Everything Wrong With Trisha Paytas

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Today we look at Everything Wrong With Trisha Paytas, from her recent drama with David Dobrik, Jason Nash and Jeff Wittek to her consolatory mukbang with Nikocado Avocado. Leave a like if you want a free house.
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James Marriott
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Shipper AMV'Z
Shipper AMV'Z - Dag siden
Anyone see that Jimin of BTS funko pop? No?... Okay lol
Mrs. Storan
Mrs. Storan - 2 dager siden
This video is all over the place 😂
Quiet Girl
Quiet Girl - 2 dager siden
Muck-bong is how u say it
Kalistiana 17
Kalistiana 17 - 2 dager siden
her promoting tummy tea which is clearly a scam is trash of her.
That bitch From England
That bitch From England - 2 dager siden
James: I’m on my knees
Nic avocado: 😏
Michael Lightley
Michael Lightley - 3 dager siden
wheres the therapy link?
Ace Dark
Ace Dark - 4 dager siden
15 Ibs is about 7.5 kgs
Isaac Montgomery
Isaac Montgomery - 6 dager siden
that one multistan in the corner
I am British, scarred and scared of that woman now...
kazuichi souda
kazuichi souda - 6 dager siden
I don't understand how trisha has/ever had fans
kazuichi souda
kazuichi souda - 6 dager siden
Kpop stans love trisha paytas

I've seen everything
ellese wilson
ellese wilson - 7 dager siden
this made me laugh we he said im on my knees NO NOT THAT WAY GODDAMMIT
Its Ela, bitch
Its Ela, bitch - 7 dager siden
As a kpop stan I don't claim those traitors that like trisha tf
Kuroo's Waifu
Kuroo's Waifu - 8 dager siden
"Every thing wrong with Trisha paytas "
Me: so everything???
MadWhispers ASMR
MadWhispers ASMR - 9 dager siden
You had me at Mr. Guacamole 😂
British Guy
British Guy - 9 dager siden
15:20 hmmmm
I like food
I like food - 13 dager siden
Woo Arizona State represent
Rexbeiro - 13 dager siden
He sounds like if James Charles never become gay 😂
Joshbennett - 14 dager siden
Is it just me who thinks James should be a drag queen

Just me ok😬
Aimee Does Stuff
Aimee Does Stuff - 14 dager siden
The Girl: *I aspire to be Trisha Paytas*
A Slightly Disappointing Salad
the fact that people actually like her... ew.
Son Gayku
Son Gayku - 15 dager siden
you forgot the link to therapy mate
captain_ of_the_crunch423
captain_ of_the_crunch423 - 16 dager siden
the barteder from shreck lol
Thicc Bishh
Thicc Bishh - 17 dager siden
I miss these simpler times 😓
Dongwook Lee
Dongwook Lee - 17 dager siden
being korean while watching this is so fun
Pizza Nugget
Pizza Nugget - 17 dager siden
She 10000% has EDNOS
MissingFile - 18 dager siden
im sorry but you look and sound like james charles if he wasn't a flamboyant gay
Anime Logic
Anime Logic - 18 dager siden
A funnier name for this is everything wrong with Trisha in 16 minutes or less
Kalel Potter
Kalel Potter - 20 dager siden
Why in the fuck would you aspire to be Trisha paytas 🤢🤦🏼‍♂️
Katherine Xiaoyu
Katherine Xiaoyu - 22 dager siden
Mukbang is a Korean word (먹방) and is a portmanteau for "eating" (먹는: meongneun) and "broadcast" (방송; bangsong).
Sooner theLoser
Sooner theLoser - 23 dager siden
I didn't know people actually liked Trisha till now.
pixiethefirecat 7
pixiethefirecat 7 - 23 dager siden
wow, only 16 minutes?
Léa peddie
Léa peddie - 23 dager siden
Fuck it might order a McDonald’s after this 🤷‍♀️
Amieee - 25 dager siden
Soo.. we all here rn😀
Don’t_Know_Anymore Um
Don’t_Know_Anymore Um - 25 dager siden
Nooo so many of my fellow kpop stans like Trisha
WONHO IS FKN BACK But still go to jail Han seo hee
As a kpop Stan, we don’t claim the Trisha stans
Devils Deck Of Cards
Devils Deck Of Cards - 29 dager siden
better makeup than if i tried to do it on myself, someone else, or a manniquin
Jake Williams
Jake Williams - Måned siden
I thought the title said everything wrong with tryshas pyjamas
Impenetry - Måned siden
You mean "Everything Is Wrong With Trisha Paytas"
Anna Hunt
Anna Hunt - Måned siden
No. It's, "Everything wrong with Trisha Paytas".
Hillbillygamer - Måned siden
Did this show up in anyone else’s recommended December 2020 😂
GL1PH1C_phxntom - Måned siden
Wheres the therapy link
I need it lol
isn't she a transtrender
Anna Hunt
Anna Hunt - Måned siden
fake transgender lol
WeebLuna - Måned siden
F o o d
I Like Birds
I Like Birds - Måned siden
Alternative title: Everything *is* wrong with Trisha Paytas

Uh dang it someone else commented that before me so here’s another comment:
*when you write comment and think it’s a genius idea but then you realize someone else already wrote it*
ramona's shit show
ramona's shit show - Måned siden
15:13 that was smooth
Dream - Måned siden
She literally made a joke about any minority that’s been through anything. She said she was trans, that she was black, and that she had dissociative identity disorder.
Quique Cabedo
Quique Cabedo - Måned siden
Why is he in the eboys? He’s not funny
Summs O.o
Summs O.o - Måned siden
You look like Addison Rae
Lucy Amber
Lucy Amber - Måned siden
Why did youtube unsubscribe me? ....
Talent Summers
Talent Summers - Måned siden
14:48 You look like a crackhead james charles 😂😂
Talent Summers
Talent Summers - Måned siden
14:48 You look like a crackhead james charles 😂😂
A N X I E T Y - Måned siden
British gus and eddy
Ara Seven
Ara Seven - Måned siden
monstER x
glockboe no
glockboe no - Måned siden
What kinda noodles are those
Izzy Gonzalez
Izzy Gonzalez - 2 måneder siden
Can we talk about how cute he and his (probably) gf are
TøxicKeiji - 29 dager siden
@Anna Hunt i think he has a gf Saw on tiktok comments that he has one
Anna Hunt
Anna Hunt - Måned siden
hes single (i think lol)
Isa Rose Dooley
Isa Rose Dooley - 2 måneder siden
2:50 BRO i meán thanks bé looking all over the galaxy for those
Isa Rose Dooley
Isa Rose Dooley - 2 måneder siden
0:59 so oh James that it just sooo oh :)
Richard Goetzen
Richard Goetzen - 2 måneder siden
So what was the point of going on omegle besides just to ask what people's favourite kpop bands are and if they know trisha
Chloe BROUSSEAU - 2 måneder siden
Honestly, I had no idea she would get worse over the past year. Not only being transphobic but making fun of someone because they have D.I.D(MPD) and like it just is crazy that she still has fans. I guess its just like Onision-people will support people even if facts show why you shouldn't.
rose 14
rose 14 - 2 måneder siden
Yeah so some of Us kpop stans are realy Nice and sweet some are Nice but monsters when u ofend the grupe we like and some are Just strate up rude Also u probably dont give a Tiny f about this but i am Also one of the kpop stans that knows Who trisha is.
Ok bye

Sorry my spelling is shit
dw, ily
dw, ily - 2 måneder siden
this fucking video had 6 ads 😕😕
Sophie Shaw
Sophie Shaw - 2 måneder siden
James pls reply I just made a grilled cheese to this video
Riley Jade Priest
Riley Jade Priest - 2 måneder siden
Why does he look better in this then Trisha 😂😂
Punguin - 2 måneder siden
🤣🤣 "the bartender from Shrek" that was so funny
RAW GAMES - 2 måneder siden
The sad thing is to do a Mukbang is where you try foods you wouldn't normally come across or cook in the kitchen but then you get people like her who think binging on common junk food is a Mukbang which it isn't🤧🤧
Ff Ednh
Ff Ednh - 2 måneder siden
Ive been watching this channel since he was on 75k subscribers, look at where he is now!!!!
ryujin's green wig
ryujin's green wig - 2 måneder siden
"Uh I only know who BTS is"

James is a fat mood
Yeetus Mobeetus
Yeetus Mobeetus - 2 måneder siden
That cinemasins bit surprised me!!!!
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine - 2 måneder siden
Surprised this didn’t become a series you really need more than 1 video to tell people what is wrong with them
Bia 02
Bia 02 - 2 måneder siden
Kpop stans loving trisha didnt age well haha
koreabae - 2 måneder siden
Im sorry but if james found me on omegle I would piss myself
Sour Lemon
Sour Lemon - 2 måneder siden
When you said you were going to fight her I immediately thought of that one meme that's like "call call an ambulance but not for me"
HappyHamSandwich - 2 måneder siden
3:41 LMAO
HappyHamSandwich - 2 måneder siden
Number 1: she exists
Dank Poster
Dank Poster - 2 måneder siden
*"I love her and I aspire to be her"*
Never before in my life have I ever wanted to reach into a video and slap someone for saying something so stupid.
Dank Poster
Dank Poster - 2 måneder siden
Trisha is like a rapper who fell off
She only stays relevant through drama and stunts instead of good content.
Dim Sum
Dim Sum - 2 måneder siden
can i just say how proud i am that he put on multiple groups instead of just bts?
Sonic Plays
Sonic Plays - 3 måneder siden
You look butiful as a detective
Tsubaki Shihoin
Tsubaki Shihoin - 3 måneder siden
She’s pretending to be another culture now.on TikTok she is seen wearing a party city Egyptian costume with an unflattering wig dancing and lip syncing to a song that I don’t know the name of. It’s goes” married with a donkey”
Maverick - 3 måneder siden
“To make this as family friendly as possible” bitch you’re looking at a mans bussy a year later
Carly Jackson
Carly Jackson - 3 måneder siden
Its like she can tell people about her mental health and all that but as soon as someone talks about theirs she starts
Taylah ward
Taylah ward - 3 måneder siden
U would need a entire film series to list what’s wrong with Trisha
Terri Moore
Terri Moore - 3 måneder siden
so i'm guessing this is the Black death looks like .
Anti-Social - 3 måneder siden
I just watched asmr and it needs to be burned
Filomena Grippa
Filomena Grippa - 3 måneder siden
You with makeup are just stunning
Sezuin _
Sezuin _ - 3 måneder siden
Yes cinemasins!
Kiri :P
Kiri :P - 3 måneder siden
7:22 and I’m pointing out all the Kpop groups and members
BoeBB - 3 måneder siden
1:03 mood
ssonder_ nectarr
ssonder_ nectarr - 3 måneder siden
I'm over here trying to figure out why everyone loves her and that's because this was filmed a year ago
Madelyn Herron
Madelyn Herron - 3 måneder siden
I honestly love your makeup ngl
Ethre Yas
Ethre Yas - 3 måneder siden
James for Drag Race Season 14
Selena Rivas
Selena Rivas - 3 måneder siden
ASU? Same 🥺
Light yagami
Light yagami - 3 måneder siden
as a kpop stan i do not claim her
Kira Dell
Kira Dell - 3 måneder siden
What's the outro song ;-; I need it
Campbell Arthur Lichtenstein
Campbell Arthur Lichtenstein - 3 måneder siden
I'm just gonna name all the k-pop bands I've heard of: exo, bts, stray kids, monsta x, nct dream, twice, black pink, got7, txt, mcnd, itzy, golden child, ateez, superM, pentagon and wayv

and more i just forget names sorry but my favorites are stray kids, BTS, mcnd, TXT, pentagon and monsta x
N M - 3 måneder siden
0:08 so relatable my cholesterol is through the roof and my mental health is in the bin
sPicYnoodles - 3 måneder siden
The ones that skip you probably just want to see girls
Curly friepie
Curly friepie - 4 måneder siden
I love how they low key complimenting her insta
Mail Lady
Mail Lady - 4 måneder siden
I wanna go to her a tour
So I can throw a corndog at her
Beth M
Beth M - 4 måneder siden
3:55 didn’t age well lol