Fitness Freak Claims She Doesn't Need Food To Survive...

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Today we look at Audra Bear, a fitness freak who claims she doesn't need food to survive. She underwent a 97 day fast in one of the worst diets ever, in this reaction video we take a look at an article and a few of her videos here on NOburn.
Twitter: @JamesMarriottYT (James Marriott)
Runtime: 10:45


CultOfTheCookie Cats
CultOfTheCookie Cats - 5 timer siden
Lo primero es lo primero
Voy a decir todas las palabras dentro de mi cabeza
Estoy encendido y cansado de la forma en que han sido las cosas, oh ooh
La forma en que han sido las cosas, oh ooh
Segundo lo segundo
No me digas lo que crees que podría ser
Soy el que está en la vela, soy el amo de mi mar, oh ooh
El amo de mi mar, oh ooh
Estaba roto desde una edad temprana
Llevando mi enfurruñamiento a las masas
Escribiendo mis poemas para unos pocos
Que me miran, me llevan, me sacuden, me sienten
Cantando de angustia por el dolor
Tomando mi mensaje de las venas
Hablando mi lección desde el cerebro
Viendo la belleza a través del ...
Me hiciste un, me hiciste un creyente, creyente
Me derribas, me construyes, creyente, creyente
Oh, deja que las balas vuelen, oh, deja que lluevan
Mi vida, mi amor, mi impulso, vino de ...
Me hiciste un, me hiciste un creyente, creyente
Tercero lo tercero
Envía una oración a los de arriba
Todo el odio que has escuchado ha convertido tu espíritu en una paloma, oh ooh
Tu espíritu arriba, oh ooh
Me estaba asfixiando entre la multitud
Construyendo mi lluvia en la nube
Cayendo como cenizas al suelo
Esperando que mis sentimientos se ahoguen
Pero nunca lo hicieron, nunca vivieron, refluyendo y fluyendo
Inhibido, limitado
Hasta que se abrió y llovió
Llovió, como ...
Me hiciste un, me hiciste un creyente, creyente
Me derribas, me construyes, creyente, creyente
Oh, deja que las balas vuelen, oh, deja que lluevan
Mi vida, mi amor, mi impulso, vino de ...
Me hiciste un, me hiciste un creyente, creyente
Las últimas cosas duran
Por la gracia del fuego y las llamas
Eres el rostro del futuro, la sangre en mis venas, oh ooh
La sangre en mis venas, oh ooh
Pero nunca lo hicieron, nunca vivieron, refluyendo y fluyendo
Inhibido, limitado
Hasta que se abrió y llovió
Llovió, como ...
Me hiciste un, me hiciste un creyente, creyente
Me derribas, me construyes, creyente, creyente
Oh, deja que las balas vuelen, oh, deja que lluevan
Mi vida, mi amor, mi impulso, vino de ...
Me hiciste un, me hiciste un creyente, creyente
CultOfTheCookie Cats
CultOfTheCookie Cats - 5 timer siden
pretty sure she is anorexic but trying to try and verify it
CultOfTheCookie Cats
CultOfTheCookie Cats - 5 timer siden
tweedlee *dipstick* tweedle *dipstick*
Ash The Nonbinary Whale
Ash The Nonbinary Whale - 10 timer siden
the asthma jokes made me laugh so hard i couldn’t breathe
paula tamara mohamad
paula tamara mohamad - 15 timer siden
The add I got before this video was for a Lele Pons song. Well done YouTube
Clara May :D
Clara May :D - 16 timer siden
hola wacho😎🤸‍♀️
Nasty Kidneys
Nasty Kidneys - 21 time siden
Ah yes - organic anorexia
barftoons - Dag siden
God:hmm how much sarcasm do I put in james marriot
His mom:yes
barftoons - Dag siden
Her:dont need food to live
Go's to Africa
Her:I was so wrong
My Achey Breaky Blidzy Heart
I’m just imagining Audra talking to her parents one day and then:
Dad: This is ridiculous, you need to stop.
Mom: You’re going to get sick!
Audra: It’s not a phase mom.
*passes out*
Mom: Should we help her?
Dad: Nah, let’s let her enjoy not eating in a different way
mnmdoza yeet
mnmdoza yeet - 2 dager siden
we can't do fotosynthesis tho😭😭😭
ptaszel ptak
ptaszel ptak - 3 dager siden
did they really did something about breathing in Poland in Kraków? it's the city with the most air pollution in the country and one of the highest in Europe
vampire gatcha
vampire gatcha - 4 dager siden
bro he got 108k likes so we get to watch him starve and we get over-sized merch
Eva Smith Turton
Eva Smith Turton - 5 dager siden
¡Hola! Aprendo español en el colegio. ¿Cómo estas?
Autumn Alexandra
Autumn Alexandra - 5 dager siden
Hello SALLY how are the kids?!
Julia Benowicz
Julia Benowicz - 5 dager siden
Hey fuck you Jar Jar Binks is wonderful and you don't deserve Star Wars in your life if your gonna go around spewing your garbage opinions.
Flop Lop
Flop Lop - 5 dager siden
7:50 I got offended.

Holytitmouse - 6 dager siden
I'm actually really concerned, not just about her obvious eating disorder, but by the message this sends to many, MANY, young people out there who look up to her. This is a how-to on developing an eating disorder.
As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder for several dozen years, the signs are obvious. And ED's will eventually end in one of two ways. You will either recover, or you die.
And I am.... concerned.
RomeroPerez - 6 dager siden
I get this is kinda funny but if this girl keeps doing this she will die. I assume she stopped by now but still we shouldn’t be joking about this we should try and help her
Olive The Dork
Olive The Dork - 7 dager siden
Um......that does not look like an organ massage.
Sarah Willacker
Sarah Willacker - 7 dager siden
Ngl this sounds like some toxic proana 2013 tumblr shit being framed in a more digestible way. She was literally shaking while holding the camera. I hope she's ok
Son Gayku
Son Gayku - 7 dager siden
James Marriott es aburrido.
Bre S.
Bre S. - 8 dager siden
TW: Eating Disorders.. As someone who had difficulty with my body and eating (I was never diagnosed with anything, but looking back it seems liked anorexia), I can safely tell you that what she is doing is mentally, emotionally, and physically harmful. I think her story should've been covered as less of a stupid thing and more as a "this is bad for you, please don't do this." I used to see girls like this and think they were role models and that if they could do it I could too. My biggest low was when I went about 8 days eating nothing but gum and drinking nothing but water. 8 days is much less than 97, but in that time period I became extremely tired, I was barely able to get out of bed because my muscles would give out on me, and I nearly passed out every time I turned my head too fast. This is not something to look up to. Not only because you might die but because it is extremely tough on your body and mental health. If you are going through something like what I went through, know that what you're doing is not healthy. I know it isn't easy and things seem really hard, but it does get better. I promise.
The best thing you can do is reach out to someone who can help you. That could be a close friend or relative. It could be a therapist or school counselor. There are websites online where you can talk to people who are qualified to help. You are not alone.
And James. I do appreciate you making this video; I really enjoy your content and find you very funny. However, the way you tackled this was.. disconcerting. When she talked about having trouble going into a restaurant you called her "nuts". I know you didn't understand what was happening because what she's doing can seem extreme at times. But that's because it is. It isn't as easy as just going to eat something. It isn't easy to allow yourself a big reward when you think 3 pieces of sushi IS a big reward. You probably aren't seeing this, but I just want you to understand that this is a difficult and sensitive subject.
If you've read this whole thing I hope you have a good rest of your day!
박지연 - 8 dager siden
This girl is the world’s biggest liar. If she hadn’t eaten for just two days she would look drastic and her mouth would be blue, instead she is on full make up and flexing us with her model tights.
Justin Price
Justin Price - 9 dager siden
How do you BREATHE am I gonna die JAMES
Manda Pulido
Manda Pulido - 10 dager siden
she’s a level 5 vegan; she doesn’t eat anything that casts a shadow.
Katherine Xiaoyu
Katherine Xiaoyu - 11 dager siden
Are we ready for merch?-
Collision 8257
Collision 8257 - 12 dager siden
100k baby cmon
Emmie Brodaugh
Emmie Brodaugh - 12 dager siden
Hmmmm.... this video has 108k likes....... Keep your promises James
L slushiee
L slushiee - 13 dager siden
omg he's a cancer I knew it
MissKittenBell - 15 dager siden
Hola, soy sueco, no hablo espanol
Pretty In Pink
Pretty In Pink - 16 dager siden
“Hey what’d you eat today?”


“*sigh* Air.”
RyuuTheFrog - 16 dager siden
Yea there is no way she doesn't eat knjhgtfr fasting for religion or holiday is one thing but literally not eating and just breathing and calling that food--- I'm concerned
Bees Inc_
Bees Inc_ - 17 dager siden
I’m laughing too much my sister was worried about me
Nina B
Nina B - 17 dager siden
Happy birthday
Fury TheShadow
Fury TheShadow - 18 dager siden
Ha, good luck trying to do the actual Polish accent
S4RCASM ._. - 19 dager siden
Food IS my enjoyment of life
I have a problem 😅
Jimmy mase
Jimmy mase - 20 dager siden
First video I've ever watched by James and I don't think I've ever laughed harder in my life
Filip TheX
Filip TheX - 20 dager siden
Umm James the likes
Sonja Woerner
Sonja Woerner - 20 dager siden
this vid has 100k likes man. make good on your promise
The Flying Tortoise
The Flying Tortoise - 21 dag siden
It got past both 40 and 50k likes he has to be a breatharian now and release oversized clothing
Hali Abi Name
Hali Abi Name - 21 dag siden
Talya Spira
Talya Spira - 24 dager siden
her: "food gets in the way of life"
me: "food is the way of life"
I purple You
I purple You - 24 dager siden
Foods is what makes me enjoy in life🙄
Carter Boi
Carter Boi - 27 dager siden
Mocha Moj
Mocha Moj - 29 dager siden
Me who hasn’t eaten anything today *A I R*
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson - 29 dager siden
El helicoptero no puede volar.
Soy lago.

(Only certain lads will understand it and why)
Avalie - Måned siden
This woman doesn't have a single brain cell.
RotesViech - Måned siden
I shouldn’t smoke hookah while watching your videos. Laughing while smoking huuuurts 😂 damn
MagicMagenta29 - Måned siden
james uou eres un genio de la comedia, puede que seas un gordo de mierda, sin embargo, no podría importarnos menos (principalmente porque todos éramos gordos también y bjnge mira tus videos y come helados de Ben and Jerrys) pero eso no viene al caso, realmente lo hacemos disfruta de tus videos y espero que algún día obtengas la cantidad de suscriptores y veiwers que te mereces.
Xavier Chavez
Xavier Chavez - Måned siden
James, estoy usando el traductor de Google porque obtuve una F en la clase de español
Werewolfgaming - Måned siden
Hola que te y me lo he pasado en la cabeza lol y
Untitled?? - Måned siden
привет Джеймс
Untitled?? - Måned siden
I’m not Russian
Lyc Þór
Lyc Þór - Måned siden
there is a whole esoteric movement where people say they just live off of sunlight and humans don’t need food or water, just light. A 22 year old died because of this and they made a documentary about him
Rachel Braithwaite
Rachel Braithwaite - Måned siden
Alternate title: Woman takes Hamon too far
Mia O’Brien
Mia O’Brien - Måned siden
This is just anorexia!
Ostrava Allant
Ostrava Allant - Måned siden
If shes a Breatharian then her videos are food ASMR
K BF - Måned siden
My science teacher would have stroke.. after Teaching us all that biology
Chengfu Saechao
Chengfu Saechao - Måned siden
Yaa..that girl is a Liar..she
never ate food for 97 days
..She would've died from
Starvation,& not to mention
..she said she drinks
SMOOTHIES & eat soups....
Leon - Måned siden
YOu fucking little asshole, I was gonna watch spiderman Far from home.
TaeJae - Måned siden
actually not using your teeth is pretty bad for em and for your jaw
TaeJae - Måned siden
7:47 it's not even bad lol it's actually pretty good
Martina Solari
Martina Solari - Måned siden
“Leave a comment in Spanish to make me feel accomplished.” Ok...James, amo tu canal. Lo descubrí durante los primeros meses de la pandemia y tengo que decir que me has entretenido mucho😂 Que suerte poder vivir en Inglaterra, he visitado tu país muchas veces y lo amo💙 Felicitaciones por haber aprendido Español, no es un idioma fácil para aprender😊 Saludos desde Chile🇨🇱💕
Nonbinary Boi
Nonbinary Boi - Måned siden
And that’s on ✨A N O R E X I A✨
Baja_scribblez - Måned siden
Ok hear me out
Isn’t eating food technically taking energy from nature
_babyhope - Måned siden
"Hello Sally, how are the kids?" I almost died because I laughed so much-
centipedicmonster - Måned siden
Jar jar binks is awesome and fuck anybody who thinks otherwise(except James)
Earth _Rice
Earth _Rice - Måned siden
I mean you can go for about 3 weeks without food but I don't think that you can for 90 days without dying
Nameless - Måned siden
Urgurljules L
Urgurljules L - Måned siden
Her body is burning brain cells to feed her
valorie - Måned siden
the organ massage literally made me sick i’m gonna throw up.
Nova NightWalker
Nova NightWalker - 2 måneder siden
I'm from Poland, and let me tell you. The air there is great
Bunz Of Gold
Bunz Of Gold - 2 måneder siden
"comment in spanish"

Tengo dos conejos, me gusta a los jugar videojuegos y escuchar música
Maru - 2 måneder siden
Pfffhahahaha, I just got the the part about polish air XD nvm mind that at the point of this vids release we kept having warnings about the pollution reaching new heights xd
Lucytags - 2 måneder siden
Hello sally how are the kids 😂😂😂
breakthebond is tired
breakthebond is tired - 2 måneder siden
ur four years of uni gave me adios lele and my Twitter bio so I’d say it’s worth it
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith - 2 måneder siden
"I'm a breatharian because food gets in the way of my enjoyment of life."
That's a lot of words for anorexic.
Emma - 2 måneder siden
Veganism in general is not a healthy lifestyle. You can be vegan and be unhealthy because of eating things that are super processed. It's why my parents use the term whole food plant based instead of vegan.
Leila Buono
Leila Buono - 2 måneder siden
Hola james, disfruto veo este vídeo

Jesus - 2 måneder siden
No hablo espanol
Evoluxed - 2 måneder siden
Guys breathing literally helped me live you should try it works 100% of the time
Manon Gros
Manon Gros - 2 måneder siden
I have anxiety after assault and breathing exercises have helped me just relax... but they aren’t giving me bodily sustenance 🤣 This video reminded me to breathe and gave me a laugh 😊 thanks
Clo Devito
Clo Devito - 2 måneder siden
We have the same birthday 😍😁
chloe mummey
chloe mummey - 2 måneder siden
His breathing exercises are my 2 brain cells left😂
TFK_mosie - 2 måneder siden
Me a polish guy:
Yes comrade,come breath air in poland
EternalNinja - 2 måneder siden
Crispy Chicken
Crispy Chicken - 2 måneder siden
Our schools are so stupid. Like?? Uh? When the hell am I gonna use algebra? Trigonometry? Never. However, I'm going to need to breathe everyday. They need to teach us to breathe. Sign this petition to change the school system! https://thIsisSosTupidOhMYgOd4.
mirnyx - 2 måneder siden
that “organ massage” made me uncomfy
Sad Dog
Sad Dog - Måned siden
She wasn’t just massaging that
James Reader
James Reader - 2 måneder siden
anybody from the UK please sign my petition
James Reader
James Reader - 2 måneder siden
anybody from the UK please sign my petition
Lillith Bazeley
Lillith Bazeley - 2 måneder siden
James looked traumatised when he watched the bow to breathe video
Good luck sleeping now james 😊
Ashley - 2 måneder siden
It's over a year and 100k likes later and I have yet to see the James becoming a breatharian video.
Lee Grey
Lee Grey - 2 måneder siden
me before I realised I had an eating disorder:
Maeve Beell
Maeve Beell - 2 måneder siden
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer - 2 måneder siden
Gastaste muchos años tratando hablar este lenguaje
Salma Amer
Salma Amer - 2 måneder siden
ensope - 2 måneder siden
Jonathan Smart
Jonathan Smart - 3 måneder siden
Why does james always talk and act drunk?
Tom Boy Town
Tom Boy Town - 3 måneder siden
Which one are we doing the 50 000 like or the 40 000 likes
moth - 3 måneder siden
shes promoting anorexia to people and making it seem like something good. as someone who is still struggling with anorexia it hurts to see someone promoting it to people..