Gabbie Hanna's poetry is unbelievably bad...

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Today we take a look at Gabbie Hanna's awful poetry, the true monster that's been here all along. Her book "Adultolescence" is quite possibly one of the worst pieces of literature that I have ever read.
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Blitzwinger999 Wright
Blitzwinger999 Wright - 4 timer siden
Ok, I kinda smirked at the O-Positive one. But that's not fair! I'm not a 14-year-old virgin!
...I'm 15.
Blitzwinger999 Wright
Blitzwinger999 Wright - 4 timer siden
To be fair, it shouldn't be considered a poem, maybe, MAYBE a pick-up line. I'm still ashamed.
JaraelMoonsilver - 9 timer siden
She read egghead once and thought “yeah I can do this too, it’s not like bo burnham makes an entire career out of this and I’m just doing this all in one sitting without any nuance or irony”
g m
g m - Dag siden
it pains me knowing that this person has pets. I truly pray for them
fatima adreeta
fatima adreeta - 2 dager siden
On a further note, I really liked the poem "LA"
Lena - 3 dager siden
but synonym does have a synonym. multiple in fact. has she not heard of the word "equivalent"?
lexabuzz - 6 dager siden
I’ve heard crackheads high on the street dropping better lines.
nima axsoowy
nima axsoowy - 7 dager siden
“Agian” wtf no its again-
nima axsoowy
nima axsoowy - 7 dager siden
매화 - 7 dager siden
I'm thirteen, and I thoroughly enjoy poems and stories. I write poetry too, and eagerly hope to publish a book. I don't really know how good or how bad my poems are, but I just wish for constructive critiques, so that I can be better. Gabbie Hanna's poems make me want to stop writing.
TaoScribble - 9 dager siden
These aren't poems. These are like...fortune cookie sayings. Wtf? XD
These would've worked better as just little comical illustrations or something, even. I mean, that's essentially what they are. But I guess that's beneath her or something?
Saleem Sartawi
Saleem Sartawi - 11 dager siden
Add this book to the list: The Shitty Book, published on smashwords
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez - 14 dager siden
Unpopular opinion, you can't get mad at her for her success. Her writing skills are minimal, but money doesn't care about talent
notanidiotasd51 - 10 dager siden
True. All you need are a bunch off emo and edgy 12 year old fans and you can make a quick buck, no matter what garbage you sell them.
F.R __
F.R __ - 23 dager siden
ever noticed that 'synonym' doesnt have a synonym?
there is literally nothing deep, meaningful, or interesting about that.
same with 'when i was young, my mother used to touch iron to see if it was hot'
she even *admits* that she doesnt find that deep with 'i dont know, but i feel like theres a metaphor in there somewhere'
probably what she told the publishers when they asked about it
Squee Squishy
Squee Squishy - 24 dager siden
When u watch a James day videos on a James day
Sofia - 28 dager siden
11:12 but to be fair, in the second stanza the 2nd line could have 7 syllables bc realise could be pronounced reh lise or reh ah lise if that makes sense
Martin Tobias Lithner
Martin Tobias Lithner - 28 dager siden
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Oompashreka The dumbass
Oompashreka The dumbass - 29 dager siden
I genuinely like mother goose, but it would be better if it were written by someone else because it doesn’t even mean anything when written by gobble fucking Hannah
Rachel Bertollo
Rachel Bertollo - 29 dager siden
the pokemon card line didnt age well...
Papa-louigi - 29 dager siden
The cover, style and illustrations are trying so hard to be Bo Burnham it hurts
pop cat
pop cat - Måned siden
what a waste of trees-
Robot Girl
Robot Girl - Måned siden
Her book gives me ‘I’m 14 and depressed’ vibes.
haram akhtar
haram akhtar - Måned siden
guys leave her alone she brocken 😥💔💔
Ceyda Tursucu
Ceyda Tursucu - Måned siden
I hate how she makes jokes about suicide. People actually have to deal with those problems and it's so hard. You can tell she doesn't actually want to die she's just trying to be 'quirky'
Jermaine Hammond
Jermaine Hammond - Måned siden
The low vegetarian centrally smell because lobster understandably stain out a cagey battle. nonchalant, yielding vessel
Maya Rebrab
Maya Rebrab - Måned siden
His background is in China but wasabi is Japanese !
David F
David F - Måned siden
The iron metaphor is about relationships. You have to get close to someone before you realize they’re dangerous you lazy illiterate twat !
OsamaBinLagging - Måned siden
Damn, you salty
Zoe Frank- Ross
Zoe Frank- Ross - Måned siden
I hope she doesn't make more poems
Shikha - Måned siden
the fact that my 8th grade english teacher scolded us for not writing properly when we wrote it a lot better than Gabbie..
Gilbert Donell Chen
Gilbert Donell Chen - Måned siden
She should be charging us for reading this
Mario Quinones
Mario Quinones - Måned siden
Horrible poetry indeed
Ivan Makhalin
Ivan Makhalin - Måned siden
This poetry is actually at least somewhat decent. This shitstorm is unwarranted
notanidiotasd51 - 10 dager siden
"when i was little i was the only person who couldn't do a cartwheel bc i was 2 scared so i tried & tried & guess wut i still cant do a cartwheel but i gave it my best shot & it's ok to fail long as u try" This is, word for word, an entire page in her shitty poetry. When "Link In Bio" is an entire page that is the embodiment of im14andthisisdeep, this poetry is dogshit.
honey_euphoria - Måned siden
rewatching this as i wait for james to do another video on her new poetry book 😬
Spaguette Lasagne
Spaguette Lasagne - Måned siden
Wait, aren't you Kmac?
GL G - Måned siden
11:02 she spelled haiku wrong... hiaku... hiaku???
Symmetra Mei
Symmetra Mei - Måned siden
y’all really just want to see her fail. it’s actually sad.
blxsso_m - 7 dager siden
No one wanted to see her fail, she could have done a much better job on the shit she calls poems
notanidiotasd51 - 10 dager siden
No, she brought this upon herself. When you sell this shit to your fans, she fucking deserves to fail.
Patrick Byrne
Patrick Byrne - Måned siden
Imagine studying this in English class
MrPeterthebest - Måned siden
MrPeterthebest - Måned siden
Im sorry to all that had to read her shit. Please i beg you. this is not poetry. Poetry is beautiful and meaningful.......this should be lit on fire to keep people warm. Page by page
Pixel Pudding 39
Pixel Pudding 39 - Måned siden
Why do porn titles have better writing?
Otter - Måned siden it just me or are these not really poems so much as really cheap unfunny "jokes"? reminds me of those wack joke books u get as a kid
and thats on periodt
and thats on periodt - Måned siden
Gabbie sings "mOnStTtTeEeErR" so loud deaf ppl can hear her
Generic Internet User
Generic Internet User - Måned siden
4:32 Imagine her thinking that this was going to be profound
Inter lude
Inter lude - Måned siden
She’s not even trying to using poetry grammar, she’s literally just writing sentences.
Brook Story
Brook Story - Måned siden
Dr.Seuss’s poems are better than this
Sofiya Tihanie Hasbullah
Sofiya Tihanie Hasbullah - Måned siden
There's an actual poetry book called "shitty poetry" and I've read it......

Definitely way better than this shittier poetry
Lena Rey
Lena Rey - Måned siden
Do her new book too
Foddey_ - Måned siden
Did he just say 14 year old virgin
Anjali Singh
Anjali Singh - 2 måneder siden
It dandeoes though.
Arjole - 2 måneder siden
Guys, I’ve just looked at the Amazon page of this book...people rated it 5 stars.
Someone says it was their favorite book ever, another person said it “was so relatable, so good”. I stopped reading the comments at this point because all I want to do now is gauge my eyes out.
The “best. book. ever” like HAVE YOU NEVER OPENED AN ACTUAL BOOK BEFORE ? 😭😭, how can people be so dumb and spend 16 euros (not cheap either cause I love money right) on this booook.
Joyce Ng
Joyce Ng - 2 måneder siden
this isn't a poetry book, it's a collection of jokes in words
Arjole - 2 måneder siden
She should be ashamed of herself. Really, she knows what she is doing, selling true shit, only to make more money. Either she has spent a lot of time on this « book », and she is incredibly stupid, or she has spent 5 minutes writing this book, and she is also stupid but also a big hypocrite. I really, really do not like this, because I know so many authors who are talented and really do the work, but can’t get their books published.
Night Apple is poison Apple. Shut up
I think my brain committed suicide
cræcker - 2 måneder siden
Gabbie Hanna sucks
This is better than her stuff
Just a trash haiku
Catnip Dujardin
Catnip Dujardin - 2 måneder siden
This made me subscribe hahaha
Pedro Lobo
Pedro Lobo - 2 måneder siden
Man, that is even worse than hearing Joe Biden speaking in public.
bitch you guessed it
bitch you guessed it - 2 måneder siden
"no one collects pokemon cards anymore" 6:22
that aged like a vintage pokemon card price didn't it
Erika Wood
Erika Wood - 2 måneder siden
My English teacher (grade 9) just said that we should read this book in class 😬
Sabrina Morales
Sabrina Morales - 2 måneder siden
honestly this so called "poetry" book is just a bunch of Instagram captions that 14 year old girls consider quirky and are on shitty memes. my god save me. ffs :')
chickosoup - 2 måneder siden
... she spelt, haiku wrong...
Definitely Brenna
Definitely Brenna - 2 måneder siden
1:33 I don't know about other peoples' copies, but your copy has Gabbie writing "douce" instead of "douche". What happened there?
11:01 Your copy has Gabbie writing Hiaku instead of Haiku.
michelle michael
michelle michael - 2 måneder siden
Gabbie hanna is so negative she's cringy and just - I feel like she's stuck in that emo phase and like grow up lady like she is so scary

I'm sorryyyyyy but not reallyyyy
Momentour - 2 måneder siden
‘sometimes when you’re homeless you don’t have a house.’ - gabbi hanna
Jedediah Smith
Jedediah Smith - 2 måneder siden
I've been trying to find actual poetry on YouTube but all the stuff that comes up is crap! People overacting, whining about their "feeeelings," brainless diary entries masquerading as poetry. “But it’s so honest!” Yeah, honestly bad. Where's the craft? Where's the discipline? Where can I find real art and talent to put on The PoJo Show?!
Caitlin Bartz
Caitlin Bartz - 2 måneder siden
It's embarrassing how many times I watched this video before realizing she misspelled 'haiku'
BetterLifeAhead - 2 måneder siden
She misspelled douche as douce, which has a completely different meaning. Did she have no editor?
BetterLifeAhead - 2 måneder siden
How did such a thoroughly boring woman become famous?
Dumb - 2 måneder siden
Nathan Costa
Nathan Costa - 2 måneder siden
Duckie Donahue
Duckie Donahue - 2 måneder siden
i might just be bad at syllables, but i think both of those stanzas ARE haikus... just not very good ones lol
Toasty McGee
Toasty McGee - 2 måneder siden
Fucking hell... How hard is it to use fucking CAPITALS in a book?!
mevin babu
mevin babu - 2 måneder siden
This is more of a joke book than a poetry book
ChillingWithChad - 2 måneder siden
could have never predicted the sidemen dragging pokemon cards from the grave
mikah ong
mikah ong - 2 måneder siden
She literally copy pasted this off of Google and tumblr. The shit on her book is literally the first result
weeweewaffle - 2 måneder siden
how does he know realize has 3 syllables, it took me a few minutes of confusion on the haiku page. amazin
Soda Pop
Soda Pop - 2 måneder siden
I clicked this video
To have some fun
But what happened here
Just felt badly done
As someone who
Can't write for shit
The poems here
Made me cry a bit
I watched talent die
And it's blood pour out
A scarring experience
As bad as rotten trout
The whole concept of this book
Has just made me sad
And that's coming from me
Who writes fanfics on wattpad
ragnor fell and can't get up
ragnor fell and can't get up - 2 måneder siden
Time is relative
Beauty is relative
Family is relatives
-Gabbie Hanna
milkiisoda !
milkiisoda ! - 2 måneder siden
She said people put her book in school curriculums and teachers reached out to her all the time 💀
芥川 龍之介
芥川 龍之介 - 2 måneder siden
I hope people start selling this on the comedy aisles because at least it'd get some sells there
Jaida Body
Jaida Body - 2 måneder siden
She's basically trying to be that emo/goth character she had on vine
Angel Is Pretty. Odd.
Angel Is Pretty. Odd. - 2 måneder siden
her book is literally 8 years late. it belongs to 2012 tumblr
Meghan Bean
Meghan Bean - 2 måneder siden
New to gabbi Hannah confused cuz I actually rly liked her dandelion song but a lot of these come off as r/im14andthisisdeep
0ptik - 2 måneder siden
The charizard line made me ashamed to be a pokemon fan
Yengest - 2 måneder siden
Jesus ur brutal
Game play
Game play - 2 måneder siden
I feel bad this man had go through this

Really i do
kaitlyn marie
kaitlyn marie - 2 måneder siden
i think the point of it was that it was a joke
VisualOpiate - 2 måneder siden
I love literature and always have. I have some childrens poem books my mom bought me when I was a child and it still amazes me how mutch creativity there is in them and I still time to time read those books... But this... I just try to understand, but I cant. I cant see anything creative or orginal In this book and I am just gringing so bad. I truely hate it... Exept the pictures. I kinda like those, but the poetry side is fucking awful...
Mama Dishwasher
Mama Dishwasher - 2 måneder siden
Can’t stop thinking about djungelskog in the background, the lust and sexual tension is killing me
Beth - 2 måneder siden
I suddenly feel like I could write a poetry book 😂😂
Rōs ELIOTT - 2 måneder siden
I’m 12 I’m writing a poetry book and I’m publishing them there’s three parts to it and I love Gabbie but that book sucked my books are better and I’m 12
incoowo - 3 måneder siden
i dont really know her, but i actually like that poetry can be break apart from deep meaningful words, but rather something to enjoy more calmly
edit: i hate it now, but i still defend my point, this is just bad
dopeir - 3 måneder siden
pokemon card collecters wya
ttimttam - 3 måneder siden
[ Tasha ]
[ Tasha ] - 3 måneder siden
Youth, naive in it's complexity
Futile in it's lies
Bug eyed in it's plea
Lies in it's intelligence.
repetitive in it's mistakes
As time progresses
Told the needless ways of care
The crumbling of foolish innocence
That falls down pigtailed hair
Redemption round the corner
A ring no end is seen
The maturing of the seasons
The browning of the green
In it's language, so obscene
Till finally the end
naive so disingenuous
Bug to sceptic
Repeat no more
but lies still thaw
never to disappear completely
human nature is so cheeky
BoyZ on a Couch
BoyZ on a Couch - 3 måneder siden
after the amount of times I have heard a "relatable" I want to die joke I kinda just want to start saying "no balls you won't"
fart head
fart head - 3 måneder siden
Dude its a me mario
Jenna Jeffries
Jenna Jeffries - 3 måneder siden
I actually write literature and its not the best but it better than this shit
Jes Kvell
Jes Kvell - 3 måneder siden
*JAMES you have suffered enough*
Andreea- Monica Sularia
Andreea- Monica Sularia - 3 måneder siden
I just realised that you have a djungelskog in the background 😂😂
Aidan Kerrigan
Aidan Kerrigan - 3 måneder siden
Ready watch this...
“Which witch is which?”
-poem by Aidan Kerrigan
The Lamb Sauce
The Lamb Sauce - 3 måneder siden
She spelt haiku wrong at 11:06 lmao
Gracie Zukowski
Gracie Zukowski - 3 måneder siden
Having to write a free verse poem for class, saw this video looking to see what horrid poetry is... well now i don't feel like my poetry is too shabby for someone who has never written. I'm surprised the stuff in this video even counts.
missrainbowmoonfire poetry
missrainbowmoonfire poetry - 3 måneder siden
My very first poetry eBook is FREE on Amazon from October 17-21. Click the link and enjoy reading! Don't forget to leave a review. Thanks! 😽