Danielle Cohn's sister is even worse than before...

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Today we revisit my video about Danielle Cohn's sister (who is even worse than Danielle Cohn), MelodyOficial3. Despite not being of blood relation, I made some comparisons in their behaviours at the end of 2018. Today I return to see what's changed in her life since.
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James Marriott
Cynic Snacks (noburn.info/post/FKIgvMmcJtxTS9pdpCFwfg.html)
Runtime: 11:27


James Marriott
James Marriott - 9 måneder siden
Oi you lot need to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. It's @JamesMarriottYT on both. BEGONE.
1-800-LOVE-YOU TO DEATH - 24 dager siden
Mr sauce
Mr sauce - Måned siden
Hi James
N ANONYMOUS - 2 måneder siden
Oi you lot!
alicies - 3 måneder siden
James Marriott oi ;-;
EYo 295
EYo 295 - 4 måneder siden
I have tagged you on some fish giveaways 😌
el ethan esPNS GANG
el ethan esPNS GANG - Time siden
James please make a funk song
Anti social Rock
Anti social Rock - 16 timer siden
James song is kinda a banger
Conner Aulestia
Conner Aulestia - Dag siden
i just watched you're video about her in 2018 and came across this she really didn't change
KindLittleBunny - Dag siden
Is she actually 11? Or are you exaggerating. Because then she is literally born in like 2009...
Aquarius - Dag siden
As a Brazilian who was eleven once not all of us do this I had a retainer intense pimples and was the shyest kid ever
Random Wonders
Random Wonders - 2 dager siden
Random Wonders
Random Wonders - 2 dager siden
6:25 omg YES
Random Wonders
Random Wonders - 2 dager siden
Random Wonders
Random Wonders - 2 dager siden
especially when he dances he looks like jack black
George Regardie
George Regardie - 2 dager siden
_Hollyology_ - 5 dager siden
6:35 that was actually so good, wtf😂😂
Manu Laurito
Manu Laurito - 5 dager siden
Honestly, I don’t blame you for not wanting to come to Brazil... Mostly, I wish I could leave...
Kuroo's Waifu
Kuroo's Waifu - 7 dager siden
"a 13 year old got age restricted"
Me:a 16 year old Minecraft YouTube got age restricted, and no one knows why but we're all pretty sure we know why she got age restricted 😂
ItsEmma 111
ItsEmma 111 - 7 dager siden
Bruh she’s younger than me, but she looks 20x better.
Stalin - 7 dager siden
3:13 :)
Manu M
Manu M - 8 dager siden
Don’t compare us Brazilian to this brat don’t worry we don’t lip sync
Luiza - 9 dager siden
Im from brazil and children arent sexualized like melody! Althoughhhhh funk is like rap in the us, poorer ppl listen to it A LOT, its a cultural thing, but ppl dance it for FUN not to profit over ur 11 y old. Melody is famous in brazil bc of this whole drama, but other ppl like mel maia also post sugestive things, this starts to be acceptable in brazil when ur 14/15, if ur youger ppl will critize u, although its still comum
William bacon
William bacon - 11 dager siden
At the end, You really do entertain me. Thanks for giving me a good day every time I watch you videos :D
gedaxx13 - 11 dager siden
James Marriott: "Pets are cute, babies are ducking weird--"
Me: "I am not the last of my species.!" ( ☆y▽☆^ )
AnotherBiteWithDuo! - 12 dager siden
She’s my age and she’s doing this. Absolutely disgusting.
Pando - 13 dager siden
Wait. Danielle Cohn has a sister?
Kimberly HUNTER
Kimberly HUNTER - 14 dager siden
Who else is in 2021
Killr Kermit
Killr Kermit - 17 dager siden
Hali Abi Name
Hali Abi Name - 19 dager siden
My bf hates James marriot idk why tho loll
Caffeine Addict
Caffeine Addict - 19 dager siden
shes just 2 years older than me...i- i mean i cant be sure but in 2 years i still might be in bed on my phone at 3 am trying to find undertale angst to feed my fictional sadist needs xD
arcticred - 21 dag siden
arcticred - 21 dag siden
1:50 you have a cute portuguese accent!
malu verão
malu verão - 22 dager siden
the way you title this videos really annoys me but sure
Oompashreka The dumbass
Oompashreka The dumbass - 28 dager siden
I’m 12 and I would not twerk on TikTok or wherever, I have Instagram solely to talk to my friend
Jazzy Ed
Jazzy Ed - 29 dager siden
parents, and kids these days.
when i was (and still am) a kid, i used to play outside till the streetlights came on. played lego starwars, marvel on my dads 360 with my brother. playing minecraft for hours... i used to jump on and off our bunk beds, doing flips. used to annoy my brother with my toy, and forced him to roleplay with me. playing docter, and doing arson with my toys. i sung, watched cartoons. those times were fun till my brother got his own xbox.
he's gotten a bit distant, but we are still close! he just doesn't play toys with me, which makes sense. that's about it.
we still play minecraft together. great o' times. happy memories. glad i had 'em.
but, now, what i do is get new friends, skateboard, play guitar, sing, watching cartoons, playing more minecraft. i watch movies with my mom, brother, and eldest brother. i annoy them still. jump on my bed, doing flips, annoying my brother, arson my toys, and playing outside (mostly boarding.)
some say that us gen-z are always on the internet. i won't disagree with that, we are. but i chose and kept a balanced life with internet and my social life. so, maybe. that father, should toughen the HELL up, and get his own GODDAMNED MONEY. let his *CHILD* be a CHILD. and stay in a CHILDS place.
- from a child.
Charlie Brydon
Charlie Brydon - Måned siden
6:31 had me in creases 😂😂
Inês Santos
Inês Santos - Måned siden
5:13 almost all my friends hear funk or damces to it, and then we have me and another girl Who dont really like funk because of the lyrics and the dances, for me it's so cringey, but almost everyone likes it
“Yeah let’s throw it back to some Ed Sheeren”
Mishka - Måned siden
Cactuses, I'm disappointed James. You know better. Tsk tsk.
MrBetts - Måned siden
James making those absolute beats
billy bob
billy bob - Måned siden
James:she has a dad,lucky for some
Me:yeah!yeah.totally......relatable :'( im fine
tulip_yt - Måned siden
the thing is my cousin is 5 and she is twerks-
like dude-
Binu Rajasuriya
Binu Rajasuriya - Måned siden
The shade towards Prince Andrew😳
Judah Maurice
Judah Maurice - Måned siden
6:30 is the best lyrics of 2020
Urvi Mande 25
Urvi Mande 25 - Måned siden
Honestly that was so good😂😂
Muttlyn - Måned siden
Lol why was I dancing 😂😂
Royal Nanat
Royal Nanat - Måned siden
am eleven and i don't really get what us aid but danielles sister looks so like a teenager
sharkito -_-
sharkito -_- - Måned siden
People out here, im brazilian and I can say something, altough he do some good actions, DO NOT TRUST FELIPE NETO, he is a hipocryte, narcisitic, coward, really selfish and shallow person, and NO ONE in BR internet take him seriously, btw, he made a video with melody saying good things about her and her dad
Ndjd Bdhd
Ndjd Bdhd - Måned siden
We know u r trilingual but I’m Portuguese and I don’t understand a word you say in Portuguese im glad you showed us what you were reading
Royale artic polar
Royale artic polar - Måned siden
,,look outside its so sunny, i make my children funk drop for money,, im dieng lol
Don’t Mind Me
Don’t Mind Me - Måned siden
Why does he sound like a british *wOaWoAwOa oOh* james charles?
duh black
duh black - Måned siden
that song was low key a bop
Hannah Furtado
Hannah Furtado - Måned siden
As a Brazilian fourteen girl, I can say that, no! We don't support this girl, and no! We don't support her dad, no, it is not something "normal" here, but unfortunately there is some cases, as in every single country...
(English is not my first language, I'm so sorry if there is something wrong)
raela B
raela B - Måned siden
Finally i know what is the third language he speaks
Yuu - Måned siden
im a youtuber who speaeks both portuguese and englis-
star - Måned siden
they're not siblings, they're only known for the same thing
kari miller-delawder
kari miller-delawder - Måned siden
not gonna lie, i lowkey kinda loved the song that James made
Rosie DeMarco
Rosie DeMarco - Måned siden
you should make a podcast lol
Spooky Gen
Spooky Gen - Måned siden
6:11 the music parts are always my favorite lmao
AlXonTime - Måned siden
JoJo Siwa is 17..LMAO-
MKDZN - Måned siden
there is a large cultural difference, i am from brasil but moved to england a few years ago, i can see where you are coming from this but in brasil it’s not seen as provocative, i think it’s a slight cultural clash but people may see differently
The sky Planet
The sky Planet - 2 måneder siden
The sky Planet
The sky Planet - 2 måneder siden
Shouldn’t be asked to “come to Brazil” be like a landmark for fame though? Cmon, James.
The sky Planet
The sky Planet - 2 måneder siden
A longa jornada de ter virado fã do JAmes, descobrir q ele era trilíngue e que ele é formado em literatura brasileira e obviamente a terceira língua é português AQUECEU meu coração. Happy that the Melody story got a better ending, Felipe Neto can be problematic but he does stand up and gets involved in many issues that are important so overall, while controversial, I’m very happy at least as far as our president go and other obvious stuff like u know pedos - he’s a good influence.
28.Mateen Kazi
28.Mateen Kazi - 2 måneder siden
Damnnnnn ur eyes are red get some sleep 😴😴
Noah Cummings
Noah Cummings - 2 måneder siden
Did I mention I’m trilingual
Aviv abramovitch
Aviv abramovitch - 2 måneder siden
Alex Nunes more like Alex nonce
um chile
um chile - 2 måneder siden
You're trilingual? I'm bilingual. Yayyy 💅
Aleiyah - 2 måneder siden
Im glad that my mom let me grow up ✨normal✨ as a kid you know going outside shopping at justice and wearing things that don’t match
axrezia - 2 måneder siden
Look up “who is Danielle Cohns sister” she doesn’t have any siblings.
G0dofwarbang øøø
G0dofwarbang øøø - 2 måneder siden
Felipe neto isnt an good man, this dude like to act dictatorial, he is an creep
Marta Andrade
Marta Andrade - 2 måneder siden
oi james adorei o vídeo
muito legal que você sabe falar português, é pra poucos esse idioma dos colonizadores portugueses safados sanguessugas
me inscrevi no canal pois adoro você apontando as hipocrisias
ps: pls come to brazil kakakak jk
Spicy Chick'in
Spicy Chick'in - 2 måneder siden
There is no way she is 12 my sister is 13 and looks younger then Danielle Cohns sister
Cécile Amstad
Cécile Amstad - 2 måneder siden
James is underrated.
Change my mind
Ash DG
Ash DG - 2 måneder siden
The music part is soo funny i cant stop rewatching it 😭😭😂😂😂
klaido0o - 2 måneder siden

*look outside its so sunny i make my children slop drop for money*
Gianni Inoa
Gianni Inoa - 2 måneder siden

Please kill me...
Shoto todoroki
Shoto todoroki - 2 måneder siden
Carmen Nieves
Carmen Nieves - 2 måneder siden
Wtf! She needs to stop and all her creepy fans as well!!!
margot leprince
margot leprince - 2 måneder siden
James: Brazilians usually have shitty instruments, marimba that sounds about right!
Me: has played the marimba for 8 years
Missy Kreul
Missy Kreul - 2 måneder siden
The wallet comment killed me lol
staypink - 2 måneder siden
I’m 16 and I wear oversized hoodies and sweatpants and I’m on my PS4 all day
Tom Boy Town
Tom Boy Town - 3 måneder siden
I swear these girls be looking older than me
Jack Cutter
Jack Cutter - 3 måneder siden
James' outfit in this vid makes him look like a 90 year old grandma. No offence
the monster under your bed
the monster under your bed - 3 måneder siden
She's the same age as me. All I'm doing at thirteen is watching YouTube. Compare and contrast.
Vanessa Anne
Vanessa Anne - 3 måneder siden
just right click and translate the page to english
Chip Checker
Chip Checker - 3 måneder siden
No one:
Literally no one:

James: 1:49
Kayla Shaw
Kayla Shaw - 3 måneder siden
Idk why, but every time I watch this video it just makes me so happy how much James cares about this
liam crutch
liam crutch - 3 måneder siden
6:30 we not notice how sicj taht beat is?
Hannah Seay
Hannah Seay - 3 måneder siden
I know in heck she speaks ingles lol
Green [thats it]
Green [thats it] - 3 måneder siden
Am I the only one who likes James’ Brazilian funk song
Joan Winter
Joan Winter - 3 måneder siden
James speaking portuguese tho
Ro Valkz
Ro Valkz - 3 måneder siden
Jamie-Lee Dalmacio
Jamie-Lee Dalmacio - 3 måneder siden
That song lowkey slaps
FlyingDogeMan - 3 måneder siden
When I was twelve I was more concerned about collecting every character in LEGO Star Wars
Daze - 3 måneder siden
Was not expecting you to break out ableton
Ashton Wrighting
Ashton Wrighting - 3 måneder siden
Probably no one cares but the decks at the start are Pioneer DDJ 400s
•Sunatoonimations• - 3 måneder siden
James have you actually thought of making music
Mollie lol
Mollie lol - 3 måneder siden
Is this a joke aihaisjsb
Luiza Calaça
Luiza Calaça - 3 måneder siden
come to brasil!!!!!!
ilyne lauron
ilyne lauron - 3 måneder siden
Literally cuties lmao
Sophia Wilkinson
Sophia Wilkinson - 3 måneder siden
How did james actualy get funk on point go james....
Mushroom.Wallet - 3 måneder siden
"look outside its so sunny! I make my children shut-drop for money!" - James Marriott 2020
Abiel Belay
Abiel Belay - 3 måneder siden
My guy
Lucy Pace
Lucy Pace - 4 måneder siden
molina - 4 måneder siden
can y'all stop saying "she's like # years younger than me" and talk about how fucked up this is, like his father is such a horrible person?