Delusional Artist Thinks He's Actually Bob Ross...

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Today in "Delusional Artist Thinks He's Actually Bob Ross..." we receive a painting tutorial from a man who is convinced he is the second coming of Bob Ross. In this Bob Ross ASMR spin-off, we have lots of little happy accidents in our recreation of the hit show "The Joy Of Painting".
Twitter: @JamesMarriottYT (James Marriott)
Runtime: 10:04


James Marriott
James Marriott - 2 år siden
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epic gamer
epic gamer - 5 måneder siden
Can you please explain why this video is 4 seconds past 10 minute?🤔
LEEPWOLF - 10 måneder siden
Bob Ross breakdown
SanossLR - År siden
James Marriott Oh my god this was uploaded a year ago.
M R - År siden
“I’m gonna beat the devil out of it” *WHEEEEEEZE*
Fr00tL00p5 - År siden
When I was 13 I always used to tell my parents I was Bob Ross
Siilver - 4 dager siden
James' pen pressure settings are giving me an aneurysm it's too high so the "opacity by pressure" setting is working and all of his strokes are translucent
slavskii - 4 dager siden
What in the ever loving fuck
edits of stuff
edits of stuff - 7 dager siden
thats way better than what i can do
koto tsumiki
koto tsumiki - 8 dager siden
love how james just

has a drawing tablet
*cries in poor*
Blu Scout
Blu Scout - Dag siden
Since it has a cursor
Blu Scout
Blu Scout - Dag siden
I think it's on his pc m8
dove 1357
dove 1357 - 20 dager siden
This is literally my Try Not To Laugh Challenge. As you know,

I fail every time.
Purple Raider
Purple Raider - 20 dager siden
The Bob Ross Breakdown... yeesh
Milly - 23 dager siden
Its the neck beard for me
slav - 24 dager siden
You know your mountains are not that bad but, only your mountains
Che Che namai
Che Che namai - Måned siden
James Marriott and MacDoseIt wouldn't be best friends
Spirit Vortex
Spirit Vortex - Måned siden
Are you okay
Jorja Dudick
Jorja Dudick - Måned siden
Is James having a mid life crisis in his twenties
3y3Candy - Måned siden
Cha Cha real smooth
I SuckedUrMum
I SuckedUrMum - Måned siden
God I miss james 1 year ago
Anna Stanifer
Anna Stanifer - Måned siden
Wait am I the only one who this this was good 😐
CJ Sams
CJ Sams - Måned siden
Got an ad for skill share watching this vid lul
Amaya M
Amaya M - Måned siden
This may actually be the best thing I've ever experienced ever.
Ice Turtle
Ice Turtle - Måned siden
This whole video was an icon moment in this channel’s history
GalaxyGaming646 - Måned siden
its really sad that this is way better than what I can do
Repaint park
Repaint park - Måned siden
XD this was great
Julia Sedgley
Julia Sedgley - 2 måneder siden
It sucks you had a breakdown, but I'm stoked you did because this is G-O-L-D.
Thank you, James, you effin weirdo.
Nova NightWalker
Nova NightWalker - 2 måneder siden
*Quality content*
girl in yellow
girl in yellow - 2 måneder siden
i only heard about the bob ross break down.. but actually experiencing it is something special.
Maple innit
Maple innit - 2 måneder siden
It’s actually good??
Sada Hudspeth
Sada Hudspeth - 2 måneder siden
the beginning of this video is what i imagine ADHD to be like
Räv_Aân—aįr - 3 måneder siden
James: “ I wish sky would produce a show of me.
Me: I ain’t producing any show so move along
Brandon Pells
Brandon Pells - 3 måneder siden
Now this.... this is what we call a “Bob Ross Breakdown”
ryujin's green wig
ryujin's green wig - 3 måneder siden
"This gets more action than my wife"
ryujin's green wig
ryujin's green wig - 3 måneder siden
"This get's more action than my wife"
NikoBun - 3 måneder siden
Digital Artist (I may do Gacha but I draw too-) says totally how it works. My favourite speed-paint has me spazzing with the purple brush for 30 seconds. I filled in the whole screen 👀
Erin Lynch
Erin Lynch - 3 måneder siden
this video didn’t have any ads and I have no idea why
mauriooo - 3 måneder siden
listen i love your channel but as a digital artist the segment in the beginning caused me Existential Pain
-(no offense meant please don't excommunicate me)-
edit: oh my god that's just the whole video
Lex Elston
Lex Elston - 3 måneder siden
God your posh
Kaylie Estes
Kaylie Estes - 4 måneder siden
4:42 I felt that in my soul
Pablo Chicot
Pablo Chicot - 4 måneder siden
The Bob Ross breakdown lmao
flamethrowerX19 - 4 måneder siden
James u’re handsome
* Woofle *
* Woofle * - 4 måneder siden
“But I’m a f***ing idiot”
I f e l t t h a t
DAB3 - 4 måneder siden
Man really tried the American accent. The r’s, THE WORD DOPE OUT OF CORRECT CONTEXT. AMERICAN 100
Taegan Hartshorn
Taegan Hartshorn - 4 måneder siden
bob ross breakdown
SubparSkill - 4 måneder siden
Weirdly this actually makes me want to get my drawing tablet out and start painting 🤔
Noah P
Noah P - 4 måneder siden
I love this video. Way too much. It makes me cry with happiness.
0liver_ art
0liver_ art - 4 måneder siden
I had a happy little accident
Reuben Oakley
Reuben Oakley - 4 måneder siden
The thing is... its actually pretty good.
Panic! Out by the Romance Pilot Boys
I'm sending this to my other art friend without context.
SKYSEA THOMAS - 4 måneder siden
Hi my name is sky and when he said I want to do a video with sky I was like WAT
Oliver Miller
Oliver Miller - 4 måneder siden
I haven’t laughed this hard for ages
kazuichi souda
kazuichi souda - 5 måneder siden
Felicity Robertson
Felicity Robertson - 5 måneder siden
I don’t think I’ve ever been clickbaited....and happy about it
izzyDnails101 - 5 måneder siden
Love that i got a lele pons music ad at the start😂
Evie Wilson
Evie Wilson - 5 måneder siden
Ahhh..... the Bob Ross breakdown 😂
Will Matthams
Will Matthams - 5 måneder siden
why is this here when i put in asmr
Dora Vlogs
Dora Vlogs - 5 måneder siden
I have the worst fucking connection rn
Hollie Burrows
Hollie Burrows - 5 måneder siden
This is the best jackseptiey I have EVER seen
I am Bic Pentameter
I am Bic Pentameter - 5 måneder siden
Sometimes I come back to this video when I feel like my seratonin is on low battery
olga shandarr
olga shandarr - 5 måneder siden
James marriott with an American accent scares me
Oskr _087
Oskr _087 - 5 måneder siden
Same Q^Q
EatSeokjin - 5 måneder siden
ah yes the bob ross breakdown
Panic! Out by the Romance Pilot Boys
I love how surprised and happy he gets when something actually turns out decent 😂
Panic! Out by the Romance Pilot Boys
At the "beat the devil out if it" I kinda died a little inside but also laughed my ass off 😅
Purplephantom _08
Purplephantom _08 - 5 måneder siden
He sounds half Irish and half Americans
CyanPerseverance - 5 måneder siden
Is it bad that I actually like the drawing?
Your Girlfriend
Your Girlfriend - 5 måneder siden
We need more
Anna S
Anna S - 5 måneder siden
I love how his American accent just sounds Irish
Jack Donaldson
Jack Donaldson - 5 måneder siden
this is the funniest fucking video ive ever seen
Yasmine Hetterich
Yasmine Hetterich - 5 måneder siden
Me to trump:"oh no, I broke his neck! He's fine."
Moe D0ll
Moe D0ll - 5 måneder siden
Elmos World
Elmos World - 5 måneder siden
Who’s Bob Ross? I only know James Ross.
Pitty Parade
Pitty Parade - 5 måneder siden
Bruh I was about to go off until I read the title
Sid Castro
Sid Castro - 5 måneder siden
I am having a Bob Ross Breakdown, so here I am.
Jack Matthews
Jack Matthews - 5 måneder siden
"Derilious Artist Actually Thinks He's Bob Ross..."
**the "Derilious Artist" is James himself**
"They had us in the first half, not gonna lie"
•Aly• - 6 måneder siden
I'm totally first...
Kris053 - 6 måneder siden
I honestly thought this video was abt Jazza’s video and was abt to hate on James until I watched it
Meifua Edits
Meifua Edits - 6 måneder siden
“Oh no, I broke his neck. He’s doing just fine.”
??? Johnson
??? Johnson - 6 måneder siden
Are to okay dude.
alohaxtils - 6 måneder siden
Bob 👏 Ross 👏 breakdown
Andrea the Music Owl
Andrea the Music Owl - 6 måneder siden
I legitimately use this video to deal with my anxiety and depression. Honestly, thank you, James. I hope you do more videos like this sometime. 🙂
Caroline Mew
Caroline Mew - 6 måneder siden
You’re using the marker brush and it’s physically painful
Derpy Astronaut
Derpy Astronaut - 6 måneder siden
The fortnite character was pretty good ngl
DEZIC0RE - 6 måneder siden
Good and/or bad memories.
karlos singh
karlos singh - 6 måneder siden
why are james teeth blue
karlos singh
karlos singh - 5 måneder siden
@Elmos World his teeth were blue because he sucked of a smurf
Elmos World
Elmos World - 5 måneder siden
Take a joke y’all
Andrea the Music Owl
Andrea the Music Owl - 6 måneder siden
DEZIC0RE - 6 måneder siden
Uh when?, because I don’t see it
Ωmega 129
Ωmega 129 - 6 måneder siden
that painting should be called:
"Global Warming"
Olive-Ray The Cat
Olive-Ray The Cat - 6 måneder siden
Can I please buy this? It’s amazing for a digital Bob Ross painting!
the_wexican - 6 måneder siden
Why can’t he do more vids w/ these kind of jokes
Andrea the Music Owl
Andrea the Music Owl - 6 måneder siden
Ikr I always go back to this when I need a laugh
Kierra - 6 måneder siden
Ah yes, my favourite colours: Titanium White, Demonitised Orange, Choke Me Until I Go This Colour, POO and my personal favourite This Is a Cry for Help
alex martel
alex martel - 6 måneder siden
i acctually think its good the drawing
Jb Python
Jb Python - 6 måneder siden
As a kid who practices manga art , digital art and regular art this is how it is
izzy stahoviak
izzy stahoviak - 6 måneder siden
bob ross breakdown tingz
sakura official
sakura official - 6 måneder siden
bob ross breakdown 🌸
Amzee - 6 måneder siden
This was the first James Marriott video I ever watched- it may have scared me but I’m now subscribed
Isla Gurney
Isla Gurney - 7 måneder siden
Please I need another video like this
The RailTourer!
The RailTourer! - 7 måneder siden
Is it me or does James dressed up as Bob Ross make him look like Cody from Dude Perfect
DapperGirl15 - 7 måneder siden
B-b-b-b-Bob Ross breakdowwwwnnnnn
aaloka - 7 måneder siden
I. Loved. This.
Bob Ross
Bob Ross - 7 måneder siden
Hmm...I don't remember having a twin...
Tim DeGraw
Tim DeGraw - 7 måneder siden
You're honestly one of the weirdest youtubers I follow...
I’m a pigeon
I’m a pigeon - 7 måneder siden
Why is it actually good?! Even tho he was having a mental breakdown during this 😂
st. perpetua
st. perpetua - 7 måneder siden
why did this happen to me
why did this happen to me - 7 måneder siden
kinnie culture taken to a whole new level
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown - 7 måneder siden
You should really do another one of these, absolutely hilarious.
Zain Raza
Zain Raza - 7 måneder siden
Yo wtf did I just watch 😂😂😂 lmao holy shit this is gold
•Elle's art •
•Elle's art • - 7 måneder siden
You are having a mid life crisis....
asteriskz - 7 måneder siden
𝙝 𝙬 𝙞 𝙩 𝙚