Amanda Cerny is desperate for your money...

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Today we take a look at Amanda Cerny, the once famous Viner turned TikTok star turned streamer who apparently is desperate for your money. She joins a trend of Twitch streamers begging for donations in 2020, and she's probably my least favourite yet.
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Gabriel - 11 timer siden
176k like good job james. hope your ego grew
ShadowGamer YT
ShadowGamer YT - 3 dager siden
imagine if all of James Marriott subs (i am one of them) sub to twitch
Natalie Lin
Natalie Lin - 3 dager siden
he reached 175k likes!
oh fuck
oh fuck - 4 dager siden
Her tiktoks r literally re-uploaded vines
Courtney James
Courtney James - 5 dager siden
Tell me why I thought he ended off by saying, "thank you Lord for sponsoring this video"
Alfenred - 5 dager siden
he acturaly got the 175k likes he asked for
chrisi !
chrisi ! - 6 dager siden
wait this happened it 2020 ?? i completely forgot about it-
Killr Kermit
Killr Kermit - 6 dager siden
Ayyy passed 175k subs ayyyy
Conor T
Conor T - 6 dager siden
Hay we got him 175k likes
HingedFiber - 6 dager siden
I’m not lying but I’m watching when he actually gets 175k likes
Mina Jones
Mina Jones - 6 dager siden
I give my support to creators by watching the ads.
Luna Spence
Luna Spence - 6 dager siden
I love twitch, but they should really ban people like this
ItsEmma 111
ItsEmma 111 - 7 dager siden
I say unless that streamer makes an effort to connect with chat and you feel like they deserve more support than you currently give them, the go ahead and sub if you have enough money.
Murray - 8 dager siden
Guess who has 175kkkkk
kate m
kate m - 10 dager siden
wait theres actually 175k likes on this video now omg
Son Gayku
Son Gayku - 10 dager siden
I love how he got exactly 175k likes.
Kirseu 64
Kirseu 64 - 10 dager siden
Well, he did it, 175 thousand likes. Nice dude.
Kamaur Roach-Burrell
Kamaur Roach-Burrell - 12 dager siden
We did it
Zev Deaner
Zev Deaner - 12 dager siden
He got 175k likes yay
Ni Ls
Ni Ls - 12 dager siden
Yo you got your 175k likes bro😎
Royal John
Royal John - 12 dager siden
Oh wow he actually got 175k likes
daniella simon
daniella simon - 12 dager siden
it was very satisfying to see 175k likes when you said “i want this video to have 175k likes.” manifestation at its finest
Bree Chan
Bree Chan - 12 dager siden
Well they do make their money.... a lot if it by LIKES and VIEWS!!!!!!! We watch them so if we are fans then I don’t see no problem by SPONSORING them !!!!! But at the same time they can’t get mad if people don’t sponsor them they too can get a REAL job and do online on the side
Logan Bostelmann
Logan Bostelmann - 12 dager siden
OMG he has exactly 175k likes rn. I can't even like it, its too perfect!
jak palmer
jak palmer - 12 dager siden
its on 175k likes now this is good stuff
LIGHTO - 13 dager siden
your ego is happy with 175k likessssssssssssssss
Rexify - 13 dager siden
The one thing about this is. £5 is a lot more then it seems when you live a normal life lol
Darwin Ortega
Darwin Ortega - 14 dager siden
8 months, but his ego is
Mala Flower19
Mala Flower19 - 14 dager siden
Lol he now has 175k likes not the vid
Edrick Martinez
Edrick Martinez - 14 dager siden
the Novd VPN sponser

i felt that
Bubble 3
Bubble 3 - 14 dager siden
You got it congrats
XD - 14 dager siden
175k bayBEEEE fuckin POG gj bro!!
I am Good
I am Good - 15 dager siden
Loser - 15 dager siden
He finally hit 175k likes
Holly Mackay
Holly Mackay - 15 dager siden
The big silly
Tokyo Alexx
Tokyo Alexx - 15 dager siden
nobody talking about how the video has 175k likes?
Villanelle Edits
Villanelle Edits - 15 dager siden
I’m sorry but she barely does anything and as someone who works hard on their channel and hasn’t got all that far it’s frustrating and scary that these are the people that are getting famous
game slacker
game slacker - 15 dager siden
175k likes o.0
Olly Spenser-Morris
Olly Spenser-Morris - 16 dager siden
Hahah, actually got the like goal
Asra Fen'hasril
Asra Fen'hasril - 16 dager siden
She reminds me of my lithuanian teacher
X x Maxab623 x X
X x Maxab623 x X - 16 dager siden
I really hate that person she desperate for money she’s not fucking homeless .
Iroko Abimbola
Iroko Abimbola - 17 dager siden
it took till 2021 but he got the 175k
Millie Flannery
Millie Flannery - 17 dager siden
Proxirr - 17 dager siden
It has 175k likes OOOOOO
Kenzo Ndiyo
Kenzo Ndiyo - 17 dager siden
He did hit a 175k likes
Faraz Jafari
Faraz Jafari - 17 dager siden
You hit the like goal
Ella Dingzon
Ella Dingzon - 18 dager siden
There's 175k likes
Crested Life
Crested Life - 19 dager siden
He just hit 175k likes!!
hidden grief village
hidden grief village - 19 dager siden
*threatens me with the government* in danger
*follows just incase*
ky m
ky m - 19 dager siden
Being able to spend money on entertainment is a privilege that not everyone has.
Gabe Durack
Gabe Durack - 19 dager siden
Congrats 🥳 🎉
jerica r.
jerica r. - 20 dager siden
it actually got to 175k likes just like he wanted! :D
Devin Ians
Devin Ians - 20 dager siden
175 thousand likes! Yes!!!
Max Carr
Max Carr - 20 dager siden
well, 175k likes was hit. Congrats
Connor Dupont
Connor Dupont - 20 dager siden
ackrim - 20 dager siden
174 thousand likes bru
Dau7hy - 20 dager siden
Amanda Cerny is a crap person, she's living in her own illusional bubble and blocks and deletes every kind of critics. She doesn't give a fuck of any of her fans for years, it just came out recently since she couldn't hide her shitty personality anymore.
Oscar Alsted
Oscar Alsted - 20 dager siden
Long Live NordVPN
Bex - 21 dag siden
Everyone like the damn video he only needs 1k more
jymyjj lacena
jymyjj lacena - 22 dager siden
almost at 175k likes. c'mon guys, FASTER!
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar - 22 dager siden
She has a only fan now
Kathryn Harrison
Kathryn Harrison - 23 dager siden
1k away from 175,000 likes ✨
Pixel Blox
Pixel Blox - 23 dager siden
Close to 175k now 😂
James Dizon
James Dizon - 24 dager siden
"Amanda Cerny is desperate for your money..."
yes james thats how hookers work
Sunset Skye
Sunset Skye - 24 dager siden
Hey we're pretty close to 175k likes
devin rosson
devin rosson - 26 dager siden
Almost there to 175k likes
Manda - 26 dager siden
“Im down with the kids” lmao
Xeoney - 27 dager siden
Her viewers are either children or teens who can't pay money because they aren't old enough, or adults who actually need that money because they're most likely working a minimum wage job and that money either goes to paying bills or savings
MissDucky - 27 dager siden
500 subs from 187 is gonna take a while. That’s a VERY BIG ASK. I’m an affiliate with 2 subs, I never ask for subs because it’s not ok to essentially beg for people to donate to get essentially nothing from her. Yes sub goals are a good thing to work towards but set it realistically!
MissDucky - 26 dager siden
@Pickles MissDucky0 is my Twitch. I stream quite frequently. Feel free to pop in if you want!
Pickles - 26 dager siden
What's your twitch if I may ask? (If you stream at all)
Clapn - 28 dager siden
He asked for 175k likes and he’s at 174k
CJ The1
CJ The1 - 28 dager siden
It’s still shit but it’s got a bit of sweet corn in it
- James 2020
FinalEclipse - 29 dager siden
Wow! You're actually pretty close to your 175K likes right now :) YAY!!!
The MonsterTaco
The MonsterTaco - Måned siden
he has 174k likes
leah XD
leah XD - Måned siden
james is almost *175k* likes😭😭
emmie lily
emmie lily - Måned siden
1 thousand more likes!!!!
chats - Måned siden
Hes at 174 1k left
Desert U
Desert U - Måned siden
Damn we at 174k
AlmostKentish - Måned siden
Seeing the title: "That's a name I've not heard in a long time..."
Dan Langman
Dan Langman - Måned siden
we need 1k more likes to get james goal
Sophie Blackett
Sophie Blackett - Måned siden
The soup/soap tiktok is literally just an old vine of hers
Naysa Victor
Naysa Victor - Måned siden
Don’t hate TikTok hate STRAIGHT TikTok
Kane Twgs
Kane Twgs - Måned siden
you're getting close to a 175k likes
Charles Foster
Charles Foster - Måned siden
What Cerny and prob a lot of these attractive female streamers don’t realize or don’t want to admit...people are only watching to see softcore nudity. Cerny should just stream in a bikini and she wouldn’t have to beg.
Frying Pan Studios
Frying Pan Studios - Måned siden
"I want 175k likes on this video"
Grill YT
Grill YT - Måned siden
When you ask for 175k likes and get 174k xDD
Parker Koch
Parker Koch - Måned siden
Ay ur gettin close james 174k
Katherine Reshetnikov
Katherine Reshetnikov - Måned siden
Amanda Cerny seems like she bullied girls in middle school. She acts like such a bitch.
Mama Mia
Mama Mia - Måned siden
bruh 173k likes
Lily - Måned siden
We’re on 173k likes :O keep going!
Savannah Strange
Savannah Strange - Måned siden
I didnt know she was on vine first
Emma Parker
Emma Parker - Måned siden
I'm subscribed to someone on twitch because I was gifted one
Joseph Eby
Joseph Eby - Måned siden
173k likes 6 months later. Almost there!
Bullets' Hat
Bullets' Hat - Måned siden
Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god Blood god
Anas Fadzly
Anas Fadzly - Måned siden
I don't watch twitch because of lazarbeam
tina/ cassi
tina/ cassi - Måned siden
love the shirt.
Chloe Novosel
Chloe Novosel - Måned siden
We have to agree that Amanda is absolutely beautiful though
RAY KEE - Måned siden
Tipsy - Måned siden
We're almost there! 172,000 likes CMON! SAVE JAMES' EGO!!!
Grx Crypto
Grx Crypto - Måned siden
Like I will put 10 hours in a vid it Will get 5 views but I still upload
Friddle - 2 måneder siden
So close to 175k likes