"Fortnite Made Me Fat..."

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Today in Fortnite Made Me Fat we take a look at Casey from My 3000 Pound Family and many other Fortnite cringe moments to explain why everyone should move on and delete Fortnite forever.
Twitter: @JamesMarriottYT (James Marriott)
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James Marriott
James Marriott - År siden
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XHateMeYouOppX - 2 måneder siden
@Loopy Playz gaynite player GTA ALL DAY ON MY DEADLOCZ😈
Loopy Playz
Loopy Playz - 2 måneder siden
XHateMeYouOppX - 3 måneder siden
@beth Bradburn You Need to call me papi or daddy👀
William - 3 måneder siden
He is obes
Ur gay
Ur gay - 5 måneder siden
James u have 1.69 m now cmon jameeeeeees
Tahlia Grady
Tahlia Grady - 56 minutter siden
Mia Pretorius
Mia Pretorius - 9 timer siden
Nice excuse dude “fortnite made me eat”
Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega - 19 timer siden
Bro the sad thing is he could get a fortnite girlfriend and could say he has a six pack when in reality he looks like this
Muhammad Abdullah Atif
the 9 yr olds r raiding rk
just your average youtube user
imagine youre playing fortnite, and then you get killed by some random super fat guy
Weebster Mittens
Weebster Mittens - 3 dager siden
Around 6:10 I got an add for Fortnite 2020
AvilesCAS - 3 dager siden
OrCetband Ortiz C
OrCetband Ortiz C - 3 dager siden
Mannn, poor dud
No Nottoday
No Nottoday - 3 dager siden

inabber and james in the same video? is dis heaven?
my subconscious: more like hell
Sezuin _
Sezuin _ - 4 dager siden
Sezuin _
Sezuin _ - 4 dager siden
Gotem ✅
-- - 5 dager siden
5:50 sorry but if your marriage fell apart because of Fortnine, maybe it wasn't meant to be...
Despina Poulos
Despina Poulos - 5 dager siden
ULTIMATE gamer got em’
Rug-Rugs Official!
Rug-Rugs Official! - 6 dager siden
Lmao lol
Rug-Rugs Official!
Rug-Rugs Official! - 6 dager siden
Team ReckLess
Team ReckLess - 7 dager siden
James, I’ve never watched one of your vids but I’m hooked In, your too funny
GeneralProwl - 8 dager siden
Your looking for earlier comments right?
Two toilets Having a date
Two toilets Having a date - 7 dager siden
DiaperDoge - 8 dager siden
the dislikes from the 7 year old fortnite addicts.

someone save them
Fresh Drip
Fresh Drip - 8 dager siden
ahh yes
Waxy Boi
Waxy Boi - 8 dager siden
Fortnites dead
Two toilets Having a date
Two toilets Having a date - 7 dager siden
not really, but dead topic most of the time
BL._Luke - 8 dager siden
haidyn payne
haidyn payne - 8 dager siden
do you are have spEED
do you are have spEED - 9 dager siden
james' editing is so cringe and i love it
Aoi Hoshiko
Aoi Hoshiko - 9 dager siden
Every morning I wake up to the sound of my brother screaming on fortnite
Jaz Slater
Jaz Slater - 4 dager siden
I genuinely feel sorry for you 😞
Jensen Murray
Jensen Murray - 9 dager siden
Anyone else get a Fortnite ad on this video
MONSTER GAMING - 9 dager siden
Twisted Gamer From Hell Reborn
What was he doing eating the fortnite disc mmm those tasty fortnite disc are so addictive...
No fatty your lazyness made you fat... And what are you talking about no one sees you I feel bad for the astronauts heading into space and spotting you...
Not to mention how can anyone else see you when you're to big to leave the house you can't fit past the door..
tomaninc - 8 dager siden
@Twisted Gamer From Hell Reborn agree
Twisted Gamer From Hell Reborn
@tomaninc it's all good I'm not here to start an argument either way he can't blame games for his weight..
Twisted Gamer From Hell Reborn
@tomaninc no.... No you can not how tf you going to be fit without some sort of exercise could a person who sits on he/she's ass run for 10 miles without resting......no no they can not..
Twisted Gamer From Hell Reborn
@tomaninc unless you're working out I work out 5 days a week 4hrs a day and eat very very healthy you need to be active and eat good food to lose weight..
D T - 10 dager siden
Ppl getting mad over a kids game
Tarif EL AMINE - 10 dager siden
Ed sheeran after discovering video games be like:
Gangsta Ginnaz
Gangsta Ginnaz - 11 dager siden
best vid ever
faze- KDA-8484
faze- KDA-8484 - 11 dager siden
Leo Rennick
Leo Rennick - 11 dager siden
I watched this and got a fucking fortnite coaching ad and I want die
Alex Minto
Alex Minto - 11 dager siden
The audio
Tristan Thomas
Tristan Thomas - 11 dager siden
He got fat over a period of years. Unless he's related to one of the creators, he'd never see it.
Anonymous Pigeon
Anonymous Pigeon - 11 dager siden
literally got a fortnite ad in the beginning of this video
Thomas Vu
Thomas Vu - 11 dager siden
Fortnite can suck my ass
Mason Goldsmith
Mason Goldsmith - 12 dager siden
Fortnite is gay
tomaninc - 9 dager siden
Are you 12?
jayden thegamer2424
jayden thegamer2424 - 12 dager siden
Elsa Asmr
Elsa Asmr - 12 dager siden
I know mad people that are obsessed with fortnite and they're skinny. Can't Blame a video game for poor choices
Elsa Asmr
Elsa Asmr - 12 dager siden
This shit is funny as fuck. People want to blame their weight gain on a video game now. Instead of owning up to their own faults. You made yourself fat because you made the choice. SMH ridiculous.
MorgzGang - 13 dager siden
Mr Iabber
Via EM
Via EM - 13 dager siden
7:34 - 7:46 goddamn masterpiece
Infinite Army KC Kingdom
Infinite Army KC Kingdom - 14 dager siden
Mr inabber
theo hone
theo hone - 14 dager siden
mr. inabber
BlaZe Chancz
BlaZe Chancz - 15 dager siden
Are you gay
tomaninc - 9 dager siden
Why does it matter?
Hakkido - 15 dager siden
James you’d be perfect in a panto
ImHere4U - 15 dager siden
you're a judgemental prick.
sammooeel jecksenno
sammooeel jecksenno - 15 dager siden
fortnite ruined my motherw bank account
Robloxxyyy1 D:
Robloxxyyy1 D: - 15 dager siden
"Makes sense"
brooklynn stritt
brooklynn stritt - 15 dager siden
Oh my god I'm laughing so bad when you did the niga clip
SilverSceptile - 15 dager siden
Right lads we found blob
Now wheres wolverine, deadpool and juggernaut
James McGee
James McGee - 15 dager siden
This is the funniest video I’ve ever seen by you
kenof Bruh
kenof Bruh - 15 dager siden
Your not funny
miss maria reynolds !
miss maria reynolds ! - 16 dager siden
Thomas Bellamy
Thomas Bellamy - 17 dager siden
Shut up let me watch
Chloe Parker
Chloe Parker - 17 dager siden
Can only imagine what that bedroom smells like 🤢🤦🏼‍♀️
Sharon Mott
Sharon Mott - 17 dager siden
I got an ad for fortnite while watching this.
Selimsari - 18 dager siden
this is actually real: my mom has a friend and her kid is one of my best friends. One day, he showed me fortnite, and told me to sign up so we could play together. weeks later i showed my brother fornite, he loved it too. for 2 months later me and my brother was a bit bored from Fortnite. We told our friend that we were bored from Fortnite so we could play something else. But he didnt accepted that. we have reached october 4th; my brothers birthday. After we ate the cake, we went to our room. We opened the door, my brother said Hello to our friend, but my friend died in the game, he was Shouting, raging, screaming, crying. He quickly rushed at my brother and punched him. My brother was shocked. After he beat up my brother, he ran to me. I QUICKLY RUSHED TO MY BROTHER'S ROOM AND HIDE IN THE CLOSET. he couldnt saw me. now, we didnt saw him for months.

Now his only friends were players.
Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer - 19 dager siden
Why I play games with real blood like my life
JoeyJoeJoe - 19 dager siden
Fortnight came out in 2017 WOW
Joequis_ - 19 dager siden
Ninja is afraid of James Marriott
Mr. Hippo Productions
Mr. Hippo Productions - 20 dager siden
You talk alot
BroFist _1234
BroFist _1234 - 20 dager siden
Minecraft won’t make u fat :)
Person Rekt
Person Rekt - 21 dag siden
Gg warzone mw
Edit: ur gay no offence :p
Chrizmazz - 21 dag siden
fortnite more like forkknife
Jaxon! - 21 dag siden
Bro, he’s bigger than king jon ung’s nukes
(i cant spell)
Tomas_ Attack
Tomas_ Attack - 21 dag siden
I miss tilted
That-Will_Do-1T - 21 dag siden
I watched the show he looks so much better 700 to 500 pounds
Woody Woods
Woody Woods - 21 dag siden
James I watched all ads through to support you and give you your hard earned money
Micah’s Fingerboards
Micah’s Fingerboards - 21 dag siden
Rasydan Danial
Rasydan Danial - 22 dager siden
Discord mods in nutshell :
Galaxy Beast9
Galaxy Beast9 - 22 dager siden
Think it’s sucks
Galaxy Beast9
Galaxy Beast9 - 22 dager siden
Gee why do people get edicted to this
Hannah - 22 dager siden
this is how my parents see me
Riki Rolof
Riki Rolof - 22 dager siden
iM nOt FaT iM jUsT ThIcCcCcC
Nina J.
Nina J. - 22 dager siden
😱 omg
val Rouves
val Rouves - 23 dager siden
Its my turn on the xbox thicc fortnite addict boy
Snowflakerobloxx 5412
Snowflakerobloxx 5412 - 23 dager siden
MR.eye napper 😂
Eric Kyllonen
Eric Kyllonen - 24 dager siden
why are u so godamn funny? just subscribed today lol
harvey mimms
harvey mimms - 24 dager siden
boxed like a fish 200 hundred pump gg dog shi+
ColdSodaGames - 24 dager siden
1 work

Eddie Boi
Eddie Boi - 24 dager siden
He looks like lil globglogabgalab
Jolty FN
Jolty FN - 25 dager siden
idk why I'm typing this but this is the longest language in the English dictionary (not copy and paste) pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis
beaut1ful liies
beaut1ful liies - 27 dager siden
*my 6 year old niece got a bf off of fortnite....*
ollieone kenobi
ollieone kenobi - 27 dager siden
“Fortnight didn’t mentally change you. It makes you mentally challenged”
ollieone kenobi
ollieone kenobi - 27 dager siden
Big rip
Mrsimpoveryourgirl - 28 dager siden
Only in America
0coffe _
0coffe _ - 29 dager siden
Let's all get it

Fortnite sucks
Reese Holmes
Reese Holmes - 29 dager siden
Yes, the original "WE LIKE FORTNITE WE LIKE FORTNITE" clip.
Avalie - 29 dager siden
*Sad voice* "Why is there a Burger King cup in the water?!?!"
SebastLM - Måned siden
U look like an older version of moongral
Ha! - Måned siden
Your voice is mad annoying holy shit!!!
That Random chunker
That Random chunker - Måned siden
No no your son was heathy he just did a fortnite dance and then we had to put him down
yachi - Måned siden
yea I’ll stick to animal crossing
ItsR0NIN - Måned siden
ironically James looks like an adult mongraal
Xavier Chavez
Xavier Chavez - Måned siden
James spoke so fast I couldn't hear any words but Subscribe
Coonhunter 2769
Coonhunter 2769 - Måned siden
Sub to iNabber
Jasmin Davis
Jasmin Davis - Måned siden
im not playing fornite any more
Ian Lamm
Ian Lamm - Måned siden
Did they mod the watch dogs hacking mechanic into GTA 5 before releasing the footage?!
Canny Ceiling
Canny Ceiling - 18 dager siden
Hahaha I was gonna say the say thing