
Kacie Fennell - 16 dager siden
Her books are so half-assed.
Akanksha - 16 dager siden
People are liking this book? This book is total shit. If people are consuming such poems as relatable there's something wrong with this generation
Rickroll - 17 dager siden
7:07 listen I know it was supposed to be haha cum but when you said c- for a second I thought it was gonna be "Not in a weird way it's not callmecarson"
G B - 17 dager siden
bro at like 13:44 after cynic said daddy i got an ad that started with someone saying “daddy, daddy” (don’t worry i think it was abt tiger woods lmao)
but like,,,, wtf
Bubble Tears
Bubble Tears - 17 dager siden
i thought he was gonna say we were stained with piss but i think i probably just have a problem
meredith lange
meredith lange - 17 dager siden
I know I'm late, but instead of us being stained freaks, wouldn't it make more sense to be rats, because that's how she depicted you? Just a thought
Just Vivy9nso
Just Vivy9nso - 17 dager siden
Im wondering if that „braile“ page is the only braile page in the entire book....
if she intended for someone to read it, but printed it on flat paper (doesnt matter if accidentally or intentional),
And its the only braile page in the book...
Wtf went through her mind...?
That would be the only page a blind person could „read“ 🤦🏾‍♀️
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott - 17 dager siden
Most of the poems you criticise as being mean about men don't say anything about men at all?
They mostly are adressed towards some "you" that may or may not be a romantic partner and may or may not be a man.
Idk, maybe being straight but disliking men is a big part of her brand and it's reasonable to assume that's what she meant. I don't watch her, so I wouldn't know.
But without more context, that conclusion doesn't really seem justified to me tbh.
aliengreaser - 18 dager siden
the braille page is weird but also if a blind person were to read it then... it would be in braille
Sophia's Shook
Sophia's Shook - 18 dager siden
7:07 ace editing
MagpieInTheLibrary - 18 dager siden
I would have found it more funny if she said or a gender reveal party instead of vape pen.
Momo Wilmes
Momo Wilmes - 18 dager siden
I hate poetry.
why am I watching a video with poetry in it.
why. what am I doing to myself.
Completely Kiki
Completely Kiki - 18 dager siden
The Madeline McCann joke tho 💀 actually spit out my drink lmao
Qwazplop - 18 dager siden
You made Madeline McCann joke, you’re gonna get cancelled
Lina NAFIE - 18 dager siden
Her flight poem was actually better than what she generally does, it reminded me of something I had read in a book once "If our destiny is to eventually drown, then let us sink to the very bottom"
Rose Reiter
Rose Reiter - 19 dager siden
I actually don’t accept Dixie slander in this household. Dixie is CLEARLY the lyricist of the CENTURY. I’ve never heard songs so good and I will not hear you say anything bad against her INCREDIBLE rhyming skills.
camila - 19 dager siden
Gabbie wants desperately to be an artist but she has no talent or artistry lol
Zeldoon - 19 dager siden
“A man who feasts on chocolate”
Gabbie you didn’t even do an intended pun that would have been better

James you should sue her for this 😂
* Erin *
* Erin * - 19 dager siden
Me watching this after analysing religious Victorian sonnets in English class 👁👄👁
Cathrine Holst
Cathrine Holst - 19 dager siden
Art isn't supposed to be pretty, it's supposed to make you feel something. Pretending that all art is amazing is silly, and we shouldn't take art or artists too seriously to make fun of them.
WeatherBitten Sapphire
WeatherBitten Sapphire - 19 dager siden
That Madeline McCann joke s e n t m e
taxevasion - 20 dager siden
I love how the outro is beautifully playing in the background
kai hawkins
kai hawkins - 20 dager siden
she literally just takes sentences, chops them into fragments, and calls it poetry... no rhythm or anything...
K :/
K :/ - 20 dager siden
I've been watching scary story narrations for the past weeks and I'm bored so ig time to watch this channel again😎
Laila Jones
Laila Jones - 20 dager siden
this is simply not poetry😭
High Tech With Grumpo
High Tech With Grumpo - 20 dager siden
I still don't understand why that poem is about you haha
asmaa asmaa
asmaa asmaa - 20 dager siden
I know one thing amd it's that James is the nicest person!!!!
cantankerous - 20 dager siden
Now that you’re doing this whole music thing, I kind of want you to review her music
Evie Smith
Evie Smith - 20 dager siden
Please roast my poetry ahaha
Ada Raven
Ada Raven - 20 dager siden
The fucking rat with the walking stick, I —
Anonymous Gamer
Anonymous Gamer - 20 dager siden
Nice chicken pox 👌🏽
Fizzy’s Reviews
Fizzy’s Reviews - 20 dager siden
How only 600,000 views? James is the next Lily Evans lol
Rusted Mechanism
Rusted Mechanism - 20 dager siden
I mean I get where decline was supposed to be going but it needed to be a bit longer to be good, a poem about having a bit of a breakdown over your credit card and beginning to catastrophise could be relatable but in this format it just ends up coming out like a bad joke. Though I guess that criticism goes for a lot of the poetry in this book, it would benefit from being made longer.
Aman Bisht 12D 10
Aman Bisht 12D 10 - 20 dager siden
Gabbie Hannah isn't that bad of a poet. I am NOT her fan but some of her poems are good. Not everything is cringy. Many are really bad nut not all of em
collandnora - 21 dag siden
eve likes tea
eve likes tea - 21 dag siden
okay okay okay but i stg ive heard the plane thing before someone tell me they have too or ill go insane
Miss Anthrope
Miss Anthrope - 21 dag siden
This silly woman does not understand downs.
ttimttam - 21 dag siden
I’d love to see you review an actually good book, you should read Egghead by Bo Burnham
Joey Taylor
Joey Taylor - 21 dag siden
Call us “Him”
Tatiana G
Tatiana G - 21 dag siden
Meat YT
Meat YT - 21 dag siden
Meat YT
Meat YT - 21 dag siden
DirectImpact - 21 dag siden
Can we all just come together pull a Fahrenheit 451 and burn any and all shitty books made by Instagram influencer brain dead youtubers and celeb wanting to be quote "Relatable"
Maddie Scott
Maddie Scott - 21 dag siden
That Braille thing... Nah dude, I'm blind and that's just the most stupid thing. Why the hell would you make 'Braille' not tactile?!
Sophia Laspisa
Sophia Laspisa - 21 dag siden
You should do a book review on the 'odd1sout' book.
StarryyChai - 21 dag siden
I kind of feel like gabbie just wanted to draw illustrations but in order to publish had to write poetry
Maya Rebrab
Maya Rebrab - 21 dag siden
My aunts screams when she goes on a plane
Once she was taken out of the plane because she was to loud 😂
Weasel - 21 dag siden
I’ve been poetry writing for 4 years now. Everyday I grow as a writer, I write on topics that people may relate to, I write to help escape my issues, I write to help understand what is happening in my mind. Gabbie has the ability to write. Poems like “Distance” was beautiful, and the illustrations she shows helps add more to her words. But then you turn the page to something like “Hot” where the first two lines feel like something till she ruins it with “or a vape pen” and turns it to nothing. Poems don’t have to be long to give the reader the meaning you want to show, sometimes two lines can be more powerful than a pageful of words, but the way Gabbie does it, it feels like something from her notes app that she came up with that kinda rhymed. More of a tweet she would probably post instead of a poem. I saw her book in the store the other day and I picked it up along with another called “Pillow Thoughts”, and the complete DIFFERENCE between the two. Different to the fact you can see which one carried emotions and truth and one that carried empty words. Gabbie can write, but she chooses to make a “funny” joke instead of something that works.
Natalie - 21 dag siden
Hey how is everyone’s day? Mine will be good on January 12th (if James wishes me happy birthday 👀)
LieutenantButts - 21 dag siden
We are absolutely stained freaks
one_.last_.moonlight edits
3:12 the way he read that made me tear up what
one_.last_.moonlight edits
Elise - 21 dag siden
Nudity? Oh wow, that’s so horrible.. how bad... 😪
Taeyeon Lee
Taeyeon Lee - 21 dag siden
*insert youngjae's voice*
The Official Rainbow
The Official Rainbow - 22 dager siden
*ad plays*
alyssa jade
alyssa jade - 22 dager siden
i can’t be the only one who feels like flight141 is a direct ripoff of last words of a shooting star by mitski but like x1000 less eloquent
Bullets' Hat
Bullets' Hat - 22 dager siden
@stained freak
Bullets' Hat
Bullets' Hat - 22 dager siden
Not #realatable and grammar relatibl
Rihanna Harris
Rihanna Harris - 22 dager siden
What was the chocolate comment
Miss Ash
Miss Ash - 22 dager siden
James lost his Iron
shaggyscock scoobysballs
shaggyscock scoobysballs - 22 dager siden
i literally just got an ad with gabbie hanna while on this video
Natalie - 22 dager siden
Heyyyy jaaaames, still gonna comment till January 12th for a happy birthday wish
Julie K
Julie K - 22 dager siden
these are just old tumblr quotes
... ok i take it back its tiktok
Laura Guthoff
Laura Guthoff - 22 dager siden
I do actually really appreciate a few of the poems in that book. And the illustrations! I think it’s great that you don’t needlessly drag ALL of her poetry. Sure, a lot of it is bad but it’s nice that you make a point to talk about the good poems too.
BootsDotEXE - 22 dager siden
did she just.. include braille in a book... without actually making it readable for the people braille was made for
Nina - 22 dager siden
Woooooow The blind poem.... That's so insane lol Hey Molly I wrote a poem for you, you can't read it though fuck you
WAKEY- WAKEY - 22 dager siden
DJ KHALED EXPOSED: Is this demonically possessed pawn of Satan over the top or what? :
Adonysus - 22 dager siden
Guys i think James stained is with cu-
Ada Mehta
Ada Mehta - 22 dager siden
She somehow fails to sit on her chair for more than 30 seconds, cause most of her poems dont even have the bare minimum.