Danielle Cohn Can't Actually Sing...

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Today we look at the new Dani Cohn music video, Mir Amor, in the wake opf the break between Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua, as part of the Can't Actually Sing series here on the James Marriott comedy channel.
Twitter/Instagram: @JamesMarriottYT (James Marriott)
Runtime: 10:29


Ineedtostopwatchingcartoons - 23 timer siden
Jeon Jeongguk
Jeon Jeongguk - Dag siden
9:04 ;-;
Jeon Jeongguk
Jeon Jeongguk - Dag siden

annyeonhaseyo jeoneun bangtan sonyeondan hwanggeum maknae jeon jeongguk imnida
ultimate yasuhiro hagakure simp
jsnadhjabjshasdhbuefhewefnwjkgnwjbhsdbajcnkvsdjfaeihdbkfewhaijdbsofeaih dance :D
Devon Leech
Devon Leech - Dag siden
With in the first 30 seconds we where insulated... yet we left a like.. that’s control 😌
Moonjin - 2 dager siden
9:00 sir your kPUNS are dope. I’m impressed. You deserve my sub.
KaylaKayKat12 - 3 dager siden
im crying in 14 year old from kansas.
12 - 3 dager siden
130,000th like... wow
Cinderama Wonder
Cinderama Wonder - 4 dager siden
I don’t even know who Danielle Cohn is but clicked anyways lmao
Andy Takinawa
Andy Takinawa - 4 dager siden
For a song about dancing she looks pretty stiff..
Nobody guy
Nobody guy - 4 dager siden
You think with all that money she gets she could have gotten better background dancers
DJ Squad
DJ Squad - 5 dager siden
I know I am late to this but while I was watching this video I couldn't concentrate on anything other than the god dam autotune that was piercing through my soul...
kaicey belle
kaicey belle - 5 dager siden
"spanglish" I can't omg
-Notice me Finn Wolfhard-
-Notice me Finn Wolfhard- - 6 dager siden
I think she is just using some 🌈imagination🌈
Zachary Carter Durben
Zachary Carter Durben - 7 dager siden
I love this video so much. It is sooooo funny lmao
ARNOLDO TREVINO - 8 dager siden
as a Mexican, this song a disgrace
potato nugget
potato nugget - 7 dager siden
I’m from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
George Vardon-Smith
George Vardon-Smith - 8 dager siden
She says if u feel what I'm saying. Wow nice grammar school really does alot for her
BlueSpyder12 - 10 dager siden
I swear N&A Productions can do a better song
S4RCASM ._. - 10 dager siden
I can’t understand her English with all that auto tune.
Sofia Ortiz
Sofia Ortiz - 11 dager siden
I think she said"mi amor te quiero if u mean qhat im saying"- i think idk
Sofia Ortiz
Sofia Ortiz - 11 dager siden
Aoife Siobhann
Aoife Siobhann - 11 dager siden
Isnt Danielle like 12? Shes younger than my own brother
Lautaro Green
Lautaro Green - 12 dager siden
o por dios matame
Paeton Thin Elk
Paeton Thin Elk - 13 dager siden
His kpop puns got me dead.
Sadie Saint
Sadie Saint - 13 dager siden
i just went to all of her videos and disliked them i think i spent my time well
ok then
ok then - 14 dager siden
captions just say 'music'
Her foundation is such a different colour than her spray tan it's killing me 😭
Mitsuri Hana
Mitsuri Hana - 14 dager siden
The way she pronounces corazón reminds me of how I pronounce croissant.
dxxvilish - 14 dager siden
It pains me knowing that James and Danielle have the same amount of subscribers on yt💀
shreya슈레야 - 15 dager siden
Golden maknae jungkook i died😂
We are everywhere
AUTUMN PEERY - 15 dager siden
I meant with her
AUTUMN PEERY - 15 dager siden
My ears a bleeding can someone tell her no one wants to dance her
Berk Özkan
Berk Özkan - 20 dager siden
Big words from a man who just released a questionable music video lol
Mimi ArtZ
Mimi ArtZ - 20 dager siden
i knew a guy with the last name condon
Aryanna - 21 dag siden
6:23 she says "(idk spanish) feel what im saying"
Urvi Mande 25
Urvi Mande 25 - 22 dager siden
6:20 it's been one year still haven't figured out the fuck she says there
N. Suchman
N. Suchman - 22 dager siden
Someone tell me why I burst out laughing at "BT less of you"
UltraGaming - 23 dager siden
America: chips (n o)
Britian and others: crisps (i kinda hate)
Moll-e the bunny !!!!!
Moll-e the bunny !!!!! - 26 dager siden
Wacking.........yes almost every teen does that now.......that’s 2020 for you 🤣🤣🤣
Just me
Just me - 26 dager siden
My amuor bailendo
lola v
lola v - 27 dager siden
*danielle cohn can’t sing*
me:well no fucking shit
Lizzyh - 28 dager siden
Hey daddy
•moxie• - 28 dager siden
Danielle Cohn: ~I dIdN'T aSk To Be BorN LaTinA~
Me: *I didn't ask for you to be born*
Mathilde Verleene
Mathilde Verleene - 28 dager siden
Wait isn't Diego the guy who has dated Lovely peaches for a short amount of time? 💀
Urvi Mande 25
Urvi Mande 25 - 22 dager siden
shxdow night
shxdow night - 28 dager siden
She can't sing
noodle - 29 dager siden
Too little too late, butttttttt
0:47 "I learned to speak this language just to fill the empty hole in my heart"
Orangepro - Måned siden
When you said James i thought you were gonna say James Charles cause every 13 and 14 year old girl watches him
Helen Payton
Helen Payton - Måned siden
i freaking love you.... you always make me laugh and make my day that much better so thanks
(also normally i dont comment on stuff sooo.....that should mean something)
izzy loves
izzy loves - Måned siden
Can everyone quit dani is beautiful and can speak Spanish and she can sing unlike some people please stop
izzy loves
izzy loves - 29 dager siden
@idk yes we do
idk - 29 dager siden
@izzy loves it's okay we just have very different opinions
izzy loves
izzy loves - 29 dager siden
@idk yes she can sorry If I seem rude
idk - 29 dager siden
Can she tho
Sophia Valenzuela
Sophia Valenzuela - Måned siden
Fun fact her very sad fact Daniel is 15 now and she says she's 17-
ï - Måned siden
god this man is so annoying
D onnelly
D onnelly - 27 dager siden
Why are you here then just leave
idk - 29 dager siden
Madeline Hobson
Madeline Hobson - Måned siden
Yes i am the real moron
Madison Gueory
Madison Gueory - Måned siden
I love u but come down .and why is this kid doing this?
DAYANA - Måned siden
Im so happy my first language it's Spanish! I love it when James speaks Spanish and does well!!
August Kur
August Kur - Måned siden
mr, nooddle hair is 15 in 2020 i think
Nattie Tusell
Nattie Tusell - Måned siden
Pop noodle
-_Cloudy_- - Måned siden
Sharyha Sutton
Sharyha Sutton - Måned siden
Hey im a kpop stan lmao here in 2020
Keewin - Måned siden
My asthma attacks I will now call “dancing with my heart”
Su Su Farnrll
Su Su Farnrll - Måned siden
She look like a 30+ year old 😑 she my age dats cwazy
Shikha - Måned siden
Wait a minute...
Didn't Dani insult Diego, a Hispanic, to 'go back to his country' and now she's making a music video with him? WHAT??
joy wooldridge
joy wooldridge - Måned siden
I'm not from Kansas nor illiterate
Paige - Måned siden
“You feel what I’m sayin?” Which is ironic cos you can’t tell properly what she’s saying
x_AvaRose_x - Måned siden
I’m a 13 year old illiterate kid from Kansas tho..
darkfrog124 - Måned siden
D onnelly
D onnelly - 27 dager siden
If you dont like it don't watch it
idk - 29 dager siden
No you
maeve - Måned siden
Found the danielle cohn stan
All about Ariana
All about Ariana - Måned siden
I honestly think I can sing better than her.
Kimbaly Shinde
Kimbaly Shinde - Måned siden
“AND FEEL WHAT IM SAYING” is what I think she’s saying
Summer Stockton
Summer Stockton - Måned siden
She’s like whispering I like can’t hear her lmao
Alanna Claiborne
Alanna Claiborne - Måned siden
Don’t be talking about Diego’s curly hair
James Dizon
James Dizon - Måned siden
bit of an obvious title isnt it james
Amelia Wilde
Amelia Wilde - Måned siden
6:17 She says something like la da te quiero you hear what I’m saying and then continues. At least that what I heard
Megan - Måned siden
okay but i don’t get why you need to be so rude she’s a child🤷🏼‍♀️
BlueSpyder12 - 10 dager siden
First of 1. he's not being rude just taking the piss out of a dreadful song
Megan - Måned siden
@maeve Exactly i agree with you i think it’s her mom there is a lot of proof of it to but anyways not here to start a fight .
maeve - Måned siden
okay and? Age doesn’t excuse the questionable shit she’s doing but honestly it probably isnt her fault its probably the effect of some deep-rooted trauma her parents caused her or something to act like this now lmao
NightmareloxxStudios - Måned siden
I have taken 13 years worth of Spanish classes, but I don't think even a TWO year old needs one class to know Danielle Cohn's Spanish is nothing but gibberish and trash.
Johanna Landaeta
Johanna Landaeta - Måned siden
I still speak Spanish and her spanish makes me upset
Keigo is chicken nugget
Keigo is chicken nugget - Måned siden
ik someone commented something abt this but my sister actully came in the room and asked me if i was watching a fnaf music video
Premium kgg
Premium kgg - Måned siden
0:48 the new Despacito
Anna Baker
Anna Baker - Måned siden
the kpop jokes are just hilarious please 😂
AlXonTime - Måned siden
Also I'm Latina and I hae no idea in the world wth se sayin- tbh she needs to say the words the RIGHT way..No offence-
AlXonTime - Måned siden
When she dribbled on the mic she said "te quiero, know what I'm sayin" that was really easy to hear-
AlXonTime - Måned siden
Feel what I'm sayin**
Alicelith Anne
Alicelith Anne - Måned siden
Oh god, my ancestors must be so upset that I'm watching a disgrace of culture and her name is Danielle...

I'm not being judgy but bloody hell this isn't right.
GD EmeraldGold
GD EmeraldGold - 2 måneder siden
I think it sounds like: Evoy e sava (sorry I don't speak Spanish)
kryton son
kryton son - 2 måneder siden
She’s singing I love money
Doris Pastoriza
Doris Pastoriza - 2 måneder siden
im hispanic and she sounds like an Animal crossing villager singing like i don't want to be represented by her
Candy Kitty
Candy Kitty - 2 måneder siden
Full offense but she sounds like one of those “Undertale vs Fnaf gacha life singing battle” videos made by nine year olds who use IMovie and Vimeo and have a shitty microphone
Adem Pašić
Adem Pašić - 2 måneder siden
She said:dkpuffyhjgfffdhdbvbgaeeqfn ghfdggyb ddg bežßhjc Bgti him finger
Tracy Griggs
Tracy Griggs - 2 måneder siden
James:It looks like she is in the next season of I’m a celebrity get me out of hear(in a jungle)
Me:(watching next season in a castle) That hasn’t aged well
yodyosgkxvkshdhd - 2 måneder siden
9:54 no if George and will were not here I would not have known your name
0Laxni0 - 2 måneder siden
" So the real moron here is _you_ "

*you aren’t wrong.*
Naz RP
Naz RP - 2 måneder siden
I knew it
Jordan Lowery
Jordan Lowery - 2 måneder siden
Damn he said the food poisoning you’d get from eating her would wipe out a whole village😂🤣☠️
Shefali Sienna
Shefali Sienna - 2 måneder siden
He talk to much😒😤🙄🙄
BlueSpyder12 - 10 dager siden
Copyright is the reason otherwise he's stealing the vid
rafael - 2 måneder siden
recently i found out james has portuguese accent and not Brasilian accent, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
Zuraini Tajudin
Zuraini Tajudin - 2 måneder siden
Y'all know right,its gonna so scare if the title say "danielle cohn actually can sing"
June Bug
June Bug - 2 måneder siden
A bit of a obvious title James
X Jivi
X Jivi - 2 måneder siden
BlueSpyder12 - 10 dager siden
@Sarcastic Sugar and copyright
Sarcastic Sugar
Sarcastic Sugar - 2 måneder siden
...If you want to watch the original video, just..go search it up. This is a commentary channel, it's self explanatory
swimming in sunshine
swimming in sunshine - 2 måneder siden
OMG I KNOW WHAT SHE SAID!! SHE SAID: Tengo doce años y necesito concentrarme en mi adición en lugar de en los niños que podrían detectar un caso
redzombie 1055
redzombie 1055 - 2 måneder siden
Tu español es malo
Xiao lee
Xiao lee - 2 måneder siden
She doesn’t make any lyric videos because she doesn’t even know what she’s saying
リカ・ハナRika Hana
リカ・ハナRika Hana - 2 måneder siden
I think she said ‘You feel what I’m saying?’

*Ya feel in’ it now, Mr. Krabs?*
milorrito - 2 måneder siden
I’m polish but I know ONE thing in spanish. “Donde esta la biblioteca?”
LaGataRusa - 2 måneder siden
Look, I am Spanish and I need subtitles to know what the f she is saying in the "Spanish" parts. Between the bad pronunciation and the autotune is kinda ghiberish.